Is Swiss Mutual Fund & Swiss Cash a Scam?

Last modified on 26th April, 2007

I was reading the readers’ letters section in our local newspaper recently where a guy wrote in voicing his concern over the authorities’ negative attitude towards the Internet investment schemes that are becoming the latest craze here in Malaysia.

I can’t recall exactly what he wrote but it went something like these schemes offer an opportunity for the low income group to improve their livelihood while participating in the country’s ICT development.. The authorities plans to crackdown these scheme were unwarranted according to him.

I have nothing against improving livelihood through ICT but what concern me was he didn’t realise those schemes got him off on the wrong foot.

Swiss Mutual Fund or Swiss Cash is one of the most popular of such schemes that promise big returns.

Swiss Cash claims to offer a 300 percent returns on investment in just 15 months, an amazing offering for any investment company – especially from one which has only started operating in 2005. This sounds too good to be true and like most things, it probably is. Here’s why.


Confusing facts about Swiss Mutual Fund & Swiss Cash scheme.

  1. The website claims Swiss Mutual Fund was founded in 1948. It’s baffling to see that their web presence just started in 2005. The SwissMutualFund.Biz domain name was registered in Jun 12 2005 for only one year.

    An answered I obtained from a self-replicating affiliate website explains this shouldn’t be a concern to investors as the domain name is renewed automatically every year. OK, but I don’t understand why an established company which supposedly in it for the long run would choose to auto-renew their domain name instead of pre-registering it for several years in advance.

    The whois info shows that the domain was transferred to another server on Jun 21 2006 and later the expiration date was extended to 2011. It contains fake contact information too.


  3. Swiss Mutual Fund owns three websites which are SwissMutualFund.biz, SwissCash.net and SwissCash.biz. Swiss Cash is an investment scheme managed by Swiss Mutual Fund.

    To the untrained eyes, the main website at SwissMutualFund.biz is a well designed site belongs to a well established investment company. To me it’s filled with a mediocre sales pitch trying to sell some vague and suspicious investment scheme which guarantees large returns. The website is filled with pictures of people and images unrelated to the company. They even try to make it looks legitimate by including stock market performance charts obtained from Yahoo.


    I tried to find information about their other services such as the Swiss Trust, Swiss Invest Foundation, Swiss Brokerage and Swiss Equity but was dissapointed to discover that they either forget to include these or they only run Swiss Cash. SwissCash.Net suffers from the same red flags and SwissCash.biz isn’t working.

    Apparently, the guy in charge of managing the fund is Michael Mansfield the Chief Financial Officer as shown below


    Then below is the picture of the financial team


    The Financial Team page named six people including Michael Mansfield. The rest are Kurt Sandelman, Rupert Benedict da Vinco, Julia Rodriguez, Hector Willem Sidberg, and Fernando Munoz.

    Now is that a picture of Michael Mansfield on the first right when he was young? There are seven people in the picture but why only name six of them? If Michael Mansfield is not in the picture, why did SwissCash find the need to include two nameless employers in this supposedly very important group photo?


  5. They claimed that they are based in the Dominica – a statement questioned by many sources. Without a solid proof, anybody can claim anything on the Internet. I can claim I am based in the Republic of Dominica too. Their current addresses:


    280 Madison Avenue, 912 – 9th Floor,
    New York. NY10016, U.S.A
    P. O. Box 2342. Roseau,
    The Commonwealth of Dominica

    Tel: +1 212 386 5570
    Fax: +1 212 386 5573
    [email protected]

    There’s no telling if those addresses are indeed real unless someone take the time to walk up there and check. But here’s an info I found

    Hi, I found that the Swisscash address actually is belong to one of the travel agency called Exlusive Departures, visit http://www.exclusivedepartures.com/ContactUs.html and I have made a call to them, phone no. +1-765 277 6831, there was a guy answering me and he confirmed that the below address is belong to Exclusive Departures:

    280 Madison Avenue, 912 – 9th Floor,
    New York. NY10016, U.S.A

    He said they are not related to Swisscash and not even heard about Swisscash office around their building area, or same floor with them – 9th floor…..

    So the Swisscash address is still questionable now?? Maybe someone who stay nearby can really walk to that building to find out where is the Swisscash office for a final confirmation…….

    Looks to me they have a virtual present in that building where their address points to a non-existance physical office. Now tell me where does the grandiose looking office shown in their Financial Team page located? Fake photo detected!

    The domain for the the support email Scsupport.net is a parked domain – quite strange for a self-proclaimed multi-million dollars company.

    As for the phone number, several people did try to call them, the line was manned but it seemed they were outsourced to a third party personnels who were not very familiar with the business operations of Swiss Mutual Fund or Swiss Cash.


  6. Legit investment companies disclose how and where the investors money is invested in, illegal ones give excuses to hide this information to cover their tracks.

    From their affiliate FAQ page

    We are sorry to inform you that how SwissCash Global Investors fund are managed is part of SMF Private Investment Policy. SwissCash financial facility does not function by explaining to its investors how their money are invested. It functions by paying a fixed return for the investment made. Swiss Mutual Fund has and will always do investment with only legitimate business. We have been operating for nearly 60 years and will not jeopardize our reputation with investment in businesses that is not legal.


  8. Swisscash.biz had used a mail server located in Malaysia with the following IP address That server hosted several websites – one of which was emobile2u.net. This website was associated to a now defunct get rich scheme at empireddreams.com

    Their answer to this

    Our database and ftp servers are situated in US as well as other places. We do have mail servers in Malaysia , Hong Kong , Australia , UK , Brazil and US. If you trace the source of our mail servers from the email that you received, you will find that its IP
    could originate from any of these countries.

    They claimed that they are not registered in Malaysia , therefore are not a Malaysian company. Strangely enough most of their investors come from countries in South East Asia, namely Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia.


  10. Bank Negara Malaysia & Securities Commission of Malaysia had issued a press released giving out warnings on Swiss Cash or Swiss Mutual Fund.

    Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission of Malaysia would like to inform members of the public that Swiss Mutual Fund, the company that is promoting the Swiss Cash fund, is not licensed or exempted from licensing by Bank Negara Malaysia to accept deposits nor is it licensed by the Securities Commission to carry out asset management activities or services in Malaysia. Swiss Cash fund promoted by Swiss Mutual Fund has not been approved nor endorsed by the Securities Commission.

    Without a valid license, Swiss Mutual Fund is basically doing business illegally in Malaysia .


  12. The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission listed SwissCash.biz, Swisscash.net and Swissmutualfund.biz as scam websites.

  14. The Switzerland embassy in Malaysia & Singapore denied that the scheme is registered in Switzerland . Here’s the full warning issued by the Swiss embassy.

    The Swiss Mutual Fund (1948) and or Swiss Cash are not registered companies in Switzerland . Until proof of the contrary, the Embassy doubts that the remarks about these funds and their historic links to Switzerland as outlined on their original website are genuine. The original website is indeed registered in the USA and the contact telephone number is from New Jersey (USA).

    It is obvious that this company uses the denomination “Swiss” in an illegal and fraudulent way to attract customers .

    Moreover, the promotion of the fund seems to work via agents on a MLM system which appears to be close to a Pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal in Switzerland .

    The Embassy does therefore not recommend these funds as an investment opportunity.


  16. MayBank issued a statement that MayBank2U.com trademark has been used without their consent in the brochures of Swiss Cash.


Now after reading this, do you still think Swiss Mutual Fund and Swiss Cash as legitimate businesses?


An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

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  • BB Ng says:

    for Patrick, keith, kelvin,serene,Zeelin,mark Lai,Nelly, Ee chang ku. enjoy the life at oversea. log http://www.swiss1948.com for refund. or call Lim Wee Beng. +659747157 for refund.

  • kk ch says:

    Those from Malaysia and singapore can get their refund from Lim Wee Beng @+659747157.

  • serene chea bee choon says:

    good new for all. swisscash are comeback, please log in to get refund.www.swiss1948.com any doubt please send emel to me [email protected]. or [email protected] and my contact +65-92383850. assistant Eng Zee Lin.

  • ghulam haider says:


    we have sent the filled form which they required, but still not received any message from SC. did any body recieved currently reply from SC, please let me to know.




  • Sam Walter says:

    Pls visit this latest website: http://www.swiss1948.com
    It looks like the original SMF/Swisscash website.
    It claims to reinstate old Swisscash investors’ accounts of which some have already received. You can read them all at the MMG forum at this link: http://www.moneymakergroup.com/Swisscash-wwwswisscash-t26058.html&st=15690

  • Ghulam haider says:

    Dear sir,

    we are from pakistan and we invested amount in swisscash scheem but after 3 month they have run away and our money had stucked. could any one please help us to get back this money because we are really very suffering from this.

    we also aske for help to swiss government please help us.

    we have swisscash a/c #

    [email protected]

  • eng zee lin says:

    for malaysian Investor, please write in to Security commision to request for refund. all money now are frozen and just tranferto Bank at malaysia.

  • amar says:

    hey u all fools…. im still earning lakhs together per month…
    in every 15th day of every month dollars r transfered on my and downlines account without fail….. my senior suresh has earned 5cr in all and last month’s income is 1cr….. so u all FOOOOLSS i request u all to shut ur mouth… stop commenting and Start earning

    • pondok says:

      what do u means payout..amar can u explain more detail..we dont recieve any peny from swisscash..u make we all confuse..yes may be we FOOL but plz show us ur proff

  • pondok says:

    everything is over..sc damn good scammer..

  • Pansy says:

    Hi Guys,
    should we call it a total lost.

    Just checking. Did anyone of you was in minvestment. I have you heard anything about them since they went down.

  • ani says:

    has anyone knows abaut this new web of SC http://www.swishcashinvest.com.net/

  • Dave says:


    I am telling you the CashSwiss is the biggest Scam,
    I never get one penny for one year, I lost 12,000.
    I wish I never invlove with the f%^&*#@#$ SwissCassh
    Now I will never do any with fast money maker ! ! !
    Just move on ! ! Do not make the mistake twice ! ! !

  • Pansy says:

    Anything from swisscash anyone?

  • s.p.bala says:

    we all wanted fast, easy money, which never comes. lets learn the lesson.

  • Pansy says:

    Is there any hope of swiss cash. I started 2 days before they went down. I really need to hear something from anyone who knows.

  • ilaa says:

    kent, how can u be so sure?? i heard so many times about the grand opening, new look of sc, no more epoint.. but in the end, they just leave us with the new date.. sometime i can take it anymore.. but with a single hope left.. i’ll wait…

  • Dr. Benedict Arulraj says:

    Greetings to the manageing committee,
    Are you really going to give our hard earning money to us or going to eat it up. Would you please reply. These are the last days. The love is diminishing. That shows the second coming of our Lord and Saviou Jesus Christ. SWISS CASH you have to face the judgement. God will see you and your family those who have eaten the poor’s money.

  • kent says:


  • benny says:

    swisscash is the big bull shit ever create in the world , swisscash make people sad. please give me back my money

  • Karan says:

    well nobody can earn money without risk,if you want to earn money in short time,hen you have to take risk or think ,think
    i am also a SIP25 INvestor,i invested $1000 before 3 months,and untill now i am getting back my return.

  • Karan says:

    Well,i am also a swiss cash investor,i also invest $1000 in SIP25 before 3 months,i got all my return back and earn commission by SAP program.You know now NO MONEY WITHOUT RISK,if you wanna earn money you have to take risk,think with your own mind,else go and do hardwork for to earn money.

  • ramesh says:

    when will open swisscash? anybody can clarify.

  • Jamalee says:

    Does anyone here invest in Worldwise or F1 investments

  • Max says:

    Felt good to heard about this. Hope those scum Bad all go to hell with swiss cash! Fare well!

  • sdi says:

    Swisscash operators hv become rich in a manner of making people suffer of a los or become poor.
    A verse in the bible stating that ” It’s much easier for a camel to pass thru a tiny needle loophole rather than for the rich to enter into heaven”.
    The rich here refer to the onew who become rich by making others poor or suffer of losing money. The rich here also refer to the ones who become rich with paying no regards to their fellow-man. They are not gonna lad their lives into heaven for sure but elsewhere and you will see how their endings will be like. Only time will tell. You know how small size of a needle is compared to the size of a camel, yet it can more easily passes thru the needle loophole than the swisscash operators to enter into heaven. And that’s really a big joy & relief for all swisscash investors. Smile & cheer yourself up swisscash investors, we all will win sooner or later, not in terms of money but more in a glorious thing ie. eternity. It’s only a matter of time 🙂

  • khor hin says:

    Hello I want to know how about swisscash can admin explant me thank.

  • Devan says:

    Hi, I am one of those guys who joined late and did not really earned from Swiss Cash. We have our upline and the top leaders who today evade responsibility and blame it on the government. Can anyone advise me if it is legally possible to sue the upline and the top leaders?

    • sdi says:

      Dear Devan,

      It’s much too late to sue swisscash now, you know it had been several months since this scam disappeared.

    • anonymus says:


  • Hope these folks get fabulous ‘reward’ from Gods for cheating others money

  • godam says:

    Bla bla bla, bla bla bla, ……..

    at last you still lost your money, so what’s all the conversation here for ????????????

    Nothing but losing :))))))

  • Jamalee says:

    I see that everybody has given up, I USUALLY CANT READ ALL THE THE COMMENTS BECUASE OF THE vast AMOUNT – am really sorry to everybody. Its really sad that this scam swept all our monies away.


  • Jamalee says:

    Does swiss cash still exist, even privately?

    does anyone knows?

    • Scam Hunter says:

      If Swisscash scam still exist privately, it only implies that there are still naive & innocent people around waiting to be conned & swindled.

  • Scam Hunter says:

    Another crook that hides away from swisscash topics but now scamming on World Diamond fund — His name is Terence Liew, mobile: +65 90662271

  • SERENE CHEA you are social person’s residue, should go to hell.

  • TQ says:

    Latest news from swisscash.Last Monday Badawai & Samy
    Vellu in helicopter. Looking down at Kuala Lumpur,Badawi said’if I throw 2 RM100 notes down now,2 people are going to be happy’. Samy Velu said’if I throw 200 RM1 notes,200 people will be happy. Pilot heard & said’if I throw both of you down,
    27 million malaysian people will be happy’ because of you lah swisscash gone forever. “Badawi said’ wait..! wait..!, I promise for swisscash investor, before next
    election all of you can check this website, https://www.swisscash.scammer.biz“.

  • danny says:

    seen any rich swiss cash people around? How come they always meet at cheap restaurants?

    i ma not saying that you can’t make money from this. Maybe I don’t have the trust anymore and people today do anything for money…..

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  • Wisdom says:

    Account for domain swisscashguide.com has been suspended

  • Wisdom says:


    Here is the latest: Account for domain swisscashguide.com has been suspended. Check this out yourself by going to the site.

    What is the conclusion of the whole matter? swisscashguide.com is NOT a genuine Swiss Cash website and Suntraders is also a hoax! All the documentation sent to SunTraders is all in vain.

    Our suspicions are confirmed now, it right or wrong? Please, if anyone thinks otherwise, please help us out.

  • hello
    anyone out there still
    am feeling lonely here, wake up people need to hear from, its been a long time
    whats going on out there?

    lively up yrself and feel free
    cant believe no one taking me on”dave us , dave dentel, mmujobaby, whats up you all got cold?

  • ketua kampung says:

    visit http://www.financialfactory.blogspot.com . some gosips regarding swisscash

  • whats up every body”
    I can only conclude that you all are still at your bank, collecting your large sums.
    No one is on this site anymore’ If i dont come on to give a wake up call for someone to cus mi out its dead,
    come on people lively up yrselves

    sing a song, play some music and relax enjoy life
    those bitches that took our money will perish some day, the question is will we be around at that point in life?

    Please support the persons blog in filing complaint against sc.
    be good now until we meet on the other side of the fence.

  • GRR says:

    SwissCash Investors,

    There’s plan to take action against SwissCash if they still do not respond by a given dateline. Please go to:

    http://www.memberswisscash.com (Pak Valentino’s Site)
    http://www.swissreturns.com (Johan’s site)

    Please visit the above sites for clarification and further SC/SMF info.

    Thank you.

  • Whatever country you are from, if you dont think Swisscash is returning, and believe it to be a scam, and want to join others all across the world in taking action, please visit this investors
    site for help:


  • C. Shanmugam, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. says:

    C. Shanmugam, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai Tamil Nadu – India -. Dated 22-11-2007.
    E-mail address:_ [email protected]
    M/S. Suntraders / Swiscashguide.com
    E-maiol : [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected],
    Kindly refer earlier message in http://www.swisscashguide.com web site dated 15-09-2007 of Mr. Micheal Mansfiel, C F O (SMF) that all the investors should wait for the new team to contact via e-mail or SMS to introduce the new platform since they have all data about all ex-SC investors with full privacy.

    But, in phase 4, there was again dead line for sending data / ID of Investors to Sun Traders. Hence, this message is entirely contrary to the previous message dated 15-09-2007. This fact was also informed through blogger web sites and also in my letter dated 08-11-2007. But, no care was taken either by Swiss cash Officials or by new partners for this contarary / different message.

    3. Why the message contained in Phase 4 has not been published in Phase-2, has not been openly published .?

    4. Who has now operating the accounts of SC either by SC or Sun Traders or Asia pacific?

    5. Can you accept for the transfer of 100 $ from SC account to Sun traders because Sun traders IS HAVING SCHEME ONLY FOR MINIMUM $.1000-00.

    6. What is the role of M/S Asia Pacific?

    7. Who are going to make monthly payout whether by Sun Traders or SC or Asia Passific?

    8. What are norms for monthly payout, referral commission, etc. at least on par with SC.?

    9. The swisscashguide.com web site’s E-mail address, Telephone numbers and name of the Owner.

    10.. What is the present stage of the cases against the SC and what is the re-opening date since no site has been opened as promised in Phase-1. PLEASE ALWAYS KEEPUP YOUR PROMISSES

    I am expecting your clarifications / response at least on receipt of this open letter.

    Thanking You,
    Yours faithfully


    • Scam Hunter says:


      Swisscash & Michael Mansfield are all fantasy and illusions. We have to stop dreaming on these illusions and live on with our lives.

      If you want to know who are behind this Ponzi Scam, please look for Mr. Ng Choon Beng, as mentioned above. He has sucked up all our money and now is enjoying his life in Shanghai (China) in Pubs & Karaoke every night.

  • GRR says:


    Please read PHASE 4 in swisscashguide.com

    Is swisscashguide.com a fake site.

    We are demanding for yr email (SC/SMF). Plse do so asap. You are driving us crazy! Will you be more responsible please. Investors’ Account already landed in the wrong hands. Speak to us please! Anyone who know Dr Albert Lee or technical team in SC. Get them to speak to you in your chatroom. Make sure it’s the right person speaking and not be scammed?

    Please advise us (SC Investors) after u have spoken. Thank you.

    • Scam Hunter says:

      Swisscash, swisscashguide, and Suntrader, are all SCAM!

      If you have to speak to someone who are insider & pioneer team of swisscash, please call BB Ng directly. His mobile no. is +65 98511125. If you cannot get hold of him, just report to Police. His real name is Ng Choon Beng, NRIC No. S7305335H. He and Albert Lee started this Ponzi Scam since April 2005. Let him answer to the police about the insider information.

  • i am in 100% agreement with you.
    I think these scammers are taking people for fools
    So may months and no authentic response from those who are holding millions in their accounts.
    No text, email sms.
    They are crazy people , they should be shot
    This is a criminal entity network they must be stop now.
    Any way keep the peace

  • GRR says:


    Kindly email us the status of SwissCash. Name of Swisscash Partner etc…

    We need information and direction. You have kept us in the dark for more than 100 days. Because of no correct information and direction, some SwissCash investors have submitted the Form to Suntraders. Whether SUNTRADERS is your partner or not, we do not know. Information maybe landed in the wrong hands and it is very dangerous.

    It is only right for you to contact us by email. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW THE STATUS OF SWISSCASH! You can’t remain silent and kept us waiting for so long. We have given you enough grace period. Since you have our data, kindly email us the status asap!

  • morning everyone out there
    I am still awaiting your return from the bank (15th Nov)
    whats happening, share your experience”

    Once again another stale date Jan5, i think they should be shot on the spot’ scammers

    I am glad you guys are taking it peaceful thou

    any news on singapore?

  • Ponnam says:

    Shanmugam.. My name is Ponnam. Shanmugam.. do you know Jeyakanth? If you dont.. he cured his tumour with a bullet that went into his ear and exit on the other ear carrying along the tumor. Einstein gave up on another formula because of him. I is the want you to know that doing something is better than doing nothing. Excue me, can you take photograph our?

  • SAROJ says:

    blogger1.info reporting that swisscash is under completing phase 9 and will return by 8th Jan’08.
    How come this date again.I would like to inform all giving another date will not make any difference since all I think has accepted the fact of being scammed and let us now think of legal way to recover our money!Please suggest here how to go about to expose this swisscash scam by media,internet and cyber authorities.What are the international law says to punish the culprits.

    • C.Shanmugam says:

      India – Dated :- 18th November, 2007.

      Kind attention to All Investors in SINGAPORE & PHILIPINES:-

      In the web site of blogger1.info have published on 17-11-2007 in their web site that Swiss Cash plans to return on 5th Jan 2008 with full swing and the leaders from Singapore and Philipines had warned downline not to submit any personal informations to Suntraders. Further it was confirmed in the website that Swiss cash will add up E-points ( monthly Commission) as per the old plan SIP25 till December 2007.

      If the above informations are correct / genuine one why this news was published in http://www.swisscashguide.com ? as Phase 4. And it is not known the source of news were received by them are not published.However, if trhe news is correct, we will be glad and thanks to GOD.

      Under the above circumstamnces, the investors from Singapore and Philipines are requesated to confirm the above news to my E-mail (: [email protected] )so as to enable me to convey the same news to all my downline investors and other Investors as a NEW YEAR HAPPY NEWS.

      Can I expect reply ?

  • am here chilling out

    How is cash plus doing?

    Do you like the increased rate?

  • Jamalee says:

    Dale, u wake up

    Leave swiss cash alone its no longer,

    look how much tings we av inna Jamaica, u waun tell mi seh u cawn go cash plus or worldwise.

    just fi get bout di money u lost in swiss and put it some elsewhere, i lost 2000, but made it back from worldwise.

    Where in Ja you from,

    am in Portmore

    Jamalee, Jamaica

  • i am sruprise no one is on the site
    wake up people ‘ whats happening out there
    R i should take it that you all got your money at the bank yesterday”
    Pls keep us inform
    longing to hear from the world outside

  • SAROJ says:

    I have not submitted information to suntraders.com
    Those who has filled please share here your experience of opening of swisscash.
    Any experiences with swissmaxif.com ?
    Or any other new website emerged today to pacify us?

  • Jamalee says:

    Hey DAVE, Jamalee from Jamaica,

    wa mek u no stop cuss off the people dem.

    Lets just all wait deligently

    Where u from, am from Portmore, i’d love to get to know u, if seems like u have a lot of money. lol

    • I think you have alot of money too”
      am in Portmore as well
      Do you want to sail away for thanksgiving month end?
      With great return from sc we could travel the world”

  • emma says:


    pleas tell me is suntraders fake?

    • Dave from USA says:

      YES Suntraders is fake and scam ! ! !


      WARNING !!!

      • i knew it was just another scam
        Have any one return from their bank as yet?

        if it was real you would have got a sms
        I hope no one identity has been lost.
        We all have to be careful

        Dave: have u heard from anyone who signed upfrom the USA?

  • Today is the 15.
    I am wondering if everyone is on their way to the bank”

    No one online, no comment about the delay tactics again.
    wake up people” lets fight together

  • heat in the kitchen is getting hotter.

    many people waiting for hope or failure

    have faith

  • Dave from USA says:

    DAve Jamaica

    Well, There has no updated flash news, How do you expect to hear more updated news?

    Since we saw some websites which are fake.

    I understand people will not make comments or sign in.

    Ok, Enjoy cooking ! ! ! !

  • you dave usa

    WE cook food in pot”

    we smoke ganga” lol
    anyway, what is the latest on this new site
    many people are afraid to sign in i understand. why?

  • Dave from USA says:

    Hey dave jamaica

    What is l..o…s ?
    It is lost or shit ? LOL !

    I am sure you are not true Swisscash Investor yourself ! ! !

    Go ahead enjoying smoking pot all day ! ! ! !

    In Jamaica, smoking pot is legal.. No wonder you make no sense while you are on high ! ! !

    Agree ????

  • one day to collect or l….o…s…
    D-Day for all sc

  • Dave Dentel says:

    Excue me,whats the means..I can’t find Ponnam this days..Is you the hiding from me???..Now Ponnam..get back to work!!We’re busy for the SHUTDOWN & preparing for the startup of SC……………AT LAST..it’s worth the wait..””Ponnam,you want to take photograph ours??””

  • ramamoorthy.tm says:

    Dear friends,
    Can I believe swisscashguide.com and update my information.As per this site tomorrow is the last date.My upline is hiding somewhere.He switched off his cell 10 days ago.I dontknow what to do.I have invested more than 6000 $.
    an orphan from Hydrabad.

    • C.Shanmugam says:

      Sirs / Madams,
      Kind attentions to : UPLINE INVESTORS ( sc)

      Please send your comments / ways to ( MY e-mAIL ADDRESS ; [email protected] )file case againt Swiss Cash and Swiss Mutual Fund ON PAR WITH MALAYACIAN GOVERNMENT if site is not opened OR APPOLOGY LETTER NOT RECEIVED OR NO MESSAGE IS RECEIVED on 15th November, 2007.

      Thanking you,

  • Witnit says:

    Easy to separate a fool from his money.

  • Dave from USA says:

    You know we are waiting for SwissCash coming back.

    Be honest with you, I am not sure if Sc will come back ot not. I would say 50-50 chance.

    IF SCis back, That will be great relief ! !

    IF SC is not back, The we need to learn to move on and think positive in the future.

    However I join the other money maker, calls
    Getaway Club Mega-Blast, Will earn more than $ 17,000 and will earn over and over.

    Please click http://www.getawayclub-megablast.com/
    IF you join it. that is great ! If you do not want to join it. That is ok but you will miss the big ship ! !

    Have a good week

  • Lori
    i think you are more dummer than i know you to be.
    Your true dum colours are still in the public
    Isee your level of education is still below the passing grade”

    Have u heard about freedom of speech you idiot
    keep yr stupid comments focus
    Have a good day foool

    • rrr says:

      Yuh gi’ ‘Jam-dung’ a bad name Dave. I can see that you are broke and hungry (hence angry)ha ha ha!!

  • Wise man says:

    SunTrader is confirmed a SCAM! Read on:

    Originally Posted by laydijae
    Hi, I was just on browsing this thread and thought I’d chime in. I used to work on 57th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues. That address is BS. The zip for that block is 10019. First of, a proper address would look something more like…

    672 West 57th Street, 31st Floor
    New York, NY 10019

    The word “West” would have to be in there. There is no such thing as 57th Avenue in Manhattan (New York, NY) where this address is supposed to be located.

    • Law enhancement says:

      This means SunTrader is operating on a ‘Virtual Office”, probably a truck, a Caravan, or some form of mobile office that is ready to run, to play hide and seek.

      When you join Suntrader, be ready to pay real money in exchange of Virtual Money, creating Virtual Identity, and read the news from the announcement of a Virtual CEO & CFO (Artist impression).

      Please join SunTrader, let your life continue to build castle in the air & dream good things, feel virtually good, and be virtually rich, if that is what you are asking for.

      • Andrew says:

        You have every reason to be worried. If Suntraders is legit, they would first of all publish real information about themselves and not hide any details. However, their address and history are fake, there is also no such registered company anywhere on the globe and they hide all their details.

        On the other hand, they require you to provide real information and all the data, almost as good as signing your life away to a secret society. In this time and age, the people behind it can probably do anything to your information. It probably possible that they can go into fake passport market by using all your details in there. Or sell your details to some scam telemarketing services to claim you win some prizes but make you pay them some admin fees to get your ‘prize’ which never come.

        Since they have your name, address and phone numbers, they could pretend to be more genuine. Like not long ago, there was the fake kidnap ransom scam here in Singapore where they called family members to say their loved ones are being kidnap and for them to transfer some money if they want them to be saved. There was however no kidnap but because of the loved for the family members, people shell out tens of thousands of dollars. Those they did not even identify the persons name. Imagine now that suntraders have all your name and address, they could run the same scam but now provide your family members with your name and details, they probably would believe it even more.

        Personally, I’ll say not to fall into this scam again. If Suntraders is legit, they would already have your data online and you do not need to register. All you need to do is to enter your swisscash id and password and get in. If there is a change to migrate to the new system, you should have gotten a sms or email with the new log in details.

        I remember was it something like Swisscashguide saying not to believe any website until you receive an email or sms ? Apparently that did not come through. Until unless you get that email or sms, do not believe in all the scams out there. People are in a very vulnerable and desperate stage now because of their stuck investment and may be gullible enough to believe anything and everything which give them some hope no matter how fake

  • Wise man says:

    Originally Posted by gmi2000

    See this website now

    Witch Dr Albert lee has an evil plan to start in this new company (New scam)! He has a promotion for SwissCash investors (idiots who want to give donations a second time to crooks)!


  • NthDimensions says:

    guys, don’t think about waiting for SMS. SMS was a premium service to complement emails. That contract with the SMS company is probably already cancelled or terminated. Email is cheaper. If any legitimate company that takes over, should also have the email contacts. I do not think, if big banks don’t send you SMS, it’s not very likely the ‘new partner’ is willing to spending extra money on SMS.

  • Dave from USA says:

    WHY HURRY ! ! ! ! ! !

    Swisscash in Phase 3 (Why the hurry)

    Swisscashguide has just entered Phase 3.

    “For the subscribers from US & Canada we would accept requests only up to 10th of November and for other countries up to 15th of November.”

    My Questions ARE ….

    Why the hurry?

    Why must we submit our documents within a tight time frame.
    Why is Suntraders trying to force us to submit our documents?
    Why do they need us to fill up a questionnaire? Shouldn’t they have our Datas?
    After we have submitted a copy of our IDs or passport,
    Why do they need a copy of the Investment Certificate?
    Look at it this way. If I am a about to fish the datas of Swisscash Investors, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD DO !!!!!!

    As a partner of Swisscash (as claimed), why doesn’t Suntraders email to each and individual investors personnally for the verification process. At least they should have the email of all investors concern. Where is the Collecting Historical data as reported in phase 1? If they have completed phase 1, surely they have our email details.

    This is my take: SUNTRADERS IS NOT GENUINE!!!

    • fsll says:


      Hope it will enlighten all SwissCash Investors. Truly it is a very stressful week indeed for all. Don’t know what to do. Upline also uncontactable.

      Hope the REAL SWISSCASH PARTNER will protect all investors accounts with tight security so that no one can steal away our epoints no matter how hard they tried (even though they have our particulars).

