How Not To Make Money from Blogging

Last modified on 7th February, 2008

It’s usually the time of the month when many bloggers eagerly reveal their Internet income for the month of January. Ideally an increase in one’s income should help him/her to get off on the right foot for the New Year ahead.

One of famous bloggers doing this regularly is none other than John Chow.com.

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere or probably you just don’t care about making money from blogging 😉 you know that this guy has been making an insane amount of money from his blog.

Last month alone, he “single-handedly” made $30,616.35 from JohnChow.com. That’s roughly RM98,000 in my local currency! I can only imagine things that one could possible do when making such an insane about of money as an individual.

While stories like this can be inspirational especially if you are into blogging for money, often the reality isn’t as rosy as those flattering stories suggest. Some people start to have some kind of preconceived notion that could lead into blogging with false expectations.

I got the feeling that my previous post was a downer for those of you expecting to see a better amount of income generated from this blog. For all intents and purposes, I write about how to make money from blogging here and yet my blog income doesn’t even reflect the level where one would consider as good money.

For the record, the income reported is only for Sabahan.com alone. While I have several other blogs that contributes to my blogging income, my total income from blogging alone is still relatively small when compared to my other income sources such as affiliate programs and I don’t have plan to make Sabahan.com as my major income generator, at least not at the moment.

OK, I am not trying to squash your expectation; it’s just the reality of blogging for money. Don’t fall into the false hope that making big money from blogging is easy.

Now to help you avoid this pitfall, here are some of the ways how not to make money from a blog

1. Create Another How to Make Money Blog

If you have created one and are happy with how things are going then by all means, please don’t stop after reading this article. If nothing else, managing such blogs can be a great learning experience for you.

But if you are just starting out, try to focus on niches that could herd massive organic traffic to your blog such as the tech and entertainment niches. I’ve given my reasons why you shouldn’t create another how to make money blog here.

2. Expect To Get Rich Overnight and Giving Up After You Failed To Reach your Goal

Often, most successful bloggers will tell you that it takes them over a year or so before they generate a significant income from their blogs. While building a successful blog does take time – time alone doesn’t guarantee success. What’s more important is the thing that you do to grow and nurture your blog.

Do you work hard? Do you maintain a consistency in your postings as far as quality and frequency is concern? Do you jump on every opportunity to promote your blog?

I have to admit that my postings have been a little slow these days. If you want to make blogging as your main source of income, just don’t follow my style. As much as I am looking forward to generate some extra income from this blog, I think sharing my experience about making money online in general is as important.

3. Not Having a Solid Business Plan

Sure, luck can play a major role that could jump start your blogging career overnight. Having your blogs discovered by an A-list blogger could help you cut in line up ahead. In addition, getting into the correct niche at the right moment could pave an easier way ahead especially when it’s less crowded and less competitive.

If you think that the chance of having luck by your side is as remote as winning the noble prize, then make your own luck by creating a solid business plan for your blog. Figure out how much money you want to make and what you should do to achieve the goal.

Break down your activities into several manageable chunks with weekly or monthly goals. How much traffic do you want to get by the end of this month? How would you go about doing this?

Will you try getting into Digg’s front page? Do search engine optimization to attract organic traffic? Contact A-list bloggers to let them know about an interesting and insightful article you have just written?

If you want to earn US1000 or more from AdSense, do you need extra blogs to help you achieve that goal or do you think you’ll do better by concentrating your effort on one blog?

The real motivation of creating a business plan for your blog is not having the finished results, but the act of planning helps you analyze things more thoroughly and look at your ideas critically. A business plan for your blog will help you focus on every opportunities that will help you achieve your goals.


While blogging often won’t make you rich overnight, there are more and more people making a part time or full time living from it. You just have to be realistic with your expectation, work hard to achieve your goals and make your own luck!


An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

  • Marco Rigby says:

    I just looked at your RSS feed and it gave me an error. Can you post your RSS feed url when you have a chance? I don’t check email very often.

  • Felex Tan says:

    We should not think make money blogging in the 1st place ,blogging is sharing our info to readers,passion to voice out our views.Must be passion on writing before we talk about money!

  • becky says:

    I know a few people who work one job full time just for bills and run blogs in their spare time for “play” money. Apparently, I’m in the wrong business!

