Google AdSense Payment via Western Union

Last modified on 9th March, 2007

Some of you may have read in other blogs that Google is currently running a pilot which involves some Malaysian AdSense publishers receiving their AdSense payment via Western Union.

I’ve just picked up my AdSense payment via Western Union recently.

With USD check payment, I have to wait two weeks for the check to arrive in the mail and another whole month or so for it to clear.

In comparison, when Google tells me I can pick up my AdSense payment at a Western Union agent, the payment is there already and available right away. The exchange rate is comparable to what my bank offers for USD check but there’s no bank charge to receive Western Union payment.

They will continue to run the pilot this month so I’ll still receive payment by Western Union at no charge. Just in time for the holiday!

Google may however charge for receiving Western Union payment due to the fees associated with this service if this option is made available to the rest of the Malaysian publishers.

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  • Loker says:

    how lucky are you my fellow malaysian bloggers. We, in indonesia are still waiting for this WU payment option, just like in malaysia and philippine..

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  • LeeTK says:

    wow!! not bad huh… if not we have to take 30days to clear the cheque..

  • Gaman says:

    I think I’ve answered that in my post 🙂

  • SoGua says:

    how much is the charges?
    b4 this i’ve ask about this western union and their charges seems quite high.

  • Casper says:

    Just drop onto this site – some really good stuff here.
    I am slightly lucky in the UK such that google pays by EFT.

  • Gaman says:

    Hehe, I thought someone will ask that 🙂

    They do not specifically mention that in their latest email.

  • e-tech says:

    Cool beans, that’s great news, but i tot it was kinda hush hush, do they allow blogging bout it now?

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