      Guess we should all calm down, take a break and …

      • Joe says:

        AFTER FILLING Qualification Questionnaire, SUNTRADERS give us :

        This is your reference number for any further contact with us: xxxxxx

        Your Name: xxxxxxxxxxxx

        All subscribers should send the following information for us via email to be compared with our banking data sheets to activate the temporary accounts:

        – Scan of valid Identity (Passport, National ID card)

        – Scan of Investment Certificate or Investment Confirmation Email

        You should send us all the required information from the email you have registered in the form with the subject of the Reference Number provided for you.
        Email address: [email protected]

        AFTER THAT, I sent what they request.
        BUT THEY ARE NOT READY, They mail server is OVER QUOTA.
        Attachment below :

        Hi. This is the qmail-send program at yahoo.com.
        I’m afraid I wasn’t able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
        This is a permanent error; I’ve given up. Sorry it didn’t work out.

        : failed after I sent the message.
        Remote host said: 552 sorry, mailbox [email protected] is over quota temporarily (#5.1.1)



        • gateway says:

          Hi Joe,

          “over quota temporarily” means mail box full. I tried for 2 days at different times of the day and finally sent fhrough the documents fof 6 accounts.

  • Dave from USA says:

    W-A-R-N-I-N-G FAKE SITES ! ! !


    WARNING !!!

    • Andrew says:

      Go to http://www.swissmaxif.net

      click ‘contact us’
      then send e-mail to them and below is the reply:

      From: [email protected]
      Date: 11/10/2007 12:04:51 PM
      To: [email protected]
      Subject: Activation Page

      Investor Alert
      1.SC-SMF’s re-fund Programme starts from 03-Nov-2007 until 03-Feb-2008. Participation after stated date,just gaining 200% activation account only.
      2.Registration to refund programme Swissmaxif was opened (SC-SMF), to further information please send an email to:
      Hong Kong : [email protected]
      China : [email protected]
      USA : [email protected]
      Singapore : [email protected]

      3.Please give occur in original information SC-SMF.Charge 10% compulsory to reactivate SC-SMF’s account which has been passive and investor
      entitled to accept profit as 200% during refunding schedule

      Company News
      Swissmaxif Financial Consultant specializes in credit report repair, helping individuals remove derogatory items from their credit reports, improving their credit picture.
      We work with mortgage professionals nationwide helping improve their client’s credit picture allowing them to close more loans each month.

      In afford to introduce this fantastic programme to the world, a plan drafted and eligible new re-entry investor get overiding until 40% in four level.

  • Lori says:

    Hey Dave from Jamaica
    Just relax and stop makes a fool of your self. You cannot imagine how stupid you make yourself look. I was hoping that someone had advised you to keep your beak shut, but I was wrong. Just keep it real as several Jamaicans invested several thousand more than your 4k and no one hear of them, so please don’t continue to embarrass your already dumb self.

  • have a wonderful weekend while am on my way to Cuba to join my father(Mansfield)

    Good luck now
    Mansfield Junior 3rd

  • hello anyone out there?
    is this the dead zone?
    wake up old yeller and mojubaby’

    I see why yeller and mojubaby is quiet they all receive their interest and cpital and are on their way to Paris” and Cuba and their return to join Mansfield on vacation>
    Cheers Mansfield Junior 2

  • I take it everyone is on their way to their bank collecting their interest and capital’
    Why no one is responding’

  • Mr wise guy Andrew where thje hell r u from? for you to just jump in this forum with yr false information trying to rip off the robbed persons here already.
    Dont you think these investors have been thru enough?
    Tek weh yrself
    you scammer:jail Jail

  • Soory i was away’ i know you all missed me. but am here now so all you fake dave be careful allow big man to run the show now.
    Lesson#1 dont imput any data to all these criminal websites?

    we will take a short brake

  • surprise”
    guess what? am back”
    all you fake dave out there step aside”

  • SAROJ says:

    http://swissmaxif.net is our comming new financial facility ? Site looks professional. I have not received any e-mail from SC authorities.
    Source: mm forum

  • fsll says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve sent the following e-mail to Suntraders. See whether they’ll respond. When received,I’ll post it here for you all to see. Bye..

    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Friday, November 09, 2007 2:03 PM

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Further to your request in Phase 2 and 3 with regard to the Qualification Questionnaire.

    After due consideration, most investors think that it is only right that you sms or email us the name of the new website URL. Herewith is the extract from Mr Michael Mansfield to SwissCash Investors.


    It has come to our attention that some fake websites claimed to be a part of SwissCash or SMF.
    Please do not enter your login data (username, ID, password, TAP, DOB) or any personal information in these
    sites. The new website URL from our new partner would be sent only to our main financial consultants in any region shortly.

    So please do not trust any weblog, website or any unauthorized person.


    Therefore, would appreciate if you could send the new website URL to Financial Consultants. They will inform us and we will log in with our ID and password (same as before).

    Awaiting for your response.

    Thank you.

  • Bill Skelding says:

    Hello to all,take a look at this web http://www.swissmaxif.net.May this could be our new SC web.Hmmmm,
    Dei Poonam & Dave, how are you guys doin???
    When are we going to take the photograph ours already…..Smile people…………..

  • sdi says:

    Now they limit our day till Nov 15, 2007. HOW DARE they do it for all investors had been waiting for almost 3 months.

    I dont believe this so called Suntraders for their unproffessionality, it’s so obvious from their stupid statements which are contrary w/ Mansfield’s statement in swisscashguide.com

    Suntraders is a scam so is swisscashguide.com

  • C. Shanmugam, Thiruvalluvar Nagar,Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai Tamil Nadu- India. says:

    C. Shanmugam, India, Dated 8th November, 2007.
    Investor, Swiss cash. E-Mail : [email protected]

    The Chief Financial Officer / Ex-S C , C F O ,
    M/S. SwissCash.net. / Swiss Mutual Fund. E.Mail : [email protected]

    Mr. Hector W.Sidberg,
    Group Partnership Representative

    M/S. Asia Pacific Capital Investment Ltd.

    M/s. Sun Financial Systems / Sun Traders Financial Systems
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Sub:- Re-Opening of Swiss cash web site / Opening of New website /
    Activation of Investors’ account – Reg.
    I am to state I and my family members , friends were joined SIP25 Scheme of Swiss cash during June, 2007 by investing amount in USD as they promised to return monthly 25% of Invested amounts till life time. Further, it was also noted in the Investment Certificate issued by them (on line) that the Principal Guaranteed by Swiss Mutual Fund (1948).

    2. Unfortunately, the Swiss Cash web site was stopped due to litigation by the Malaysian Government with effect from 18-08-2007.

    3. In swisscashguide.com web site, it was informed on 15-09-2007 that the new site will be launched in next few days in 9 Phases and wait for the new team to contact the Investors ONLY VIA E MAIL OR SMS TO INTRODUCE THE NEW PLATFORM SINCE THEY HAVE ALL DATA ABOUT ALL EX-SWISS CASH INVESTORS WITH FULL PRIVACY AND THEY ARE HAVING OUR PRINCIPAL MONEY WHICH WERE IN OUR TREADING SYSTEM.

    – 2 –

    U S A Residents = 15th October
    Asia excluding Malaysia,
    Middle East, Africa = 31st October
    Europe, Australia = 15th November.
    5. But, as promised by them no site was opened on 15th or 31st October 2007 or till date. Instead of giving apology news / letter from Swiss cash Authorities for not releasing the site on the due dates, there was a display in the said Web site on 03-11-2007 as PHASE -2 Asia Pacific Capital Investment Ltd / Sun Financial Systems without indicating any news. But, by clicking on the Company’s name, it is opening a site by named SUN TRADERS calling details under the heading of QUALIFICATION QUESTIONNAIR. This is contrary of the earlier announcement dated 15-09-2007 of Swiss Cash. However, I have given the required details without Trading ID and NIC numbers to M/S. Sun Traders on 05-11-2007. In turn, M/S. Sun Traders sent an E-Mail Message on the same day calling the following two documents by fixing time for sending the details within 48 Hours.

    1. Scan of valid Identity (Passport, National ID card).
    2. Scan of Registration Confirmation E-Mail
    (Subject: Welcome to Swiss Cash)

    – 3 –

    6. It is also surprised to note that on 06-11-2007, there was news under PHASE – 3 informing the new scheme which will be operated by the New Partners UNDER HEADING OF BEYOND 2008 and WHAT IS IN FOR 2008?
    7. Further, there is a condition to accept request from the subscribers from US & Canada up to 10th November and for other Countries up to 15th of November. This news is also contrary of their earlier news dated 15-09-2007.
    8. As there was no correct and prompt news from Swiss Cash, Mr. Valentino who is the Founder and Manager of “ memberswisscash.com “ web site has displaying an open letter in his web site addressed to THE MANAGING DIRECTORS, CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER SWISS CASH – SWISS MUTUAL FUND (1948) seeking correct information for opening the new site. But, there is no response till date from Swiss Cash Authorities.
    9. All above activites of Swiss Cash Authorities shows their deficiency in services resulting that the Investors are getting mental agony and caused physical hardship. If somebody doesn’t perform his part of the contract, it amounts to deficiency in service.
    10. Under the above circumstances, the Swiss Cash Authorities should send E-Mails or SMS to all Investors for furnishing their ID and NIC particulars to new partnership Companies or requested to send suggestion or information’s to my E- mail address ([email protected] ) or through blogger web sites which will be much helpful to the exiting Investors of Swiss Cash at least at this stage to avoid for transferring their accounts / funds to FAKE WEBSITES.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,


    – 4 –

    Copies to:-
    1. Mr. Vallentino, Founder & Manager,
    Member Swisscash . com
    By E-Masil : [email protected]
    For information and reply if any.

    3. M/S.Naavi.Org by e Mail: [email protected] for information and with a request to inform if any reply is received from RBI or SEBI in response to your E-Mails dated 31-07-2007.

    Also inform the sources to take legal action if any against Swisscash / Swiss Mutual Fund (1948) Companies on par with Malaysian Government through our Government or Exiting Investors in India in case SwissCash or New Partners are failed to operate the Scheme by returning the assured monthly income or refund the deposited amounts to the Investors.

    3. All Upline Investors for information and necessary immediate actions.

    • fsll says:

      Mr Shanmugam

      Thank you for taking action..

      We are all confused over the same thing. Appreciate that someone will take action and help us (investors).

      It is very unprofessional of Suntraders to ask for our personal details online. No one will feel comfortable doing it in case it’s a FAKE WEBSITE. There’s no concrete confirmation that they are SwissCash Partners.

      Suggest that all of us send email to:

      [email protected]

      telling them to send us email / sms informing us of the new platform because they should have our particulars.

      See whether they will respond.

    • Ravindranath says:

      Dear Shanmugam,

      Have you received any reply mail from Suntraders?.
      If so can you share it with me.
      My email id [email protected]

  • Jamalee says:

    I really dont understand all these comments.

    What i really wannna know is if SWISS CASH IS BACK

    can anybody answer that.

  • Mika says:

    Dear all,
    I have seen all of us are putting so much good efforts, good suggestions, ideals and checking on Swiss cash outcome. I have also seen lot of good friends here argued and lost friendship and most of all we are all fighting and struggling about when it will be back.
    I am truly sad that SC has caused my friend committed suicide last week.
    Let’s all not hoping anything coming back, when they are prepared to cheat us, so they cheated. we will not have any news from them anymore. Forget it all, SWISS CASH, for the rest of my life, I will not forgive you and god will speed you to an end soon.
    Brother and sister, be strong to live on.
    Let it go, it will not come back anymore.

  • SAROJ says:

    Mr.Ramamoorthy.tm from Chennai.
    Don’t send any information to ST via SCG site.They will steal your money.It is reported somewhere in forum that around 26000 members have already submitted information to ST.I think ST will scam them, since I believe that new company takes over does not ask for deadline submission of forms giving reasons of account be terminated.I will not fall to this prank. I have invested 1k and I am ready lose and let my account be suspended.I will not give my details to anybody.Let 15th pass, truth will come out.
    May be we have to wait longer to get the correct idea.
    Let us all unite and not submit the data asked for unless convincing reasons given.This is not the way to treat the investors.We all more than 5lacs investors from all over the world are totally united for our money and remember SWISSCASH Authorities.You have to face the Legal Consequences whatever may come and go.We will not leave this forum till we found out the truth. I have already given hope of earning thru your financial facility.

  • Dave Dentel says:

    i is the agree with you.. count me in but i ave to flight 18hrs….but is ok

    And smile… the photgrapgh take our already..cheers

  • Ramamoorthy.tmChennai ( Tamil Nadu) INDIA says:

    can we believe swisscashguide.com website,and give our informations

  • Wisdom says:


    The following info pasted below is from the wikipedia site and is also available on other sites. Do you own checking!


    On August 17, 2007, the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation filed syndicated estafa cases against 27 officers and investors of Francswiss Investment, a “Ponzi” pyramiding scam on the Internet. Charged were Michael Mansfield, chief financial officer; Kurt Sandelman, risk management team leader; Rupert Benedict Da Vinco, investment team leader; Julia Rodriguez, international banking team leader; Hector Willem Sidberg, marketing and international affairs; and Fernando Munoz, customer service leader; Roger Smith, the British chief operation officer of FS Investment in the Asia-Pacific region; Bensy Fong, the Singaporean system operation officer; Raymond Chua, Singaporean marketing officer; a certain Michelle and Mike, Filipino secretaries and collectors of money from investors; 16 investors, including arrested suspect Eleazard Castillo, 26, a native of Cabuyao, Ilocos Sur, allegedly one of the financial advisers of Francswiss Investment. 41 investors claimed they lost a total of $75,000 to the investment scheme. Francswiss deceived investors in the Philippines of P1 billion.[12]

    If you scroll up this forum to the top till you see the pictures of the Swisscash leaders, you should already notice that most of the names of the leaders in the original Swisscash website are exactly the same people in Francswiss reported in wikipedia and other sites on Francswiss.

    An inevitable conclusion is this: There is a terribly big syndicate that is capable of developing website after website promoting hyip and get rich quick scheme (scams!) and cheating the gullible ones. The leaders (whoever they are) are the people of the ‘Inner Circle’ who identify potential regional representatives as Upliners and these are stroked in the back with lies of financial goodies and they in turn work like horses to promote the scam on behalf of the Inner Circle. Who gain? The Inner Circle most of all and then the top uplines and the rest downward who are so convinced that this is IT, the money maker. But all ‘good’ things come to an end as they all get deceived after one scheme is toppled like that of Francswiss and the so called Inner Circle is exposed. Is not this why Swisscash also has to close down because the first domino is toppled and the rest comes tumbling down?

    Sorry to sound discouraging to you! I’ve been hit too, but after months of pondering, analysing, I can’t help but make this verdict. Unless anyone else has a better analysis or unless Sun Traders prove to us beyond a doubt that it is the real thing, then we can only conclude that Swisscashguide.com is also a fabrication by the expert syndicate. That means Sun Traders follow suit in the same notoriety.

    The powerful syndicate has the ability and the money (our monies) to keep on doing this, and will keep on. What have they to loose? And they don’t care to make their system impeccable and fool proof and unquestionable because they are out to suck the gullible ones out there who are still hoping to get rich quick. Let’s be warned!

    Do you not see that Hector Willem Sidberg (one the top people in Francswiss and also Swisscash) who supposedly took over the baton from Michael Mansfield (Swisscash) already has a BAD reputation? I have checked this out in the sites and found his reputation questionable. This being true, then why is he chosen to take over the top man, Mike Mansfield (supposing they all exist at all in the first place)? Man, all this is like wayang or Hollywood show with a plot to entertain some and to deceive many others.

    What do you all have to say? But more imoportantly, what can we do about all this? Would someone take the lead to meet up together face to face in Singapore to discuss in a civil way as to how we can undertake action(s) to do something at least, if not to secure our hard-earned principle money back?

    Any suggestions?

  • Wisdom says:

    Poonam & Dave Dentel,

    You two are the same guys or identical TWINS!
    “Smile photograph take our already??”

  • Dave Dentel says:

    Hello To ALL Investor,
    Excue me…with SUNTRADERS the new Partner, what the hell is so difficult for SC to transmit all ex-sc investor data into SUNTARDERS which they announced that SUNTRADERS will be the next …SC have all the details my frend which we know every month without fail we receive sms from sc pertaining to our $$$$ in our account. So, SC pls forward all the dwetails to your new partner…..AGREE…pls comment.Smile photograph take our already??

  • Wise man says:

    SC Leaders are busy siphoning their money out of the country, and into the foreign banks or foreign investments for hiding, such as Land Banking, so that no traces of unclean money can be found or frozen by the authorities later.

  • Wisdom says:

    Hey Ponnam,

    As I read your post, I find you very very humorous, you know? You seem to like taking photographs alot. Very often you have this statement in your post:
    “Excue.. can you take photograph our?” What on earth do you mean by this? Please enlighten all of us. It’s very very funny!!!! Heheheheheh!

  • fsll says:

    Yes, It’s not correct and safe to submit personal info through the web and email (especially investment ID/IC/Passport). I remembered Mr Michael Mansfield cautioned us before, never to respond to such request. SC would never ask investors to give info in this manner.

    If they are SC partners, they should have our particulars in their database. They should give us the web url by sms or email. Then we log in ourselves using he same ID and Password that we used on Swisscash website before.

    Any findings from any SwissCash Investors? kindly post it in this forum.

    Very sad.. We have waited for so long and yet nothing is real and definite.


  • Ponnam says:

    Hi. Ponnam here speaking to all investors. Even so that Suntraders are trying to scam us to get our SC ID or password.. does it matter anymore? Even if they get hold of our information.. the question is.. with our id and password.. how the hell are they going to make use of that and steal our money from SC?!!!! the equation is not balanced my friends. Excue.. can you take photograph our?

    • NthDimensions says:

      Dear Ponnam,

      Sun Traders need not ask for your password.
      They just need your ID and your scanned copy of passport.
      When the New SCash/New Partner website is online, they will know the info before you. Then they will send a email to the admin, saying “please I forgot my password, this is my scanned passport to prove I am owner of this ID”
      And then your account becomes theirs.

      Do you still want to send your info to them?

      btw, what is “can you take photograph our”? where are you from? 🙂

  • MIchael says:

    Andrew: I think you have said what many would have thought through.
    1 – Not many ppl would know this website http://www.swisscashguide.com as it was never mentioned by the original website at all. Suntrader shld not expect a)all SC investor to view and accept swisscashguide.com and b) all SC investors to be on this forum to know the latest info too.
    2- Very true. Many genuine institutions would be very apologetic and make it up by ending emails and SMSes to the investors. But instead, this new Suntrader is so arrogant as to ask us to fill in the info all over again. That sounds like a scam, getting all our personal information. They shld only either ask us for our previous log-in id or first, second and last names or even email address. We have invested our money and they, being an institution with resources, shld be apologetic and ensure we are not inconvenienced. Even if the data is corrupted. This, I find, is a very unacceptable level of professionalism, especially having closed for almost 3 months. I wonder what is in their customer’s charter. Not professional at all.
    I am so convinced and can smell this is a scam. If Suntrader is not professional, I am not going to sign up. I have lost once and I am not going to lose again by passing these personal details. You already have my money and until I hear from some credible organization or offer, I cannot lose anymore.

  • papu says:

    hello everone,I am in us.Sun traders address is wrong.There is’t 57th Ave in manhatan borough and house no.There is just 12th ave and 225 streets.It is 100%fake site.Don’t belive.

  • fsll says:

    Anyone knows anybody from SwissCash Technical Team or top leaders. Please alert them of this problem we are facing..
    Appeal to Financial Consultant to please help…

  • Ponnam says:

    Hello. I is very sad. Excue me.. can you take photograph our?

  • MIchael says:

    For those SC investors who reckon the new website is a scam, don’t fall for it. This new policy did not fall under the guidelines and advice of ‘Michael Mansfield’. Don’t part your personal details for it most likely is a scam. Don’t fall for it again. Report it to the authorities for those who have reported.

  • Ng Choon Beng(+65 98511125) says:

    all swisscash investor, remember Swisscash is gone forever. Malaysia court case we all RUN away at oversea. Now we enjoy your money. Thank You all Investor ,You made us be RICH. Thank You.

  • tom says:

    I tried to log in my upline ID & I can access to ST’s platform, but when I use a fake ID, I cant login, is ST really really from SC? If not how come ST can distinguish the real ID & the fake ID? If ST know investors ID it means ST has investors data.
    But I’m still not sure if ST is for real

    • Andrew says:

      You will notice below the domain name, SunTraders.com was bought over with $2888.
      Before that it was owned by other people. I supposed it was only purchased recently!
      Bukti bahwa domain Suntraders.com baru saja dibeli oleh seseorang seharga USD2888. Ini semakin menguatkan bahwa semua ini adalah rekayasa seseorang dari pemilik http://www.swisscashguide.com

      Well, let’s for a minute assume that Suntraders is real and all that It is not like all their investors come to this forum or suddenly wake up one day and say, hmmm, let try visiting this website Swissguide.com which appeared in my dreams. How would an average person knows about the same website and the so-called new partners and all that ? It just does not make sense.

      I deal with financial institutions and companies before and each time there is some major changed, they will at least try to contact me like by emailing me or sending me a snail mail about the planned changes.

      I mean if this Suntraders is for real and technically a partner of swisscash, they should have all our records, if they cannot integrate the old data with the new, at least they should have our names and email address, they can just email everyone and say come sign up for the new plan or something.

      Just relying on that Swissguide.com for all “official” information and not Press Release in the major newspapers and all that and as always, no transparency in this new Suntraders with tons of fake information about their status and history, it just seems like it is yet another scam specifically targetting the already suffering gullible investors.

      If you ask me, I would think that the suntraders website is probably just another creation by the people behind swisscashguide.com

      I mean look at it again, in Phrase 1, the company’s name was Sun Financial Systems and Asia Pacific Capital Investment Limited. Both non-existent companies at the time of the announcement.

      Then on the so-called partner, Sun Traders, the company name changes to Sun Traders Financial Systems. Where did the ‘Traders’ come about ?

      Well, if you ask me, I would think that at the time of the lies from Phase 1, they just made up some names and they started trying to hunt down domain names to register for these fictitious companies but could not find any available which matches that name. Sometimes in September during the announcement, they came across a domain name , suntraders.com for sale and they say that’s great. That matches their name and it is not a new name which is great, they paid $2,888 for it.

      Now on the so-called partners, they came to have track records back to 1995 but they only got their domain name in 2007 and now on their website, they placed a copyright as 2006-2007. Apparently, all these to fool the uninitiated while they try to fabricate a history for themselves while they do not have.

      Also the thing with all these scams is that they never placed their real address in the Domain Name Registration. I know there is such thing as Whois Privacy but they should not be used by bona fide companies. Of course, I got no problems if they are used by private individuals. All the Denver address is the address of the domain name registrar and not the address of the company.

      There is really nothing in the end to say that it was ever real.


      Banyak orang meragukan Suntraders sebagai pengganti dari Swisscash. Sepertinya ada intrik tertentu dibelakang ini semua yang dibuat oleh pemilik website http://www.swisscashguide.com

      Belakangan terdengar berita bahwa website http://www.swisscashguide.com adalah Fake. Skenario dibuat untuk tujuan tertentu untuk para investor swisscash.

      Mari kita ikuti saja perkembangan berita demi berita mengenai nasib swisscash ini, yang membawa uang ratusan juta dolar.

      Walau terasa pesimis, namun mengikuti berita tidak ada salahnya.

      +6221 71000530

      Diposting oleh Mitravita – Your Passive Income Partnership di 21:16 0 komentar

      Possibilities Thinking of Suntraders.com

      A few possibilities to think about:

      1) If Suntrader moves on to Phase 4 and beyond with the kind of “pompous good new” seen in scguide.com without the majority of investors submitting their data, ST is bull****ting.

      2) Someone said those with low investment can take a risk to be the first to find out what ST does next. Better still, when you send in your “Welcome to Swisscash” email, ERASE YOUR PASSWORD. If ST wants verification they have more than enough info. Once you send in your passport details be prepared to monitor your local bank account more closely that someone else would not tamper with it by impersonating you.

      I salute your sacrifice.

      3) If ST don’t have mass-mailing function, never mind. Next time when you call the ST office, ask the staff if they can do a search on your info (mostly likely they say they can’t–prove they haven’t got data from old SC server).

      4) We should not expect to pay more than is necessary, including another $30 for a new account. We are losers already. Never give away your bank account details. If ST ask for $30 more that’s their problem. JUST SAY NO. Let them force-hack their way into our account for $30 and show its tail.

      5) I cordially invite one SunTrader representative to fly down US, Asia and Middle East to hold a gathering for investors for a ‘live’ briefing. If the company is so rich, it can definitely afford 3 trips on A380 in a “class beyond first”.

      The bottomline comes down to this: they MUST have our info FIRST without us giving them. ST has a lot to lose by not having our info–500,000 of us. If we all stay silent, ST will chase us and will prove to us by e-mailing or phoning us. Let them move on to phase 4 with a big bang. If ST can answer 3), a lot of suspicions can be settled.

      Diposting oleh Mitravita – Your Passive Income Partnership di 20:48 0 komentar

      Phase 3 – Swisscashguide.com

      What is in for 2008?
      Just to update you on some of the possible great things that is coming your way…

      1. Our Team is studying and reviewing all your requests for your trading accounts activation and the feasibility to launch different investment products. Awesome isn’t it? Well, trust this new team to produce the best investment strategy for you. No promises however as it could come sometime in the year 2008. But just do not forget that you do not have much time for applying as an old investor account holder.

      For the subscribers from US & Canada we would accept requests only up to 10th of November and for other countries up to 15th of November.

      2. We are looking forward to improve on our Customer Service Management. As Sun Traders is a new financial tool in SUN Mutual Funds therefore the company is still looking into rooms for improvement for the public.
      We do not entertain direct call in from the public or unidentified source. One of the reasons is because of the services we are providing are only to our corporate Clients and old Investors. This might look unfriendly from the Investors point of view and I regret to say that this is our Company Policy. When we first started Sun Trader Financial Facility in SUN Mutual Funds we were not expecting much problems as this financial tool is so simple to understand. If you invest, you earn your profits. If you don’t then that is it. Personally We are more interested to improve the efficiency of our online customer management system rather than tele-services as we are dealing with tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of investors who may come from different background or industries. We would never want to be entangled into unnecessary conversations or possible confrontations. A written solution is always better than an oral conversation.

      “It is good if you are the richest among your neighbors, families, friends and colleagues. But it is even better to have richer neighbors, families, friends and colleagues.”

      Hector W.Sidberg
      Group Partnership Representative

      I am 100% sure it is another scam program that use SC as a cover. They simply do not have an email database of the previous investors that is why they do not send any emails!!!
      No company registered at the adress they indicated.
      Website purcased recently.
      Company is not known to anyone in the investment world.
      If they would be former SC, they would know your email, your balance, your details, etc.
      There are talks about non-existant future plans but none assumes any liability of past OMT.
      Why is there such a hurry-up with 10 Nov, 15 Nov? They would be interested in the former clients of SC.
      30 USD – another rip-off.

      There is no way I will send the copy of my passport to the unkkown company with no registration number, bank account etc. This is exactly the same as giving the keys of my house to someone. Just think how many false credit cards may be opened in your name if someone would have such info.

      TOTAL SCAM! Even bigger than SC!

      Diposting oleh Mitravita – Your Passive Income Partnership di 19:55 0 komentar

  • fsll says:

    Yes, I agreed with Elizabeth. They should have our details. All they need to do is to send us sms/email to log in as we were reminded earlier by Mr Michael Mansfield. So simple.

    I don’t feel comfortable also by sending personal details in this manner. Don’t know whether they are Swisscash Partners or not.

    Can someone please check update in this forum.


  • sandy says:

    i guess i am a very smart terrorist because swiss cash does not have my money. check me at cashplus, worldwise,olint and partners investment. want a ref!!

  • mujobaby says:


    I agree with you totally. I am very suspicious of the request of Phase 3. I am very uncomfortable giving my personal data to any website. They should be the ones to send us an email or sms. I am certain it is not every ex-sc investor who follows up the forum and are aware of scguide so how would those individuals know that they are to send their personal data to this suntraders company.

    People everywhere should receive a sms or email and be informed that the new website is up and your new password is so and so.

    No man, this guide site has lots of question marks. Seems like some anxious hackers are desperate for people’s info. And why such a short timeframe to send your personal data and if you don’t why should you lose your account??

    Let us share our opinions on this one.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hello Everyone!

    I tried to register to SunTraders.com. All the info they were asking were the same info that we have to input when we initially signed up for Swisscash. But the auto reply I received was that, they want me to scan and email my passport/nid card and the investment certificate or investment confirmation email of “Welcome To Swisscash” within 48 hours. For those of you who still have this email, correct me if I’m wrong, don’t we have our trading id and password on that email? So I’m a bit suspicious as to why they need all these details? All they have to do, in my opinion, is bring the site back up and all we have to do is log in just like in the old days, since Swisscash has all the database they need for all the Swisscash investors to be able to log in. Need your input guys/gals.

  • sandy says:

    thats a good dog yeller you be good now

    • Old Yeller says:

      Just as I thought. Empty threats filled with nothingness. Can’t call my name. Can’t call my cell. Can’t even call my bluff.

      Good day to you Sandy. There is nothing more to say to you. I hope Swisscash comes back so that terrors like you can get your money back and stay out of it, and leave those of us who don’t look for scapegoats to blame for their own negligence and mistakes.

  • sandy says:

    you certainly have a lot on your chest to get off. guilty concience? can you sleep at nights comfortably? you are the ones with the knowledge not me the NITWIT, but what did you do, sell e-points to unsuspecting old people in the districts you’re from and then after swisscash disappear you come tell us that serena is a scam girl from where ever. So what should your family do? you mister big shot should have done your homework because we trusted you, the bright one with the knowledge to check these things out before introducing it to your poor mother, father and the little church folkes at home.

    • Old Yeller says:

      I am laughing so hard I can bearly type. Sandy, relax yourself. You don’t know if I’m male, female, white, black or your own dog. Call mi name if yu bad. Better yet, call my cell. This should be interesting.

  • sandy says:

    mi get to yu. bet you dont do that again, fool up people. you dont want me hollering out your name here do you. i could be naughty though. can i tell you a little secret!!! no maybe later i will call you on your cell.

  • SAROJ says:

    Hi All
    Just saw message at swisscashguide.com phase 3
    Message says for USA and Canada swisscash members should fill up account details to get the e-mail.Form to be filled and submitted before 10th of November 2007 and for others upto 15th November’2007.
    That is the deadline given to fill up the forms.
    I hope all here are discussing with hope of swisscash return and are eager to know and nobody is confirming the truth ,any one has filled up the form ? I will fill up after 10th November since I have the option till 15th Nov.
    I had seen the form and it has asked us details which I think we can give, there is no harm.
    Also to note that at MM forum ymg posted that he has filled up the form and received the e-mail. I think we should fill up the form and submit and then we will get e-mail ? Can any one confirm.Awaiting quick reply. I have already given hope for swisscash.
    But my mind is not ready to accept and hence frankly to tell you I come again and again here with a faint hope that one day I will recover my money.Afterall we are all human beings and I think there is no harm in keeping hope till, confirm news !I sincerely request members not to abuse eachother, we are all victims of our own deeds.

    • Wise man says:


      Don’t waste time anymore on the false hopes. The logic is: Where on earth can APC & Suntrader find so much money to pay out? It just doesn’t make any economic sense for any Santa Claus company to exist, for the sake of paying out money.

