How’s Your AdSense Income So Far This Month?

Posted on 27th October, 2008

In October last year I reported about a 30 percent drop in my AdSense income from the previous month.

I figured that might had to do with Google pushing out yet another PageRank update where most websites reported downgrades to their PageRank scores including Sabahan.com.

Interestingly though, the opposite has been true for me this time around where my AdSense income has been higher than the previous months.

The usual suspect for this trend is the increase in advertisers demand which improve the quality of the ad inventory, which in turn affect the cost per click and cost per thousands impressions of the ads that appear on my websites.

This is my AdSense income from 1st to 26th September.


This is my AdSense income so far for the month of October. About $82 higher than the previous month so far.

In addition, as my websites attract more visitors, my ad impressions increase. As the number of good quality advertiser increases, their ads attract more click through which resulted in a higher AdSense income.

All in all it’s important to create a good quality content which will not only attract readers but good quality advertisers in the long run.

True, everyone is talking about the impending recession; but I guess the Internet is one place where the effect won’t hit you as hard if you know which variables to play with.

One of the biggest things that affect my Internet income is the exchange rate between the Malaysian Ringgit to the US dollars. Since I get paid in US dollars, I favour a weaker Ringgit over the US dollars. It’s a pretty exciting times for people who get paid in US dollars.

The drops in Malaysian Ringgits coupled with the increase in my AdSense income means I’ll be earning more in the coming months.

On the other hand, it hurts if some of your expenses are conducted in US Dollars. For instance, my AdWords expenses have been increasing but luckily for everything else – particularly my offline expenses – I pay in Malaysian Ringgit because I live in Malaysia.

How’s your AdSense income for the month of October?

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An engineer by training, Gaman has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

  • ezytravelar says:

    I wish having the same income on Adsense. you really inspire me.

  • i wish to have such earning too ^.^

  • Suraj says:

    Hey Nice But Do u know my adsense account was disabled two times even my adsense earning was less then 2$ in 10 days…..Keep it up Friend…

  • My adsense got banned for for fraud click. I never gonna risk my asense account and I should not be banned. Now is looking for the adsense alternative =)

  • Wow! Congratulations! This was two years ago, right? How about now? Can you also share the figures o your latest adsense monthly income? I’m proud of you!

  • Steward John says:

    Wow.. you inspired me tompinai.. should try this on my blog.

  • reezluv says:

    my adsense earning?not so good like you..far far away from that kind of number..lol

  • hdd tool says:

    I just put adsense on my website, when the income reache nearly $100, Google closed this account. I don’t know the meaning of “Invalid” clicks, but I believe Google could save much when closed so many websites.
    Your ideas?

  • my adsense income is nothing as compare to yours, and my question is same as paperplaneinc asked u how many unique visitors have u per day?

  • I just started using adsense, my traffic is still building up. Sabahan , how many is your unique visitors per day?

  • Adsense income dropped a lot for me in the recession. Now, it’s rising again. Hope it continues rising.

  • even my adsense income not much than yours but i agree with it that adsense income drop for this month

  • IT Buzz says:

    Yup that’s really true there’s been dramatic downward trend in many websites pagerank. Similar is the case with my site as well.

  • Cocacolya says:

    yeah…:-( i was banned by google when i have had 100$ so pity

  • data says:

    need to work harder to get more income from adsense. the important thing is multiple source of income that you can generate more income online. don’t leave adsense but stay cool with adsense…

  • dfadz says:

    it is about 2 mths adsense earning is dropping, now it is hard to get an average of $25 perday, I’m not sure whether it is due to economic turmoil or any other mechanism imposed by google. I’m stilll looking for the new niche and will set like yours in upcoming months.

  • Fortunekitty says:

    I think I will be really contented already when I reach adsense figures like yours above. Haha. Very inspired by your online success. 🙂

  • Blog Tactic says:

    sometimes its nice to have new source of income.

  • Blog Tactic says:

    nice and easy source of income.

  • Ruby says:

    Wow, you’re making quite a good amount of money from your adsense. Sometimes you can never predict the trends of the market and world wide web.

    Well done! 😉

  • che-mie says:

    i’m happy to say after 2 years my income still US13.
    could anyone help me?

  • Baru sahaja test letak adsense. bolehlah jgk beberapa kerat 🙂
    Kalau nak register 2 domain .com setiap bulan cukup, nak bayar hosting pun cukup. Kiranya cukup2 makan jer.
    BHO Blog

  • ZaidiRazali says:

    yeah..u r the best bro… i still not be same as u if adsense income used to compare..but i believe i can be like u in future 🙂

  • sufian says:

    i am just try to pick some adsense ad … maybe long time needed to achieve income as your statement … congrat bro..

  • silentleo says:

    my earning really slow. Looks like i need to do a lots of promotion. If not, its hard for me to reach minimum payout this month. 😀

  • My earning is increasing right now even though my blog is new. I hope to be like you in the future.
    Congratulation on the income!


  • Lee says:

    Oh my god..your earning is huge man! Gaman, roughly how many blogs that you owned and the earning is from how many website?

    Glad to see that you make lot money from Adsense. I’m not able to make $1 per day, sometimes it just a few cents. It’s better than nothing, right? 🙂

  • afas says:

    damm. how you manage to earn that big just in one day. I hope i also can do same like you..

