How to Attract Traffic and Get Some Activity Going In Your Blog

Posted on 21st May, 2007

I recently received an email from a reader asking me how to attract traffic and get some activity going in his blog.

This type of email actually gives me an idea about new posts I should write, so thank you for asking 🙂

However, instead of writing another entirely new post to answer this question, let just point you the answers to the first part of the question I’ve written earlier

12 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

There are also several plugin to help you improve you search engine ranking. I’ve written about them here:

Optimize your wordpress blog search engine ranking with these plugins

Now if you want to learn more about search engine optimization strategies, check out the following post. While the article discusses SEO title strategies in general, they’re also applicable to blogs.

7 essential Title tag strategies that improve your search engine ranking

Here’s another article that addresses how Google rank your blog.

How Google Rank Your Blog

As for the second part, I am not sure what type of activity you are looking for but if you want to get more comments, the following posts may help

Encourage Discussions In Your Blog With These Comment Plugins

In addition to installing those plugins, I suggest you impart extra tips or points in the comment section. Leave some room in your post to allow your readers to pick up the conversation in the comment section. Also, encourage your readers to leave a comment. Make it known that comments are indeed welcome.

Here’s another post that should be helpful is this

5 Tips to Make Your Blog Stickier

In addition, you can increase your traffic by running a contest in your blog. It’s a great way to get your blog noticed, but done incorrectly you could lose money ore worse your credibility. Here’s a post from ProBlogger.net to help you do so.

Blog Contests for Fun and Profit

Now I should mention that the reader is planning to start a blog where he could showcase his music demo as well as his other creative works.

Regardless of what the niche your blog is in, you can always apply and adapt the tips above to suit your needs.

Lastly, there are three things you need to focus on to ensure your blog’s long term success

  • Good quality with regularly updated content
  • Traffic and more targeted traffic
  • Good blog usability

To learn more about good blog usability, check out the following article from Jakob Nielsen, one of the most respected usability gurus

Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes


An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

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  • Dave Lucas says:

    Your tips are excellent. Wondering if you’ve come up with any more since writing this article?

  • very nice and generous tips. Thank you for the efforts to write a good tips like this

  • Sumit says:

    Nice info! I was able to improve traffic to my blog majorly, after reading this.

  • Sumit says:

    Some really nice tips. I’ve been able to improve traffic to my blog really well, after incorporating your advice.

  • Malcolm says:

    I shold open a Sarawakian blog too.lol.Just kidding.
    Thanks for the tips!

  • Syiuk juga ko punya laman ni !! enda sangka Sabahan Boleh…Thanxs for your tips. P/S: senang2 kita sambung cerita kadai kupi bah..

  • […] How to Attract Traffic and Get Some Activity Going In Your Blog […]

  • wandira says:

    thanks for all information provided in this blog, I’m getting love this blog. 🙂

  • […] How to Attract Traffic and Get Some Activity Going In Your Blog […]

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  • Steve Yu says:

    Hopefully, i can learn something from this and boost the traffic to my blog. Thank for the info.

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    It is always good to revisit old posts 🙂

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