  • fsll says:

    Dear U.S. Investors

    Somebody from US please kindly check this out for us.

    They should send us email or sms before we fill in the form.

    Sun Traders Financial Systems
    No.672, 57th Avenue, 31th Floor
    New York, NY 10106
    [email protected]

    Keep us informed once you have checked.

    Thank you.

  • Witnit says:

    “I, and other uplines have done nothing wrong, so, call the cops if you will. They can do nothing. In fact, they will tell you they can do nothing, because there is no crime here”

    a) You marketed a fraudulent deposit scheme.

    b) You probably weren’t registered with your local regulators to conduct such activities.

    c) Ignorance of the law is no defence to having broken it.

    • Old Yeller says:


      a). We (most Jamaican uplines) marketed nothing. We mentioned to our relatives and friends about an investment we were involved in like casual conversation. No one held any dinner parties etc. as has been done in other regions such as Singapore, Indonesia etc. And let us define ‘upline’ here. i.e. anyone who has passed on their trading id to someone else that they may join and have the benefits of Swisscash.

      b). We need not be registered with any entity in order to speak with relatives and friends. We live in a democracy.

      c). Not a soul is pleading ignorance of anything as there is no law against sharing information.

      Besides all of this, and this point will nullify your entire post in one go, the list of ‘uplines’ in Jamaica as defined above goes so deep, far and wide, that you never know just who might end up in jail. Some very, very important people in Jamaica are ‘uplines’, and if they prosecute one, they must prosecute all. So, dream on. It will never happen.

  • malcolm Jr says:

    are we stll waiting in vain for another hour now instead of dates.

    • Justice League says:

      You don’t have to wait in vain. Just make a report to Commercial Affair Department of Singapore:

      Darren Gan, Station Inspector
      Senior Investigation Officer
      Maritime & Investment Fraud Branch
      Commercial Affairs Department
      Singapore Police Force
      DID: 6557 5468
      FAX: 6223 3171
      email: [email protected]

      • Justice League says:

        There is nothing wrong with making money, provided we let our own conscience serve as guideline for our every decision.

        As in SC case, do we feel it is not right to “Earn the SFP income” at the expense of the old folks, retirees, or people’s hard-earned money? Or we preach double-standard?

        Double-standards are found in all SC leaders — At one stage the leaders boasted their lucrative SFP income, which is a money re-shuffled from new members to uplines & leaders; and they encourage you to sell and earn as aggressive as them. They represent SC with such conviction & sell on stage at every dinner.

        Now that SC is gone, where the HELL are all the money? I’ll tell u the truth… the money is in the leaders’ pockets, via SFP payout (a legitimate way to rob).

        • Justice League says:

          Don’t be blinded by lucrative returns! Ask where is the source of such income, and you’ll be shock to see the rule of the game, which is none other than money re-shuffle from new members to old members.

          Leaders knew the “rule of this game” long ago. Yet they continue to play on because they don’t have any conscience. That’s why they deserve to stand under the limelight to be scrutinized.

          Crooks are never known to do good things with their money. Just observe their lifestyle & you’ll know — Liquor, Pubs, womanizing, gambling, and money launder in other forms, eg, HYIP.

  • sandy says:

    hey yeller!
    well let me inform you that no stone will hit this pig because i did not go that route because i was more than satisfied with the 25%.
    you will however be hit . several times and over watch out. mi know yu!!

    • Old Yeller says:

      Sandy, you don’t know Jack much less me, so stop the yapping. You cannot scare me because me and other uplines (including your very own, who I hope is your mother or some close relative, so you can see how this feels) have done nothing criminal. I referred only close friends and family, as I’m sure most other people did.

      When we hear about things like these, we are not selfish, and we do not keep it to ourselves. We want those close to us to experience it as well, especially if we have observed it working well for others.

      I don’t know when you will get it through your thick skull that no one knew this website was going to go down, and so persons continued to spread the word to close relatives, friends and associates. What is wrong with that? Where is the crime in that? I, and other uplines have done nothing wrong, so, call the cops if you will. They can do nothing. In fact, they will tell you they can do nothing, because there is no crime here.

      Would you say then that your own upline is a son-of-a-bitch? Do you think your upline would’ve put their own money in swisscash knowing very well that it was going down? Would you sue your own upline knowing that they had not a clue that it would go down? Answer me that. Do you not take responsibility for your money and where you invest it? Why should the blame lie on your upline or other uplines? How is/are he/she/they responsible for your money? Was it not your responsibility to check out what you were getting into before investing? How could that possibly be the responsibility of your upline?

      Your upline thought about it, and thought that perhaps you could benefit from it as well, that’s most likely why they told you about it. It was your responsibility from that point onward to do your own research and check to see that you felt comfortable with the company in which you were investing. If you were not comfortable you had all rights to say, “I will not do this, it doesn’t feel right,” and walk away. But you didn’t. You chose to invest, and that is your cross to bear. Not your upline’s.

      So my dear, as the great FSC would say next time you buck up on something like this “THINK AND CHECK BEFORE YOU INVEST”. It’s the best advice I’ve heard in years, especially for those not grown-up enough to manage the risk of investment.

      P.S. Who am I? Tell mi if yu bad.

      • Justice League says:

        Yes, i would say that my upline (also a leader of SC) is a son-of-the-bitch because he has lots of insider info that he’s not willing to share with us.

        He knew SC is a money game, a pyramid sales, yet denied the fact when we asked. He knew Albert & BB were behind the scene, yet he didn’t want to review. What his concern is only his only SFP which he boasted an income of more than US$100,000 every month, so why on earth will he claim to be also a victim???

        It’s conscience than we value more than money here.

        Would you continue to defend your robber mentor even if he imparts technics on “How to rob effective” to you?

  • Ponnam says:

    I is the ask my bank to excue me for a while and take photograph our. Because i is still waiting long long.

  • Alavanzo says:

    To prove SunTraders and the 9Point Plan are a deception…I was going to send you direct links but the blog won’t all that. So here’s what you do:

    1. In preparation, go to Suntraders.com and login using a fake ID such as usart1234501

    2. Look for any of the eloquent professional statements on SunTrader’s website.

    3. Copy and paste the phrase (at least 8 to 10 words) exactly into Google in “quotes” then visit and see which other websites have been ripped off in this patchwork of deception. You will be fascinated by what you find…huge ripoff of entire sections of the reputable Schwab investment company and many more.

    Please share your findings as we are unable to post the exact comparison websites on this blog

    PPS: I wonder if the same research exercise would have invalidated the original SwissCash.net and its associated sites. Anyone wants to undertake the task?

  • Alavanzo says:

    To prove SunTraders and the 9Point Plan are a deception…I was going to send you direct links but the blog won’t all that. So here’s what you do:

    1. In preparation, go to Suntraders.com and login using a fake ID such as usart1234501

    2. Look for any of the eloquent professional statements on SunTrader’s website.

    3. Copy and paste the phrase (at least 8 to 10 words) exactly into Google in “quotes” then visit and see which other websites have been ripped off in this patchwork of deception. You will be fascinated by what you find…huge ripoff of entire sections of the reputable Schwab investment company and many more.

    Please share your findings as we are unable to post the exact comparison websites on this blog

    PPS: I wonder if the same research exercise would have invalidated the original SwissCash.net and its associated sites. Anyone wants to undertake the task?

  • Justice League says:

    PRABHAKAR & Ponnam,

    You are two greed thieves that preach swisscash is back, so that you encourage innocent people to “invest” (be conned) again with fresh money, is it?!! You deserve jail term of 20 years with 24 strokes of canning!

    Beasts should be given the treatment of beast! Canning & animal cage.

  • Justice League says:

    Sunshine Empire is now on the news. By the way, Swisscash 2 founders is said to be James Pang’s disciples. We can sue out top SC leaders and e-point dealers like Serene Chea and gang and they may be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $200,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years or to both (Plus other charges like misinterpretion, etc).

    Please forward this message to people you care about to warn about such schemes and who wanted to take action, and if you will, write in your concern to:

    Monetary Authority of Singapore
    10 Shenton Way MAS Building
    Singapore 079117
    [email protected]
    Tel: (65)-6225-5577
    Fax: (65)-6229-9491

    Commercial Affairs Department
    Address : 391 New Bridge Road #06-701
    Police Cantonment Complex Block D
    Singapore 088762
    Tel : 1800 325 0000
    Fax : 6223 3171
    [email protected]

    ..or relevant authorities to encourage their investigation. Remember to file the case as corperate offense report (orelse it’ll be treated as “filed away” information as reference). We as consumers have to be more vigilant and gather hard evidence to provide (maybe most people fearing getting into trouble so don’t bother, so ponzi schemes can survive).

    I admit my discontent with the authorities’ slow action, although I understand their concerns of trouble in gathering proof to prosecute the company (as the company may manipulate around legal loopholes) and creating panic in businesses, such that previous establishment like NTI & MK may have made James Pang scot-free income, and do it over again; in fact it may has inspired other companies to replica such systems; but maybe if more people encouraging a more stringent law against scams, sending secret shoppers to investigate complaints, may the authorities be more diligent & protect consumers/investors & promote a healthy economy.

    Ponzi scams may be extremely harmful to Singapore’s economy as our country is small & proved companies like Swisscash and Sunshine Empire can spread & reach saturation in just 1 t0 2 years; SG is building towards a financial hub, what might foreign investors think of investing in our country if ponzi schemes simply can come in & go? How much of SE’s profit is taxable? How much of it will even remain in SG?

    “What if five robbers were robbing for you, and they each recruit five robbers to rob for you?”

    Better put them all to jail so that they cna rob no one anymore.

  • Nata says:

    Well I hope that people are not stupid enough to send money knowing that so many people were swindled.

  • marda says:

    And I am pretty sure that the NY address is fictitious.

  • malcolm Jr says:

    hello everyone
    am back, all these stupid dates again?
    phar plse stop messing around with people.
    get a life

  • Alavanzo says:

    Dear Sabahan Reader:

    YOU DESERVE TO BE FLOGGED IN PUBLIC if you ever again believe in http://www.SwissCashGuide.com … if you think that SunTraders is real … if you put your hopes in this 9-Phase Plan——that is, AFTER you see the results of this research.

    Conclusions: SunTraders, SwissCashGuide.com and the 9 Phase Plan are all a fabrication…a lie…a deception. SunTraders is another clever lie that seems so real, it will deceives people and makes them send money. To get the right professional sound and feel, SunTraders has plagiarized/stolen the content of legitimate financial websites and patched them together to fool YOU—and me.

    Message too long…will send rest in separate email…

  • Alavanzo says:


  • marda says:

    I too son of Jeyakanth.

  • Ponnam says:

    I, Ponnam son of Jeyakanth, will ask my bank to give many many space because I is going to put in many many money. Micheal.. you is do the same too.

  • john voo says:

    Thanks Prabhakar,if realy sc online again I donate my
    produa kenari to you. For me Jalan kaki is OK.

  • slk2282 says:

    Michael: It’s really funny people always ask for reliable source and no matter where the sources are, once told others would say how stupid one can be to believe that is real…

    At this point, it does not really matter what the source is. Even if Prakhabar says that it’s from Albert Lee, you or someone would laugh at his face for saying or believing it….

    Believe it or not you will find out later.. Prakhabar is merely being kind to share what he knew.. Thank you Prakhabar for being so sticking your neck out to do this.. You know what kind of negative comments you are going to get from this posting, from the utmost stupidity to being crazy.. Everyone and their mother in law would try to wake you up to get it to your head that SC is GONE, NEVER return. You will see… But don’t worry, keep sharing what you know.. A lot of us who believe in SC still appreciate your news…

  • PRABHAKAR says:

    Dear All
    Swisscash investors and positive thinkers who supported in hard times
    Good news:
    On 05.11.2007
    world timings:
    GMT 15.00 hrs
    23.00 hrs Singapore time, your registered e-mail id’s will get e-mail from swisscash about new websites for operation of Great Financial Faciliity.
    Swisscash is not hyip,mlm,pyramid scheme
    so be ready to enjoy your financial freedom.

    • MIchael says:

      Again Prabhakar, it sounds like good news but where is the source though. Don’t blame us for being pessimist but we need a credible source and not to be misled. I have 16,000 reasons not to believe but only 9 hours to go

    • MIchael says:

      To slk2282 & Prakhabar: Deadline has passed and yet no positive postings regarding SC. Prak, you took it upon yourself to mislead many SC investors by not divulging the source. Regardless, swisscashguide has been setup to go ‘on-air’ to delay our legal actions.

    • Dave dentel says:


  • Dave dentel says:

    Hello PONAAM, u better get back to work.u the 2D tumpang or not. From my insider they say SC No 10, SUNTRADERS +1…..Ehque me photograph take or kah!


  • serena says:

    swisscash bye…bye…forever.
    You ask Amir Hassan and Albert Lee.
    ref.,,( amirhassan.com).

  • Ponnam says:

    “Even Newton would faint at some scenes in tamil Movies” RECENTLY Isaac Newton, the father of physics, made a visit to Earth to watch a movie. He watched a few Tamil movies and his head was in a spin. He was convinced that all his logic and the laws of physics were just a huge pile of junk and apologised for everything he had done. Here are a few scenes frrom Vijayakanth’s movies: Vijayakanth has a brain tumor which according to the doctors cant be cured and his death is imminent. In one of the fights, our great Vijayakanth is shot in the head. to everybody’s surprise, the bullet passes through his ears taking away the tumour along with it and he is cured. Long live Vijayakanth. Stay tuned for more.

  • Ponnam says:

    I is the very confident that SC will be back by next week. Excue me.. Can you take photograph our?

    • Jeff from USA says:

      There’s an old saying…
      “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”…

      Trying to ‘get back’ what was lost, is usually asking for even more losses.

  • Mark Lai (+65 96900319) says:


    Last minute change of plan — Albert Lee told me that he is going for vacation in Cebu island over the next 2 years… Has earned a lot but need a break. So am I, take a long holiday break.

    So the temporary web, swisscashguide and SunTrader, will be taken over by Serene Cheah and her gang.

    My phone will not be accessible for the next 2 years. Sorry.


  • Hunting down PRABHAKAR says:

    PRABHAHAR and John Fool,

    You can continue to lie just like the hoax website SC, Suntrader, or whatsoever. Because you don’t reveal your identity here in this forum, so you can continue to lie and do not care about your credibility & reputation.

    I’ll see how you continue to deliver lies (delay tactics) in 2007, 2017, 2027, and so on. Let’s see what are you worth at your old age. You scumbags: You’ll be just a piece of useless shit, begger and conman.

  • Michael mansfield4 says:

    If this site is real why cant someone say something about the court case in mal?

  • fsll says:


    From my understanding we need to fill in the form first. They will then approve and send e-mail to us. Here it is:

    For access to our web site, a user name and password is needed. Please complete all fields in the following form, and we will respond to you via e-mail.

    Please advise.. Luckily I have not sent.

    • Hunting down PRABHAKAR says:

      Ya. Please continue to trust the scam website’s instruction: Go and input your personal data, and see if your real identity be duplicated into counterfeit passports, credit cards, etc.

  • PRABHAKAR says:

    Phase 2 at http://www.swisscashguide.com
    Phase 2 of SwissCash’s return with new partner…..

    Go to http://www.swisscashguide.com/ …and under Phase 2, click on Asia Pacific Capital and SUN Financial Systems icon, it will link to a new information site: https://suntraders.com/qualification.aspx
    With regards to the above, please DO NOT fill in the form first. Please WAIT for upcoming annoucement from APC. If you fill in wrongly, your investments can be suspended! Repeat… do not fill in any form yet to avoid your account from being blocked! Must wait for email or sms from new partner… expected soon. We just need to be patient for things to work out systematically.
    You can view the website https://suntraders.com

    Enter : ushan0110101 , there is no risk here.

  • Thomas Tay Kim Peng (+65 91456700) says:

    To all SC investors,

    This is the rule of the game: Early bird and the smart ones get to enjoy the money, but the late members will suffer.

    Why join SC when you are not the smart and early one? Do join HYIP only if you are the smart one. 😉

  • PRABHAKAR says:

    Swisscash is back and that is sure.This great financial facility is not for all negative thinkers like you, who are all frog in the well, who don’t see and understand beyond 5-10%p.a.income per year.Please read my posts earlier where I have explained in detail how swisscash invests and earn and is able to pay to individual investors.I will inform and post all correct information I have, and I am confident of start of this great financial facility.

  • John Foo says:

    Guys, have some patience. Remember when the nay sayers told you that SC is a scam when you were actually making tons of money? Now recapture that feeling and you’ll know how right you were from the beginning.

    How do I know for sure? Well Everyone was defending SC from the beginning. Now where are the cheerleaders? Where??? Now wouldn’t it be better if the cheerleaders were telling the truth?

    SC will never die because it’s an offshore investment. It’s an honest business to help people become a millionaire. Like me I’m not one yet but will be one when SC reopen. Hahahahahaha, I win.

    • Wee Kwong says:

      Dear John,

      You should call yrself John Fool instead.

      • John Foo says:

        Come on have some respect. Are you saying all those who have invested in SC are fools because they ignore all the obvious signs that SC is really a scam??

        When SC reopen I’ll become a millionaire hahahaha. I just have to keep waiting patiently. I was told from the beginning SC is real so I invested a lot of money in it.

        John Foo

  • Thomas Tay Kim Peng (+65 91456700) says:

    Dear SC investors,

    This is the rule of the game: The early birds and the smarter ones has the advantage to win, whereas the late-members will suffer.

    Why blame anyone? Blame yourself for joining late and for not being smart enough.

  • REAL DAVE says:

    Boy: These negative and sour jamaicans sure have nothing better to do but to hang around here looking for any opp. to scream at anyone… You so believe SC will never come back, why the hell are you here fishing for info? We don’t believe you that SC will not be back. Actually you are right, SC will not be back.. It’s called Sun Traders now…. So what if we wait till 2070 to be online.. It’s NONE of you f#$%^&& business…..DO YOU GET IT?!!!! Find something better to do….You have no hope in SC or the new partner. Take your hopelessness elsewhere. Leave us who are full with hope to deal with our waiting even if it is till 2070…. THANK YOU for your concern.. WE DON”T WANT IT!!!!!

  • Mark Lai (+65 96900319) says:

    Guys, don’t worry. Have faith because i just talked to Albert Lee, and he assures me that the new SC Servers will be ready by December.

    “People who take risk change the world”

  • Hunting this scammer "PRABHAKAR" says:


    You the big shameless liar along with the big hoax “SC” story is back!

    Stop telling people about phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, etc. Why don’t you go and publicize a series of book entitled “The demise & resurrection of Swisscash”; “Swisscash & The secret chamber”; etc? This could be the record-breaking best seller book of the centuary, because there are so many hungry readers out there waiting for SC stories to be told.

    Youu may truly become a Billionaire & famous author of the SC fairytale, outshining Robert Kiyosaki and all popular writers.

  • MIchael says:

    Since SC is late and now into Phase 2, can any genuine US investors confirm they have been contacted either by email or SMSes at all?

  • Nathan says:

    what going now swisscash ? no news from malaysia? all top leader where are going ? I see look news from other side also same news. talk talk talk only. but no action. Swisscash coming or not ?

  • REAL DAVE says:

    Hey Dave Jamaica: Too bad my name is Dave too. Please don’t spoil that name by making a scene here..

    If you really stand up to your words, then you should NOT try to get any money out when SC is back.. So please do not go into http://www.suntraders.com to see your new account when it’s available…..You hate SC so much, you should hate the new partner too……


  • Rocky says:

    Hi All,

    Swisscash is back, visit ‘https://suntraders.com/’.

    Enter a fake ID And check .The system wont go forward. Give your correct ID and enter it will got to the main page. This shows it is backed with the original database of Swisscash.

    So cheers all investors.

    A small word to all who cursed their uplines and swisscash. This swisscash is not for you people. If you cant take this risk and start cursing other you better withdraw from this plan once it is in place( I know you guys wont withdraw because you’re all greedy )

    You guys should really be ashamed !!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    SOurce…wikepedia…Coincidence…I dont Think so

    On August 17, 2007, the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation filed syndicated estafa cases against 27 officers and investors of Francswiss Investment, a “Ponzi” pyramiding scam on the Internet. Charged were Michael Mansfield, chief financial officer; Kurt Sandelman, risk management team leader; Rupert Benedict Da Vinco, investment team leader; Julia Rodriguez, international banking team leader; Hector Willem Sidberg, marketing and international affairs; and Fernando Munoz, customer service leader; Roger Smith, the British chief operation officer of FS Investment in the Asia-Pacific region; Bensy Fong, the Singaporean system operation officer; Raymond Chua, Singaporean marketing officer; a certain Michelle and Mike, Filipino secretaries and collectors of money from investors; 16 investors, including arrested suspect Eleazard Castillo, 26, a native of Cabuyao, Ilocos Sur, allegedly one of the financial advisers of Francswiss Investment. 41 investors claimed they lost a total of $75,000 to the investment scheme. Francswiss deceived investors in the Philippines of P1 billion.[12]

  • rrr says:

    THis forum is like a Jamaican opera. Anyime i want a laugh this is where i come.

    Bunch of sissies.

    • Dave from USA says:

      For rrr,

      I agree with you
      I am getting tired of Jamaican blah blah blah blah blah ! ! ! ! !

      For dave jamaica, Why not you jump in quicksand ! ! ! !

    • Michael mansfield4 says:

      i think you should go suck yrself and leave others to make their opinion.

      no one told u to check yr self. so f offf
      continue dave

  • Dompok says:

    Latest Good News & Updates! Go to moneymakergroup.com forum. When there, look for swissccash.net under non-hyip and then under closed program. VERY ENCOURAGING NEWS UPDATE !!!!

  • phase 9 will be in 2020″
    wait in vain

  • marda says:

    Dead donkey indeed – phase II, absolutely ridiculous!

  • this is a dead donkey”swiss cash”

  • whats is the latest stupid stale date again

  • marda says:


    If the new launch will be done in 9 phases and it was supposed to have started in September and on November 1 they are starting the new phase I don’t think the phases will be completed before 2020.

    Cheers indeed!

  • PRABHAKAR says:

    cheers! swisscash is back
    Go to phase 2 at swisscashguide.com and see

    • fsll says:


      Thank you for the information regarding Phase 2. I think u are a sincere person and we can rely on your updates.

      Please continue to post any updates in his forum ok?

    • Hunting this scammer "PRABHAKAR" says:


      You the big liar along with the big hoax “SC” story is back!

      Stop telling people about phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, etc. Why don’t you go and publicize a book entitled “The demise & resurrection of Swisscash”? This could be the record-breaking best seller book of the centuary, because there are so many hungry readers out there waiting for SC stories to be told.

      Youu may become a true Billionaire & famous author of the SC fairytale, outshine Robert Kiyosaki.

  • swisscash is DEAD..end of story..

  • yardie girl says:

    Author: sandy
    Nice of you to be eplaining all the risk we were exposed to now. i
    thing i know who you guys are you were the ones who kept that first meeting
    in new kingston at your associates office did you explain the risk are
    were you all just interested in selling e-points so you all could make
    money. now you guys have suffered nothing so you come with your
    arrogance on this forum trying to make poor people look foolish. we can find
    you. you all live here in jamaica. spaek to us with respect. it might
    be long but not forever.

    See all comments on this post here:

  • slk2282 says:

    new updates on swisscashguide.com for phase 2

  • Nuko says:

    For the delusional and those who need to continue hanging on. Here is some food for you:

    QUOTE(PoliceInterpol @ Nov 1 2007, 07:07 PM)

    News copied pasted from a Malay forum. Those who can, kindly translate. Thanks.

    TITLE: USD10 billions, new partner’s starting capital!

    ” Dua hari yang lepas Pak Valentino telah bermesyuarat dengan pihak SMF 1948 dan Pemerintah RI di Jakarta. Mengikut apa yang di nyatakan oleh Pak Val, kutipan USD100 – USD10 RIBU setelah di kumpulkan mencapai angka USD 10 billion dollars dan jumlah ini sudah di serahkan oleh Swisscash kepada SMF 1948 untuk trading partner baru. Mengikut kata Pak Val lagi bulan Ogos-Sept-Okt 2007 belum baik untuk trading. Bulan Okt-Nov-Dis 2007 keadaan bagus untuk membayar kita semua.”
    (IMG:http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd196/pokpok1_bucket/th3DPlayboyBunnylogospinning.gif) Originally written by pokpok.

    Simply translated the above Malay into English:
    ” Two days ago, Mr Valentino (owner of memberswisscash.com) had a meeting with SMF 1948 and Indonesian authorities in Jakarta . According to Mr Valentino, the collection of all Swisscash members’ investments (min USD100 to USD10,000), after summing up in total has achieved to a tune of USD10 billions! This total sum was given to SMF 1948 for transfer to the new trading partners. Furthermore, Mr Valentino said that for the month of Aug-Sept-Oct 2007, this period not make good for trading yet. For the month of Oct-Nov-Dec 2007, situation is good to pay back all investors worldwide.”

    This post has been edited by AdvisorySupport: Today, 06:42 AM

  • Nuko says:


    Signed Micheal Mansfield III

  • yardie girl says:

    what is hAppening to people who want to voice their opinion?

  • Nerine says:

    There will be no gigglings and smiles as SC will NEVER BE BACK. Well maybe in 2077.

  • ahyar says:

    can u tell me..about the swiss cash investment..

  • madam Eve says:

    what happen to the Mal court?
    any news
    well done and stated dave and Narda

  • Dave and Narda from Jamaica
    I think if everyone take the stands that you r taking we would see other top lines come out and give us some information
    If you guys r saying that the Y person went to new york to sort out problems with Jamaican money. then that Y person and her Ass alone with Serena should be held responsible. If they r now saying that they dont know anyone with swiss cash.
    They r both thief or lia as you guys have said.
    Misleading people they r.
    I think you guys have a case”

  • your comments are so selfish mujobabi and yeller
    both of you are scammers
    you have mis lead the Jamaican investors.
    Telling them that you know the swiss cash directly
    you liar thief”

    • Old Yeller says:

      Dave Jamaica,

      Firstly, don’t generalize all uplines as liars and thieves when you have no clue who is on this forum. We are all investors here. Secondly, no one is hiding from anyone. Everyone knows where to find everyone; from uplines to downlines. Thirdly, regardless of how many receipts you have that can trace back to whosoever’s account and as far back as Adam and Eve, as Mujobaby rightfully said, what proof do you have of anything? Yes, you handed your money to your upline for investment in swisscash, and you have proof of this, but doesn’t your upline also have proof of having sent the funds to swisscash at your request? Your uplines did not take your money and keep it in their accounts. They sent it off to swisscash at YOUR request.

      Don’t be foolish. A paper trail is useless here and will get you nowhere. At best, it will only get you public humiliation (as if you haven’t already done enough damage in this forum) and make you more broke paying to prove a case that his no spine. You will surely be referred to the only ones who can return your money, and that is swisscash/SMF1948.

      Swisscash was the institution that guaranteed your investment via SMF1948, not your uplines. Put the blame where it truly lies, in yourself, for investing what you couldn’t afford to lose, and in swisscash should they not return.

      • Nerine says:

        It is very interting that everyone gets uptight when a lawsuit is mentioned. I think lawsuits are important for us firstly yo identify the perpetrators and to stop these same persons from starting new schemes to attract other unsuspecting persons.

        And you all need to get real SC WILL NEVER BE BACk.

      • madam Eve says:

        why are people afraid when the hear the word legal or law suit?
        you r a weak link’

      • yardie girl says:

        why mujubabi and yeller dont keep quiet?

      • sandy says:

        “did a stone hit this pig?”

        • Old Yeller says:


          If you have any downlines of your own, even one person, you need to keep you fingers off the keyboard. The same stones you throw may boomerang right back at you and your own little piggies.

          You better duck!

          HA HA

  • why is it that when there were problems this person as said by sandy went to New York to sort oput the issues. now this erson cant come out and say something to downlines.
    come out and say something. stop hiding

  • mujobaby says:

    Exactly Sdi, you have hit the nail on its head.

    Swisscash is the one who has everybody’s monies for both uplines and downlines. So pointing fingers and blaming each other and cursing and accusing is not going to make one difference.

    The bottom line is that SC has taught us all a lot of lessons.

    1. High returns investments are extremely high risk, not to mention being on the internet. No physical location, no face behind the internet. Anything goes wrong no one to contact.

    2.Don’t be greedy and dump all your life’s savings into it. Don’t sell your fixed assets like your house and your car or borrow big loans to invest in high risk schemes. If it crashes you lose everything.

    3. Invest what you can afford to lose, so you don’t lose sleep and stress over it. Opportunities like SC is not for the needy nor the greedy.

    4. Choose carefully who you share opportunities like SC with and tell them about the risks involved. Let them know that they enter at their own risk as you are only an investor like them entering at your own risk also. You don’t own the company and so if anything goes wrong, every man is on his own.

    It is clear that a number of Jamaicans invested in SC with the wrong concept and unrealistic expectations.
    They feel if the program crashes that uplines must be held responsible. When the program was working well, uplines were heroes. Now the program goes down, uplines are villified, they are thieves, scammers and everything evil.

    I am sure all of you got your epoints which were activated and you looked at your accounts and saw them working. So why the argument that uplines must give back downlines the 10% commission they earned.Did the downline pay the upline 10% from their pockets or was it SC that paid the commission?
    So I don’t get this argument about uplines must give back this and that.

    Even the argument about taking legal action against SC, who are we really going to sue? Who are the owners and operators of SC? Do we know where they are and who these persons are? What is the proof you have that you invested with them? How many persons have documentary evidence that they invested with a company named “SwissCash.

    The long and short of it we are all in a pickle.
    High risk investments are for mature adults, not cry cry babies.

    • malcolm says:

      we in jamaica can not understand why the said yasmine knew everyone before the site went down adnd was the one who went to New York to sort out problems.
      why is she hiding from investors now and saying she dont know anything at this point?
      i agree with your comment sandy

    • I think you should think with your brain and not with your stupidity before you show yr dirty linen mind in the public.
      Alot of investors have their receipts that can trace to your accounts directly. so shot yr big yabber mouth up. thief.

      People have alot of electronic receipt as well showing bith Yasmine and her two lower asss having received the funds.
      think about that’

    • sandy says:

      Nice of you to be eplaining all the risk we were exposed to now. i thing i know who you guys are you were the ones who kept that first meeting in new kingston at your associates office did you explain the risk are were you all just interested in selling e-points so you all could make money. now you guys have suffered nothing so you come with your arrogance on this forum trying to make poor people look foolish. we can find you. you all live here in jamaica. spaek to us with respect. it might be long but not forever.

  • sdi says:

    I hv no idea why you guys n gals keep debating, you all are losing your money, your real enemy is swisscash, so stop arguing n think out of something useful to get your money back. Arguing will not make your money back. Dont forget your aim to join swisscash is to make money but now you lost your money. Work hand in hand, give your idea how to get investors money back.

  • fsll says:

    1.Is swisscashguide.com reliable…Dates promised came and gone.. nothing happen.