  • shawne says:

    Whoaaa.. The minute i read this great blog, it’s really make me so wanna get that sum.. Hahaha… I started a BLOG a month ago.. I just start to learn on how can i make a useful blog like that guy.. He was really owesome.. Yeahh aa great guy with so many idea inside his PURE HEAD… Maybe “one day we’ll get hit by a track then suddenly we kept thinking how can i be cure again?”.

    The answer is inside you.. You dont need anyone to cure you, you need times to figure out how & when can i/you be cure again..

    “Actually we don’t know what we want in this life, but it is a great move if we kept moving, from here to there, from there to here.. Trust yourself!”

    Another weBLog
    Any Comment?

  • Syahid A. says:

    my opinion is either be very unique or very useful. better if you can do both. i am currently trying to do this too.

  • Drali says:

    Man, it is hard.
    hard hard hard….

  • […] pelawat blog saya tidak sehebat pelawat di blog Sabahan.com, LiewCf.com atau PaulTan.org. Ini kerana saya tidak menulis blog dalam bahasa Inggeris dan mungkin […]

  • hyms says:

    Niche and interested issue which can attract visitors to read is the main point to get more earning. Working hard alone is not the guaranteed can make more money. First the blogger need the best idea and can compete others.


  • techsnack says:

    Tehere are a lot of make money blogs, but do they really make a lot of money? I believe making money from internet is possible. But i don’t think everybody can earn ‘big’ money…..

  • […] I wrote sometime last year. It basically answers a nagging question one might have after reading my last post where I talk about how not to make money from […]

  • KNizam says:

    thanks for the tip 🙂

  • KNizam says:

    cool ! just started blogging seriously. a lot of things to do for the domain. heheeh 🙂

  • Charlie says:

    Traffic is definately the way to improve sales, however a good niche with low traffic can also be of great benefit. You’ve got to keep the content good and compelling, using different strategies and tactics…..as far as I know there are’nt any ‘magic solutions’ as ciken said work hard, smart and maybe some luck. I’ve been using James D.Brausch for tips and ideas on automating some of the hard work (www.FreedomBusinessSystem.com)

    Good luck everyone and keep blogging.

  • ciken says:

    Work Hard, Smart and Luck! then we can get a lots of money from blog..

  • Ross says:

    While I believe that you can make money from blogging you still need several avenue streams such as ads, affiliate programs or whatever. Those avenue streams just happen to be posted on the blog or in a link or whatever. There are very few blogs that I have seen that don’t have more than 1 avenue stream posted on it.

    However, I am a firm believer of setting up a system where you can automate your tasks. There are just too many benefits to such a system to mention them all here.

  • Edward says:

    Nowadays I have seen a lot of make money online blogs popped up, yet they do not even earn a penny…

  • Rice Blogger says:

    i think that there is still space for growth for a money making blog…just need the correct niche and correct marketing technique

  • Ria Ludy says:

    I don’t know of many bloggers that ONLY blog to make money. It does work and it does take consistent work but it’s doable. Creating any kind of Freedom Business System takes planning and smart work. Thanks for some tips of what to avoid.

  • Wayne Liew says:

    I guess at the end of the day, more of such blogs will be making their presence but only a few will meet success because of their longevity.

  • Raymond.CC says:

    There’s no limit in making money online, that’s for sure.

  • I do have my main blog that is mainly focused on making money blogging…but I have now decided it is also time to branch out into one of my other passions and work at building that as well!

  • I agree with you. One thing to add though, using the right blog publicity strategies is also essential in making your blog stand out from the crowd. Also, it does take time for traffic momentum to build up for your blog.

    I guess John Chow also uses his blog to promote some of his other affiliate programs. That’s why you can see that the chunk of his income comes from Affiliate Commissions. Of course, selling private ads is the largest contributor, but then again, you need to build the traffic up first before you can sell ads.


  • Kay Kastum says:

    One thing is for sure. You CAN make money. Big or small it’s up to the planning.

  • John Chow success is no secret other than hard work. I believe it’s the same as Sabahan.com as well. Success don’t come without sweat and blood.

  • Paul Tan says:

    lol from your recent readers list it appears John Chow paid a visit to your blog

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