It’s The End of The Road for Swiss Cash & Other Get Rich Quick Schemes

Posted on 12th June, 2007

As announced by the Malaysian Securities Commission (SC) recently, they have now started to block access to several illegal investment scheme websites. This measure started yesterday, Monday 11 Jun 2007. At the time of this writing, the popular ones such as SwissCash.net and SwissMutualFund.Biz are no longer accessible from within Malaysia.

If data from Alexa.com can be taken into account, Malaysian is by far the largest group of investors in Swiss Cash

Without them, the scheme is already dead. I believe the majority of these investors do not know how to use proxy servers to get around this restriction. Without fresh money coming in – it’s the end of the road for Swiss Cash.

However last time I checked via a proxy, SwissCash.Net seemed to have difficulties serving their pages – perhaps an indication that it’ll be shut down soon by the operator?

If Swiss Cash could get out of this debacle unscathed which I doubt it will, that will count for something. I tend to believe that like all get rich schemes which depend on new money coming in to pay old investors, in the current state Swiss Cash will die soon, real soon.

This will ultimately prove that Swiss Cash is just another scam. The investors just did’t know it.

If you have question regarding SC’s move, please refer to their FAQ

Check out SC’s alert list here.

While I appreciate SC’s effort to stamp out those get rich quick websites, I think blocking websites is not the solution to the problem. Some people need to see how get rich scheme websites operate and without the access to such information, new investors won’t be able to differentiate between legal and illegal ones when new schemes crop up. Of course it’ll get harder for the operators to become establish but censorship won’t eliminate the such schemes.

What happen to the Government’s guarantee not to censor the Internet?

“KUALA LUMPUR March 16 – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad has advised the Cabinet to dispense with attempts on internet censorship, said Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) executive chairman Tan Sri Dr Othman Yeop Abdullah today.

‘The Prime Minister has given specific instructions that there will not be censorship on the internet. That’s the position of the government,’ he said at a press conference.
He explained that the Prime Minister was reaffirming a pledge in the Bill of Guarantee last week that there will be no censorship on the internet.

OK, that’s what the ‘previous’ government said. But still…

Anybody from Malaysia Super Corridor (MSC) can access those websites?


An engineer by training, Gaman has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online.

  • wandira says:

    I agree with u, letting the access might help people to be aware. But again, government have rights to control ..

  • Azmeen says:

    Personally, I think this is the lazy way out.

    They could’ve focused more on educating Malaysians about these HYIP scams, but instead choose to stoop so low as to use censorship.

    This sets a very unhealthy precedence in terms of free Internet access. Who knows, now it’ll be “Get Rich Quick Schemes Web Sites”, next it might even be “Culturally Unacceptable Web Sites”, then before anyone realises it, we’ll have Internet censorship just like Singapore and China.

  • pinolobu says:

    How about eaindex and winlifund, can they still be accessed using proxy? I can’t try myself, my connection is snail-like slow from here.

  • Sazkul says:

    Swiss down..now nigerian beware…

  • Ed says:

    I have read many comments from people about Swisscash and now it appears that you have declared it dead. I do have one question. Has anyone heard of someone not getting paid the money from Swisscash?

  • SOLOVEI says:

    The nigerians are still active, though….

  • Samdol bin Tolol says:

    We declared that this year we are already “50 years” being an independent country.

    To me… I still call my country “MALAYA”…

  • komonis Bin Lanun badawi says:

    Kerajaan kata nak protect pelabur supaya tidak kena tipu.Tapi bagai mana dengan saham sabah?.Bagus lagi swisscash, pulangan saya pun sudah setengah Karung.
    kalau kita sehati, kita boleh bawa kerajaan Malaysia ke muka Pengadilan AntaraBangsa kerana menutup atau mengganggu web site.Sebenarnya Internet tidak boleh disekat,terpulanglah pada pengguna untuk menggunakannya.Kita sudah sedia maklum bahawa INTERNET ialah asal perkata dari ENTER NET iaitu Enter ialah Masuk dan Net ialah Jaring atau Jala (perangkap) jadi kalau masuk perangkap,itu kami punya tau lah. Sekarang kita ini rakyat Malaysia bukan Malaya.

  • James says:

    Hey, I’m an investor of Swisscash, and it’s a shame that the SC had to resort to banning all such investing websites. The main thing that makes it all so frustrating is that Swisscash has been producing benefiting results to me, and everyone who has been investing in it. It’s upsetting really.

    People who actually claims that it is a scamming business, say it probably due to previous experience with other investing schemes. But don’t put the blame on Swisscash without further substantial evidence. Generalizing it is one thing, but to point a finger at it with no prove at all is another.

    • Jhay says:

      You are one of those fortunate people who makes good money out of it! Do you know how many thousand that are suffering from this scam in Malaysia? You are just plain selfish. Wait till you join the ranks of sufferers then you know what it taste like.

  • LinkiN-ParK~ says:

    i am an investor of swisscash.
    just i say you that i’m so sorry for your mind.
    your mind is wrong.

  • Nothin says:

    so beware out there.. scammer will come to you place.