    2. What’s the outcome of the SwissCash Court Case in Malaysia?

  • Hassain says:

    Hey guys , what ever it is ,lets group up together and think what we can do to get our money back. It is clearly proven that the government warning came late, we were stuck when they shifted our monet to SIP 25 scheme without our consent .At that time I think most of us already knew that we have been robbed.

    Let’s set up commitee,approach the security commission and discuss our hard earned money’s future.

    I am willing to take the lead , anybody like to joint me.At least we do something , we all have down lines I believe, we must have said something to convince them and they have invested big or small ,by just looking at our honest face.Some of our family memebers ,some our good friends and some people we never knew.WE never had the intentions to cheat them no doubt we must have had warn them of the consequences.We all like to earn extra money together and now we should also make this effort together.Lets help each other and stop blaming each other.If we dont act now we can expect that some politician will pocket that 35 mil once they lift the Mareva Injunction. E mail me if u like to set up our own committee.

    Cheer up, we can do this.We are educated citizens and we should make our voice heard.

    • fsll says:


      First, find out what’s the outcome of SwissCash Court Case in Malaysia. Is case over already.. Did SwissCash win the case. Plse advise in this Forum.. Thanks

  • SHEIKH says:

    mr alavazno
    PLS let us know wich invesiment club you talking

  • Alavanzo says:

    I want to congratulate the person who put this forum in place. It is really doing its job.

    Many of us feel ashamed of having made such a bad investment decision; angry with the thieves who used their creative minds to pull off such a brilliant heist; frustrated about how helpless we are, with no perpetrator to attack or defendant to imprison; guilty when we remember the irrational greed that propelled us ahead in this unlikely venture; crushed…no…mortified about putting ourselves in this spot voluntarily. We feel so badly that we don’t even want to go public–tell others we love or even file a police report.

    This blog provides us with an outlet to vent our feelings–cathartic release of the inside pressure, and perhaps a bit of faithful or foolish hope that maybe…just maybe…the SwissCash folks are not thieves and will come back some day.

    I understand the rage and other destructive emotions we feel–I feel them too. However, let’s remember that our fellow blog members are not the ones that hurt us. If you had, say US $20MM in a Swiss bank account that you collected with ease from unsuspecting hopefuls who have no idea how to identify you, would this make sense? — Considering that there must be more than 100 blogs in different languages, talking about SwissCash, would you spend your time monitoring them, disguising yoursef and writing messages?

    Final word:
    All of us have a right to be angry, but let’s remember not to be angry with each other. I, for one, am hurt, but I’m moving on to another Forex investment club paying 20% / month, but this time, one that is run by someone of integrity, a real person, well known to a friend of mine.

    Let’s take it easy on each other.

  • slk2282 says:

    Mujobaby and old yeller:

    WELL SAID and right to the points… BRAVO.

  • Old Yeller says:

    That is true mujobaby. They run down everybody, left right and centre to get epoints. If you didn’t give them it was a problem. Now that things turn sour, they are showing their true colours. Despite the current confusion with swisscash (as to whether it will return or not), I am eternally grateful for this opportunity/mishap. It has shown me (and others, I’m sure) exactly who my friends are and who my friends are not.

    It amazes me how some people heard about swisscash, beg you to get in, you explain to them all you know about the company from the information on the website (which they could very well read themselves but oftentimes chose not to), they make their decision to join, and now because swisscash is in limbo, they are pointing the finger at you, as though you held a gun to them and robbed them of their money.

    This kind of “is you why mi lose mi money” mentality is not one of grown-up responsible individuals who make sound decisions about investing. Very often, this is the attitude of some greedy and gravelicious persons who used rent money, lunch money and even borrowed money from banks to reap the benefits of swisscash. Now they are crying foul at uplines when they made their decision to be greedy and irresponsible.

    Anyone with good sense knows that you cannot take up your last shilling and put in an investment scheme. With all the negative experiences we have had in Jamaica from Century National to Workers Bank etc., we all should have known better than to throw all our eggs, and for many, their last egg into one basket.

    It is a gamble. It is a chance you take. No guarantee you will win. No guarantee that just because it has worked for others that you too will have the same good fortune. If you aren’t grown and responsible enough to see through the consequences of your own actions, then don’t gamble. Nothing in life is guaranteed, including swisscash.

    I sympathize with all who have lost, and I empathize with those uplines, however big or small, who are being lynched right now by downlines. I have some downlines who have not seen a single dollar in their accounts as their money was sent to swisscash a week before the site went down, and I especially feel it for those persons because they were unable to see how well swisscash worked, and reap the benefits from this investment.

    Let us not be so quick to accuse and blame and call names. Let us remain calm and let good sense prevail here.

  • mujobaby says:

    I am proud to be a Jamaican because I have not robbed anybody.

    I hope when SC returns some of you lousy losers will come out of it.

    This just goes to show what colour you are really made of. You run down people to join SC and kill yourselves to get epoints and when things go bad, everybody finds a scapegoat to blame.

    You nuh ready fi this bwoy!

    • Old Yeller says:

      Also mujobaby, just to reply to what you said about hoping that when SC returns that the lousy losers stay out of it.

      We all know that this will never happen. They will be laughing and giggling and smiling in your face all over again for epoints!

      HA HA!

  • mujobaby says:

    Dave Jamaica

    You are such a sore loser!! You are just making an ass of yourself in front of the rest of the world.

    This forum is not for sore losers and weeping willows like you. You are a little wimp, go cry on your mama’s lap- “Lord, me want back mi money, mi want back mi money.”

    If you cant stand the heat in high risk investment, you are the one who should tek weh yuself, you dumb dumb.

    Rude and out of order. It takes one dirty linen to know another.

    • malcolm says:

      you are making an asss of yrself before the world
      misleading people that you r the top upline for Jamaica and now you are saying that you dont know Serena. you r a liar
      shame on you
      shame on you
      not a true Jamaican,

  • tired of your lies
    be a true Jamaican not a scammer
    tek weh yu self again you dirty linen washing around the swiss cash scam you should be a shame
    once again tek weh yu self

  • Nerine says:

    I think the big upline winners should pay back the 10% they received from SC especially from the victims who did not receive one return.

  • you guys knew the epoints were dump points so all uplines adn Serena made all the big bucks.
    Shame on u guys for saying that you r Jamaican. you r the dirty linen
    tek weh yuh self

  • you and serena should be a shame shame for your scam
    you should be a shame f being a Jamaica scammer

  • how you all surviving this mess

  • macolm says:

    YOu all should go to jail for scaming the Jamaican people after you sold dead epoints to jamaicans then you r drawing out yrself. Shame Shame on you and Serena.

  • macolm says:

    why dont you come oput and speak for yrself buzzz off

  • mujobaby says:

    Marda and Dave Jamaica,

    Obviously you are Jamaicans just like myself. I really do sympathise with you guys for the hurt and the frustration that you feel.

    But one thing you need to understand clearly is that blaming others for what has happened in SC is the wrong approach.

    Now tell me, did you not receive your epoints from SC?
    And if you did, how can you call other people thieves? What is it that they stole from you?

    Everybody in SC are all investors and SC went down and we all lost in one way or another. What you need to understand with high risk investments is that you risk what you can afford to lose!! So you don’t put your last dollar into something like SC and when things go wrong as they sometimes will, you get bitter and angry with your uplines.

    Your uplines had all good intention to help you to make money – that is the bottom line. Nobody told anyone else about SC to make them lose their money. No investor knew SC was going to come off the internet. Remember this program worked well for over two years and on that premise people had high hopes that it would continue even until 2010.

    We are all losers but we dont have to be sore losers and come on the internet and shout out people’s real names while we hide under nick names. I dont have to disclose my true identity because I am not bawling out anybody’s names. I am not calling my uplines thieves because the truth is we all jump into SC because we wanted more money. Do you remember the story of The Greedy Dog. Yes, we had our small bone in our mouth and wanted to get SC’s bigger bone. So now that we look in the stream and the bone appears bigger and we jump in and find that the bone is not so bigger after all, we have to just move on. Bashing and cursing others is not going to help the situation and neither is washing our dirty Jamaican linen in public will help.

    So oonu just calm down and stop the cursing!!

    • sandy says:

      i think it is quite unfair of you to be using the anology of the greedy dog to your fellow jamaicians who were just trying to make some money we are poor people just trying to get ahead in life. there is a certain someone who was selling a lot of e-points and that same someone we were told would go overseas to help sort out the swisscash jams we were having and to my understanding help sort out the problems until a new bank account number could be accessed by us. then why don’t you think people are not expecting to hear something from this individual. it is only fair

  • Old Yeller says:

    You are wrong, highly inaccurate, and most susceptible to the charges of libel and slander if you reveal yourself. You have no clue who I am and you are way off base.

    I just want you to think about one thing. If there is no information to give, what would such a meeting be about? Would it be to publicly castrate and humiliate uplines? To what end? What would be the desired outcome? Just think for a minute and stop getting so uptight and bent out of shape.

    We are all in this swisscash boat together. Some have lost, others have gained. Those who gained cannot take the money out of their pockets to refund you, because they didn’t take anything from you, nor were they paid by you. They were paid by swisscash. Likewise, you sent your money to swisscash. Blame swisscash for the current situation, and not your uplines.

    No one on earth had a clue that the site would go down on August 18 except the persons who took the site down themselves, and they are so far away that it’s no use getting high blood pressure and stroke over them. But, as with all things in life, nothing lasts forever, and we all at least knew that as it pertained to swisscash.

    So, my friend, it was a gamble. Some won, some (like yourself as you claim) lost. Cut your losses, learn your lesson, and go. Don’t try to bring down others publicly when you have no proof. It is not right, and you know it. Make your mama proud and don’t come on this forum anonymously blasting people without evidence. It is just not right.

    It is during hard situations like this that we see each others true colours. I am sure that now that you are showing yours, your uplines will have nothing to do with you either in the future.

  • sandy says:

    whats the latest on swisscash when are the coming back?

  • macolm says:

    both dave and marda from Jamaica r right’
    If they r not telling the turth then the persons name called should come out and meet with the investors they signed up.
    this is the problem everone is hiding now from their down line.
    i think they should continue to voice their opinion.

  • Nerine says:

    Who is the bigger coward? you who steal our monies and are in hiding or we who are tyring to find you.

    Who is the coward?

  • bold and accurate right?
    this would imply that the information i got is true you guys r the true thieves then’
    why dont you come forward and meet with the lower sc investors then?

  • Old Yeller says:

    Marda and Dave Jamaica,

    You are both very bold. How dare you come on this forum and put people’s names on blast? Since you are bold enough to hurl accusations at others and hang their names out to dry, why are you not bold enough to state your own real names? Big people (especially those who drag others names out in public) should be able to put their names behind their statements, and not hide behind the anonymity of the internet, while throwing stones. You cowards! Despicable cowards! SPEAK UP! STATE YOUR NAMES!

  • I have heard of another of your close affiliate name Carl Layne who is as just as bad as you Yasmine.
    why dont you two come out of hiding and meet with the people you both have signed up.
    You r the top upline for Jamaica

  • Miss Mojubaby or mr
    Why dont you use yr right name?
    It would appear that you are a thief just as Yasmine and her fren Serena Chea.
    You r a bitch thief
    where ever you work we r going to take the police right there”
    so please dont be affraid to see your name on this site you thief.

  • who r u bashing marda?
    It would seem like you and Yasmine a the criminal then”you protecting her
    how much did she pay you? or how have u scam people?

  • sdi says:

    what you gonna do guys n gals,

    all dates had been given & none has come to reality, but another date is still being given for another waiting, how unproffesional if they are really swisscash operator, or even they really are swisscash operator, i think they had fooled you around by buying your time.

    I think no more time should be excused for swisscash coming back. Now is the time to take ACTION by lodging a report to interpol. why wait? do you agree with swisscash taking your money away?

  • mujobaby says:


    Since as you love to shout out people’s real names, why don’t you disclose your full name and where you are from. You seem to know who is thief from who is conglomerate in Jamaica.

    Who has stolen anything from you? Just shut up and stop shouting out people’s names who never hold you down and take away your money. If you can’t manage high risk investment and the risks involved, why did you invest in SwissCash?

    You are behaving like you are a bully in this forum and want people to be afraid of you and casting aspersions on other people who are all simply investors just like yourself. If anyone knew swisscash was going down for whatever reason, do you think we would all invest in it?

    You should just try to think before you open your mouth and accuse innocent people who are all victims of swisscash themselves.

    You can come and beat me now! You are very bright and out of order.

    • Andrew says:

      Selasa, 2007 Oktober 30
      SC estimate will be back on 5 of November 2007

      According to staff from Asia Pacific Capital (APC), SC will be back on 5 of November, just a few days to go………….

      Diposting oleh Mitravita – Your Passive Income Partnership di 20:48 0 komentar

    • since you r brave
      why dontyou give your right name niger”
      A bitch like you and yr fren who scam people with wrong information should be in jail.
      Leave marda alone you thief

      Yasmine if you r not a thief please speak up or shout yr mother f mouth up

    • Marda says:

      And is Mujobaby your real identity. I know who you are. If you are not Serena you must be Yasmine. As I have called Serena’s name and I have not seen an angry reaction from here. I think I stepped on your toes.

      You speak up and identify yourself. You are one of the big winners from SC, I am one of the big losers.

  • tell micheal mansfield Jr to go suck is mother and father. and stopp telling people about 75% return by december.

  • where is serena and Yasmine James from jamaica

  • at this point in time where r the main persons who normally correct any error or problem during their scam?

  • Marda says:


    Once again you are toying with the emotions of all SC investors.

    What a vague message you have given.

    Why don’t you simply return people’s principal. I think I can safely say that most SC investors would welcome their principals back right now than waiting until eternity to be a millionaire.


  • Marda says:


    Are you kidding me? Why do you continue to propagate the lies?
    Its like you are killing a dead person.

    Why does this information have to come from you? Why can’t SC email the respective account holders with this info?

    You dare to mention Serena Chea’s name? The is the biggest THEIF of all, not to mention BITCH – along with ther conglomerate YASMINE JAMES of Jamaica .

    If SC was not a SCAM, they simply would have returned people’s principal.


    • Old Yeller says:


      Since you are so bold as to come to this forum and post other people’s names and hurl accusations, why don’t you state your own name and state any proof you have to backup these statements? Why are you hiding behind the anonymity of the internet with the name “Marda”, and not putting your own name out there? Tell us who you are. Be a big girl! Big girls should be bold enough to put their names behind their statements.

  • Mansfield Junior says:

    Dear SC investors,

    Greetings from the successor of my Dad, Michael Mansfield.

    Be cheerful. We will be back on the 24th Dec 2007 to introduce to you a new exciting investment program called SIP75. As the name implies, you’ll get 75% monthly returns perpectually (forever). It’s the highest payout among all investments available in town, not to be missed by anyone on this planet.

    In this program, you don’t need 3 years to become a Millionaire, you just need 9 months, provided you develop an effective binary downline tree of fresh investment of $500,000 a month.

    Our business partner, APC, will launch its shares at IPO price of US$1.00. We have an exciting business plan that the share price will grow much faster than the previous EMF and ACF. Do participate in owning the shares, or you will regret in a years time.

    Remember to share this good news to everyone you meet, including bank staffs & management, Millitary staffs, police force, the civil servants, all business owners, the stock brokers as well.

    Let’s create a better world by making everyone rich.

    Best regards,
    Mansfield Jr

  • PRABHAKAR's Daddy says:

    According to staff from Asia Pacific Capital (APC), SC will be back on 5 of November, just a few days to go………….

    The staff of APC is BB Ng’s new right-hand man, Shawn Lee (HP: +65 9247 4224). You may also check with the CFO of APC, Mr. Jeremiah Lee (HP: +65 9271 7987). They are able to advise you on the schedule for SC’s return, the IPO of APC’s shares on SGX & NYSE. Serene Cheah is the company secretary of APC, that’s why she knows a lot.

    They will all appear on the TV, interviewed by Channel News Asia @ Money Mind on 28th Nov 2007. Topics include: How to be a Millionaire in just 2 years without capital outlay; and Billionaire of the future era.

    Remember to buy the share during IPO because it will soar to S$25 in just a year. The best thing is that you don’t need to go through stock broker to trade, you go online and buy or sell, dealing with APC’s staffs or CFO directly.

    APC aims to groom another few millionaires by 2010, with a new concept of Virtual Office, online trading, & exemptions of MAS regulations. Online books are available soon @ Amazon.com by Mazu, teaching you the “Best kept secret of success Millionaires, BB Ng & Serene Cheah”

  • Ponnam says:

    Micheal.. Are you the angry man also? We are coming from the same planet but we is the different continent. you the west and I is the east. If you combine together.. you are the WilderBeast. P.S VAlentino.. Need your help to sew my shoe sole. Excue me.. can you take photograph our?

  • Beatrice says:

    Dear All,
    I am so sorry to announce that we are unable to comply up as the date that we estimated earlier.
    Please be patient and be with us a little more while. We shall be up post our new website soon.

    Thank you for your corporation.

    Financial Service of Swiss Cash

    • GeoGeo says:

      Dear Beatrice,

      It very hard for me and many to accept whether that you are what you claim you are or a FAKE.

      You come with no last name.

      Can you verify yourself ???

      Can you leave your contact details for all to counter check your claim ???

      Our patient are growing very thin, please don’t expect our cooperation.


    • MIchael says:

      Imagine if your salary had been held back since Aug and was told by your Swisscash employer that you will be paid soon. Time after time they never kept their promise. Will you still trust your employer or seek alternative by 1) quitting and 2)complaining your case to the Labors Dept. to get your salary paid?

      And now, imagine us not knowing where Swisscash is located, what they are doing and not keeping their promise time after time. Do we sit down obediently and wait til the sun rises from the west?

      If you are a true employee of Swisscash, at least you can provide details (operational office address) to the Labor’s Dept. As for us, is Swisscash located in Domenica, US , Indonesia, Singapore or in Malaysia? You can’t blame us but we have lost patience as nothing concrete has materialised. Swisscash has been reported to the authorities and everytime you open the door, be aware that it may be the Federal Police. To some positive hopers, they still do not have anything concrete, SMS, websites etc. from Swisscash. Good luck Bea (if that is your true name)

    • K. Bagavathiappan says:

      when will you open the swiss cash
      confirm the date of publicity?

      Why did you not make email or message on our contacts?

      please sent the exact reason immediately.

      All SC investors are very very angry with you

      K. Bagavathiappan

  • Ponnam says:

    Excue me all.. today is the day! I am the telling my bank to give more space because i is the putting in many many money tomorrow. Hope you all is do the same and the we is the happy happy together. Excue me.. can you take photograph our?

    • MIchael says:

      Ponnam : Which planet are you from cos wherever you look at or from, today is only Oct30. On top of that, if the server is located in US continent, that wld be longer. ET, y don’t you go home!!

  • dim dim says:

    Those who are swisscash pros till now are the ones who had gotten their money back or reached break even & even gained profits from it, while the cons are the ones who had gotten short of their principal money back, no wonder there’re pros & cons 🙂

  • ravi says:

    PLEASE SEND ME MORE TO MY MAIL [email protected]

  • ravi says:

    Hi dragonlady
    I am very interested to know too..my email is
    [email protected]

    • Marda says:


      Don’t be taken in by what dragon lady says. She has said things before that has never materialized. Like you I had posted my email address and nothing credible has been forthcoming.

      The latest thing I see them sending out is: http://www.findmysearch.com/asiapacificinvestment/

      Another lie.

      Concentrate on moving on and read these blogs only to see people’s views without putting any meaning to them.

  • Pandora Box says:

    can anyone translate the news on Malaysia channel TV 3 news regarding swisscash. Check out the site go into youtube and type in swisscash.

  • hoping for some light says:

    Dear Guys,

    Can any one confirm wether the news in the link below is true or not ?



  • Dave from USA says:

    I know there is very hot issues about SwissCASH,
    Some think Sc will be back, Some think SC will never come back.
    I would say 50-50,, If they come bacm, It will be real nice, IF Sc not come back, Then forget it and move on.
    I just join other money opportunity
    http://www.no advertising please
    It is nice to join becuase they will get people for you.. Need to join for $ 160 before Nov 1, will go up to $ 200,
    Please read the hottest website.
    If you do not want to join it, That is ok, BUT do not miss it ! !

    Have a good weekend, DAVE from USA

    YES I tried Sc website, Same old thing , never come out ! ! Oh well, That is part of life ! ! !

  • Sir Percy Ffotheringae-Smythe says:

    “So for example SC have USD 10m and leverage this nine times to 90 m”

    And pray tell, which bank is leveraging them nine times? The Flying Pig Bank of Wiffle Waffle land? Because no licensed bank is quite that daft.

    Strange that none of you investors ever even thought to ask in advance ‘And how are you making such 25% returns per month?’ So late now, yet so many idiotic guesses.

    One might almost surmise that….you were all …idiots.

  • anilkumar says:

    anyone please what is position of case in malasia on 23 rd oct hearing

  • Nicole says:

    Good for you and good luck. Wait till you’re dead or longer.

  • PRABHAKAR says:

    Dear Friends,

    For your information I am posting one message for your understanding from one forum.As per my understanding swisscash will return and I am positive about it.

    Posted by Recontuer to reply regarding how swisscash is managing to pay high returns every month to individual investors.

    I do interbank finance of Bank Guarantees on grade A paper in the millions and make 3% on a deal in which I can and do leverage my investment 9 times.

    So for example SC have USD 10m and leverage this nine times to 90 m and make 3% on this interbank BG finance, which works out to be 2.7 m in 1-2 days! Now that is more than 25% in a couple of days! 25% in a month is baby money!

    I really don’t think you are qualified to compare your retail forex small buck trading with a real wholesale banking entity that the SMF and hundreds of other very real, PRIVATE investment banks are.

    Banks pay consumers peanuts and this is what this whole SC thing is about. The MY government does not want people to take their domestic savings out of MY and invest them in a high yield situation that makes MY bank interest rate look stupid!

    Same thing happens in the US. No European mutual fund can advertise in the US for the same reasons. Makes US bank interest and investment funds look very stupid!”

    • SuCk_Investor says:

      what a delusional analysis….even pre-school will laugh read this statement.

    • PRABHAKAR's Daddy says:


      If you are so confident of SC’s return, why don’t you buy over my SC account? I’ll even offer you at 50% discount! How about that?

  • anilkumar says:

    when the next hearing of the case

  • anilkumar says:

    what is position of case in malasia
    on 23 rd oct

  • david says:

    What’s the pt of checking? Anyway, there is no way or concrete proof to prove anything but one thing for sure is that swisscash is scam right from the right and the implementing of sip25 is just a gimmicks for the top leaders to earn as much as they could b4 disappered on 18th Aug 2007.

  • hammington says:

    Dear Michael,

    I think it’s just a matter of buying investors’ time. If they could lie about being back online for US residents on Oct 15, then there’s no reason they wont lie again for Asian residents on Oct 31.

    See my posting above (dated Oct 20) requiring any IT experts here to help do DD (due diligence) research on http://www.swisscashguide.com.
    I am not an IT expert myself to do so.
    If this site is a fake one or not formally from swisscash, then it’s only a vain to count on the dates given, better do some other things rather than get these dates obsessed in mind.
    Even if it were from swisscash, breaking the promises on the dates given doesn’t mean that they wont break other promises in future. Can you trust an investment institutional that doesnt “walk their talk”?
    “Trust” is a # 1 core factor in investment everywhere, & without it, dont bet people will invest, it’s logical.

  • MIchael says:

    It’s now 24th Oct. Anyone has any news at all about the SC courtcase in Malaysia?

    We have always relied on swisscashguide.com as a de-facto site for Swisscash. I hope I am wrong but since:
    1)the deadline has passed (Oct 15th + 5 days),
    2) there are no url or SMS given to US Swisscash investors,
    3)no cnfirmation from or on Asia Pacific Capital or Sun Financial Systems,

    can we deduce that messages or announcement from http://www.swisscashguide.com was a strategy meant to delay us and thus not reliable. Another thing to ponder: can we trust swisscashguide.com then?

    Pls give comments – both constructive and non

  • anilkumar says:

    any one please post
    what is the position of case in malasia on 23 rd oct

  • fsll says:

    Swisscash Investors,

    Alternatively, can also contact Asia Pacific Capital and Sun Financial Systems in the region to see whether they are partnering Swisscash.

    I tried calling in Singapore, but tel no. not in use.

    Can anybody please try to check…


  • fsll says:

    Dear Investors in USA,

    A Suggestion

    Actually investors in the USA can take a trip down to Swisscash Office to find out what’s happening and share with us. In this way we will have real answers.


  • fsll says:

    Dear Investors in USA,
    Any chance of logging in? or receive any msg/email from Swisscash. Today already 24 October. Plse share with us. Thanks..

  • sdi says:

    Hi Nicole,

    Very well thinking, but not his “choice” to sue his upline, “force” him to sue his upline & so on

    swisscash dont say again you are gone forever just because there is a fire disaster in California these days.
    That’s truly irrelevant.

  • Nicole says:

    Im sueing my upline. It’s his choice to sue his upline and then his upline to sue his upline and so on.

    The last upline would be the one connected to swisscash and should be investigated. It might be possible for everyone to get their money back.


  • Ramjam Punkah Wallah says:


    Sue Serena Chea. She sold you a fraudulent deposit scheme. She has both criminal and civil liability.

    Don’t let her fob you off.

    Whoever marketed these schemes needs to be hit hard. Don’t let them plead that they are victims too.

  • Witnit says:

    ….but now they are paying 33%. Where do I send my money?

    God, I love money.

  • SHEIKH says:

    dear all investors
    swisscash history is finished for ever
    bye for ever

  • Ravii says:

    Dear Prabakar,

    I’m not blaming you. It’s more than one time you have said that swisscash is coming back and there seems to be a lot of enthsiasm in your message.
    SO why can’t you share with us the sorce of your information?.

  • SHEIKH says:

    phabhakar if you dont know any thing PLS dont give rong infomation

  • PRABHAKAR says:

    swisscash opening in USA in 2-3 days !
    Confirmed news.

  • hammington says:

    One of my friend took a loan from bank & invested in swisscash on may 2007, he’s not a very rich man, & now he’s being chased by debt collector for his inability to pay the installment. It had been hard time for him trying to hide away from the bankers. Good thing he didn’t referred swisscash to anyone so he doesnt have downlines asking him about swisscash’s disapperance.

    Is it fair for swisscash to just easily run away like that while my friend’s life has been so awful these days?

    • of coure it is not fair? HYIP are never meant to be good thing to do. do some research before investing! It’s a SCAM and get a life people! Work hard for your money! Forget this HYIP thing!!

  • sdi says:

    Any IT expert in this forum to do due diligent research on http://www.swisscashguide.com website? I m not sure this website can be trusted.

    Deadline for swisscash should be end of this month, till then if they finally don’t come back online, swisscash would be charged guilty for 3 cases :
    1. they cheat investors money
    2. they manipulated data by giving false information & promises to investors
    3. they collected money from investors without any licence or legality

    Can any investors simply see them run away with pocket full loaded without any legal action taken against them?

    • BB Ng says:

      To: Patrick, Keith, Kelvin, Serene, Zeelin, Mark Lai, Nelly, Ee Changku, and team.

      Please transfer your money out of your own bank account bit by bit (at most $30,000 each transaction). Don’t cause an alarm at the bank. You’ll rock the boat and CAD will come seizing our big bucks away. Don’t ever jeopardise my Porsche, OK? I’ll buy you a similar one if you promise to sell well for my next HYIP.

      In the mean time, prepare yourselves with an air-ticket (and spouse), stay low profile, leave your hometown for a while, and meet me in Hawaii. I’m busy in my Canada trip for setting up several servers for other HYIP stuffs. Will notify you to sell when the system is up and ready to run. Why worry? Continue to scoop money from other greedy idiots while SC members continue to wait. They have a world of time to wait.

      Life is short. Enjoy!
      BB Ng

  • Ponnam says:

    excue me.. why is the you all very angry? because i is also the money put in then i am patient. you all is the no good people like to curse others. i dont like. Aneway.. swisscash now number 3. not number 1. Excue me, can you take photograph our? Mr vALENTINO.. ARE YOU THE SHOE SELLER?

  • fsll says:

    Please be at peace.. Let peace be in your heart and mind..Whatever you said or posted cannot be taken back. Just be patient with Swiss Cash people. Give them time. There are many things to be done. Not so easy as u think (investment for the whole world not only for you alone). If you want the web to be on-line.. do not say bad things about them. I believe they are working on it and pretty soon you will hear from them. Peace be with you ..Cheers 🙂

  • sdi says:

    swisscash investors pointing at swisscash pointing at mareva injunction pointing at security commissions pointing at malaysian government pointing at malaysian swisscash investors pointing back at malaysian government pointing at swisscash pointing at mareja injunction & the sky, so on & on & on ….

    Who comes out as winner? Of course swisscash investors (excluding malaysian swisscash investors) simply because they never get pointed at.

  • Ramjam Punkah Wallah says:

    I should like to invest my rupees in Swiss Cash. Can I still do so? When do I get my money money money money !
    Lovely money, I love money ahahahaha (insane cackle)

  • Nicole says:

    You’re helping swisscash spread the lies. Im just here to make people aware that some people have a different opinion from some swisscash investors so they can use it to judge which one is right and which one is wrong. Are you saying that the findings of realistic thinkers are irrelevant? They can’t use those findings to come to a conclusion?

    Who needs to learn to sweatly disagree? Who are telling people to buzz off for their opinions? You sure are sweetly trying to tell people to buzz off. Well done!

    You keep telling your lies while we keep reminding people of the truth.

  • amir says:

    dear marda,
    why do u always think negative?
    this website has came up yesterday, then it’s not strange that ‘0’ days passed from its launch.
    i dont wanna give chimeric hope. but the fact is that Sc has been come up. let’s consider it again.

    • zone says:

      Fuck You, You such a coward again..you dare to mis-used “Amir” as you call-name…
      what fucking proof you have now hah!
      Exposed yourself and dont start again like a villain as real Amir! Its not i am or we are negative thinker, its a matter of how truthful is your feed back!


  • Savage says:

    To Marda, Nicole, and to anyone who shares the same spirit of contention:

    You know, Dragonlady’s posting makes absolute sense to anyone with a little common sense. But according to the old adage, common sense is not so common.

    I am not going to behave the way you do, by hurling abuse at you, calling you names, or putting you down. If I may, allow me to speak to your heart; and if you have a heart, please consider this:
    Again, if you truly believe SC is all gone, then why visit this forum anymore as was already well said by dragonlady? I’m trying to understand the logic of your postings. What kind of ego spurs you fellers on to keep revisiting this site? Please publicly and uncowardly declare your motive(s) to everone out here in the open. This is the best way to show your grit -where the rubber meets the road. You have nothing to lose if you do so, but your unnecessary continuation in that spiteful spirit merely exposes the ugliness of your person within. This is certainly not to your benefit. No offense! Just come out of your hiding!

    I know some people have stopped posting here because they feel it is futile and a waste of time to contend with people like you. May I suggest this: If it really serves your ego well, you might instead like to gather those who are likemined with you to set up your own exclusive SC bashing blog so that you all can, over there, enjoy bashing SC and all those who are otherwise minded with you.

    But better still, learn to SWEETLY disagree with others who have a different persuasion. There are enough wars already in this world, so don’t start one here where it’s not needed.

