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Google Trends – Another Cool Tool from Google

Posted on 12th May, 2006

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I’ve written about the new services unveiled by Google in my previous post. One of them deserves a post of its own. Google Trends is the new service that offers trends that go back for years, even overlaps news related to keyword search spikes. You can enter up to five topics and see how often they’ve been searched for over time and even see the geographical data for the results.

I searched for “Adsense” and was not surprise to see its popularity is on the rise. But what I’ve found more interesting is that most of the searches originate from Kuala Lumpur . Perhaps Google recent effort to promote its advertising programmes throughout Southeast Asia including Malaysia has paid off.




You have to try it yourself to understand the potential of this service in helping you as an advertiser, blogger as well as anyone who wants to measure what areas of interest are hot or not among Google users.

You can identify niches that gaining or losing momentum, or those with seasonal popularity. This information should be able to help you, say, decide what you should write about in your new blog or what products or services that you should sell.

Armed with the geographical information, you can look at the searches for a particular product or service in certain area to gauge how much interest is there.

The downsides?, Google Trends is not updated regularly. Results could be as much as a month old in this initial roll out. Another downside is that it only works for keywords that have been searched frequently and does not give exact numbers.

Check out:

kancil, myvi, wira, kembara, kenari

yahoo,google, Microsoft



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