How Two Underground Affiliates Generate $109,151 In 30 Days From Just One Clickbank Product

Posted on 16th December, 2008

I was trying to come up with an attention grabbing headline and thought the headline for the sales copy for Commission Blueprint would do the trick.

Commission Blueprint is a training guide for anyone wanting to make real money from Clickbank or any kind of digital product using AdWords. It consists of a series of instructional videos and written guides in PDF format.

I purchased the guide recently and I have to say that it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made as far as making money online guide is concern. While I am aware that the topic has been the subject of discussion for countless guides and ebooks out there, this little guide is a bit different.

The main content is presented in a video format and for me, consuming the content is like attending a one on one training session with the author. I just have to sit back, watch and listen as the author unveiled the exact steps he did to make an insane amount of money with Clickbank.

If you are trying to make money online using pay per click, here are several things that you may have to consider if the products you are promoting do not bring the expected return.

  1. Instead of promoting physical product such as books, try promoting ebooks or audiobooks.
  2. Instead of trying to promote audio CDs, try to promote online music service.
  3. Similarly, downloadable software will convert better than boxed software

It has been showed that digital products such as ebooks, downloadable software, MP3s and so on convert better because they offer instant gratification to the customers. They are relatively cheaper compare to their physical counterparts and can be delivered directly via the Internet.

From the affiliate point of view, selling digital products offers higher profit margins and therefore you can afford to spend more with your pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

While Commission Blueprint focuses on Clickbank products, you could easily adapt the formula to any other affiliate networks and still make good money from it. 

This guide is not perfect for everyone. Beginners will likely face a rather steep learning curve ahead but it’s not impossible for them to master all the necessary skills as long as they put an effort to it.

The author goes through several crucial subjects rather briefly which I think is important for everyone to understand them fully. The discussion on Google Quality Score for example is rather brief and without the full understanding of this subject, it could cost you in the end.

Secondly, some keywords selected in the example are too general. The readers should be aware that selecting general keywords to start a campaign with may bring tons of traffic but this can put a hole in their pocket faster than they can top up their credit card.

That said, the guide touches almost everything you need to know about how to make money from Clickbank or any other digital products via pay per click search engines.  All you have to do next is continue to educate yourself by further reading all the relevant topics online.

One of the most useful pieces of information that I’ve picked up after I went through the videos is that it made me rethink how I research, launch and manage my PPC campaigns. All the other ebooks that I’ve read recommended me to work systematically but they stop short of sharing their exact system when it comes managing the business.

Commission Blueprint does not stop there, for instance, it recommends you to stop your campaign if

  • You’ve reached your budget and no sales were made
  • If overall conversion rate is less than 0.025 after getting over 500 clicks
  • If after getting over 500 clicks, you’ve spent more than 4 times what you made in sales.


You have a reason to hang in there before you ditch a campaign if it’s in the borderline. For example

  • You wait about a week (or at least 500 clicks) to “settle” the campaign down
  • Your overall conversion rate is over 0.025
  • If you’ve spent less than 4 times your sales
  • Keep optimizing and get at least another 250-500 clicks


After weeding out the bad campaigns and you find a winner, you should

  • Scale the campaign (something that people don’t do enough of)
  • Constant tweaking to increase profitability
  • First 30 days, tweak the campaign for every 2 to 3 days
  • Second 30 days, tweak the campaign once a week
  • After 60 days, you may tweak the campaign only monthly


If you are new to the game, these might not make much sense to you right now. But  I am telling you those points provided a crucial guidelines for anyone doing PPC marketing on how to arrive at a correct decision in order to move forward.

But of course you can adjust them according to your own needs.

Finally if you are a veteran pay per click marketer, you may discover some gems here and there, if not, the training provides a refresher on things that you may have forgot to do or stopped paying attention to.

How does the training affect me so far?

I started spending around US100 per day for one of my campaigns as an experiment. That doesn’t worry me much as long as I know I’ll not only breakeven but will make a tidy profit after adapting what I’ve learned from the training.

If you’ve been wondering what other successful PPC affiliates know that you don’t, well this training will help you understand the secret to their success. Read more about Comission Blueprint here.


An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

  • OK, i learned more from the post, thanks.

  • niubi says:

    good post, I’ll search for more info about clickbank.

  • hdd tool says:

    Great, thanks for sharing. I’ve bookmarked this site.

  • Alvin Nyau says:

    Sometimes it does depend on whether the product is out dated or not. Comission Blueprint is somehow a good book, but you have to do it yourself for pure experience.

  • sikis says:

    click bank is really good but you have to find the exact campaigns that work, otherwise you can go zero on ppc very quickly.

  • You are right Steven, I am in info overload now. I wish that I could read everybody’s opinion but I can’t. Wish I could speed read in my sleep. Paul

  • Thanks for the info..really interesting!

  • Making that much from being single product affiliate is something really impressive.

