Google Adds Paid Link Reporting Form At Google Webmaster Tools

Posted on 13th June, 2007

Got paid links on your site? Someone might report you to Google.

Google has added a new feature to Webmasters Central Tools which allows you to report paid links that you find on various sites.

It’s unclear whether Google will start penalizing all sites that’s being reported to sell paid links but if they do they might as well penalized all the sites, over 20,000 of them that are listed in Text-Link-Ads.com directory.

On the report paid link form, Google writes

We work hard to return the most relevant results for every search we conduct. To that end, we encourage site managers to make their content straightforward and easily understood by users and search engines alike. Unfortunately, not all websites have users’ best interests at heart. Some site owners attempt to “buy PageRank™” in the form of paid links to their sites. Buying links to improve PageRank violates our quality guidelines.

Google uses a number of methods to detect paid links, including algorithmic techniques. We also welcome information from our users. If you know of a site that buys or sells links, please tell us by filling out the fields below. We’ll investigate your submissions, and we’ll use your data to improve our algorithmic detection of paid links.

So we can assume that only selected few of those that are obviously buying links to improve PageRank will suffer some sort of penalization.

More discussion about paid links here


An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

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  • mrBadak says:

    emmm sorry im not that familiar with this rule. is this directly referencing to Text Link Ads and also PPP?

    that means, if you hv ppl placing links on your site, just to “buy the PR”, the seller will be penalized as well? as a seller you’re just offering other webmasters to cash in on your traffic, you wont know what are their motives are right?

    and, emmm bloggers doing PPP also hit by this?

  • Zhongg says:

    Seems like a move aimed at competitors…
    I suppose they can just change the links to go through a redirector?

  • Thomson says:

    I don’t think google can stop this because, The link industry has grown a lot and not only it helps in search engine results but also drives traffic from higher traffic sites to yours.

    I don’t think google can stop this link money market.

    Check the top Alexa ranking list too in my blog.


  • weirdoux says:

    share more thrill about this topic at matt blog.

  • […] it here now because I have one good story to share. I also decided to show my earnings after I read Sabahan’s entry about Google’s new rule (well, you can read my opinion in his comment […]

  • weirdoux says:

    actually, it’s depend on your source of earnings.

    this is the real situation that we should consider (if your adsense below USD30 permonth):

    -if you can earn more with your affiliate programme, just forget the adsense.

    -if you know that your blog don’t have a big traffic, don’t ever dream to earn more money with adsense.

    -paid link is not about ““buy PageRank” only like what google claimed, but it’s also about on how to market your site (specially if your site has a products to sell).

    -Google = “site owners attempt to “buy PageRank”… how many of them? not many right?

    -can google adsense give you RM2000+ per month? if the answer is yes, you better delete all your paid posts now. but if the answer is not, will you consider to throw your adsense?

    -do you think CPC can give you USD10.00 per click=perpost?

    as I said, make your own choice. it’s all depend on your traffic.

    if my blog just like gaman and liewcf (high traffic), i don’t have any problem with this new google rules.

    (remember, you still have a bidvertiser, clicksor, kontera and etc…)

    psst: do you think other PPC programme (YPN maybe) will take an advantage from this situation?

    ***maybe I should copy and paste this into my blog…so longggg…! lol

    • Gaman says:

      I think this has little to do with your AdSense income – being penalized by Google is not something you want to experience.

      While not all paid links (this includes text link ads too) are about buying PageRank, some do so because they want to game the search engine.

      And if you are penalized, your site will have little value when it comes to passing Google’ juice. You’ll have problem improving your PageRank and eventually your traffic will suffer especially if Google is your major traffic source.

      And as with most advertising programs, traffic and PageRank are important factors used in evaluating the importance of a page. Ultimately, you won’t make much money from pay per posts, AdSense, Kontera, text link ads etc if you are penalized in the first place.

  • lilian says:

    Hehehe, then, there are 28,000 bloggers on PPP too.

  • pablopabla says:

    Wah lau! Assuming every body reports everybody else, Google will have thousands, if not millions of blogs to verify!

  • pablopabla says:

    So, if they only want to penalise those who “buy” links on other people’s site, would they also penalise those who “sell” links on their site?

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