    • icewymn says:

      I am a SC investor in the eastern U.S. I like many of you have been following the various blogs, but have never participated or posted and chose to do so tonight after reading your comment—simply to say Very Well Stated!!!

  • Ravii says:

    I’m really fed up with the dates they say when swiss cash will be back.

    But what I don’t understand is….if swiss cash guys don’t have any plan of coming back….why the hell on earth are they giving promises time after time?.

    Is there any specific period within which an investor has to log a complaint with their their concerned authorities?. If that time(say 3 months) elapses, will the scam org goes scot free?.

    If that’s so, then there is a chance that swiss cash is giving us false dates thereby keeping us waiting (with less complaints registered agsinst them, thereby reducing the payout amounts)?.
    This is a wild guess….

    • david says:


      u are absolutely right. But the later u report the higher chances of they go scott free. THey are basically buying time..

  • mujobaby says:

    Whoever thinks it is the end should just move on and leave those of us who think SC will return.

    Hanging around and saying it is over is like having divorced your spouse and still coming by the house where he now lives and telling him everyday “it is over, it is the end”

    The day I come to the conclusion SC is gone forever, then I wont even come in these forums and posts or read the posts- I would certainly move on and forget it.

    But you negative thinkers are secretly praying that SC will return otherwise why you come in the posts everyday if it is not to see some positive signs, is beyond my imagination. From Aug 18 until today 17 Oct why you still around if you dont have intentions of seeing SC come back and even if next Month this time around SC still not back you gonna still be here saying, “it is the end”. You need to get real.

    • Doubting Thomas says:

      Let bygones be bygones

      Hi people, I think it is very important for everyone to be allowed to express their opinions, whatever it may be.

      The optimistic ones keep telling the pessimistic ones to be quiet, stop writing on this forum, go elsewhere etc, etc.
      The pessimistic ones keep saying that SC is dead and gone and everyone should accept it and move on.

      Well folks, two wrongs don’t make a right. Worst still is making a personal attack on anyone.

      Let’s all respect each other’s opinions and views and accept them for what they are. There is no right or wrong. If this forum is an outlet for SC investors to vent their frustrations, then let it be so.

      Just think, whatever everyone writes and say is not gonna change how the SC Management choses to deal with the investors. They have made up their minds some time ago and will act according to how they see fit and appropriate. Be it whether SC is back or not, Scam or no scam.

      So let’s respect and accept the opinions of everyone and try to enjoy each day as best as we can. Even if this was a scam, it’s not the end of the world, so use your energy and thoughts to build again.

      I rest my case.

      • wrightman says:

        hi,Doubting Thomas
        You are a good man, respecting each other’s opinins.
        I repeat your words:
        It’s not the end of the world, so use your energy and thoughts to build again, whether SC back or not.

  • slk2282 says:

    not ure fwen:
    请不要在sabahan.com 发表中文的意见,我们都看不懂。你贴的英文是用电脑翻译的吧,一点都不通顺,也是看不懂。不要浪费时间了。


    Please do not post any comments in Chinese in Sabahan.com, most people do not understand. The English translation from Chinese postings at Baidu.com by the online translator is hard to understand. Do not waste your time.

    If you prefer, post your email address and I will forward you updated info when I have some.


  • Marda says:

    Thank you very much for yet another website Amir:

    The thing that interests me most on this site is the ‘0’ days to start.

    My analysis: time has wound down.

    Positive and negative thinkers: It is the end!

    We have lost.

    Tada to you too Dragonlady (until your are ready to give some more false hope).

  • dragon lady says:

    Dear Marda: So now I am your next target… Lucky me, a propagandist for SC… I like that title, thank you. SC should pay me for that when it returns.

    You, my dear, have my utmost simpathy for being the way you are… A trip to the psychiatrist is my recommendation. Noone should behave this way in ANY TYPE of investment should it go sour. You are an abnormally.

    Good luck to your thousand curses on SC… Just make sure they don’t land on your feet….Hoep you know what to do when you are poisoned by your own venom.

    I do not wish to get into a pissing contest with you. So I shall rest my case forever and you may continue your bashing on anyone you prefer… Call me anything you like, if that makes you feel better. Glad to be of service. May God be with you and that you find some inner peace… The forum is all yours.

    Till the return of the greatest financial facility…. Tada…

  • Marda says:


    Haven’t ‘seen’ you in a while. I will not be drawn into your hype this time. I fell for it September 30 and October 2 – frankly I am exhausted.

    I don’t know what is their motive for posting fake information on the fake site, just piercing our hearts a bit deeper.

    You say that SC has not fallen short on its words. Nothing they ever say proves to be true.

    You my friend are a PROPAGANDIST.

    I lay a thousand curses at SC’s feet.


  • dragonlady says:

    Dear all: There seem to be always more negative thinkers than positive ones in every SC related forums that I have visited so far. We all are entitled to our very own opinions, but PLEASE do not attack others or calling names. All of us are investors trying to share our feelings and experience in this situation. Lashing out at others will only show your own immaturity and your lack of qualification to be investing in HYIP.

    Whoever says SC website will be back on 10.15 for US members should read swisscashguide.com AGAIN. I quote “We just received confirmation that the new website will be ready within the next 5 days (15th October) but we are still trying to meet that timeframe. As a result of the possible delay, we will embark on a compensation scheme later in the day”. 5 days could be from the day the message was published (10/13) or 10/15, so it would be at least 10/18 before we see anything or 10/20. I never expect any email or SC to be online on 10/15 for the US members. Let me remind you that phase I start date is 10/15 and phase I is collecting historical data and initializing websites… I didn’t make this up, please revisit swisscashguide.com. Many of us seem to only see the words: USA residents, 10/15, return…. and did not comprehend anything else the announcement is trying to convey….

    Some are even funnier, stating that swisscashguide.com is fake… Just think why would any scam, after getting chunks of money bother to stay behind and post messages to ask investors to wait for them. They have nothing to gain by doing so. They could just disappear and there is NOTHING we could do about it except filing police reports (even that I doubt that much would be gained by that). And if you have doubted everything that SC has done so far, why the heck you invested in SC at the first place?

    Frankly speaking, SC hasn’t fallen short on its words. August 30 swisscashguide.com states the reasons for the abrupt worldwide shutdown of the websites on 8/18 and given a date of 9/15. An announcement on 9/15 stating the new partners and the return in 9 phases in Sep-Oct time frame. Then 10/13 announcement laying out the website initialization plan and the new partners. So I don’t quite understand why people think there is no news from SC. Other news that popped up here and there theorizing why websites were down and when they would be up were fabrications from well-intended leaders (or others you have nothing better to do), NOT from SC!!

    This shutdown is the best opportunity for you to identify who you would be going into business with in the future regardless of SC’s return. Many say they can take the risks when they invest in SC, but when the sites are down like this, they curse the upline(s) and their 10 future generations and scream bloody hell they have been cheated. Some even ask for their money back (even though SC is not declared GONE yet). They not only forgot what they said, they lost their integrity too… But when SC comes back, they are the first to double up their investment and you don’t hear from them until the next shutdown…. There is a Chinese phrase for this, xiao ren, little people….

    And for those who cursed SC, be careful. If SC comes back you will be eating your own &&*() of all the curses that you just laid on it….Your wish is SC’s command….

  • Colonial Master says:

    My intuition tells me that a lot of the loss-makers here are males of Indian origin,

    ….which leads me to think, why is anyone bothered about this untouchable lot? Its their duty in life to be shat on.

    • Ravii says:

      Hey Colonial Master !

      What do you mean by untouchables?. Please don’t make any discriminating racial comments here. I think you the one who is an untouchable(with all those evil thoughts).

  • Nicole says:

    Just spreading the truth and stopping the lies, friend.

    Read that you so called positive thinkers: No more bashing and curses.

  • mujobaby says:

    Hello, please all try to keep your frustrations to yourselves. This is not a forum for bashing each other. That is not going to change the fact whether swisscash be back or not.

    So please get a hold of yourselves and calm down. If swisscash be back, we all stand to benefit. If it does not return, quarelling with each other will not make one difference.

    We all took the risk and the end result is either we are a winner or a loser but life goes on. So take life in strides. Money is not all to life, yes it is a lot but we cant kill ourselves so what is the point of cutting each other’s throats.

    I do not wish to read any more bashing and curses.

  • Nicole says:

    You call yourselves positive thinkers? I call you delusional. You guys are so delusional that you think you own this forum.

    Swisscash does not have proof that it is not a scam either you prabhakar idiot. Evidence shows its a scam. Read the article you idiot.

    You can’t tell me to get lost. You can get lost yourself if you want.

  • Look B4 U Leap says:

    Not Ure Fwen,

    Very sorry, but I, and I think most of us here CANNOT understand your China-style English. I don’t mean to offend you, but one thing I must say is that you do have the courage to expose your weak English in this public forum. Kudos to you! But what are you trying to say, girl? You sure have to urge to say alot, but I just don’t unnerstand you!!!!!! And then you begin posting in Hua Yi! 100% bu ming bai! Huh …. ni jiang sem mo????

  • Marda says:

    You call it negativity, I call it reality.

    Okay, wait until October 31 and then I am sure you will get a date in November and one in December and you will be getting new dates until we all depart this earth.

    Just to let you know that our upline, Serena Chea sent us a very disturbing mail saying that we should sue Albert Lee and BB whoever to recover our funds. I put it to you now ‘positive thinkers’ that these people are SC’s international agents a direct link to SC and she gives an advise like that. As of that day I woke up and started to smell the coffee. You should too.

    Get real!

    You will be the positive voice and I will be the negative (realistic) voice.

    What about the US date of October 15. I’m not sure where in the world you are but based on this info I should have been able to login, but alas I cannot! Surprise, surprise.

    Admit it, we all received a raw deal.

    • GeoGeo says:

      We are all losers if SC is a scam….this is your spread of the Rumours…members viewing your posting from another angle…..it could be lies too.(Can you confirm this statement???…or Did you get them Officially???…From your UPlines (unofficial ones?)

      Where is your source ???

      So , it was your uplines who made you so uptight!!!

      Why do you accuse me as liers and as far as I can remember I did not spread any rumours except telling members to stay calm , be positive and lets wait & give a time frame for SC to inform us its yes or no on its revival.

      Whatever the outcome, we have taken the risk…its our fate.

      Most SC investors in this forum point fingers at SC admin or their uplines never at fellow bloggers who are very positive SC will return and discuss if there are solutions to the current sorrowful debacle.


      Every single piece of news bring us hope and we all put our honest brains together to do the analysis then put forward the assumptions for all to view in this blog.

      WE never accuse or blame any of our fellow bloggers or SC investors for SC’s noshow, as we are all in the
      boat…we all lose if SC don’t resurface.

      If you don’t see eye to eye and agree with our postings please ignore them..actually they are not meant for you & nicole to view & to comment.

      They’re for SC investors who are positive on the resurface of SC.

      This is what we call REALITY and its our fate, we love it so what even it is a RAW one…none of your bloody business.

      Advice, get lost never antagonise we fellow positive. SC investors from now on.

      Keep your frustration to youself…take it home.


  • 1 梦
    NCE团队 2007-10-17 12:02 我以为做人应该讲点良心,大家已经损失惨重,伤

  • PRABHAKAR says:

    Marda,Nicole and negative thinkers.
    Please get lost from this forum and keep the spirit of posting positive things.Let us hope to swisscash to come back.We should always give oppurtunity before we decide.Are you 100% sure,that swisscash is scam.You don’t have proofs,You idiots have lost your head and patience.So please get lost from this forum.
    I support what EL has said and other members who post like Geo,Arun,Ravindra.I have read their posts and they are really taking pains and spending their time to post correctly.Why don’t you all negative thinkers understand.Just spoiling the forum by accusing good members.What you have lost is money you have invested in swisscash.We all have the same.Why don’t you show your intelligence by giving us the correct picture?
    I hope all negative thinking people understand.

  • 说10月15日开网,也不是这次才提出的,已经在9月25日就有很多人提出来了,是不是那些最上层的领导放的烟雾弹呢?这次是正轨的提出来15日美国开放,即使不是开放,是收集数据,有必要分九个阶段公告吗?那是脱裤子放屁,说白了,就是在忽悠中国人,因为最多的投资在中国,怕中国告到国际法庭,这些上层的领导就要被国际刑警通缉。

  • I prepare to contact Singapore consociation to early report.Cheat me passes by to tell the public, also hope in the meantime the police has an activity and deal with those liers.

  • Because everyone is rich in the Rui gold, so still has been embrace to have imagination!In fact it early didn’t, can’t be coming back, either, of so still have news and website of various each kind to come out, is for procrastinating time, confuse investor, cut down the wrath in the investor heart, delay to report a case, reduce international influence.
    Various news is in fact and all what the liers weave hair in person, too many because of the nation of investment, they are the most afraid to result in international influence, is investigate by nations.
    Everyone really can’t wait again, embassy or international legal system organization hair which hurry up toward each nation stick hurl to tell!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marda says:

    What do you want GeoGeo, for me to bury my head in the sand like you? I am an investor and I will continue to opine on this blog whether you like it or not. Maybe you are the one who needs to get lost!! You have been lost for the last couple of days after you yourself have been spreading rumors. You disappeared because everything you said proved to be LIES as usual.

    You need to get it in your head that SC IS A SCAM! SCAM, SCAM SCAM!

    And guess what, we are all losers.

  • razak says:



    • investment victim says:

      dear all SC investor,
      i’m living in singapore country?
      sad to say about story of SC, i’m start invest 2k on AUG 2006 after they transfer my profit return to ACF on 2007, so i invest again another 6k to SIP25 on may 2007, until now……….?
      So you guy think abount who’s SC website owner, Mr.EE,
      B.B NG,Albert LEE,AMIR HASSAN….one of their close friend that is my up up line told me recently, SC already closed forever, all other website similiar like swisscashguide.com and another blog all belonging to SC investors,all news are rumours.
      BB NG and other owner disappear in market now,cause many people looking for fund return from them.
      they create another new investment scam, this website similiar like SC, only change product…
      take a look at http://www.wdf-usa.com
      if you still think SC will be back on some day,my strongly advise is don’t waste your time to search new SC website, cause i know the real people said more than your hear from website.
      don’t blaim other people,cause you decide you money from begining.
      god bless you!

  • Look B4 U Leap says:


    I am not out to defend or offend anyone out here, but a forum like this is so shielded that no one knows who we really are and it appears that we may just hurl our one cent’s worth without thinking or consideration.

    However, it merely reflects our personality and character, how ugly a person we are inside and we are actually exposing that dark side to everyone out there across the www (world-wide web). This can be shameful if we have a conscience still, that is!

    Lets engage our brain before we engage our mouth else we have to put our foot into our own mouth. In other words: “Look before you leap!” Also take a good look at yourself in the mirror today and give an honest and contrite assesement of yourself before going about to size someone else. Fairly said????!!!!

    I am not siding this guy, El, but this was commented by him earlier, on 2007-08-28 14:03:38 (check it out and be persuaded in your own minds!):

    Hi Folks,

    In the event that SWISSCASH has ceased operations, it is recommended that you make a police report to your local authorities.

    The more people that report, the more serious the case becomes.

    If you keep quiet, the police does not have any mandate to take necessary action.

    You will have to decide what is a reasonable date you want to give to swisscash to respond.

    Calvin had given Swisscash 14 days to respond.



    • Nicole says:

      Ok wise guy,

      That is what he said yet that’s not the only thing he is saying. It simply means that EL is as inconsistent as swisscash in my opinion.

  • Marda says:

    I think you should start a new blog topic for this request

  • sharipe says:

    hi any one of u guys has experience with API matual(https://www.apimutual.com/) they are introducing new products i heve interest( if they are jenuin) joining them.. could u guys let me no a referrer if u have experience

    good day.

  • david says:

    First of all, swisscash is a scam hyip right from the beginning.

    Despite conned away hundreds of millions, the amazing and puzzling part is that such a huge sum of $$$$ and yet they managed to go away just like that? It is really awesome. Where are those investor’s $$$ kept, frankly speaking nobody knows.

    No news from swisscash yet investors can still patiently waited and wait for it to come back.

  • Marda says:

    U have a real problem with Arun and Ravindra. I think they are propogandists and they are the ones spreading all these rumours about the ressurfacing of SC.

    Shame on you both and you should be censured!!

    • Nicole says:

      What about their Great Leader EL? He’s got a real name. Or maybe Arun’s the Great Leader and is using EL as his tool.

      Well EL’s gone quiet now. Maybe his god swisscash told him to be quiet. Maybe HE is assuming we are stupid.

    • GeoGeo says:

      Hi Marda & Nicole.

      Arun, El, Ravindran, myself & many in this forum are SC investors like you…..none are bossy over the other as claimed by you….just fellow investors.

      It could be info they saw in other forums that they post them here to honestly share with you. You may take them as SPREADING RUMOURS, they’re not. Every single positive news they get they cheered and passed them on to they know will be view by frustrated investors like you & me.They have been keeping their spirit & hope alive whenever they get a dim signal on SC’s revival and they definitely like to share them with FELLOW INVESTORS..you would too.

      You are not the only frustrated ones….we are too.

      If you can’t take news of sort from this forum…just get lost.

      Throw your anger @ SC ,your UPLINES or please keep them @ home.

      I certainly beleive this Sabahan blog is not suitable for you guys to view or to do your frustrating posts.





  • Marda says:


    I am a US investor and have tried to login and zilch.

    After I entered my pasword, both the username and password disappeared. I guess they have stolen it, but I don’t really care. I have no interest in any returns from SC for myself – only for innocent investors.

    I do believe in my head that they are gone forever and hate when another rumour gets started where a new date is given.

    By the way, I thought Michael Mansfield was dead, why is his name being resurfaced.

    This thing is never coming up back!

  • Marda says:

    I am really very tired of all these dates. Frankly I don’t care if I dont get back my money, but I signed up someone who invested $29000+ and just as he was about to get his first return SC went offline. All I want is for him to get back his money. I feel very guilty in even introducing him to this whole scam scheme. I have already given him back the 10% I received as incentive to sihning him on.

    I just need to know what is happening.

  • MIchael says:

    Another message from a dr Albert Lee(who is he??) in http://sc-news.blogspot.com/2007/10/swisscash-new-legal-company-will-solve.html :

    swisscashguide.com is approved during the conference and released back to us as the
    platform because so many afford was put on it. Get ready for the Gala Opening 15th Oct 2007.

    Get ready your email’s people, there will be special announcement to be update very soon.
    Those invalid email’s will be entertain through ticket system and please send only one
    again i remind do not send multiple ticket.

    As for Malaysian account we need some time to clear the freeze ammount back to our
    account and need to check and balance on actual grand ammount to be distributed. We are not in
    the position to take risk and jeopardise everything.

    Don’t worry its all within this month, we had tried our very best to clear this mess
    before Raya, but some beyond our limitation.

    Everything you want to know on your status is through your account later and as what i
    understand is all the term and agreement remain intact that means what we calcute earlier
    is what you will get now and i am sure that everybody is in profits.

    Some thought your investment went sour during the conversion to ACF and most thought it
    is a scam, let me tell one thing, YOUR MONEY WAS WORKING FOR YOU PEOPLE ALL THE WHILE and its time to return it back to you.

    • Nicole says:


      Some thought your investment went sour during the conversion to ACF and most thought it
      is a scam, let me tell one thing, IT REALLY IS A SCAM A WE’RE ALL TAKEN FOR FOOLS.

      ‘As for Malaysian account we need some time to clear the freeze ammount back to our
      account and need to check and balance on actual grand ammount to be distributed. We are not in
      the position to take risk and jeopardise everything.’


      ‘Don’t worry its all within this month, we had tried our very best to clear this mess
      before Raya, but some beyond our limitation.’


      ‘swisscashguide.com is approved during the conference and released back to us as the
      platform because so many afford was put on it. Get ready for the Gala Opening 15th Oct 2007.’

      – WHAT GALA OPENING ON 15th October? LIAR!

  • MIchael says:

    Lets all hope for the positive. But if this persists, then we all will know that http://www.swisscashguide.com is not reliable either. The owner could have announced it on the same website or tell us the new website.
    Meanwhile, we shld all check with both Asia Pacific Capital and/or Sun Financial Services in our respective countries if these institutions have association with Swisscash or not. If there is none at all, then we can quickly arrive at our conclusion as I believe by now, both of these institutions must have tied up with Swisscash somehow by now.
    Good luck to us all.

    • fsll says:


      Did you manage to check with Asia Pacific Capital and Sun Financial Services? Do they have any association with Swisscash or not. Please advise..

  • Ravii says:

    Did any one from USA able to login into swiss cash or is it another rumour?.
    If so can you share with the URL of the site?.


    • Wendy says:

      I am living in the western coast of US, it is 22:35 pm here, but nothing has happened till now.

      • sharipe says:

        whats happing to usa investers pls update.. it may take some time i believe no longer than 31october.

        think positive.

        gook luck

  • FInancial Journalist HK says:

    post script – My Indonesian friends succeeded in getting their money refunded this week, following the route of playing hardball with their agent and saying the police would be brought in if she failed to repay them.


    • monty says:

      MR Financial Journalist HK,
      You are a B—–D of the first order. We had formally requested to keep your nose out of this matter you bloody pinochio. Did your son of a bitch indonesian friend give his upline the money to keep it for himself ? Did he not send it to the company for investment? The returns derived on your friends investment were to be enjoyed by his sponsorer or your friend? You good for nothing m—–fucker why dont you tell the people the right way to get their money back? Well we all have played our share of the risk of investing herein with swisscash. What do you want to proove by posting this comment here? Do you want all the 580000 investors sucking blood of their sponsorers? You Bloody CHAOS CREATOR fuck out of this forum. AS YOU HAVE EARLIER DECLARED THAT YOU HAVE NO INVESTMENT WITH SWISSCASH THEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU POKING YOUR NOSE HERE.

      • Umpire says:

        I’d have thought any news about people getting refunded is useful.


        On one side we have

        A group of Indonesian female domestic helpers who recognised that their money seemed to have disappeared. Found the website was not replying (what a surprise) and pressurised their upline, who seemed to have sold them a dodgy deal- to refund their money. Now they have got their money back and are enjoying it.

        On the other side

        Monty ! A coward with a big mouth, a foul mouth, hiding behind his keyboard. He talks BIG, but when he wants his cash back, loser Monty wants to play it ‘amicable’. Despite his BIG talk and foul mouth, Loser Monty still does not have his money.

        Question. Who are the winners and who is the lifelong Loser

        ps i’ve given you some clues

        • monty says:

          Dear Umpire,
          Are you the same Financial Journalist HK in a different name and if you are not kindky be brave enough to not use a ficticious Identity, You bloddy calling me a coward and hiding YOUR OWN IDENTITY and you have the cheek to comment “hiding behind his keyboard”. I again repeat my words : Do you want all the 580000 investors sucking blood of their sponsorers?
          Is the way you suggest RIGHT to get back your money ?
          How much money have you lost? I can bet that you have not Invested a single penny with Swisscash!!!
          Calling me a coward with a big mouth you B—-Idiot!!!
          I have lost a dear sum!!! but then too have the courage to earn back within three months!!!!AND ON TOP OF THAT I will give my entire team an opportunity to earn back the money that they loose if swisscash is not back!!!
          You bloody GOOD FOR NOTHING FELLOW, A CHAOS CREATOR,are sincerely requested to Literally KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT of the Issue.
          IF YOU ARE BRAVE(calling me a coward)post your mail Id here and i will give you The “AMICABLE” the way to earn back your lost money(which I seriously Doubt, you as an Investor), if swisscash does not come back
          Thnkx & regds

  • sdi says:

    Dear Dave from USA & Elizabeth,

    I know both of you are from USA. Have you heard any news from swisscash or tried to log in to your swisscash a/c since on http://www.swisscashguide.com swisscash informed that it will be available for USA residents on October 15? Please kindly notify us here if you get any further message from swisscash or even manage to login to your account ? Thanks for your favor 🙂

    • Dave says:


      Yes, I did checked the website and tried to login my account. SO far it is not working. I guess we have to wait or what ? I do not know if the website is fake ???
      SO wait and see for few days to see what happens ! ! !
      HAve a good week, Dave

      • fsll says:

        Dear Dave & Elizabeth from USA,

        Did u receive any msg from Swisscash. Is the web made available to US residents? Kindly advise. Thanks..

  • BB Ng says:

    Hi all SC investors,

    You all are just so stupid idiots! don’t you see that the real winner in this Pyramid Game is me, BB Mg, the marketing director of Swisscash (No.1 top upline in Asia) who is like God above any of you?

    Who ask you to pump in money & invest? Then because of your own greed, you begin to pull in new members by your own accord.

    Thank you for your charity anyway. I now becomes a millionaire enjoying my Karaoke, women, & liquor every night.

    Do remember to support me in my next Ponzi scheme. I probably need some more cashflow by then. hahaha.

    Bye & take care!
    BB Ng
    HP: +65 98511125

    • Dave says:

      HEY, BB Ng

      I do not think you are the real BB NG, Someone was making up to use the name ! ! .

      Who ever wrote like this, You are born loser ! ! !

      Why not you get your f&^%ing life ! I rather you jump in the quicksand ! ! ! !

      For these people who wrote the non sense or negative, They are true immature people! ! !

      • Nicole says:

        Of course not. Can’t you see that he or she probably didn’t expect anyone to believe it. It’s a joke. No wonder swisscash thinks people are so stupid.

        Get real man. Why can’t people write the negative stuff? Do you think believing only in the positive will make the world a better place? How immature!

  • Patricio says:


    Do not be too gullible at this time… this could very well be another ‘stalling’ tactic. It’s very likely that SC is totally gone. Seek alternatives and don’t waste good energy on a known pyramid which is exactly what SC was.

    • us invester says:

      dear all sc invester,
      finally in unuted state can open sc website now, i already withdrew 10k out by bank T.T.

      • MIchael says:

        What’s the URL for the new website since you have TT’ed your money.
        I like to be positive but today is only 14th, not 15th as advised in the swisscashguide.com . If you can’t answer this, you could be bluffing.

      • arun says:

        what was the url could you let us know please

        • Nicole says:


          Do you think this guy’s from the states? No way. hahahaha. Sounds like arab to me or someone from some asian country. By the way investor’s spelt with an ‘o’.

          I seriously think this guy’s arabic. or maybe he’s BB Ng.

      • RAVINDRA says:

        Dear Investor,
        Your login date shows 14.10.07,swisscashguide announced it will come back in USA on 15.10.2007,how come one day before and which is website ?
        Can you reveal full details please to believe.
        Awaiting your early reply.

      • Marda says:

        Damn lie!! I don’t believe a word – all lies!

  • SHEIKH says:

    MR ravindra before you give rong information in this sid i dont want to tell that sid name wich you say you can login

  • amir says:

    hi to all investors!
    finally our patience and our trust to swisscash had good result, it seems that it has returned and will be more powerful since before.
    i personally congradulate to every swisscash member who have had faith to Sc.
    the time of new financial freedom has launched!

  • RAVINDRA says:

    Dear All
    Swisscash has announced, Phase I ,please read at
    http://www.swisscashguide.com and pass the information to all your friends and real investors.
    Three Cheers to swisscash for our Gateway to Financial Freedom.

  • mike says:

    anybody can just log into the chat room as Albert Lee. How to ascertain whether the one is the real albert lee from swisscash? And how true is his news? Most likely it won’t be back for sure..

  • PRABHAKAR says:

    Dear All,

    Please read message of swisscash technical director Dr.Albert posted live chatting at memberswisscash.
    Swisscash to return with new partner with e-commerce platform. There is no need to panic.With more than 5 lacs investors data to be transferred to new partner, there are lot of formalities to be completed.It absolutely takes 2-3 months.I am confident swisscash will start their operation by 31stOctober.

  • Julian says:

    Well, I invested USD1k to SC earlier this year. Since the shutdown, I’ve been waiting and waiting and good news after good news has came and gone. What’s new to this 31st Oct thingy? Well, at least there is news. But guys, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t come back, even though i really hope that it’ll come back. But I’ve grew numb to it already. I’m not waiting for the money to come just like that. I need the money for my studies in the states, not to get a new laptop or a BMW. I don’t care. All of us have a dream.. big or small… But still, we need to work towards it be it there’s SC or not. Good luck everyone. God bless…

  • SHEIKH says:

    MR ravi i hope you you will be happy

  • Pandora Box says:


    Latest news please watch Malaysia Channel News at 8 pm to 9pm. Saying that Swisscash is geniune and will be back …

    Happy Hari Raya

  • Ravii says:

    Dear Prabhakar,
    Can you please share with us the source of this information?.


  • PRABHAKAR says:

    Dear Investors
    Swisscash will return by 31stOctober’2007.
    News are now confirmed.

  • PRABHAKAR says:

    Dear All
    Please read page 285-286 of moneymakerforum and understand that swisscash is comming with new partner and e-commerce platform by 31st’oct’07.Be patient.

    • lim says:

      Hi Sir,
      Can you guide me further? As u mentioned “moneymakerforum” 285-286, i have browsed several times but there is not such page or forum.
      Do you have the actual URL/or website address?

  • g0dfing3rz says:

    Dear Mikey Mark,

    Are you still in here? I want to discuss something regarding your experiences in oil indsutry.
    Please contact me via my email: [email protected]

    Thanks before!


  • Coffee Bean says:

    Any media report on court case? why the silence? Why this scam of century is not reported in media? Why only MY govt say swisscash scam? Can everyone ask your govt is swisscash scam and what the answer to you? Why CNBC Asia or international reputable media inside Asia never report abt SMF? never say SMF is questionable?

  • investor says:

    Hi Vishal

    Do you think once court case settled, the MY govt will return us the money, I doubt so because, they do not have investors details and anybody and everybody will make a claim that they are swisscash investors. Chances are the money will be confiscated… (my opinion)

  • danial says:

    Hi Vishal,

    How r u? I am Malaysian….Swisscash investor. I invested USD19,300.00 into this program. I know the risk that i am going to face when i putting my money in it. Very simple…High Return…High Risk.

    If I willing to put that much of money into it…so i must face the risk…i know that….I think you also know the risk….right

    When problem occurs…please….please…please don’t show your finger to Malaysian Government. Malaysian Government got no interest to take your money…i repeat, we don’t want your money!!

    We had enough money here!! What Malaysian Government doing is to stop the Malaysian from keep sending their money to the program which is not genuine.

    All action taken by Malaysian Government is to safe Malaysian…as you know Malaysian is the largest investors in this program.

    The Malaysian Court has ordered Mr Amir Hassan (Malaysian) to transfered back his money USD35m from his account in 14 Banks at Singapore and Hong Kong within 7 days. Why….because Mr Amir Hassan is Malaysian…he is not from other country. Why Malaysian Court did not order to freeze the account of another 2 person which is trialled together with Mr Amir Hassan…very simple…because they are not Malaysian.

    So, what do you think…i think you can lodges a police report in your country and wait for your government to investigate to find the Swisscash leader in your country and take necessary action…such as freeze their account and ask them to bring back the money into your country….very clear right.

    Than…do not blame other people, especially other country. Blame your selves….when are your going to start lodges a police report?

    Another things…be cooled..steady…because before we joined this program, our leader has told the risk.

