How I Get My PageRank Back While Still Serving Text Link Ads

Posted on 17th March, 2008

OK, I think a more descriptive and appropriate title would probably be something along the line “Google shouldn’t have given my PageRank back when I’m still selling Text Link Ads!” LOL.

While some claim that the long awaited update took place on March 2nd 2008, it didn’t seem to have any affect on my blog until recently. I first noticed my PageRank value was no longer zero last Friday after I made some changes to my blog.

To make sure that it wasn’t just a normal spike that could happen during a PageRank update, I decided to wait for a couple of days before writing about it. I ran a future PageRank check to see what my PageRank values were across several Google datacenters.

Sure enough, all datacenters agree that Sabahan.com is now a PageRank 3. So what did I do to have my PageRank back while I still serve Text Link Ads on my blog?

To be honest, I don’t claim this method as definitive and I can’t say for sure Google will retain my PageRank once the dust settles. I could end up having my blog slap again once Google catch up with this trick. But for the sake of information sharing, here’s what I did.

I just update the Text Link Ads plugin with the latest version and changed the title of my link ads from “Our Sponsors” to “Sites”. That’s all, nothing fancy.

That said, I am not suddenly retracting my previous stand that selling (or buying) text link ads is not good for your blog especially if the main motivation is to game the search engine rankings.

People just never get tired talking about this PageRank thing don’t they? 🙂

Now let’s hear something from you. Have you tried the changes above? How does the recent PageRank update affect your blog?


An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

  • dekerinchi says:

    Loose my PR to 0 from 5, means im loose a big money from paid post…. horrible..!!!

  • Anil Gupta says:

    Let see what happens with my blog in this PR update as some of my blogs have lost their pr’s due to selling text link ads on them. But recently I as well changed the title for text link ads that are sold on my blog

  • kahoongchai says:

    i activate the text link ads plugin but haven get any link sold yet, will Google slap my PR to zero too ?

  • imDavidLee says:

    i worried about TLA can affect Google PR…till now i stil don dare to take this risk…

    is it ok to place Google ads and TLA at the same time?

  • Mizé says:

    Hi. A couple weeks ago I had a PR4 in my blog but then I started doing sponsored posts. I didn´t know about the no-follow tags and I was penelized to PR1. I added all tags required and submited my site for reconsideration. Now I´m waiting for their answer. I just hope they reconsider, I´m a student and a mom, I work in part-time and the money from the reviews helps me a lot paying some of my school expenses. Just have to wait and see what they decide. I´m crossing my fingers.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Regards. Mizé.

  • Kurt says:

    I also got at problem that my site all of a sudden went to page rank zero. This happend just yesterday, and i’m trying different thinks to get it to rise again.

  • Meehoon says:

    I believe it will not be long before Google finds out about the new script style from the TLA.

  • techsnack says:

    I din’t put any text link ads or paid posts on my blog. But Google put down my PR from 3 to 0. Now, Google had increase back my PR to 4!

    Who experience this before?

  • lankapo says:

    maybe u did not do post paid
    that’s why hehe

  • I lost PR on one site for an entire year because I sold text links for 6 month increments (twice)…but get this – they were “nofollowed”!

  • Mademind says:

    how google knows if you are using text-link ads?

  • Felex Tan says:

    Still strive to achieve PR ,will put more efforts to improve in order to get a top PR, i will never give up!

  • hyms says:

    I think the page rank went down cause of link. The link which not related with the website was made the page rank down itself. Anyway I’m not sure about it.

  • Kay Kastum says:

    Still zero for me. I did not make any effort to get back my page rank. Not really an issue for me.

  • Rice Blogger says:

    weird…i lost some of my PR by not selling text link

  • shawne says:

    If this is the chance to get the google page rank i’ll just wait and see la, Hoping someday it will come to all of us.. Keep the blog open.. !!!

    P/S I just start a simple blog..
    But this is just the beginning..
    Any Comment?

  • limadang.com says:

    Bro, my case is totally different i don’t sell Tex link ads at limadang.com but still i got my PR slapped down to zero :).

    Maybe it is all because of the paid posting.. don’t know what happened well i think i’ll just wait see if google will give me back my PR..lols..

  • eshark says:

    Ohh! as simple as that! okay we’ll see what will come up just like rohizad say. Anyway It’s a good simple trick though.

  • rohaizad says:

    errrmm…. better if i just wait and see …well as we know, google is full of surprise!

    anyway, i hope this is not a surprise!

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