  • I believe that there may be some lucky man that earned a lot of money in one month but I don’t believe this is possible to anyone. It’s just enormous luck, because there are thousands who work they best in web and doesn’t earn even a small part of that sum. The truth is that this is just like any other business (or even celebrity business). There are few examples of people who was very successful and the whole army of people who are not that successful but would like to be. And that is the reality.

  • Affiliate marketing is really one of the fastest way to make money online. Commission Blueprint looks very interesting. Will check it out soon.

  • Very nice income Mr Gaman. As we know, clickbank is a place for those interested to make money through affiliate program.

    But it is not as easy as we thought. With a good tools, systems, and school, anybody can be a successful affiliate marketeer.

    Yang penting, persistence in what you do. Betul kan? 😉

  • I have an E-book that I would like to sell. I am working on a web site to market it, but I don’t really know how to deliver the product from my web page to the customer. Also, I don’t know how to collect money. Is this what Clickbank does? If so, how do I link my website to a Clickbank account?

  • smashill says:

    Affiliate marketing can generate some big income. You just need the right niche and the right timing.

  • Most importantly, you’ve got to keep going at it when
    the results is not as you expected. Remember nothing
    happens until something moves!

  • eshanne says:

    it seems ok to me.. you are the best blogger in sabahan though i will be the 1st person to give you a 100 score for blogging method.. I admire how your blog counts.. I will learn the best from you.. Reading any article’s regarding how you got money from the advertiser..

    I don’t have any business background inside my pFolio.. it’s only full with a design from my previous jobs only .. But this one i definitely want to add inside the pFolio.. Hehehe..

    Thanx again gaman you’re the best.. ooOo yeah we exhausted and still waiting for your next article hope… It will be soon published..


  • I would be happy, no, VERY happy, to make that amount in one year 🙂

  • A virtual product, that doesn’t need mailing / shipping / couriering and that can be accessed immediately is definitely the solution to the instant gratification issue. Not to mention all the trees saved too 😉

  • Jhony says:

    We can using ClickBank to make money online. However it is another clever ways. Thanks for the information

  • […] That said, the guide touches almost everything you need to know about how to make money from Clickbank or any other digital products via pay per click search engines […]

  • mirlme says:

    wow..such a big amount!
    i want!

  • great. Big amount and i like it.

  • PS3 says:

    That’s one hell of a lot of money! I might give clickbank a go

  • catzer says:

    Local product is less profitable than international. Moreover in term of marketplace, international provide us with a huge market to spread our product widely.

    You remind me about how great this product impact my affiliate campaign.

  • hye
    why you dont promote malaysian affliate?

  • MyBlog says:

    any good affiliate to recommend ?

  • Ruby says:

    Wow, these guys are really killing it hey. I’ll try out ClickBank and see if it will give me any returns.

  • I want that amount of money too 🙂

  • Make Money says:

    Selling your own product need expertise.This is a big problem for newbie.How you overcome it gaman?

  • Pet says:

    Having your own product is better on long run. But not ideal for a start in IM.

  • Sounds like a useful product. I haven’t had much luck using PPC driving traffic to CB products yet, but I haven’t been at it myself for very long either. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

  • rohaizad says:

    No pain, no gain…

  • bebek says:

    Hi gaman, i salute you…….. you are one of the best in this business….. May god bless you and happy new year….

    Hidup Gaman, Hidup Sabah, Hidup Tambunan…. hidup sabahan.com!!!!

  • Jayce says:

    New to this. Still blur blur after reading. 😛

  • pablo says:

    I’ve tried affiliate marketing a couple of times but it seems that my strategies never worked. I think it just might not be might cup of tea. Nevertheless, I have always been fascinated with how some people (like you) are able to generate full time income solely from affiliate marketing 😀

    Here’s hoping that you’ll be making more in 2009! Happy New Year, Gaman!

  • interesting….thanks for the info

  • Its easier to sell your own products by giving out affliates yourself. I see some people able to earn a lot more by letting their affliates do the hardwork.

  • Golf Carts says:

    Gaman, for how long have you owned the product at this point? I would really like to know more about your results so far.

  • just like bantingboy, I agree with you Gaman. With sell own product there is an opportunity to make money bigger

  • pinolobu says:

    In your experience, which one made you the bigger money: doing affiliate marketing or selling your own products?

    • Gaman says:

      Selling my own products.. this is because the profit margin is larger. But affiliate marketing is catching up fast.

      • bantingboy says:

        i agree with you gaman. If we sell our own product, we earn more than selling others product.

        • Steven Fu says:

          Generally speaking you would certainly earn more having and selling your own product/s. You are free to give whatever special offers you wish to attract JV partners and so on…

          But this is only true if you have a quality product and a sales letter that converts well. Don’t forget that buddy 🙂

  • Steven Clayton says:

    Hey there…this is Steven Clayton from Commission Blueprint.

    Thanks for the kind words about our product! Most appreciated. Just wanted to let you know that we felt our quality score component was a bit weak too (mostly because it was created just prior to the most current “slap”), so … we added a whole live show on Quality Score. It’s 90 minutes of totally up to date information and lots of QA. And, of course…it’s free!

    Thanks again.

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