    That is about all friends…i hope you will understand and don’t just throw the sensitive issue when YOU YOURSELVES don’t have the proof and specific data.

    Have a nice day and may GOD BLESS YOU..

    Regards from Malaysia,

    • george says:

      hi everybody,I just got info that SC will come back at the end of october.I know this from Mr.Ibnu who said that he was informed by sc management people which name are Mr.Albert Lee and Mr.Kevin.Please check in the forum : http://www.swisscash-net.blogspot.com

    • Vishal says:

      Hi Danial,
      I am Vishal, thank you that you correct me. I understand also its all our greed to invest in swisscash, as we know it was scam investment scheme.
      Actually, Malaysian government, i.e the security Commission had warned investors in sept 2006, not to invest there. The problem here is, how many investors have read newspapers and really understand the message including myself.
      What my opinion meant here is , if investors in other countries would want their money back, probably make report to Malaysia Ambasador in their country, so that money can be refunded to them when the court case settled later.
      Have a nice day and may GOD BLESS YOU..too.

      From Vishal.

    • MIchael says:

      Correction! The USD35M (I thought it was RM35M) does not belong to Amir Hassan. It is our invested money.

      Next, correct me if I am wrong, but Swisscash had guaranteed us the principal. In the latest program, it said if it cannot maintained the 25% monthly payment, then this program would close and investors would get their principal back. At least in this statement, investors had the democratic right to choose to continue investing with Swisscash.

  • vishal says:

    I agree with you, the Malaysia Government could have behind the Swisscash drama, to collect funds for the nation building eg. the mega project 12KM 2nd Penang Bridge, east-coastal highway just to named the few. The current government leads by Barisan National Party held responsible for all world-wide investors’ money including their malaysian investors.
    Swisscash is a mistery until today, who started it and finally closed, yet the Malaysia government just couldn’t really trace it down and stop it right back in late 2005, why? Dear investors, it is the Malaysian government hide all those information because the IT experts were assigned by them. We imagine all SMS & email came to investors are generated from KL Telekom Tower (Menara Telekom KL) yet government does not know, make don’t, but can be received throughout the world. Can individual operators of swisscash doing this? It is not easy in Malaysia to get these facilities if with the intention being illegal, but government bodies – possible.
    Yes sdi, I agreed with you.
    So, all world-wide swisscash investors, what shall we do now? It our money being conned!!
    SwissCash is just the instrument used by these government and they themselves claim it as scam, then freeze it after collecting billions $$$ of world investors’ money.
    These are all their drama.
    Possibly, all Swisscash world-wide investors could write to Department of Prime Minister of Malaysia, Putrajaya, Malaysia or Malaysian ambassador in your own country for their action. Make it mandatory!

  • Andrew says:

    In Malaysia I login to http://www.swisscash25.org finally the website is back on line but when I click ‘join us’ and click country Malaysia is not included.
    Thank you

  • NthDimensions says:

    … and forget about waiting for SwissCash to reappear. It will NOT happen. Any website with swisscash or sip25 in its URL is definitely not to be trusted

  • Suri says:


    The site is down i guess ..but in INDIA ..(M From Bangalore) we r using http://www.swisscash25.org …….
    somebody asked me about that…. see if u think its a scam den pls let me know how to stop these guyz coz they r operating in bangalore..and with little help we can pin down the operating point of the company… i ve invested 100USD on 29-09-07…but people here have made money out of this…..

    So if somebody any government authority or an cyber crime or any scam prevention team etc….pls ask them to contact me …i have plans to get the company

  • Suri says:


    The site is down i guess ..but in INDIA ..(M From Bangalore) we r using http://www.swisscash25.org …….
    somebody asked me about that…. see if u think its a scam den pls let me know how to stop these guyz coz they r operating in bangalore..and with little help we can pin down the operating point of the company… i ve invested 100USD on 29-09-07…but people here have made money out of this…..

    So if somebody any government authority or an cyber crime or any scam prevention team etc….pls ask them to contact me …i have plans to get the company…..

  • mdilosed says:

    Hi, sdi
    You are totally wright, the malaysia goverment really blood-sucker, sucking the poor people hard-earning-living money, just what you wrote in the comment.
    This goverment are the ones supposed to be held responsible for all swisscash investor’s money.
    Bring the money back to the ones who own the money with hard-earn. Don’t take what’s not supposed to be yours.
    Malaysia goverment why you must……..??????????
    What is OFF-shore investment, PLEASE TO REPLY IT.
    We got the wright to invest it.

  • JKS,
    I support you, can imagine you to be cheated much money with my same, so of civilization social, appear thus the civilization cheat person’s residue of money, is really our sorrow, society unfortunate, the world allow of no and these will have retribution.

  • sdi says:

    Let’s all swisscash investors take a closer watch on malaysian government, they are the one who started out with investors money being frozen, let’s see how they are going to end it up. Will swisscash investors’ money end up into their pockets? There’s always a possibility.
    If swisscash is really set up by malaysian, there could be a plot between Malaysian government & swisscash operator to lure global investors’ money, then freeze the money, undergoing a fake & corrupted trial in malaysia which will finally bring all swisscash investors’ money transferred to malaysia, and then case closed with all swisscash investors money plunged into their pocket. They are one of AXIS OF EVIL.
    To all swisscash investors, watch this government real closely from credible news about the progress on swisscash’s future, the flow of investors’ money, your investment money is now determined in this government’s hands of which they absolutely have no right to do that to international swisscash investors, nor even to malaysian swisscash investors itself.
    This govenment are the ones supposed to be held responsible for all swisscash investors’ money.

  • jks says:

    Serene chea and husband’s bank’s account:

    Developement Bank of Singapore (DBS Bank)
    Account Name: Global Access International Network
    Account Number: 017-901-841-2

    United Overseas Bank (UOB Bank Singapore)
    Account Name: Global Access International Network
    Account Number: 348-900-143-6

    Maybank – Malaysia
    Account Name: Chea Bee Choon Serene
    Account number: 101-271-089-088

    POSB/DBS – Singapore

    Account NAme: Lim Wee Beng So called kenneth..and claimed to be a passive investor..
    Account Number: 091-06699-8

    These are the big time epts traders in malaysia, singapore and china..

    more to follow:

    • SKJ says:



      • SKJ
        Your consciences were eaten by the dog, because your purpose is for harm friend and close relatives by yourselves.Your Zheng is you friend’s friend’s friend’s hard-earned money, sooner or later will vomit.There is retribution.

    • Kenneth says:

      Sigh! Don’t know what to say!
      You put so much effort to find all the informations for the investors,are you an investors? How do you define “Big Time?” Do you have any other more concrete ways or plan to help us?

      • To be a person with the conscience otherwise will fold blessing.

      • jks says:

        Fyi..I am also an investor as well. The fact that I invested knowing that it is a scam..just wanna try mu luck..

        Big time- Means creating your own groups and network and earning SFP…Selling and buying epts from so called swisscash dealers…and subsequently sell to your network…

        As for plans: Report to authorities is the only way out..Swisscash is not going to return for sure..Don’t be fooled by the website(swisscashguide.com). Btw, there isn’t any financial company called asia pacific capital limited or sun financial…FOr sure it is also done by some scammers to the swisscash inner circle..Up to you to believe..

  • jks says:

    It is really shock that a scale of that size could actually go scout free so easily..The amt of $$$ scam should at least in the region of hundreds of millions.

    There is nothing which investors can do now……

  • dsl says:

    I m a swisscash investor too.
    I doubt swisscash would ever both sms & email to its investors, it’s a simple things to do just gain its investors confidence that they will be back but it didn’t do it up till now. Remember the 9 phase that they will be back 1 phase at a time from Sept till end of Oct. so far not even 1 phase has gone thru, nor sms or email was sent to its investors. Think about it for yourself.

    • Lee says:

      Swisscash never send sms or email until now 7 Oct. swisscash should send sms or email about position of swisscash to investor to make investor happy we got massage on 15 September but now already on 7 Oct please send sms or email to investor thanks


  • danial says:

    How about lost USD19300. What happen to mission and vision as we know to creat millionaire.

  • Jamalee says:

    I cant believe u guys are crying about USD 100.00 when i lost USD4000

  • dick says:

    Man .. i really want to say that some of u guys stink ..When u want to pull investors in, u can tell them that principals are guaranteed by some stupid fund .. investing in millions of businesses … but when sc crashes all u can say is “u should have known the risk” crap …. no @#$%ing backbone

  • sadanandam says:

    On 09.09.07 how you will invest the $USD100

  • ketua kampung says:

    we all hope for the best… like i said… if swisscash comeback, it will be a huge blessing to us. but if not… well, use our imagination. but as long as the authorities still hunting down swisscash… means its not safe for our money. even if swisscash is doing legitimate business or not… that doesn’t matter. if the authority don’t like it… well… nothing is perfect right. there are always an enemy. maybe some party is jealous for what swisscash’s achievement. if swisscash comes back… it will sure kick those fucking bitch’s asses.

    all the best swisscash

  • Suri says:


    • avian says:

      hi suri, u said u hve invested usd100 on 29/9/2007 of which all of us know tht sc has shut down the website and no one can assess. how did u invest? which website did u log in? please reply by email @ [email protected].

      iam also waiting for the scash to come back and return all our investment if not with the profits, the principal $ will do.

      May God Be With Us………..


  • another sc investor says:

    Did you forget what you read on swisscashguide.com, “As of now, we are obliged to discontinue this great financial facility due to many fake legal problems, so we have given our total strength and
    facilities to a new partner to continue this wonderful and extra-ordinary business for you and they are so busy planning for the new website
    that is to be launched in 9 phases from September to October 2007 that will comprise of a few major changes of products and strategies.” See from sept to october 2007!! This is only the first week of October, don’t forget October has 31 days. Shouldn’t we all hold our judgment till 10/31/07?

    Those who want to sue BB Ng or Serene Chea or other scash big money earners, what do you think you would achieve? These people were not the ones running swisscash. They are like you and I, scash investors. Only that they got in way before we did and made tons of money.. They don’t know anymore than we do. So leave them alone.. Frankly I don’t even know who they are. We investors should bear the consequence of investing in risky investment like swisscash since there really wasn’t anyone pointing a gun at our head to tell us to invest.

    For those who believe scash is dead, let me say this: It’s not fair to declare scash dead at this point since the timeline is not up yet.. At least give scash the courtesy up till the timeline it mentioned on swisscashguide.com.

    And bear in mind when the sites were shutdown there really was no way to email or sms anyone like what it used to do when the sites were shutdown for maintenance…

    Frankly if scash wanted to bail out, they should have done that on 1st week of Sep. They would have pocketed A LOT more money since all investors would sign up more people to get more for SFP at the end of the month… So please don’t shoot your own foot yet, remain calm and watch. Only time will tell. For the sake of scash having made so many millionaires in the last 2.5 years, let’s at least give it the benefit of a doubt that it would honour its words as mentioned on swisscashguide.com.

    • Good is always rewarded, evil will be compensated with evil to diligently compare heart.

    • GeoGeo says:

      Dear Another SC investor,

      I agree with your analysis & let’s wait till the end of OCT;

      Our group of bloggers, which we all met @ Sabahan all agreed with your comment.

      We are very positive SC will be back, if it don’t we have to accept that its our fate…….we took the RISK.

      We all have tone down to just….. WAIT.

      For those negative investors & non-investors who do not wish to wait till end OCT;….just carry on with your action plan to report on SC …. Its none of our business & we wish you well & please don’t encourage us to join you guys.



  • ketua kampung says:

    I think… it is time for all of us to accept the fact that swisscash is not coming online anymore… if they do… means its a blessing. but for now, please just think 1 simple logic explanation. swisscash is dealling with millions of $$$. means there are professionals to deal with those $$$…. right. now, correct me if im wrong… banks, or even the mamak coffee shops do inform that they will be a temporary maintenance or holiday or…etc.. they also stated that when they will be back. noticed that if something wrong, any professional company will inform either by email, by calling, sms… to inform as about the good or bad news… but what about swisscash??? blogs??? I can create a simple blog and make out a story about swisscash saying good or bad things about it just to entertain investor’s feelings. or even to keep investor wait until the end of the day…. I remember when swisscash was still actively operated. even a few days maintenance… I received sms that saying “swisscash is temporary down for maintenance and will be back shortly.” – something like that. but now, where is the news which is directly from swisscash being emailed or smses??? all we know is from blogs… blogs that we can’t get any confirmation on it. now why we don’t receive any sms or emails from swisscash? easy… no one is working anymore.

    SC = swisscash or Security Commissioner —> its a prophecy…. hehehehe SCam…

    • I support you of viewpoint.
      We really that top phantom cheat, if you had understanding that to also cut on the whole this time to the network investment.
      Be like me from start doing not understand, also at the right moment want to do some business at all, very unfortunate was ascend by me the line use to how hold to persuade be late invest 10 have another thousand new the currency return to 10% for how innocent younger brother a month also again throw down.Include my a pitiful friend so totally several:,000 tight all of US$ drive the card is in the SC .All of these are us hard hard-earned money.Now I this rascal and last line still makes cool criticism.This kind of person’s heart is stiller black than dog heart and the heel plant person has no two kinds.

  • Tala says:

    ” sorry,I can not English ”
    see please: http://www.swisscashguide.com ???

  • amircoyot says:

    Hi El

    Where Are You?

    You talked about new site, Could you mind sending the Address to me,

    Have you got any news?

    yours Sincerely.
    [email protected]

  • Ray Ali says:

    Hey, i am interested in being one of the agents. please reply back for further details on wat i should do. Thanks

  • Mikey Mark says:

    That’s rich. What else would they come up with? Does Swisscash think people are so stupid?

  • David says:

    First there isn’t any real guy by the name of michael Mansfield except a lawyer, footballer……managing the fictitious company called SMF.

    Secondly, the MSC’s mareva injuction is the cause of swisscash being went offline on 18th Aug 2007..But those swisscash operators choose to ran off..

  • arun says:

    dear investors,
    got this news from http://www.swisscash.ning .com
    any one of you could confirm or comment on this…

    Officials confirmed Michel Mansfield death report
    Updated Sat. Oct. 01 2007 11:24 PM ET
    News Staff

    Dominica and Malaysia officials confirmed a Indonesian newspaper report claiming Swisscash and Swiss mutual fund(1948) leader Michel Mansfield died three days ago in New Hospital in London. born 12 October 1941 – death 27 September 2007

    • Dave says:

      I do not think so,Michael Mansfield passed away, I did looked other browsers, Nothing saying about Michael Mansfield….Please look at his first mispelling name….. OH PLEASE ! ! ! !

  • ken says:

    has anyone heard of any developments in the malaysian court case of sc yet?

  • ken says:

    anyone knows what happen to the court hearings of sc in malaysia so far?

  • Pullux C says:

    who cares if SWISSCASH is a scam. They have been paying big bucks for the last 2 years.

    I took the chance, prepared to lose, I made the bucks. that is all it couts.

    Can’t affort to lose, just stay out, else don’t come crying like a baby to the press.

    No question of legal or illegal, they don’t operate in Malaysia, none of BNM’s business. It is MY money, I decide how I like to spend / invest. Better than gambling sites. U think invest in KLSE is risk-free?

    Anyway, BNM stay out of my way, it is MY money. Don’t be sibuk as if you hae nothing better to do.

    • Nicole says:

      Spoken like a true criminal. If you knowingly participate in a scam then you could go to jail.

      Principal guaranteed by Swiss Mutual Fund (1948) but where is my principal. I would sue them but they are not real.

      Don’t compare with KLSE. It is not the same. The risk in KLSE is real. The risk in Swisscash is they run away. You only think they don’t operate in Malaysia but you don’t know that. They surely don’t operate in the US or Europe or Dominica.

      Is making the bucks all that matters? Since it is a scam, do you know where that money comes from? For all I know it’s your downline’s money. But it seems like you don’t care about others. Others who have suffered to pay for your commission. A criminal should go to jail…..

      • Pullux C says:

        sorry, I DON’T have down line. I make money with my own investment, period.
        And sorry, it was never my intention to be the good, holy lofty guy.

        Oh, ya, KLSE risk is real, and they guarantee yr principal!
        Swisscash runs away is not real risk!

        Can’t stomach the risk, stay out, period.

        • Nicole says:

          KLSE guarantee your principal? WOW you’re smart.

          I think Swisscash should put the risk in their salespitch. You know nothing about risk man. Swisscash running away is not a risk. It’s inevitable. It’s just a matter of when Holy Lofty Guy. Go back to school.

  • Mikey Mark says:

    Hi Investor,

    The first thing I looked for when I opened the site is for the person in charge, the CEO (someone who could be held responsible), so I can look into it further in google. I couldn’t find him.

    The next thing I did was open Alexa.com and got the traffic details. Users are mainly from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, India and Iran in that order. None of them are from the US of A. (Red flag here)Then I clicked on overview. No company info shown.

    Then I opened domaintools.com and typed in the URL. Some names show up like HICHINA WEB SOLUTIONS (HONG KONG) LIMITED, Mark Nelson and Bing Liu. You can look further into this.

    So far their details don’t impress me at all.

  • investor says:

    Hi Mike
    I was introduced to this program http://www.wdf-usa.com
    6 months ago, they claim to have license to collect money for investment, have u heard of? Your opinions please. Thanks

  • David. says:

    Well said,

    The fact is MSC did not caused swisscash to go offline..It is swisscash’s operators that decides to go offline and ran off on 18th Aug 2007. The mareva injuction is just a pretext..

  • Mikey Mark says:

    Hi g0dfing3rz,

    You sound like a decent person and I like you. Im very sorry for your loss. You have paid 1k for your education. Consider it an investment. There are many more ways to make money especially on the internet and it doesn’t have to involve stocks, CFOs, forex or mutual funds and you can start with as little as $20. Do your research on the internet and you might find it.

    As for being constructive, the comments I made could be constructive but some people just will not accept it for some reason. All I said was this swisscash thing is illegal. Why not instead of telling me to buzz off, consider the insight and investigate further – that would make it constructive. Why is only the positive things about swisscash is accepted? Can’t the negative things be true? Is it not illegal since it is stopped by the law?

    If swisscash is legal elsewhere as some people may have been led to believe then why don’t swisscash sue the Malaysian SC for disturbing their ‘legal’ business and causing people from all over the world to lose their money? Unless they ARE illegal elsewhere too. If swisscash is NOT illegal elsewhere then investors from these parts of the world could sue the Malaysian SC for quite a large sum I might add. If Swisscash is not illegal, the Malaysian SC wouldn’t even dare block their website.

    The fact remains: Swisscash does not have the licence to collect funds for investment and is not exempted from having that licence. In other words (again!) it is illegal. CHANGING PARTNERS OR WEBSITES OR REPLACING THE CFO OR HIDING WILL NOT CHANGE THE FACT THAT SWISSCASH IS ILLEGAL.

    Emotions and investing don’t mix but because of fluctuating stock prices it’s hard not to be. With swisscash the emotions are manifested when you are first introduced to it. Im sure that potential investors are asked a few questions that brings up emotions which could overide the thought process. You might have heard questions like ‘Would you like to earn a lot of money?’, ‘Would you rather be the spectator and watch others achieve their dreams?’ etc. They might even include affirmations ‘They’re paying on time’, ‘Ill show you my bank a/c’ etc. What about ‘The important thing is that you will receive money forget about everything’? They’ve played with your hopes and dreams and gave you confidence by paying on time. It makes some investors so confident that it would only be sensible to invest a lot more.

    Just because swisscash is paying monthly doesn’t mean you can ignore the confusing facts about swisscash.

    Swisscash claims to have 60 years of trademark, reputation and stability. What reputation? It’s been unknown in the financial world until now but as illegitimate.

    Now it’s too late. At beginning non-investors were the stupid ones. We were told to go to hell, told to buzz off. Saying anything to investors is useless, they wouldn’t listen just because they receive payment but what they didn’t know is this kind of scam is not new e.g. swedenfund. Investors don’t want to know the facts because they are afraid to lose their hopes and dreams. Now this still applies to some investors. It’s not that swisscash is legitimate and legal, it’s just the investors wanting it to be legitimate and legal. Want and reality are 2 different things.

    It’s just good to know that some investors are moving on and some are fighting for their money back. I do hope you and other investors get your money back.

  • David says:


    I totally agreed with you…BAsed on the facts I gathered, the operators were mostly likely to be from Malaysia, singapore and indonesia..But, to nab the those scammers is not a easy task..Not to say recovered back the $$$. First no proof to prove how much u invested..Secondly, the $$ are hidden somewhere on earth away from the authorities eye and purview.. Thirdly, the govt and embassy already issued their warning already and if we choose to invest, it is at our own risk.

    Another thing it is very labour intensive and tedious to nab those online investment programme operators..Most govt will not do commit that kind of resources to do it..Unless, there is an international demand for it such as the $$$ might be used for terrorist funding..Maybe FBI and CAI will go full swing into it. But no guarantee those culprits will be caught..

    So most likely I foresee those $$$ are gone for sure..There must constitute a global arrest for BB NG(Ng Choon Beng), Albert Lee, Amir, Teddy santanto, Serene Chea and Lim Wee Beng, kelvin Choo…All are from the 3 countries.

  • ADMIN says:

    Hi David,

    We cannot clap with one hand we need clap with 2 hand therefore we should get togeather all sc investor around the world to fight for our money. I’m sure we can take legal action against those guy behind swisscash scam. They might think they are too smart. To me now swisscash is run and operated by Malaysia and Singaporen mafia.

  • david says:


    No facts to ascertain whether Albert Lee’s US 1.7 m in barclays. Even if what you claims that the $$$ are with Ng Choon Beng(BB NG)..DO you think he will return the $$.How?..Stop dreaming..

  • sosorry tohear says:

    Its a sad day for SC investors!

  • Believe Singapore, Malaysia etc. investment ï¼³ investor of the ï¼£ is freeze by the SC F at the AC from April of money be quite a few.Regrettable we drive all a group of person residue cheat, a little more existing still make cool criticism, lead ruthlessness?This person’s residue is a social parasite.Not in addition to sorry social people.

  • elyn says:

    el, why u quiet?

  • ADMIN says:

    Hi David,

    Do you know Barclay Bank still holding US1.7million from ALBERT LEE”S Account? We can wait for couple of days or perhaps 3rd week of OCT if SC never return than we should take legal action. Any suggestion guy’s. I think all our money are kept by REGIONAL DIRECTOR MYDEAR BB NG AND EE


  • Admin says:


    Even you report to authorities, the chances of getting back $$$ or investment from swisscash is zero. Cos no one knows where the money is now even to the extend of nabbing those scammers…That’s this to say the freezing of swisscash due to mareva injuction is not possible cos there isn’t such funds exists on earth..

    This whole scam thing must be from a group of people whereby those so called “regional directors” might be part of this scam thing..

  • RAVINDRA says:

    http://www.palinureinterst.com confirmed that is independent and not associated with anyone.

  • el, please tell us the new website name did u reffer to.

  • David says:

    You make a guess?..I can’t tell you the answer..cos it is a public forum..

  • ADMIN says:

    Hi David,

    Look like you know inside story about SC. SC suppose to pay ACF share today 1st Oct if SC never back to business than we should take action. We should take action not in Malaysian court we should take to international so all the international investor will get atleast something from our investments.


  • Glory says:

    Hi David, if u r so sure of all the info that you have posted have u report to the person that you mentioned at the MSC. You should as you already have all the details.

  • hengky says:

    el, could u tell me the name of the new website that u try to log in.

  • salah says:

    swiss cash was the best investment but ,malezian government creat problem ,and now we muat solve the problem in malezy

  • El says:

    For info:

    I logged into the new website and entered my trading ID and password.

    It says username and password do not match.

    This confirm my suspicion that this is the new website. However, as was mentioned, we will be given a new password.


    • g0dfing3rz says:

      Hi, El!

      Which website did you reffer to?
      Becareful, just because it says ‘username and password do not match’, doesn’t always mean that it is the true one.

      Try different IDs, whatever. If you still see the same notification, then it’s likely a fake one as well.


    • Mr Dm says:

      El, could u tell me the name of new website that u try to log in. please!. ( my email address, [email protected] ).

  • danial says:

    Hi not ure fwen,

    Please post comment in english because we want it to be shared together among the members. Thank you

  • 我是新加坡人,用SC來欺诈我们的上线,比猪狗都不如、社会的人渣。要过刀山、下油锅、骗到的钱总有一天会双倍付出。

  • daivd says:

    In Malaysia,do u know there is another super master swisscash appointed dealer who is much bigger than Amir? I say much bigger….No one know right? Actually, there are ONLY 2 swisscash appointed dealer in Malaysia, Mr. Ee Chang Ku is another one which earned much more than Amir, a few million USD per mth till now but his a/c as far as I know still not yet freeze by BNM, BNM & SC has interview Amir a few time but they don’t interview Ee at all. As appointed swisscash dealer and earning mullti-million usd per mth can be undetected by his own swisscash members is a joke. I have meet Ee and Albert when both of them come, their income are extremely huge compare to Amir. Amir popular due to his high profile marketing but not necessary earning much as low profit person, at least he takes care of us. So stop pointing the finger to Amir here as he under investigation now.

    Here is the photo of another appointed Malaysia swisscash dealer which is super rich now. Most of the forum people here are under Mr Ee, don’t believe check with Serenechea, Swissstalk, KL-Flyer and simply choose one people here, ask your up up up line, you will surprise all people are under him. He is the one who bring swisscash into Malaysia initially and not Amir. If you need to get direct info, seek for him for advice as he has direct connection with Albert & BB NG.

    Where is Albert, Ee and BB NG? now, please stand forward to explain to our investor here. We need you as swisscash appointed representative in time of crisis.

    We hope swisscash dealer stand up and solve the problem for us, not hiding please.

    Look like it confirm scam now, I told you Ee know a lot about the co. and he NEVER review the truth to his investor and downline, he is the closed dealer to BB Ng, he know what happen. Since Amir RM35 Million is to share amount investors, I believe Ee have almost the same amount too as he is much bigger than Amir. You should ask sec com to take civil action against another swisscash appointed dealer and we will have RM70-80 Million to share. Please do so now and contact Encik Suhaifi Hussain, 03-62048190, he incharge of swisscash scam case under security commisioner, http://www.sc.com.my

    I have help the investor gather some information about Ee, so this make complant and investigation easily. All the banking record will show how the flow of money from dealer to scam swisscash co.

    Account Name (Beneficiary): Ee Chang Ku
    Account No: 3-1244337-21

    Account No: 1-54080-04339-8 – Ee Chang Ku

    USD A/C in Hong Kong (Worldwide Fund Collection on behalf of co)
    Account Name (Beneficiary): Ee Chang Ku
    Bank Name: HSBC Limited
    ABA or Swift #: HSBCHKHHHKH
    BANK Account No #: 602156242888

    CHINA ICBC Bank (www.icbc.com.cn)
    Account Name (Beneficiary): Ee Chang Ku
    Account No: 9558804000153828849

    Dear all Scash Investors,

    Maybe this help and good news for members. Scash is scam now and everybody should sue now…. as i get info from private detective…

    first this big liar BB Ng, his real name is Ng Choon Beng, his IC is S7305335H, his house is at 91, Zion Road
    #14 -175, Singapore 160091.

    Albert Lee address is 310, Taman Satria Jaya , Kuching, Sarawak.
    If anyone have info on BB NG, please provide here, this will make INTERPOL police investigation easily. Please report NOW and don’t wait, don’t let the appointed dealer and co ppl run away. He probably have move the fund to Australia from a realiable source

    2 other Ee chang Ku’s sidekicks are Serene Chea and Kenneth Lim Hp:97475157. Both are singaporeans. Lodges a police report soonest…

    • am carlton From the Island of Jamaica.
      I am trying to get some information of Serene Chea i understand that she is the main player for Jamaica. Do u have any info on her?
      The money was wired to Penta Trades and Glitters gem Intl from Jamaica
      can u source any of these accounts tyo see if any cash is still there?
      Please report these accounts to the authorities for us.

    • H David
      I also know that Yasmine James is the link to Serene from the caribbean. i am trying to find her but no further information on her or her husban.
      can you track their account to see if they are still holding funds intheir accounts?
      [email protected]

    • Kenneth says:

      Somebody inform me about this blog, I was shock! Why u say I am a sidekick? I join SC like any other investor, introduce by a friend last year, 1 year after SC was launch. I share with my close friend and relatives, just like many SC investors do. I have always tell them about risk involve in internet investment, unlike many Sc investor, I am not “Full Time” in SC, I run my own business. I have never participate in blogger or forum b4, I have never promote SC beside sharing experience.
      SC situation has cause alots of confusion, anxiety and fustration, like all other SC member, we hope the site comes back asap so that we don’t lost our money.
      I hope you can clarify.


  • SUCKsc says:

    SC IS comfirm GAME OVER…PLS everybody do something so able to sue that BB NG ,MR Ee and Amir.Bring back all the money back to M’sia.

  • Mikey Mark says:

    Hi Monty,

    I don’t recall talking to you but Micheal Mansfield did come to me asking me to invest in his company. He was my toilet cleaner at the time. I told him to go back to school.

    I see that Swisscash made you do exactly what they wanted you to do i.e. Take the money and shut the fuck up. They must be laughing at you guys right now.

    You know what good for nothing analysts do.They think! You were simply emotional. You don’t need proof of Swisscash’s credibility. All you want is the money but Swisscash is not going to give it to you forever as promised.

    See how contradicting they are? First they say guaranteed pricipal and then they say high risk. Which one is it?

    How much money have I invested? More than you I guess and I earn even more. How arrogant are you Monty to think that swisscash is the only way to invest? I don’t invest in mutual funds i.e. I don’t go to a fund manager and ask him to invest my money. I buy my own stock based on the company’s financial performance as well as who the CEO is. If I find the numbers are good enough and the CEO is the kind of person I would want to run my own company then I buy their stock. The information is available at msn and yahoo and not some lies fabricated by unknown company claiming to exist since 1948.

    As for you (Im not saying this of other swisscash investors), it seems to me that you didn’t analyze your investment before you take the plunge. You were investing blindly. I say this based on ‘Thats my request to a good for nothing analyst’ above.

    By the way, I didn’t know you own this place. It certainly is not you writing the article at the beginning. If you could read past your measly bank account you would see that the article DOES not support swisscash. Instead it gives evidence that Swisscash is a scam.

    So if you don’t like what is being said in this forum, you should buzz off. If not show me evidence of Swisscash’s credibility with support. I don’t want some bullshit from Swisscash website.But now Im merely in support of the above article.

    To Glory,


    P.S. Anyone got to see micheal mansfield at court?

    • monty says:

      Dear Mike,
      If you own up that you have not invested in Swisscash then what the hell are you here for? to create problems in the mind of swisscash Investors or to proove that you are a very knowledgable Pinokio.
      It is my sincere request to keep your nose away and do not poke your nose here uselessly.
      Or To put it directly should i say Something…….

      • Mikey Mark says:


        I am here because I want to. You just implied yourself that you are stupid by putting down people who analyze, who think. Why should anyone listen to someone stupid like you Monty? This is a forum discussing about swisscash as a scam you idiot. It’s not just for people who support swisscash.

