How Blogging Increases My AdSense Income

Last modified on 9th July, 2007

I am excited to see how my AdSense income has been increasing since I started blogging. It was a record day yesterday when it reached USD62.71 per day.


This amount is derived from several websites and blogs and not from Sabahan.com alone.

Well actually this was not an all time record; I have had higher daily revenue from AdSense in the past before I realigned my focus away towards affiliate marketing at the expense of my AdSense income.

Early this year, I’ve made a decision to ramp up my effort to concentrate on AdSense again by blogging and this is the first time I’ve reached over $60 since then.

Although I am still making much more from affiliate program, this extra income from AdSense means I can spend more on Google AdWords to market my products and affiliate programs and hopefully increase my total income even more.

Will I be able to cross the $100 per day mark for AdSense soon?

I’m not trying to show off here, hey there’re a lot of people making more money from AdSense than me 🙂 but if things continue to go the way it is, I believe I will reach that amount before the end of this year.

What I am trying to say here is, everything is doable as long as you set your goal and work hard (and smart) towards achieving it.

Perhaps I’ll write about how blogging affects my monthly AdSense income in my future post.

Update: The amount is outdated as I am making less from AdSense nowadays.


An engineer by training, Gaman has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online.

  • ShaolinTiger says:

    Good job, looks like you’re beating me now 😉

  • Palmdoc says:

    Wow good for you. Others just blog for fun 😉 . And if we are just covering server and hosting expenses that’s enuff to make us happy 🙂

  • acid911 says:

    Good on you, mate. Congratulations, and I hope you find more success in the very near future. Do keep us posted, of course!

  • acid911 says:

    And since everyone is using similes [:)] in the comments, I thought I’d put mine in too! 😉

  • pinolobu says:

    You’re the torchbearer for Sabahan bloggers!

    from your data, a little analysis of mine:

    USD581 i.e. about RM2100 in 17 days, average RM123 per day.

    Not bad at all!

  • Markus says:

    I’m currently next to $50 a day. With two blogs. That’s pretty amazing. I started with 0.03 a day 10 months ago. I’d like to know where I am in 10 month from now….

  • Rahul Jain says:

    Well, With Google Search Results of about 132 from sabahan.com and 46 Feed Readers you make 62 $ per day, where as Darren from Problogger.com makes only 4-5 $ per day

    This is just pure bluffing.

  • Gaman says:

    Thanks guys.

    Palmdoc: I blog for fun and money, I tell you that 🙂

    Markus: Good luck to you too!

    Rahul: Sorry, but I find you are so funny LOL. I suppose it’s your habit to leave comments without reading the post. Darren makes $4 to $5 per day? Now that’s funny. BTW, welcome to Sabahan.com. 😉

  • Katana says:

    That’s great work. Keep it up. 😛 May I know how many blogs are included in this income? hehe.

  • Veronica says:

    Congratulation! I hope that I can be like you someday…

  • Raymond.CC says:

    Nice, but isn’t it against Google TOS to reveal how much you’re earning? I am not really 100% sure about this but I did read it somewhere.

    As for me, I blog for fun and I find joy in sharing the computer knowledge I have. As for google earnings, it’s good enough to cover my hosting expenses, broadband internet connection…

    Never thought I should have a second blog, perhaps I should try one?

  • CypherHackz says:

    good job! i only got a few from adsense.

  • e-tech says:

    Cool..congrats 🙂

  • […] Contrary to what the writer may has noticed, I personally experience an increase in my AdSense income over the past few months as I’ve written here. […]

  • Gaman says:

    katana: If you want to know the number of blogs, less than five :).

    Raymond: We may disclose the gross amount but click-through rates or other statistics relating to Site performance are not allowed.

  • toxicle says:

    Good work my friend. Keep on blogging 🙂

  • mrbadak says:

    wow.. lambat baca.. congrats gaman. hopefully i can be like u.

  • korokmu says:

    Congratulations. I hope I had time to manage more than one blog.

  • pinolobu says:

    gaman, have you breached the USD100 per day target yet?

  • Gaman says:

    You really keep track don’t you 🙂 Well it’s fluctuating. The past few weeks were not very exciting unfortunately. My AdSense income is more or less affected by how frequent I blog.

  • myla says:

    good job! that’s very inspirational for people who are just starting their online money making venture.

  • Felex Tan says:

    You earn consistently,i like your blogging style-have to learn from you.

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