Flattening Effect of Page Rank Iterations – explains the “sandbox”?

Posted on 29th April, 2006

A member over at WebmasterWorld posted his theory about how Google calculates PageRank and why he thinks some new pages (not all) seem to enjoy a boost in PageRank value before it settles down to lower value.

He also suggests how this might relate to the much speculated ‘sandbox’ effect that is if it exists at all. There’s some math involved in the initial post but I think it’s not necessary to understand the formula inside out in order to understand the concept.

I have had my new sites rank well initially, then drop.

Here is what I think is happening, which is what I call the flattening effect of PageRank iterations…
I believe that the duration of the “sandbox” is the same amount of time it takes Google to iterate through its PageRank calculations.

Therefore, I think that the “sandbox” is nothing other than the time it takes Google to iterate through the number of calculations uniquely needed to equilibrate the volume of links for a given site.

Further down the thread someone commented:

Google has been using a different approach to PR calculation for a while now — one that allows a nearly continual re-calculation of Page Rank on the back end (not shown on the toolbar). With the advent of the BigDaddy infrastructure, it looks like this newer approach was not possible until they rebuilt everything they used to have going, hence all the weird PR observations we see right now.
While PR calculation may be a part of the sandbox effect, it’s not the whole thing, in my view.

Incidentally, I said it before that the PageRank boost Sabahan.com is currently experiencing might be temporarily. So if it’s lowered down later, this theory might be able to provide some clue of what’s happening. But for now it remains nothing more than an interesting theory.

Let’s just wait and see.

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