Inaccurate News Report About Get Rich Scheme Websites?

Last modified on 23rd May, 2007

I always applaud the press for highlighting important issues that could help the public avoid scam websites in their excitement trying to generate extra income from the Internet.

But not this time, recently Utusan Online has published an article about several websites which according to MyCert, the Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team are offering questionable investment schemes.

Pusat Keselamatan Siber Malaysia mengenal pasti 37 laman web yang dipercayai menawarkan aktiviti pelaburan skim cepat kaya melalui Internet berdasarkan aduan yang diterima daripada orang ramai dalam tempoh dua tahun lalu.

Antara laman web yang menawarkan pelaburan mencurigakan ialah www.carigold.com, www.cakapgold.com, www.jutawan.org, www.jomklik.com, www. gurumalaysia.com, www. wangcyber.com, e-bazaar2u. com dan www.bicarajutawan. com.

Pemangku Pegawai Ketua Eksekutif pusat itu, Leftenan Kolonel (B) Husin Jazri berkata, orang ramai mudah tertarik dengan laman-laman web itu kerana ia kononnya menjanjikan pulangan lumayan dalam jangka masa singkat.

What I find puzzling is that “several” of those websites are legitimate websites offering normal advice on Internet marketing. One of them is WangCyber.com where Sabahan.com is listed as one of the recommended sources for Internet marketing.

Unless I missed the section where it says otherwise, WangCyber is just an online community of Malaysian Internet marketers.

As you know from several articles I’ve written earlier here and here, I am not a fan of get rich quick or pyramid schemes.

I don’t understand what criteria they used to identify those websites as offering dubious investment schemes. Most of them are forums based and some do focus more on HYIP or High Yield Investment Programs, and get rich schemes – those I don’t like. But the others are just normal forums that discuss about current issues, Internet marketing, AdSense and so on.

Take for example gurumalaysia.com which means Malaysian teacher. I don’t see how this website is offering questionable investment schemes.

Of course since it’s a forum based website, it’s not unusually for some members, or spammers to post articles about get rich schemes in some of the topics, but to brand the whole site as offering dubious investment scheme is simply stupid.

According to Leftenan Kolonel (b) Husin Jazri, the person in charge of MyCert, those websites are identified based on reports received from the public and each report was investigated fully before they come to the conclusion.

Ditanya bagaimana badan itu mengesan status sesebuah laman web itu sama ada ia mencurigakan atau tidak, Husin menjelaskan, pihaknya sentiasa membuat penyelidikan dan siasatan secara menyeluruh terhadap setiap aduan yang diterima.

Ujar beliau, skim cepat kaya menerusi Internet biasanya didalangi orang tempatan namun kebanyakan laman web yang menawarkan pelaburan itu menggunakan hos di luar negara.

Don’t get me wrong, while I appreciate their effort in stamping out websites offering illegal investment schemes, at least they should do their homework before issuing any statement that could cause confusion which could lead to lost of public’s trust because as in this case, it’s obvious some of those websites do not shouldn’t be in the list.

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An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

  • Rajaringgit says:

    luckily my site not in their list

  • pinolobu says:

    perhaps you’d like to get more clarification from mycert/niser?

  • weirdoux says:


    I called this people as a BUTA IT. Even the IT’s person in that organisation also knew about this. But unfortunately, they prefer to “zip” their mouth.

    Now where is the truth?

  • kuanhoong says:

    I always wonder how accurate are all those reports made by so called government bodies.

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