        Hi g0dfing3rz,

        I’m not actually upset at all. I used to be in the oil drilling industry. It’s a tough field to work in. Most of us have the ability to swear without being angry. We’re also used to hearing bullshit from contractors so it’s fairly easy to detect when someone talks bullshit.

        I just like this circus here. It’s amazing how people cant the truth but accept lies so easily. Im just here to learn a bit about human behaviour.

        Maybe these guys are afraid of me, they’re afraid to be wrong. That’s why they (like monty and crew) dont want me here. They just cant stop me.

        • g0dfing3rz says:

          I can see. I always apreciate a sharp and critical analyzes. But keep them also constructive, please. Here, the folks who have put their money in, are in desperate, including me myself.

          I’m from Indonesia and have invested only 1k. For some of you guys here, it might sound a little, but for me it means a lot.

          Where are you from? I manage to to do something for my last stand. Therefor I need to know something precisely before I move on. I may need your assist.


  • Glory says:

    for Mikey Mark
    you are entitle to your comments but do not try to swing your bat at others to proof your point. For all we know you may be wrong too. Only a smarty ass do that to cover what he does not know

  • john says:

    If everybody in this forum only want to see, read or hear “good news” about swisscash- Then it is even worse off than hearing bad news..Just face it, since 18th Aug 2007, the day it went offline, what good news really came out? Nothing..From 25th Aug, to 1st Sep and than to 15th Sep..and then a news from a fakesite claiming to rebranding and will receive the sms or email shortly…till now.. A website whereby initially linked to a so called fake site swisscash25.net..Can we believed the statement make in it? Who are so free and made the fake site? HAckers or swisscash’s operators themselves.. If they really decided to scam on 18th Aug, why bother to do all these nonsense and put them in jeopardy? If what someone say is true- That the email sent to swisscashguide.com was replied by [email protected] than something is also fishy…But will those people makes such a stupid mistakes to use the bruswisscash to reply just like the hyperlink to swisscash25.net? Maybe yes or no…

    One thing for sure is that swisscash coming back is as good as zero..So what good news can we expected out from this? In fact no news abt swisscash at all.. What factors makes all those who believe that swisscash will returns? Or just you just don’t want to take it that it is a scam in the first place? BAck in apr 2005 when it first launched..

    From the information gathered, the starters of this swisscash originated in malaysia and singapore.
    3 big timers from swisscash…part of this scam group are Ee chang ku, Albert Lee and the so called BB Ng… Above them, there are at least 10 others in the back scene…The first 2 from malaysia and the BB Ng is from singapore.. I would advise all investors in these 2 countries to report to their relevant authorities.

  • monty says:

    Dear Mikely,
    May I have the privelidge to know how much have you Invested in swisscah? 100$, 200$, or perhaps a thousand.
    Dear It seems to me that you are a empty bonker and u are here just for the sake of harrasing and mentally torturing the swisscash investors.
    As it is that they are in a grave situation with their dear money at stake and you good for nothing fellow are just troubling their minds instesd of consoling them.
    If you are an investor then tell us otherwise brother
    just get lost from this forum and piss out your negative analysis to some of the empty-pocketed, heavy brain good for nothing analytical piss-outs.
    yes if you do have a good news for the investors your comments are welcome here.

  • Mikey Mark says:

    Swisscash does not have the license to collect funds for investment. That means it’s illegal.

    It’s not about countries prohibiting their nationals from investing in ‘off-shores’. Who told you that? Micheal Mansfield?

    I’m sure you have HongKong Bank in your country. They deal with mutual funds too. They have India funds and China funds which are both offshore if you are not in that country but I’m guessing that most mutual funds are country specific. It’s just that they have a license to collect funds and swisscash don’t.

    If it is not illegal elsewhere why is every swisscash investor in the world affected?

    • monty says:

      Dear Mikely,
      From which country do u belong?
      Did Micheal mansfield come to you and asked you to invest in his company?
      See mike the company is sitting in an off shore country and will abide the laws of the land of the country where it hails from.
      If you like you may invest if you dont you go ahead…
      Why dont you keep it simple for the Investors
      Pl do not try to confuse them.
      Thats my request to a good for nothing analyst

    • g0dfing3rz says:

      Hi, Mikey!
      You could be right, Mareva injunction affects every commenwealth country. Since the most-or should i mention: ALL?-of SCash bank accounts are in these commenwealth country, all investors are affected. SCash no longer able to pay.

      But, tell me something, mikey: why do you look so upset while you mentioned that you not inveting with SCash and made money somewhere else?

      Calm down ,buddy..


    • g0dfing3rz says:

      Hi, Mikey!
      You could be right, Mareva injunction affects every commenwealth country. Since the most-or should i mention: ALL?-of SCash bank accounts are in these commenwealth countries, all investors are affected. SCash no longer able to pay.

      But, tell me something, mikey: why do you look so upset while you mentioned that you not inveting with SCash and made money somewhere else?

      Calm down ,buddy..


  • El says:

    0 Legislation, Legality, Licensing
    13.1 Is SwissCash a legal business?
    13.2 Is investing in SwissCash legal for me?
    That would depends on your, and your country’s, judiciary interpretation of legality. Some countries prohibit their nationals from investing in off-shores while others prohibit investment through Internet facilities. Most financially liberal countries do not prohibit such investments. We do not advise our investors to break any law. As far as SwissCash is concerned, it is a legitimate Financial Facility under SwissMutual Fund’s platform for its global investors.

  • Mikey Mark says:

    Dear El,

    It seems like you are encouraging people to participate in an illegal investment secretly.

    Let’s ASSUME Swisscash is NOT a SCAM. It still doesn’t have the license to collect funds to invest. In other words it is still illegal and IT WILL SHUT DOWN AGAIN and rob people off their hard earned cash.

    Combine scam and illegal together, you could become a suspect.

    Do you have the heart to lure people into losing their money again?

    Maybe you should think about it.

    • El says:

      You are assuming that people are stupid and dont know how to differentiate what is right and what is wrong.

      You are assuming that people join because they cannot think for themselves.


      • Mikey Mark says:

        People join because they have been deceived. That’s not uncommon.

        • El says:

          I am sorry,but i dont buy that line of argumment, but I will defend to my death your right to say it.


        • sw28 says:

          Pleople have not been DECEIVED. Maybe it is u, we were told of the risks involved cuz of the high returns, we r also adults here, please stop posting negative comments and buzz off!

          • Mikey Mark says:


            You’re not the owner of this website. Sorry. See article above if you haven’t already. It’s all negative man. Wake up and move on sucker.

  • jon says:

    No one knows for sure which is the real website. Thus we can’t ascertain that swisscashguide.com is the real one just because malaysia blocked it.

    As to what I suspect, most probably all swisscash related website are from the swisscash operators to confuse investors and buy time..or create the impression that they are coming back in a matter of time.

    1 Oct..ACF? EMF? All gone..Just a virtual shares no value at all. Epts?..We had all be conned until now..

  • If you are a true investor and your money is out there in the hands of whom you dont know’ Its hard to be patient”
    the Dis respect of not communicating with us is not valid at all.
    So recheck yourself” unless you ahve more information than us.
    please share what u know

  • monty says:

    Dear Investors,

    Have patience, we cannot afford to be “Kalidas” and we all have to keep full patience and act in a very responsible manner till the case in the court is on.
    Help swisscash to come out of the MYSC problem for which all the other investors and all the leaders of swisscash would be greatful to you.

    We all know that The Interpol and SC does not have adequate proofs against swisscash and they are trying their best to collect some. So it is my sincere request to you to think before you post a comment keeping in mind the interest of all the Investror brotherin .


  • can somebody email the new site as i was not able to see it. they have deleted it from the blog
    have anyone logged on or try to wire funds from their account?

  • GeoGeo says:

    Hi folks,

    Good morning from NZ,

    I saw a post by RAVINDRA say that he was given a NEW PASSWORD to login to his OLd ID to a new WEBSITE by his Upline in Iran.

    He was able to view his A/C with his balance & interest of the last month.

    The post have since been wiped out from this blog.

    What happen, is it true or false…by RAVINDRA ???

    Can RANVINDRA response please ??????????????


  • arun says:

    Dear Investors,
    There is a very famous story in India about a person named Kalidaas, you know what this gentleman did?
    HE cut the branch (opposite side) on which he was sitting. He was declared the greatest of fools.
    Some persons are suggesting to attempt the same thing
    I fully agree to you El, and suggest all the investors to keep their cool.

  • El says:

    Dear Folks,

    There is a website where someone logs in and was able to see their trading account. Some of you may have seen it on other blogs.

    When you post something here, please take note that your posting becomes public information.

    How do you think MSC can keep track of all swisscash websites unless information is easily available on the internet? Out of so many millions websites, how does MSC know about swisscashguide.com?

    If Swisscash wish to come back with a new name so as to avoid restrictions on its ability to operate without any harrassment, please do not do the exact opposite …………..

    Try not to sabotage yourself, knowingly or unknowingly



  • Jamaica West Indies

    No credible information for jamaican investor.
    The main upline have no factual information for sc
    Theere is no number for the main upline who is said to be located in New York?
    I am trying to track her down whenever dshe return to the Island(Jamaica).
    She have only sent us a rude email with cut and paste from other website no direct info from sc

  • Jamilah Muhammad says:

    If SwissCash does not return by 1st few days of October 2007, I suggest all global investors unite together to report to world authorities, some of which are like the FTC and FBI in America or perhaps, we can try the worldlawdirect.com, fraud.org, etc. Some can also lodge reports against the two Asia Directors of SwissCash. I am sure some global investors have experience or knowledge in reporting fraud/scam, could you please advise on this matter. Let’s discuss how to go about it just in case we can form an ad hoc committee for the benefit of all investors. We must NOT let fraud criminals live in freedom at the expense of many innocent people! We must move fast if we have to do so!

  • jon says:

    It is very clear cut from the very begining that swisscash is a scam. On 18th Aug, it went offline and I had knew that I will not be back.

    At this pt of time, it is futile to continue waiting, investors can do now is take it as investment loss and forget abt it or take it as investment loss and lodge a report to authorities on this internet fraud case. What other way can investors do? It’s nothing..

  • MIchael says:

    Refer to this on http://sc-news.blogspot.com/

    A reader named rufio today wrote :
    we heard that europe investor received email and sms from new management aka swisscash anybody can confirm this news

    Anyone from Europe in this blogsite

  • Pandora Box says:

    Can Anyone update me in regards to what is happening. Are there anyone representing Singapore investers.

    Thank you

  • charlie says:

    HI guys,

    Before Malaysian government take all our money, we should report to FBI so atleast all the international SC investor can claim some left out money, otherwise Malaysian Government will recover the remaining money and put inside their pocket. Any suggestion pls.

  • charlie says:

    SC gets order to recover funds

    KUALA LUMPUR: The Securities Commission (SC) obtained a court order yesterday to retrieve RM35mil in SwissCash money held in 14 overseas banks and have it sent back here.

    After the money is transferred to Malaysia, it would be frozen pending the outcome of a civil suit brought by the SC against Amir Hassan, Albert Lee Kee Sien, Kelvin Choo Mun Hoe, Dynamic Revolution Sdn Bhd, Swiss Mutal Fund (1948) S.A. SMF International Limited and SMF (1948) International Limited, the SC said in a statement.

    Swisscash is a worldwide online investment scheme that promises high returns. It is illegal in Malaysia and the SC has described it as a scam.

    The High Court ordered Amir to transfer the money, held in six banks in Hong Kong and eight banks in Singapore, back to Malaysia within seven days.

    “This is to ensure the Swisscash money is held safely and within the jurisdiction of the Malaysian courts should any order be made in the proceedings,” the statement said.

    In June, the SC obtained a worldwide Mareva injunction against the three people and the four companies for their alleged involvement in the Swisscash investment scheme to prevent them from disposing their assets.

    The SC and Bank Negara say SwissCash has no licence to collect such funds and, as such, it is illegal.

    The SC is working with seven other countries to curb the illegal activities.

  • Mikey Mark says:

    One thing for sure is that Swisscash is not telling the truth. It is very obvious that they are not genuine but they managed to blind people by paying them their dues. When I was first to introduced to swisscash by a friend of mine a few months ago I decided to do some research. I found a lot a good source of information on swisscash. I asked my friend questions based on the information I got. He said to me:

    ‘Dont try to me a hero. 80% of what you said you don’t even understand. I could easily answer all your questions but It’s not my style to sms you the answers. I prefer to meet and answer all your questions.’ At this point I knew what he was going to show me; his bank account, so I said no and I demanded answers by phone or sms. And all I got was bullshit. We even exchanged links but all I got from him was information from swisscash blogspots provided by swisscash investors, not third party.

    He said a lot of things about me especially how stupid I am, how outdated I am, how I shouldn’t be running my own business because I can’t take a risk. At this point I got really pissed. I was the one with the more reliable information but I was the one who got called stupid. I asked him to answer just one last question before I fuck off. It’s about their address in New York. Why is the travel agent Exclusive Departures using the same address as swisscash? He replied to me by saying that is just their virtual office, have you heard of offshore?

    I said to myself, ‘Self, does this guy think Im stupid or what?’ Have you heard of a virtual office with a physical address before?

    He kept on reminding me how stupid I am and how smart swisscash investors are. I was getting seriously pissed at this point. I asked him to prove swisscash’s address but he gave me more bullshit. All his answers from the beginning were bullshit. I decided to ask him one last question:

    ‘Why is swisscash not responding to all allegations of fraud and scam?’ He answer was ‘Swisscash doesn’t feel the need to comment because it does not feel threatened. They have a lot more investors in the world’ I immediately detected another bullshit answer so I simply said ‘ok’ to him.

    And that is how I lost a friend.

  • El says:

    Dear Folks,

    Acoording to the MSC websites. they have blocked access to

    swissmutualfund.biz and the latest


    What happened to http://www.sip25.com ?

    What happen to http://www.scmutualfund.com ?

    If MSC did not block them, who did? Swisscash?

    Another question?

    The MSC blocked access to swisscashguide.com. People in Mlaysia are not able to access, but those outside Malaysia can access.

    Does this mean that the MSC is not responsible for the worldwide blockage of Swisscash websites, since they only blocked access in Malaysia?

    Swisscash claims that thhe websites were affected by the worlwide mareva injunction ………

    Who is telling the truth?

    Let me have your thoughts.


  • Gaman says:

    RM35 Mln Swisscash Monies Ordered To Be Returned To Malaysia

    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 27 (Bernama) — The Securities Commission (SC) has achieved a breakthrough in its civil enforcement case against the Swisscash Internet investment scheme when it secured a court order to direct one of the defendants, Amir Hassan, to transfer back to Malaysia all Swisscash monies held in bank accounts overseas within seven days.

    About RM35 million is currently held in six bank accounts in Hong Kong and eight bank accounts in Singapore, the SC in a statement here today.

    “As Swisscash is a worldwide scam that operates in the borderless Internet realm, the SC is working closely with regulators from seven other countries to combat these illegal activities,” the commission said.

    “This cross-jurisdictional collaboration has led to the discovery of valuable information that has facilitated investigations,” it added.

    Once transferred back to Malaysia, the monies will be subject to the worldwide Mareva freezing orders pending the outcome of civil proceedings filed by the SC earlier this year against Amir Hassan, Albert Lee Kee Sien, Kelvin Choo Mun Hoe, Dynamic Revolution Sdn Bhd, Swiss Mutual Fund (1948) SA, SMF International Ltd and SMF (1948) International Ltd.

    “This achievement in SC’s civil proceedings ensures that Swisscash monies are held safely, and within the jurisdiction of the Malaysian courts so they can be subject to any order made in the proceedings,” the commission said.

    “Investors are again reminded that neither Swiss Mutual Fund nor Swisscash are licensed by the SC,” it said.

    To date, the SC has blocked four websites related to Swisscas, namely http://www.swisscash.net, http://www.swisscash.biz, http://www.swissmutualfund.biz, and http://www.swisscashguide.com.

    The commission said it would continue to take all measures to combat investment scams, including blocking access to more websites, and taking appropriate enforcement action against its operators and agents.


    • Doubting Thomas says:

      Considering all the unpleasant news we have had lately, I hope that the operators of Swisscash get their due justice. No one should feel sorry for them, because they have been irresponsible and have let investors down big time.
      Interestingly, before 15th September, I sent an email to Bruneiswisscash to complain about the unprofessional behaviour of the Swisscash Management. I got a reply ( no name was given, just BSC) that they were the brokers as well and had nothing to do with the Management of Swisscash and advised me to wait for 15th September to see what happens.

      We all know now that 15th Sept came and nothing happened.

      On Friday 21 September I visited the website Swisscashguide.com. I was unable to log into my account, but manage to click on “Contact Us”. I was able to send them an email and asked when and how long more do investors have to wait for a response from Swisscash Management.

      On Saturday 22 September I received another e-mail from Bruneiswisscash (BSC), telling me that they do not have any knowledge when Swisscash will be back but updated me about the court case in Malaysia on Monday 24 September. It even said that it will post any updated news on the blog. Which one I am not sure.

      On Wednesday 26 September, I wrote to BSC and asked how is it that he/she had responded to me, when in the first instance I sent my mail to Swisscashguide.com and not BSC. It appears that the people running the Swisscash and Bruneiswisscash websites are the same. I sensed something fishy,and asked for clarification but to this moment have not heard back from BSC.

      There is no MM, there is no New York Office. It’s just a bunch of Asian con men, probably from surrounding Asian countries, who has been devious and had not intention to generate good returns for investors, only themselves. It is a ploy that has paid off handsomely for those responsible.

      Folks, do not feel sorry for any of these blokes when the full force of the law deals with them.Please do not defend their irresponsible, despicable and deceiving behaviour, in the way that they have chosen to deal with our investement.

      Thank You

  • Lee says:

    Pls read a pleading message :

    It is unnerving to make us wait for 40days with no SMS or genuine message.

  • RAVINDRA says:


    Illegal fake fund found out

    According to a Xinhuanet report, the Securities Commission of Malaysia shut down a newly launched website set up by Swiss Mutual Fund (SMF) on September 15, charging that it was engaged in illegal fundraising activities.

    On the same day, tens of thousands of Chinese SMF investors’ desperate hopes for the reopening of SMF’s website ended when they finally realized that the fund was a con scheme and that their money was gone forever. They began reporting the fraud to the authorities. Now, the State Administration for Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Public Security are currently investigating the case.

    As early as this May, a Chinese surnamed Dong in Tai’an of east China’s Shandong Province reported to the local industry and commerce administration that Wei Lixin, a sales agent, had persuaded him to buy into SMF. But Wei had disappeared and Dong could not cash in his funds.

    Talking with Dong, government officials found out that SMF promised a 300 percent return, a rate too good to be true. According to Dong, Wei coaxed him into investing 8,000 yuan (US$1065) into the fund by pledging a gain of 400,000 yuan (US$ 5,3266) in 30 months. If Dong persuaded others to buy into the fund, he would get a 10 percent cut from each one’s investment, Wei had promised.

    A special team was formed to investigate the case. They found out that SMF was not registered with the China Securities Regulatory Commission, or the Ministry of Civil Affairs, or the People’s Bank of China. Thus the fund was an illegal, underground scam. Analyzing how the fund worked, the team concluded that SMF was a pyramid scheme by nature that operated online in the disguise of an international fund. SMF’s strategy was to defraud investors out of money by promising high returns.

    On June 10, the police in Tai’an took Wei Lixin and her accomplice, Chen Yong, into custody. Afterwards, considerable evidence was produced, pointing out their unlawful activities in running the fake fund.

    According to the People’s Daily story, Wei and Chen confessed that SMF attracted at least 170,000 investors in China, and cajoled no less than 1.3 billion yuan (US$173 million) out of these people. The story also viewed the case as the biggest online pyramid scheme to date in terms of the quantities of people and money involved.

    SMF was introduced to China early this year. The “fund” rapidly garnered fame for its high rate of return – 300 percent and established a large number of believers. Relatives or friends who guaranteed the profitability and vowed to take any responsibility often brought in new investors in the fund. This made the bogus fund appear very real to other investors.

    After buying SMF, an account along with a password would be given to each investor. He or she could log onto SMF’s official website to check losses and gains of the non-existent fund. Before the website was closed on August 18, it had more than 200,000 views per day. Actually, investors could get returns – not from so-called SMF turnover – but from the new investors’ money. Greedy, they immediately bought more funds. Significantly, the investors could not make any deal through their online accounts at the SMF website.

    In fact, the SMF has already been identified as fraudulent in other countries and regions. On April 19, 2007, Malaysia’s Securities Commission and banks warned Malaysian investors against SMF. They also advised those who fell into the trap to report the fraud. Moreover, the Swiss Embassy and consulates in Malaysia and Singapore stated that it was illegal for SMF to use “Swiss” in its trademark: the fund was not registered in Switzerland. Earlier Malaysia’s biggest bank, Maybank, upon discovering that SMF had used “MayBank2U.com” as a trademark in its brochures, announced that the bank had no business relations whatsoever with SMF. The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong issued a notice on its website this June, saying that the SMF’s website was fraudulent and also warned investors of four SMF-related websites.

    Additionally, before Chinese authorities actually intervened in the SMF case, some IT professionals discovered that the SMF’s website was a virtual host: this was very abnormal, seeing that the fund had claimed a 60-year history. They also discovered that SMF had transferred money not directly through bank accounts but via an intermediary service, or network payment system (NPS). In other words, SMF did not dare to use bank services like other normal funds.

    (China.org.cn by Pang Li, September 27, 2007)

    • NthDimensions says:

      I stopped reading further when I saw:
      “SMF promised a 300 percent return, a rate too good to be true.”

      I have to tell my associate that his forex trading account is a figment of his imagination, that his 300% return in 28 days is pure fantasy.

  • slk2282 says:

    Dear Andrew: Please give me your email and I can give you the info you are asking for..

  • sheikh says:

    dear jamila muhammad
    so if sid is open after 23Oct


  • Jamilah Muhammad says:

    It started with the prosecuting lawyer submitting his evidences and claims orally before the Judge.
    When it was time for the defending lawyer to counter it, the Judge adjourned for a short break of 15 minutes. When it was time to resume, both sides of the lawyers agreed to see the Judge to have the hearing in chamber where the public would not be able to hear. When they came out of the chamber, it was adjourned for lunch break & to resume at 2.30pm. When the lawyers met after the lunch break, they again agreed to meet the Judge and the hearing continued in chamber. After they came out of the chamber, the case for the day just ended like this. It was not known to the public what really transpired in the chamber. What we know is that the next court case is on the 23 Oct 2007 for a court mention only. What is it all about the coming court mention, we have no idea of it except to pray and hope for the best.

  • arun says:

    Dear Dragon lady,El and Geo Geo,
    Please reply to my mail Its very Important for my entire team………
    You know why

  • Dr Wong says:

    In Malaysia,we still can access swisscashguide.com via proxy connection with no problem. There is no further news update there.

  • sheikh says:

    dragonlady can you chang your name

  • Jamilah Muhammad says:

    Suit No:D7-22-805-07 between SecCom and 7 defendants.
    The case on the 24 Sept 2007 at the High Court of Malaya was only a 2nd hearing. Only the prosecuting and defending lawyers were present. None of the 7 defendants were present. No decision has been made except the case is scheduled to continue on 23 Oct 2007 for mention only and it will be held 9.00am at the same place:Kompleks Mahkamah,Jalan Duta,Kuala Lumpur,Room D7(Dagang 7) at Aras 4(Level 4). The general public can attend there to observe. You can go there before or after 9.00am. This is the latest update we have at this juncture. Kindly refrain from making sensitive remarks as the case is still pending.
    Thank you.

  • dragonlady says:

    Dear sw28: http://www.sc.com.my currently has not posted anything about swisscash since the 9/13/07 press release regarding blocking of swisscashguide.com. The news from Malaysia is that Malaysia SC did not have enough evidence, the hearing has been postponed to October 8, 2007..

    check out memberswisscash.com, the count down is gone, the Swisscash maintenance light bulb is on instead… Not sure what that means…

    Dear Kensei: swisscashguide.com is still working….

    • MIchael says:

      I decipher it as that this case would be thrown out soon due to lack of evidence. Either way, someone or party will be made to look like a fool. Doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • sw28 says:

    Hi El
    The website has been blocked by My govt

    try this web http://www.sc.com.my
    I dun c anything or news on the court case


  • sw28 says:

    Hi El

    So glad to know u r back


  • Kensei says:


    anyone know what happened to swisscashguide.com? it seems to be ‘not working’…

  • GeoGeo says:

    Good day EL,



  • El says:

    Thanks for all the encouraging words to those who have expressed them to me. I appreciate your efforts to write to me and post your comments here.



  • El says:

    Can someone in Malaysia please help to check if you can access swisscashguide.com?



  • dragonlady says:

    Another place to check is the Malaysian SC website press release..


    • arun says:

      Dear Dragonlady,
      I have visited the site and pressrelease but could not find any news pertaining to the swisscash case in the malaysian High Court.
      Do you have authentic news about what happened on monday in the trial which was due..

  • dragonlady says:

    I read on Baidu.com that swisscash25.org could be the real SC website. swisscashguide.com declared swisscash25.net is a fake website for security reasons. But swisscash25.org is swisscash25.net. Even swisscashguide.com ABOUT SWISSCASH was referencing swisscash25.net…

    Anyway we could all be wrong. But just amazing to have someone look at it from another angle…

    There are a lot of activities on swisscashguide.com.. The same happens right before 9/15/07… Let’s see if we are getting another announcement soon…

  • dragonlady says:

    Nothing happen at the high court of Malaysia yesterday… Maybe the court appearing date will be set at a later date… Rumor has it that a some kind of mediation may be going on abroad between Malaysian SC, Amir and SMF……..

    Check out the court case of 9/24/07.


    Look under Defenden (Defendant): I did not see any names related to the case we all so wanting to know about…

    Source: http://www.moneymakergroup.com/Swisscash-wwwswisscash-t26058.html&st=14055

    posting 14060.

    At the mean time if you so desire to see the SC account (But DO NOT USE YOUR OWN ID and password–this is a fake website) go to http://www.swisscash25.org, and login as inoum0127001, password: 123456 you can see the SC account EXACTLY the same with some minor variations: No SSL lock on the right hand corner… The sign in date is fixed at 7/26/07 and date of birth is fixed at 7/1/1970… But the SIP plan with the certificate and the SFP plan are all functional… Amazing — AGAIN: This is a fake website. Swisscash25.org is registered to the same organization as swisscash25.net and the .net site is stated as a fake website on swisscashguide.com by MM on 9/15/07.

    The reason for posting this here to let others see how real a fake one can be.. And why others go through trouble to have fake SC websites? Have fun…

  • any investor went to the court case in mala to see if anyone really exist from Swiss cash?

  • any news from the court in Mala?

  • rogon gayo says:

    Hello..anybody got any news from court yesterday between amir hassan, swisscash and Malaysian SC?

  • rogon gayo says:

    Hello.. anybody got any news from court yesterday between amir hamzah, swisscash and Malaysian SC?

  • JERRY says:

    Hi dragonlady
    I am very interested to know too..my email [email protected]

  • Bammu says:


    Dragon Lady,
    Please also e-mail me at : [email protected]

  • RAVINDRA says:

    Yes, swisscash starting its financial site has become sensitive issue,since people are emotionally involved in it and looking for big dreams for financial happiness for self,family and friends. I think that is nothing wrong in it to do so. I am myself swisscash investor and do look forward to continue to gain financial freedom.
    No matter what one says, let us all unite and think positively, since I think swisscash is not hyip and fly by night operators.

  • Financial Journalist HK says:

    I’m sorry I upset people. It wasn’t my wish to do so.

    I realise now that its a delicate and sensitive situation and those of you who invested already know that perfectly well.

    I’ve decided not to write a investment management article on the subject for my publication, but will try to assist those acquaintances of mine who are panicking right now. People who really can’t afford to lose their money.

    So it just leaves me to wish you luck and good fortune, fingers crossed.

    ….signing off.

    • GeoGeo says:

      Thanks Simon for your best wishes.

      I ‘m also sorry being rude to you at times, probably I was hard pressed to get urgent answers to the SC debacle.

      Its good to hear that you are assisting your mates during these uncertain depressed times. Hope you are successful in that.

      Please accept my sincere apology for the harsh language used in the replies to your postings. I like to withdraw them.

      Kind regards & Cheers


  • charlie says:

    Hi Dragonlady,

    Can you email to me as well pls: [email protected]

  • danial says:

    danial fm malaysia

  • Raffles says:

    Ha..ha…The new CFO is mansfield michael.. and the new company is cashswiss under swiss hedge funds and starts round 2 of conning..

  • Along says:

    Hi dragonfly,

    Oklah,If the info can’t be exposed due to some technical reason, pls email me the latest info on SC to [email protected]


  • Along says:

    Hi dragonlady,

    Why don’t u share with us, we’re SC investors also maa!!! Why so afraid.

  • ceciliahe says:

    Hi dragonlady
    I am very interested to know too..my email [email protected]

  • sw28 says:

    Hi dragonlady
    I am very interested to know too..my email [email protected]

  • dragon Lady am desperate could u email me the site or information
    [email protected]

  • Dragon Lady can you tell me what exactly happen today in court?
    What is the name of the new head of sc and the new website?
    have any investor went to the court today to ask questions from the persons in mala? This is a good opportunityt o meet face to face with someone from the co.
    carlton Jamaica awaits answer from anyone


  • mujobaby says:

    Dear Dragonlady,
    Do you have any source of info pertaining to the court hearing that it was adjourned until 10 days’ time. And what is the likely impact, if any, on the supposed return of SC on 28th Sept. being publicized?
    I would love to know the name of the new head of swisscash. Could drop me a line at [email protected] too. Thanks.

    Any other serious investor may give their comments.

  • GeoGeo says:

    Hello DragonLady,

    Good Morning,

    Please mail me via [email protected]



  • dragon lady says:

    Dear Geogeo:

    If you wish to know the name of the new head of Swisscash, please leave your email address. I can forward you the info…

  • Moses Ironnob says:

    This is a great scheme run by investment titans. Its not a ponzi scheme but a hedge fund style operation that uniquely, has made available to domestic helpers who don’t ask too many questions.

    The outperformance strategy is sound and robust – tailor-made for dynamic income generation on a replicable basis month to month. You are lucky people, what an opportunity !

    Specific details of the strategy are unavailable as we do not want anyone else to know our tactical asset allocation. Its our secret.

    We also cannot tell investors how we invest their money. We ask you to ‘trust us’.

    Current delays notwithstanding (our electricity got cut off because we forgot to pay the bill), we are convinced normal service will be resumed shortly and you will all get rich quick. Thats the important thing.

    In the meantime, please send us more money. This time you will get a bonus dividend of 50% per month interest. Just make the cheque payable to ‘CASH’ as always.

    Pay now, have faith, don’t worry be happy !

  • NthDimensions says:

    I wish to thank the owner of this blog, Mt Gaman, for graciously allowing people to post discussions on his blog and spending the time to moderate it, I am sure it takes up quite a bit of time.

  • gos says:

    Agreed with simon(FJHK),

    As i am not swisscash investors but only try to get some news as I am concerned with my freinds who had invested heavily in it. As what mikey mark saif, I also derived laugh or entertainment by reading some of those investors comments and remarks about swisscash. It is very funny.

