How to Select Suitable Products to Sell On Your Blog

Posted on 26th July, 2007

This is a follow up to my post about making money from affiliate program via your blog.

Choosing the right products to sell is one of the most challenging steps you’ll take when you want make money from affiliate programs. You can select products from the best and biggest merchants such as Amazon, but that doesn’t mean you’ll make money if the product itself has a poor conversion rates.

Some people get lucky and hit the jackpot after only a few tries. For the rest, due diligence may help you filter out products with poor conversion rates. Once you’ve gathered enough experience you’ll be able to better decide which products to promote.

I guess the question you should ask is that, is selling products from your blog is for you? If you are already doing sponsored review, why not try selling products to further diversify your blog’s revenue stream?

Before you decide on which products to sell, there are several factors that you need to consider to ensure that you don’t waste time trying to sell something that nobody wants to buy.


  1. Consider Your Blog’s Niche

    The best products to sell are those related to your niche. It’s easier to get started by promoting things you have an interest in. In contrast, it’s harder to keep yourself motivated when you are trying to promote products that you don’t have a genuine interest in.

    Your readers will also pay more attention to your promotion if it relates to their interests.


  2. Consider the Competition

    Having a good product to promote is not enough. You’ll also need to consider the competition. If everyone is promoting the same product, you’ll lose the unique edge that could help you sell it. The chance for a customer to buy from you is lower when they can find similar products promoted by hundreds of other bloggers.

    Then again, it all depends on your Unique Selling Preposition or USP. USP is the benefits that you can deliver to users that’s not offered by any competitor. It’s important because it makes you stand out from the crowd.


  3. Measure the Demand

    While it’s great if the product has a wide appeal, ideally niche products would do better when it comes to selling from your blog. Again consider you blog readers when deciding which products to sell.

    If you are trying to get visitors from the search engine, the product should at least have a wide geographical target market. You can determine the demand for a product by doing some keyword research using the Google Keywords Tool.


  4. The Product’s Commission Rates

    It’s easier to make money form your blog if you already have tons of existing loyal readers. However, if getting visitors to your blog involves spending money on pay per click search engines such as AdWords, you need to pay close attention to the product’s commission rates as you will be competing for even-thinner margins.

    Selling $10 book from Amazon that offers 3% commission won’t get you far. Ideally, you should select products that offer high commission rates such as ebook or software. In addition look for merchants that offer increased commissions when you sell more.


  5. Is the Product Easy to Use?

    Ideally you should select products that’s the users can use immediately. The more user-friendly the product, the lower the conversion barrier. A product that available directly via the Internet is even better.


  6. Recurring Commission

    Recurring or repeat commission is when a merchants offers commission for any number of sales from the same customer within a certain time frame. If the product has to potential to develop repeat business, you’ll only have to sell it once but get paid each time a new sale is made.

    Some of the products that offer recurring commission are web hosting, software upgrades, consumables such as inkjets, membership sites, and online service subscriptions (dating sites).


  7. Payment consideration

    Another thing to consider is how much you get paid and when you get paid. A merchant usually set a certain threshold before payment is sent. Higher threshold means it may take longer for you see the first pay check if you only sell one or two products once in a blue moon.

    If your merchants run their affiliate programs through affiliate network like Commission Junction (CJ.com), your payments would include all the commissions from all the vendors that you’ve promoted in the network.

    Additionally, consider how you get paid. Do you prefer payment via PayPal, a check or direct deposit?


  8. Product Availability

    Certain products are only available in certain countries. So when you select a product to promote, make sure it’s also available to the geographic location you are targeting.


Getting your feet wet with affiliate programs is the best way to start selling products from your blog. You don’t have to own the product and customer support issues are handled by the merchants. There’s no upfront cost to get up and running, except your time and ideas.


An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

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  • […] How to Select Suitable Products to Sell On Your Blog […]

  • I knew this follow up was coming; thanks tons! This really got me thinking about new revenue streams…

  • ben says:

    Well gaman i will wait for that list 🙂 nanti sa blanja ko kopi o pun buli lah.. wakakak

  • It’s funny, I should have read this article before the Kontera one, this goes hand in hand with what I was saying. You have to choose how to monetize according to your niche…..great post!

  • Gaman says:

    I don’t know I am making that much! LOL.

    For the type of products, I’ve given clues above. I can’t tell you what products specifically you can sell in your own blog. I thought I’ve just given several examples how I promoted affiliate programs in this blog in my earlier post…?

    As for the affiliate program info, visit this category.


    I guess in my next post I’ll list the major affiliate marketing companies that you can register with.

  • ben says:


    I think you make the most money from Affiliate program? beside selling your own software at digitalborneo.com am i right?

    But i really wonder what type of product that may suit to our need as a blogger?

    You may want to explain in details about this affiliate marketing things, i;ve seen a lot E-book and bought some but i have to returned if back since it doesn’t even give me any valuable information.

    So i would love to hear and read your next post about how we can really make money from affiliates program.

    How to start, where to start, any fees involve? any requirement.

    from what i can see here, you didn’t put any affiliate program in your blog that sell product. So giving away some nice informative over this affiliate business will give me a better understanding.

    Hope to have that lovely post at sabahan.com

    P/s Humbly requesting a good and informative post on how we (me escpecially) as a new comer to learn something from the man who made around USD30 000 per month!


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