Does a Domain Gain SEO “Power” Via Age Alone?

Posted on 11th January, 2007

I believe a domain age is one of the factors that helps when it comes to ranking in the search engine especially in competitive terms.

I have a site which was created in 1998 and it’s ranked on the first page on Google search result pages for several one and two very competitive terms. If I were to create that site today, I think it’ll be difficult if not impossible for small time webmaster like me to achieve such rank for those terms.

A thread at Cre8asite Forums discusses whether a domain gain SEO “power” via age alone.

We all know that google like old domains. But does the domain need to have been live to benefit? For example, is a domain which was register(ed) in 2000 but has never be live, still a lot stronger than a domain which was registered in 2006 but has been live for 2 months?

The next reply moved towards the real question within this question: whether the domain has to have had content on it and links towards it in order to gain strength. Member “Phaithful” also cautions:

If you’re looking to purchase an old domain simply to get out of the “sandbox” / “trustbox” then look for one that has links going to it still and has had content on it for some time through archive.org. That will increase your chances… but “buyer beware”… some old domains are being resold because they’ve been blacklisted or have been part of spam schemes and those domains are worse off than a brand new domain.

[via Search Engine Roundtable]
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  • Adam says:

    I agree with you.
    Have been helping people get their sites on the top 10 search engine results but it sure takes time. Not something you can achieve in a month or two.

  • surfaddict says:

    i also consider to run my domain as long as I can. Actually, just like above statement i thinks the most powerful domain are the old one with a good contents.

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