    Well, I can’t stop those people from having hopes as I too hoped swisscash will be back as my very good friends were affected drastically.

    But looking @ it from every perspective and with sound reasoning, the return of swisscash is almost like striking lottery..or impossible..It is because of such belief and gulible trust from you people that aloows swiscash to return but in another HYIP and con in another way in time to come.

    • NthDimensions says:


      putting people down does not make you smarter
      if you are concerned about your friend, help him to make a police report.

  • Las says:

    Well I still want to remain positive until God knows when…

  • monty says:

    Dear Swisscash Investors,

    1) The court was adjourned without decision.
    2) The court hearing will resume after 10 days for the Prosecutors’ Panel to present more evidences.

    In view hereof, the members must continue to pray, give support by keep calm and avoid making negative and/or sensitive comments until the court’s decision is handed down.

  • FInancial Journalist HK says:

    The only action plan I can suggest for investors is that they go to the person who marketed it to them, and make it clear that they hold that person personally liable for a fraudulent deposit scheme, and that you will stop at nothing till they personally repay you, and you will see them in jail if needs be.

    (And jail is the place – Ponzi schemes are fraud – a criminal offence)

    And you have to be tough. You are the victim. Get a copy of their passport. If they’re wearing a diamond ring (bought with your commission), demand it.

    If you’re waiting for MM, or your salesperson to offer an honest, cogent explanation that is not just self-serving bluff – well, I wouldn’t even want to say there is a chance in a million of that.

    • monty says:

      DEAR fjhk
      Sure u must be crazy
      How much have you invested ?
      who is your sponsoring upline?
      Did he not tell you to invest your comfortable money ?
      Did you give your money to him for his hosehold Expenses?
      Was not your money not sent to Swisscash ?
      You sound INSANE TO ME DEAR
      Was the motive of your Investment to give your sponsorer 25% returns ? Then how come you can ask money from your sponsorer who himself is at loss if swisscash is not there..
      ONE THING YOU AGAIN PROOVED that you are crazy and can never work in a network system .

    • NthDimensions says:

      Simon, if you are Simon, earlier you mentioned Pyramid Scheme, now you mention Ponzi, so is it Pyramid or Ponzi?

  • MIchael says:

    I declare that I am a SC investor as well. When I invested in May07, I could feel that SC is fake but I went in just as well, trying to go passed the 4 months quickly so that I can importantly collect my principal. After 4 months, I would collect my ‘profit’ but unfortunately my greed got the better of me and US$16k of principal is stuck plus abt US10k of interest by now if SC is not blocked. I know deep inside SC is a scam and may not come back but also hoping it would come back. However, no news is still bad news ….. do not want analysis or deduction but just SC to re-appear and collect my US$10k. Reduce my exposure.
    So as I hear both constructive as well as destructive comments, I am on both side. But most importantly need MM (if he exists!) to own up

    • NthDimensions says:

      Michael, you are not investing, you are trying to strike lottery. Don’t hope for anything. Hope is useless. If you knew that SCash is fake and yet you put your money in, then you should also face reality that you have the possibility to lose your money. You are gambling, therefore, have it in your heart to let go of the money, do not expect it to return. If your relationship with money is of a gambling nature, I do not think you should do your own investments from henceforth, you should leave it to the professionals.

  • Andrew says:

    Hey investors,together we put our fingers across and hope for the best.Life must go on even we failed this time and there is alway another path to success.
    Cheer up !

    Best regard

  • Financial Journalist HK says:

    I may do a piece on this as it develops. I’m a funds journalist and I write for http://www.asianinvestor.net. Check us out. My name is Simon, I can be contacted via there.

    Like I say, if it is a pyramid scheme, the perp won’t be polite enough to tell you. but you’ll know from their actions and obfuscations

    A friend approached me in Hong Kong. A number of Indonesians have been lured into this Swiss Cash scheme lately, and as last arrivals, of course they are seeing nothing.

    In Hong Kong this constitutes an unlicensed deposit scheme. I have told them that I can help do a police report and inform their consulate.

    • NthDimensions says:

      website under maintenance

    • dragonlady says:

      Dear Simon (FJHK): Unfortunately the site given http://www.asianinvestor.net is currently under maintenance.. .

      So your identity is still not verifiable….

    • GeoGeo says:

      You sounds like you are very kind & helpful & resourceful with the backing of FJHK.

      Go ahead, help your friends with the Police reports & inform their respective Consulates.

      At the same time do an article in FJHK to support your claim that SC is a pyramid….why wait???

      If you dare to do the above, I shall swallow the bitter pill to admit I ‘m being conned by SC and back out from the Blog.

      Do It Simon(if U R who U R)

      Fellow Blogger…..GeoGEo

  • arun says:

    free cheers for geogeo…..
    hiphip hooray hiphip hooray hiphip hooray

  • GeoGeo says:

    There you goes as expected.

    Now you go with a new name Gos…what happen to the corporate so called FJHK shelter as a cover.

    Allow me to remind you, you still have not IDENTIFY yourself!!!

    If we are told by Swisscash it is a pyramid or ponzi scheme, we will definitely accept it whole heartedly.

    You seem to have the qualifications to post in Sabahan forum that Swisscash is a pyramid or ponzi we therefore challenged you to publish your proven findings in your FJHK issue.

    We did not provoke you, you intimidated us.

    What we did as INVESTORS was asking sensible probing questions hoping to get to the bottom of the issues.You as a NON-Investor came and joined in our chats then started abussing our cheerleader as a possible con and requested his actual identity.

    You are Bloody Rude….Apology forthcoming ???

    What you mentioned are just your own assumptions you should keep them to yourself as a NON-Inestor. Being a Journalist(if you really are) you should report FACTS. You shoul not be a letdown to your profession.

    On the other hand, how Swisscash made its profit to that level is a well kept secret like most successful investors /speculators and maybe qualified from a school of thought that did not teach you how to.

    Whatever the outcome maybe, SwissCash will inform the INVESTORS and not from any source…like you.

    As a layperson , my apologies for my crude writing cos I’m not a journalist—la

    Cheers Always

    GeoGeo KIWI

    • Mikey Mark says:

      I agree with gos. Very emotional indeed.

      How can the only correct information (to swisscash investors) is from swisscash itself? I am an investor and Warren Buffet is an investor. In fact he is the number one investor in the world and the second richest man and he is not earning as much as swisscash investors, he still earns around 15-25% per year. I don’t see any micheal mansfield on the list and where are his other pictures? Is it secret too? For an American CFO that mansfield guy’s English sure doesn’t sound American by the way he uses the language.

      Yes it is possible to earn 25% or a 100% but not from investing in Mutual funds (real investors would understand). If swisscash is so good how come no one from swisscash is in the richest list? Where are your facts swisscash? Anyone can build a website and then publish their ‘facts’ but it is unbiased third party information that we are looking for.

      P.S. Thanks to all swisscash defenders. I had such a good laugh reading all your comments. Keep it up. I like to be entertained.

  • gos says:

    kiwis, arun and NthDimensions,

    If you piece together all those facts of findings in the very beginning of this page, it should be suffice to prove that swisscash is in fact a pyramid or ponzi..

    On the contrary, you all should proved that it was not a pyramid but rather a “organised financial team” who really invested yr $$$. Even swisscash told you all they are scammers would you all believe? All of you are just too emotional to tell yrself that look, based on all these, it is very likely a scam in the very first. I am not here to find or rebutted any persons..

    Arun- you are right. 25% a mth is acheiveable. Even a few hundred % are possible. But bear this in mind, how often that you can acheived that? If you can get that kinds of returns, you can also lost heavily too. You really think “swisscash” is god..Only win but never lost? Would any investment company go of line for 36days…and counting straight? If you just based on swisscashguide.com then i can say for sure that the day will never come. Well i am not here to convince anyone, I too really hope swisscash will be back it will be a miracle but swisscash coming back is to me a impossible..I am not swisscash investors but my groups of friends and inner circles were.

    • Glory says:

      Gos, like I say why r u here in the 1st place. is that to voice some frustration or nothing better to do? Those that are here are here for a reason, to be constructive and help one another understand in the best possible way

    • NthDimensions says:

      so is it a Pyramid scheme or a Ponzi?

  • KISHORE says:

    HI EL




  • Dr Wong says:

    Hi EL,
    Do not worry about good and bad in the forum.
    There is no forum in the world that has no negativity.
    We just do what is right. Leave those negative people
    alone and continue your encouraging research and development in this forum. Do not give up! Just ignore the negativity, just focus on your r and d.

    Do you know your r and d have circulated around the world many times and given hope & cheers to many investors. You have many quiet supporters through out the world and in this forum. Please continue. We love you, EL.
    Regards, Dr Wong.

  • Ah Chean says:

    Dear All,

    To be fair to Swisscash, let’s wait till Oct 2007 and see what will happen?

    My feeling is Swisscash will be keeping their promises.


  • El says:

    Dear Folks,

    Since it is hard to know who is truly who on this forum and whether the messages posted is reliable, this will be may last message on this forum.

    Meanwhile, remain in good spirits and wait for news from Swisscash, as they mentioned, by sms or by email.

    No matter what happens, it is not the end of the world.
    I read that Walt Disney was a bankrupt 7 times.

    It was a pleasure to know and exchange information with some of you.

    Best wishes


    • arun says:

      Well El,
      Dont worry about the negative commentors !!
      They are everywhere and thats the reason that they are there………
      You got what I want to say …..
      So friend dont worry about them …..
      Lets do our jobs…..
      Swisscash will BE back….FOR SURE!!!
      Cheer up the team
      You have been doing a great job on this forum pl. continue, do not quit … thats my sincere request..
      Your co mate and friend from India

    • GeoGeo says:

      Hi EL…with greetings from NZ

      You are doing OOOKKK as far as we KIWIs are concern. You have been giving us sound analysis which kept our spirit high during these depressed times.

      Your probing questions we felt are the best way to get to solve SC closure debacles. If the Idiot/s from the so-called FJHK are so hollow brain to answere…just stay on the sideline.

      We are very confident SwissCash will be back.

      Please ignore the Idiot/s who take cover under the FJHK
      to request your ID while at the same same time he did not identify oneself.

      For all we know, the idiot/s with his negative postings he could be a competitor with own agendas.

      Expose yourself to us as well….since EL have done his part.

      Please don’t use FJHK as cover…..just wondering…..your Editor knows what you are doing ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
      If so, appreciate you get your Editor onboard…to this forum..(please we want genuine IDs)

      EL , we want you back.

      Best Wishes

      GK TAN ( my ID) & all Kiwi Mates

  • FInancial Journalist HK says:

    Investors: ask yourselves….

    “How were they going to generate 25% returns per month.”

    If you can’t think of anything that produces that return, gold, silver, derivatives,

    then you may answer… ‘they were going to pay me with the receipts from new subscribers’

    That means its a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes always fail when confidence evaporates (there’s that C word)

    • Glory says:

      R u an investor a just a busybody? If the later then I suggest you get lost.

    • arun says:

      Dear Financial Journalist SIR(YOUR KNOWN IDENTITY TO US)
      Kindly let us know that are you a “alternative investment manager ” OR a “money manager” or A CEO of a company dealing in Financial Products ???
      There are more than ten persons from the financial field who have told me that the returns of 25% per month are possible.. There are brokers who trade in commodities and are earning a return of more than 25 -40% per month on their Investments. Stock exchange brokers have told that paying 1% daily is possible for an expert through day trading but it cannot be guaranteeed. Thats the only difference between a local trader and an organised global trader.
      Kindly let me know that IF a local trader can take out a yeild of ave 25% per month, from a local market Why cant an organised team working on a global platform where the money works 24 hrs or at least three times more than a local dealer uses the money.
      By your above statement you proove to be a good critic but a very BAD money manager and leader.
      Thats a frank opinion about you ….MR. HIDDEN IDENTITY… Secondly do not blame any other person for his hidden Identity when you HIDE YOUR OWN NAME …Dear!!!

    • NthDimensions says:

      Please prove it’s a pyramid scheme.

    • GeoGeo says:


      The so called Journalist taking cover from FJHK….

      Publish an article in your FJHK, if you are so sure SwissCash is a Pyramid Scheme & a Con/Scam.

      Show me your guts, if you have any.

      Most reputable authorities(0ver 200) won’t dare…

      If you are so confident get your Editor/Publisher’s approval to print the article in your next issue.

      Also, Identify(real)all in your so called FJHK involves in the writing on the negative Swisscash article/s .

      Or shall we write to your so called FJHK authority about your postings/accusations in Sabahan .

      Your move…

      GeoGeo & Kiwi mates

  • RAVINDRA says:

    Dear EL

    Your views are concerned about swisscash investors. I appreciate your views and other members who debate logically.
    I daily check with http://www.swisscashguide.com for any news and othr forums and post for information and confimation about starting the financial site, since I have invested for 1000 e-points.
    Today I noticed that after the site addresse if you put /?ref= and then pur your trading id you get your financial site but trading id is not reported on site at left hand site.
    Did anybody notice. Please confirm.
    Is swisscash is going to continue on this site ?


  • El says:

    I posted the comments below on the 21st September 07.

    Dear Folks,

    Do not trust any news, not even from me except what Swisscash send to you by SMS or EMAIL.

  • FInancial Journalist HK says:

    “Please think before you ask me another question on this forum. Please ask me intelligent questions.”

    Try this one…..

    Are you part of this network of confidence tricksters and an operative of this pyramid scheme?

    Because you sound like a fraudster trying to pump air into the deflating balloon.

    If not, then identify yourself publicly.

    I would imagine numerous insiders have participated in this forum posing as satisfied parties, or as smart observers.

    They raise your confidence, then they trick you. Thats the game of the con man.

    • El says:

      Good questions.

      You are free to believe whatever you want to believe.

      My email address is [email protected]

      My email address is not a dot com address and is registered with pacific internet and my true identity can be traced from pacific internet and my name in my identity card is PHAHLAWI RIDHA.



    • MIchael says:

      Well said FJHK. In this blog, there is nobody that can be trusted. Only person that can resolve all these is when Swisscash is back and active. We are all assuming .. trying to be logical and analyse … but still not precipitate

  • william says:


    Who knows? Except the people running swisscash. Who are they?

    I keep telling this over and over again. Please think before you ask me another question on this forum. Please ask me intelligent questions.



    WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT? Swisscash or some other parties?

    Whoever wants to throw in the towel and feels that he has waited long enough, be my guest, go ahead and make a police report

    I think you are even more stupid to ask these questions- Why?? Because one one can answer you except those group of swisscash operators…

    BUT one thing for sure is….THEY RAN AWAY..After made enough $$$$ for 2.5 yrs, the only sensible thing is to ran off…

    SO u are the one that need to think b4 asking… not the others..

  • RAVINDRA says:

    Dear Members,

    Reported from blog forum. Learned Members Please comment! Let us hope for the good!

    Leaders from India, Indonesia, Australia and Singapore Has informed us that swisscash is returning back on 28th September with a new Plan which includes Ecommerce Products. They are trying to Sort out the Case on 24th September and the financial team is working out on the new Plan to Attract More investors worldwide.

    Micheal Mansfeild will be Replaced By a new CFO and Swisscash Planning Offices in various Country worldwide To sort out Legal Issues which are country dependant.

    Source: Leading Financial Forum

    Pass it on to Your Downlines and Swisscash Investors Worldwide. keep visiting Us for More Info.

    • MIchael says:

      Pls quote the URL where you got your info so tht we can determine if it is the truth

      • arun says:

        Dear Michael,
        The url is blogger1.info
        just visit for the confirmation as you asked.
        (one should trust the other co investors dear)

    • sw28 says:

      I try to verify with my top leaders, they did not receive any news from co. or BB

  • siswi says:

    Dear EL,

    First of all, is there a fund or company by the name of swiss mutual fund? Is there a man called michael mansfield who is a forex trader? There is one but he don’t seems to be the mansfield who is the so called CFO for Swisscash.

    You mentioned that website can be traced..Yes I truely agreed with you but what about swisscash? Till now nobody can traced the owners or hosters name despite being online for 2.5 yrs abt offline for 35 days and counting? Is this a scam by swisscash right from the begining? You mentioned about fake website circulating on the net, it is really very difficult to ascertain fake and real..Even the so called believed to be real based on our analysis can turned out to be fake by having a link to a so called fake website..What other type of reasons can we as investors think of to say that swisscashguide is a real one?

    Do u really believe swisscash will come back? Even after 35 days ++ offline is as good as gone? Or we harbour hopes just because swisscashguide tells us so to be patience? Sounds illogical..

    [email protected]

    • El says:

      If it is illogical to you, please follow your own reasoning.

      At least, you dare to think for yourself.


    • slk2282 says:

      Publications about SMF in 1997 and 1998.



      I read one of Baidu.com postings mentioned about one author’s neighbor’s daughter who worked at the Barclay Bank in England. The mom, a SC investor, asked the daughter to find out about SMF… The daughter confirmed there is such a company. The author tried to calm Chinese SC investor down using that fact…

      Kudos to the writer, but the investors are too irrational to see anything….All they do is blame someone else for their loss believing that SC is gone forever… Some invested A LOT of money…..It’s no longer called investing, it’s called committing suicide….

    • El says:

      Dear Siswi,

      If you think the time is up, then it is time to move on.

      It is not that they cannot trace the owners, right now,only Malaysian Securities Commission is involved.

      If the FBI comes in, they can expose the owner of the website. It is whether they want to or not, as it does involve a lot of work.

      Furthermore, how many people have complained to the authorities that they have been denied payment?

      According to Swisscash, they have paid every single returns.

      Do you think that when most investors have been paid, that they are going to lodge a police report that they have not been paid?

      If someone rapes someone, if the victim does not press charges, can the authorities step in?

      Yes, perhaps, the swisscashguide.com is just there to keep investors in the loop, perhaps it is there to justify why investors have to be patient, now that there are 9 phases and who knows what else………
      perhaps it has something to do with its assets being frozen and the story given about handing over to a new team etc etc is just smoke……

      Who knows? Except the people running swisscash. Who are they?

      I keep telling this over and over again. Please think before you ask me another question on this forum. Please ask me intelligent questions.



      WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT? Swisscash or some other parties?

      Whoever wants to throw in the towel and feels that he has waited long enough, be my guest, go ahead and make a police report.

      I rest my case.


      • MIchael says:

        El : In these times and age, if there are criminal motivation, the authorities can and will pre-empt a happening and will arrest you and press charges before it happens. If you are in possesion of several kilograms of ammonium nitrate and deemed you are in their list, authorities can arrest you and lock you up for many days before you see any sun. Or even in possession of a knife. The point is if the authorities have a reason to believe there is a motive holding these items before committing a federal offence, you are it!! No waiting! However, rape is a consequence of an event.

        • El says:

          Thanks for the clarification.

          My point is there are so many con jobs going on and if victims of these cons do not come forward, the authorities may not be aware of every single con going on, hence the need to come forward.

          I mentioned rape as an example.


  • arun says:

    Dear Investors,
    Although I am anot a lawyer, as far my rational thinking goes ,keeping the below mentioned analysis of the Mareva Injunction, It should not be tough for SC to come out of the situation on the 24th.
    Any rational comments welcome.
    Is there any Lawyer visiting the forum? If yes we would like to have his comments too for the benifit of all.
    In order for a defendant to have the Mareva injunction set aside, it will be required to file affidavit evidence showing that it has substance and has no intention of hiding or disposing of its assets (Rasu Maritima SA v. Periamina, [1979] 3 All E.R. 324 (C.A.)). The defendant will have to bring forward any available evidence that will weaken the plaintiff’s claim. This could be of benefit to the plaintiff who may, at an early step of the action, discover the weaknesses in its claim against the defendant. This will allow the plaintiff ample opportunity to amend its claim or take other steps to protect itself well ahead of the action coming on for trial or summary hearing.
    Source C L E Analysis

  • arun says:

    This information was taken from another cyberspace forum…below can explain certain things:-

    Mareva interlocutory order
    A Mareva injunction or a Mareva order, as it is known in Australia, is an extremely nasty interlocutory order, that freezes a litigant’s assets on the theory that he may remove them from the jurisdiction or that he may dissipate them and not pay moneys subsequently held to be payable.

    It requires a higher standard than the balance of convenience, but if you get a corrupt judge you have had it, because it means that your money is frozen so you cannot pay your legal costs.

    It is generally not enforceable in other countries. The judge can make the order and can punish a person he finds within the jurisdiction who does not comply with it or who encourages a party not to comply with it, BUT generally interlocutory orders are not enforceable in a foreign country, but only final judgments and orders.

    It is therefore very unwise to have bank accounts with international banks that have branches in the country that is likely to issue the freezing order and in the country where the account is kept. This is because the judge can punish the banker.

    This means that a separate action must be commenced in the foreign country and then an asset freezing order sought there.

    he Grand Court of the Cayman Islands has recently granted a Mareva Injunction in the case of KTH Capital v. China One et al against a Cayman registered company controlled by Morgan Stanley. In so doing, the Court had to grapple with the novel defence raised by the Company that, as a special purpose vehicle, the sole purpose for the Company’s incorporation was to act as a conduit for the repatriation of its shareholders’ indirect investment in a distressed debt portfolio acquired by the Company’s subsidiary in the People’s Republic of China. In these circumstances, it was argued that the distribution of dividends by the Company to its shareholders was in the ordinary course of the Company’s business and that such distributions were accordingly not liable to be restrained by Mareva Injunction.

    The “ordinary course of business” exception was summarised by the English High Court in Customs & Exercise Commissioners v Anchor Food [1999] 3 All ER 268 where it said: “The Mareva Injunction jurisdiction is not to be used so as to impede or interfere with a defendant’s ordinary bona fide business transactions”. Instead, the aim of a Mareva Injunction is to prevent the dissipation of assets by a defendant either with the intention of avoiding the enforceability of any judgment that may be granted against it or in a manner distinct from its usual or ordinary course of business. Consequently, the authorities demonstrate that an injunction will not ordinarily be granted in the case of a reputable trading company such as a bank or insurance broker which will need to make regular payments to its customers.

    This means that a separate action must be commenced in the foreign country and then an asset freezing order sought there.

    Under which country’s jurisdiction is SwissCash?
    Other than Malaysia, which other countries have applied for injunction ? None, I believe. [UNQUOTE]

    Whatever is your opinion and/or conclusion post it in this forum while the case of the Big Trio has to be decided by the Malaysian Court on 24th.Sep.2007

  • El says:

    The person who bought the domain name swisscash25.net and swisscash25.org belong to the same organisation.

    Have you ever wondered if they are professionals and know what they are doing? As far as I know, .org is normally used by non profit organisations and .com .biz and .net are normally used by websites with commercial content.


    • arun says:

      Hello El,
      I have got information that Mr. Micheal Mansfield has been promoted as the CFO of SMF. Do u have any information regarding the same?
      If you do have pl share

      • dragonlady says:

        Dear Arun: I also got information for the new head of Swisscash..

      • El says:

        To accept that information to be true, one must first establish that swiss mutual fund really exists.

        As of now, Swiss Mutual Fund is simply a name on the internet.

        As for Michael Mansfield, please ask the question, does he truly exist?


  • El says:

    My reasons why Swisscashguide.com is the temporary website of Swisscash

    The background reports can only be compiled by someone who has been running swisscash
    If I am not from Swisscash, and if I were to create a website to trick swisscash investors, I must be prepared when the actual owners announced their actual website. which will then expose me as a fake website and I may not have the information to know when that is. Therefore it does not make sense to take this risk.
    A copycat websites will not have the guts to make summaries and statements with such conviction and with detailed explanations of what is going on and what to expect. A copycat website objective will simply be to mislead Swisscash investors to reveal their trading IDs and passwords, with the objective of accessing investors trading accounts.
    Websites owners can be traced, eventhough particulars submitted can be fictitous and it is a risk to create a website and claim that this is the offcial website when it is not. Technolgy is now so sophisticated that I can find out your location when you make a purchase with a credit card. Your credit card reveals a lot about your buying habits, where you travel, your location right now as you make a purchase etc etc.
    Only the genuine website can advise its investors which websites are fake and which one is genuine and make a statement about it.
    The email address on the fake websites normally do not exists and any attempt to get a reply will normally be unsuccessful and most of the time the email will bounced back. The email address on swisscashguide.com is actually real. Whether someone reads it or not, nobody knows, but as of now, emails sent to swisscashguide .com are not redirected back to the sender. the email address is a working address

    I have a hunch as to why there was a link to swisscash25.net but I require someone who is an IT person to email me.



  • danial says:

    Hi, i’m new here. Anyway i like the comment by El. Anyhow those who had receive any sms, e-mail, read through the temporary SC web hosting regarding the progress of SC so please share with other investors.

    I think we must have positive mind, patient and do not ‘BIG’ the ‘GUN’. If we wait until end of October but no one knew the progress than we will go for the second step of action…agreed..

    I read all the comments above and i like it. Thanks a lot to all SC investor…alt least we have place to share our personal view.

    Cheers to all SC investor.

  • RAVINDRA says:

    Dear Members,

    Please be alert and post immediate message on this forum if anybody gets information about swisscash starting.


  • GeoGeo says:

    I know the SC Admin are monitoring this blog.

    An email/sms is long overdue.

    Do you agree EL ???

    So, over to you SC, your move…


    • El says:

      Yes, I think frequent updates are better, even though the exact launch of the new websites may still be uncertain.


  • El says:

    Dear Folks,

    Do not trust any news, not even from me except what Swisscash send to you by SMS or EMAIL.

    Please see below.

    As for the many postings here saying all kinds of things, just ignore them.

    I know that you are anxious, perhaps even many bills to pay, but that does not mean you accept any unofficial news posted by any tom, dick or harry, not even me.

    Remember that at all times, otherwise, your emotions will fluctuate like the share prices as you go on a roller coaster ride. Remember to remain steady and not be swayed by anything. This is a time where you can be manipulated if you do not know what is the line of communication between you asn Swisscash.

    – We only ask you to be patient to get good news from our Financial Consultants and local technical Managers and do not trust any news or new websites except what we send you by SMS or email

    So we strongly ask you not to trust anyone or any other scam websites during this period except our introduced agents. We will announce you by mail or SMS or only through this temporary website.

    Thanks a lot for your support and patience

    Chief Financial Officer of SMF
    Michael Mansfield

    So please wait for the new team to contact you only via email or SMS to introduce you the new platform. They have all data about all ex-SC
    investors with full privacy. You can confidentially trust them as you trusted us. They have your principal Money which where in our trading
    system. Again Thanks for your patience.

    The last message from,
    Michael Mansfield
    Chief Financial Officer (SMF)

    Reply to this comment

  • El says:

    I would like to discuss with an SC investor, someone who is familiar regarding website hosting and programming to investigate a hunch.

    Please email to me at [email protected]



  • RAVINDRA says:

    Dear EL

    Great analysis.Appreciated !


  • Jamalee says:

    Hi loyal investors,

    Got the below info from my up line.

    The truth is that it seems as if the law suit against swisscash is what will detemine the faith of swiss cash and all it’s investors. It really seems as if they are in trouble

    • arun says:

      Dear Jamalee
      Who is your great UP LINE??
      A judge of the court handling the Swisscash Case in Malaysia?
      Pl tell us If HE IS

  • mujobaby says:

    Very interesting analysis. waiting for part 2, sounds like the icing for the cake is coming.

  • GeoGeo says:

    Hi EL,

    Excellent analysis…I fully agree.

    Looking forward for your next part 2.

    Keep it up.



  • El says:

    It used to be that a Ponzi scheme (pyramid) will just disappear after collecting enough money and after a certain point is reached when making payments to its members will affect their coffers, and that is the point where they will cease operating.

    Most online programs were normally left alone to operate without much monitoring or censorship, and it was common knowledge that there are many fly by night operators who were never serious about honouring their promises.

    And along come Swisscash, offering attractive returns, giving compelling reasons on its website about how 1% a day is actually something that is easily achievable.

    Swisscash attracted media attention on TV and newspapers and to a ponzi scheme operator, assuming Swisscash is, the additional spotlight must be uncomfortable, assuming that Swisscash is a ponzi scheme.

    However Swisscash stands its ground, even though questions arise as to who the CEO really is and many other questions that up to this moment are still unanswered.

    The popularity of its program created unexpected damage to its reputation as over enthusiastic promoters clashes with institutions that felt threatened by the popularity of its program resulting in millions of dollars leaving the country into foreign bank accounts.

    Sensing that this could be a national threat, the concerned authorities decided to use their legal muscle to put a stop to what it sees as a national security threat, coming up with reason that Swisscash does not have a license to offer such financial investment services, and therefore is not endorsed and is declared as having no license to offer what it offers, notwithstanding that there are many ecommerce companies doing just that without anybody blinking an eyelid before.

    To be slapped with a minerva injunction, and to have its website inaccessible by those in Malaysia could have spelled trouble for a ponzi scheme company, and for a ponzi scheme company, perhaps now is the best time to get out and run.

    What happened next was contrary to expectation from what is expected of a ponzi scheme company. A statement was issued by Swisscash that Malaysians are not allowed to open a trading account with Swisscash. What a powerful blow, knowing that the majority of its investors are from Malaysia.

    Surprise surprise, Swisscash actually cooperates with the relevant authorities.

    What does it says about Swisscash? A ponzi scheme? Perhaps and perhaps not

    Thinking that not allowing Malaysians from opening a trading account is the solution and is all that is required, Swisscash goes back to business.


    Swisscash: 0 MSC: 1

    Round two

    The next salvo was fired. Not enough that the people in Malaysia were not allowed to access Swisscash websites and realising that mnany are able to circumvent this prohibition by accessing it overseas (thanks to the public postings on the internet) The MSC is now bent on making sure that all Swisscash websites must be removed, carrying out its mission with a sense of committment and focus that borders on obsession.


    Swisscash: 0 MSC: 2

    Swisscash were caught offguard and all trading activities crumbled to a halt, shocked and stumped.

    Investors were caught off guard. A surge in cyberspace activities ensued, as concerned and panicky investors scroll the net for information and as swisscash investors group together to help one another to obtain answers to the most important question, which is, what is going to happen to my investment?

    The situation was made worse as competitors of other investment programs and even Swisscash investors who have joined other investment programs start to add more fuel to the already raging fire, posting comments to demoralise the group of Investors who are now lost without their leader, CEO Michael Mansfield, who have dissapeared from the radar screen.

    Numerous look alike websites sprung up which added to the confusion and even hurricanes were thought to be the reason as to why the websites were down.

    After much waiting, on the 15th September, Michael Mansfield appeared in the form of a message, dropping a bomb, saying that he is leaving Swisscash and that Swisscash is being handed over to a new team.

    Confusion continues as Investors debate as to whether this website is genuine and more confusion followed as some of the links on this website point to a fake website declared by the so called “genuine website”.

    Swisscash, which have arrangements with 15 banks in China for investors in china to buy epoints, is fully aware that their identity was never meant to be kept a secret, (or else there is no need to leave traces of its footprints by opening banking accounts) and running away is not really an option, assuming also that its accounts are frozen.

    Confident that it has never defaulted on paying every single returns to its investors, Swisscash prepares to rebrand itself to go to the next level of its growth, nonwithstanding the fact that a court case is pending, and announces almost confidently that it will be back.

    To be continued……………..<