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Microsoft leaks Vista info prematurely

Microsoft has mistakenly published information about the much-anticipated Windows Vista operating system prematurely on one of its websites earlier than originally planned.

Apparently they are planning to release eight different editions of the new operating system. The plan was to offer six primary editions of Vista and additional two flavours for Europe. Included in those listed offerings was Windows Starter 2007, a stripped-down version for customers from emerging markets that can’t afford to pay for the full version.

Full article can be viewed here.

Yahoo!Mail bans Allah in screen names

According to The Register, Yahoo!Mail bans Allah. This issue was uncovered when Linda Callahan found out that Yahoo rejected her surname which includes the letters “allah” when she tried to register with the service.

You’ll find a list of other usernames that will not be accepted or allowed even as some are considered offensive, derogatory or sensitive here.

Anti-Virus Software That Requires No Update

The protection offered by an out of date anti-virus software is as good as no protection at all. The rate at which new viruses are released into the wild is getting faster everyday. Anti-virus software have to be kept updated as frequently as possible so as to avoid your computer from getting infected from any unknown new viruses.

But imagine anti-virus software that is a few hundred kilobytes in size, needs no yearly subscription, and that protects mobile phones, PDAs, iPods, PCs, Linux boxes and Macs not only from known viruses but also from future epidemics of trojans and other malware that is yet to be invented.

Yes, it may sound too good to be true, but that is indeed what an Indian software company based in Madras claims to have achieved.

To be honest, I am a little skeptical with this notion of a be-all and end-all anti-virus program. Viruses evolve. The pattern that is used to identify behaviour of possible malicious code today may very well change tomorrow. The technology used to create new viruses will change too.

An article by Robin Good discuss this could be breakthrough software is available here.

Send and receive faxes from your email – free for one month

Would you like to send and receive faxes from your email? You can try out eFax free for one month.

When you sign up, you”ll get

  • A local or toll-free fax number
  • Access faxes anywhere using your email or the web
  • Send fax from your computer
  • Receive faxes as PDFs, even on your PDA

What are you waiting for? You can even select a local eFax number, KL number to be exact, for you to use.

Find out how eFax can turn your email account into a paperless fax machine.

Google admits Desktop security risk

Google Desktop is a nifty little tool that sits on the right edge of my desktop. I haven’t upgrade to the latest version yet.

A recent news surface where Google admits Desktop poses a security risk.

One of features which worried most people especially to enterprises is the ability for the application to automatically stores copies of files, for up to a month, on Google servers. From there, copies are transferred to the user’s other computers for archiving. The data is encrypted in transmission and while stored on Google servers.

User will the be able to utilize the ‘Search Across Computers facility’ and search any company on the local network.

Would you allow the transporting of internal, probably sensitive information to outside of your company and share network-wide information to anybody?

Anyway, as an individual user, I don’t see this issues as great concern unless you have propriety or sensitive information which put on great disadvantage when the information is divulge to others.

At the end of the day, each company should make its own decision. If they are uncomfortable, they shouldn’t enable the feature.


How a guy made USD80K in less than two months with affiliate program.

I came across an interesting and rather inspiring thread in Sitepoint.com forum which was started by a member called Mook-Jon.

He began by showing a screenshot of his CJ earnings for the month of December 2005 and early January 2006.

This guy is making USD500,000 annually from affiliate program and giving out tips and advices to others. He has chosen not to divulge his websites information for obvious reasons but someone did a research and managed to discover several of his websites for the rest to analyse. This is not much of a concern for him, as you’ll find out why when you the thread.

The discussion is ongoing. Very useful if you are into affiliate program and looking to read a hands on experience from some who have been there done that.

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