  • lankapo says:

    hi gaman,

    nice to hear more local blogger make a lot of money from Adsense.
    hopefully one day i can earn everyday like you..

    keep up the good work


  • Shally says:

    Whoaa..Banyak ooo…Mine is too far from yours bah.. Nanti pas exam macam barack obama, Yes we can, sy kc increase tu..I’ll do my best.. Must exceeds yours..hahaha..Hey Gaman, apa website ko yang lain..cuba ko buat list..mau juga sy pi jalan2 tengok..

  • x-po shop says:

    my adsense already banned..wtf..burn my usd150

  • cyberst0rm says:

    I run a tech blog called cyberst0rm.
    My AdSense income has been growing at a fairly rapid rate since the start of 2008. I’ve seen income grow month-on-month for the last 15 months. Things show no signs of letting up!!

    The thing to factor for me is traffic which is directly proportional to AdSense revenue! Long may it continue!

  • Vincent says:

    My AdSense earnings dropped at an alarming rate these three months. Sigh..

  • Norhafidz says:

    not pretty good. Never had a serious adsense monetizing time, been busy with my university-commitment 🙂

  • ahmike says:

    Awesome ! speechless now.

  • spBlogger says:

    Woo… Your 1 month income == my 6 months income. ^_^

  • Jason Lee says:

    If I hit USD 1.50 a day consider good, nowadays Adsense not so good.

    Maybe the Adsense Publishers a bit on the edge due to economy downturn.

  • savings says:

    AdSense revenues also change as the content of your site changes … different niches pay differently. Google is always going to be matching your website with a main keyword… sometimes it’s not for the best.But I have seen by income this month grow to USD 29.10

  • Rice Blogger says:

    yup..that is quite a nice sum of money each month..plus there is other income sources online

  • DA says:

    erkk… I started my blog like 2 weeks ago… and my adsense income is USD 2.78 😛

  • An amazing figure. congratulations.

  • Latest Phone says:

    The US economic downturn seems to have little effects on my earnings. My earnings were pretty much the same as previous months. Hopefully one day my earnings would be as much as yours, but i still have a long way to go.

  • Toga says:

    Wow, that great job MR. Gaman. Btw from how many blog you can reach that? May I know that?

  • Wow!! It’s amazing for me. I think you reserve for it! If I got the volume of visitors like you, I would share it too.

  • reddebt says:

    i think you deserved that. Its big amount for some people and i still try my best to earn same like you. Its really cool because manage to earn around 5-600 dollar permonth from adsense. 🙂

  • Daily FX says:

    I’m pretty new into the game so your earnings stats just shows that the possibilities to make money online are endless. It is very motivating for newbies like me. Congrats on a better month.

  • mrBadak says:

    my adsense followed US property market.. went south.. now barely making US$1 per day wuaaa…

  • Amped Media says:

    AdSense revenues also change as the content of your site changes … different niches pay differently. Google is always going to be matching your website with a main keyword… sometimes it’s not for the best.

  • Home Biss says:

    Noticed that somebody here is bragging about his income from TLA. Well, I got bad news for you people. Google is going after those that sold links on their blogs. Yes, link-selling is no longer a great money making option for bloggers. If you value your Pageranks and the existence of your pages in Google’s index, please remove those TLA ads (text links, inlinks etc) as soon as possible.

    You people have been warned. 🙂

  • ben says:

    Gaman: is the adsense income you mentioned only for sabahan.com or the total for all your sites?

    • Gaman says:

      Total of the sites. Not much isn’t it.

      • Kay Kastum says:

        And you have between (___)to(___) number of sites? (Fill in the blanks please) 🙂

        • Gaman says:

          Hmm I have many websites, 4 or 5 of those generate 90% of my AdSense income.

        • Alb says:

          Hallo Mr Gaman 🙂

          Wah nice income for your Adsense 😉

          I have wondering questions. I think you are one of the right person to ask for because been in this online business for so long. My questions are about TAX.

          Q1: Will online income especially income from outside m’sia (eg: adsense, affilitae, option, forex, etc) taxable? I have various answers, some said taxable, some said not. Definitely you will tell me to check with HASIL, but what about your practice on this matter?

          Q2: Refer to question No. 1 hehe 🙂

          Well thank you. If you can give comprehensive post about this matter, is better I think 🙂

        • Gaman says:

          I pay tax because the local LHDN officer told me that my Internet income is taxable. That said, Hong Kiat told me that the LHDN officer at his area told him that his Internet income is exempted.

          I’ll check this out further.

  • lilian says:

    Abt. USD200 less than last month. I notice a drop these two months, not sure why. But nowadays, I rarely track my daily income because I am slowing down to concentrate on studies.

  • Well done! How I wish I can achieve the same results as yours 🙁

  • limadang.com says:

    mine not so bad not so good a lil bit increased from the previous month…like rohaizad TLA make me more money so far… Hmmmmm….

  • menj says:

    Looks fantastic, care to tell us where are these earnings coming from? I can barely chalk up to $3 a day and I will be lucky if I can even hit $5 on a particular day.

  • rohaizad says:

    Not so good la Gaman. But my TLA inlinks really explode. Lucky TLA still makes me money. Anyway, really jealous with your adsense la wehh..

  • Kay Kastum says:

    Looks like it’s all good! Higher conversion rate is always good for us bloggers. As for my income, it’s always on the ‘small’ side but it is increasing by the month.

  • Lisa says:

    wow, great job. It is still a long way for me ..

  • joerzoe says:

    Your adsense income really inspire me.It look I need to work harder and attract more traffic to get your figure.

  • Rockstar Sid says:

    Thanks a healthy sum of money :)congrats.. I am on my way of making around 400$ from blogote..

    Lets hope we have a rocking November month!

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