  • samdol bin tolol says:

    Lesson learned here…

    1) Foreign investors can invest in Malaya…
    2) Normal Local “Street-Person” “denial-access” to invest in Foreign Investment Scheme (via Internet)…
    3) No Problem for “Big-Guns” Biz Malayan People to Invest in Foreign Investment because these people have tons of Money in the first place (I wonder where all those GLC’s get their money in the first place… TNB, TM, Proton, etc. to name a few… ooopss… my mistake… maybe from all of us…)
    4) We are a bunch of Malayan citizen that will always abide to rules and regulations thrown to us by a bunch of “Administrative Power” that we ourself put them in “Power” on the first place…
    5) Malayan’s cannot decide or choose… because “Directive Order” is set from time to time and we should just abide and follow… no question asked… not THINK… just be a good citizen and abide…
    6) The Malayan Media (New, TV and Radio) influence our daily mindset… in other words… me Malayan’s must “think” as a “malayan” and not as a “person” or “a human being”… with own GOD willing self-thought…
    7) Knowlegde in Malaya is for Malayan’s only… but knowledge from other Foreign Country is “bad influence” to us… and might jeopardise the way “Normal Malayan’s way of thinking”…
    8) Rules and Regulations must change from time to time to complecent the “Administrative in Power”…

    Lastly… like the “Pak Pandir Song”… Ada Mata Lihat, Ada Telinga Dengar, Ada Mulut Diam… Ada Kaki Bentak…
    Have Eyes and See, Have Ears and Hear, Have Mouth and Shut-Up… Have Legs and Stump… (bad translation)

    To all Malayan’s that have lost their “Monies” in these HYIP’s Investment Scheme… don’t be sad… because… maybe… all these people doesn’t care and bother to read the “TERMS & CONDITIONS” during signing-up… and it’s oneself fault and ignorance…

    But… if “True” Investment Scheme that pays and being “BLOCKED”… that is a different story…

    my 2 cents…

  • Boringer says:

    Im Swisscash Investor, I feel its really unfair where the government block for certian webside only but how about Sunshine Empire? Its still can be access as I understand the investor including the politic people too so they will have EXCEPTION!!!

    Lately the Swisscash has stop all MY ID to access the member page, but whats is the point of this action?

    I feel its really big shame to all my foreigner friends where this stupid action from Malaya make they laugh all the way.

    19 June 2007 Updates: EMF 1.53 ACF 1.51

  • ali says:


  • Nyoman says:

    Hello investor from Iran or Dubai, its probably your telecomunication selular is not yet within the reach of SC system, join at our team http://www.swisscash-id.com with new system SIP 25 your principal investment will return every 30 days forever

  • samdol bin tolol says:


    It about FREEDOM to live a “better” life…
    FREEDOM to “choose”…
    FREEDOM to “decide”…

    We Malayan’s are not “mindless” people and should not be “treated” in such a way…

    Just be “patient”…
    Truth will prevail…
    Learn from previuos mistake… and… move on…
    It’s not the END OF THE WORLD…

    Standup… be Steady… Walk Straight…
    Don’t Grumble… Don’t Stress Oneself…
    Live life for the FULLEST…
    Have FAITH…

    My 2 cents…

    • rama says:

      Dear samdol bin tolol

      You are right

      But at the same time many have lost huge amount that too in USD………..

      so the spirit is not within us to accept this as of now

      Hope we get back atleast our investment without intrest….

      PRay please


  • riduwan says:

    so what if it is a scam or not? it’s the calculated risk that each individual take. I put in $10000 USD today. I get my returns each month. 1 year or 2 years down the road,it got busted, I would have still made a profit. That’s risk. What’s the safest investment in the market? You tell me now? Even if you can find any, you are no God to predict the outcome. To me if it’s the safest, it has the lowest returns. Think about it people.


  • hassan says:

    hi,I been introduse to swiss cash from 1 of my friend in IRAN.she still insist that they are real but I am investigating it.I sent 3 mail to them and ask if there is any more information to prove that they are real or not.since 1 month ago,i havn,t recived anything from them (or maybe HE or SHE)
    well its realy scary.and no one has the answer.you don,t know who to belive,the swiss cash or campetitors?????????/
    hassan from LONDON

    • abdolmajid says:

      hello hassan iam majid from iran may ask you to explain about it one of my friend is insisting me to do it is it safe or not what is your opinion?

  • Greg says:

    Bodoh malayians. You have been conned. Swiss cash was a big scam from day one. Some early contributors probably got their money back, plus that of others BUT, the majority are guaranteed to lose all. You may as well take your money and burn it, the end result is the same. Lodge police reports. Track down those who cheated you and seek to get your money back.

  • TFROW says:

    Would the wed-site being unaccessible be a sign.

  • kezia says:

    I really want to know if it is real or not, i’m just about had it being broke.

  • babak says:

    Dear investors of swiss-cash:

    attention please.

    we will bay your e_points ($) .

    connect us now : [email protected]


  • Dam rong +6598648888 says:

    swisscash close shop and stop operation it real story. while Over Positive people always spend time for this title, either do police report or start New life it Great solution. why still free to this issue. maybe KIASU factor dept in heart.

  • Zeek says:

    Yo yo my peoples. I’m an investor of swiss cash and hey my brothers and sisters I’ve had no problems with them what so ever, they have paid me every month like clock work and ever single cent has been accounted for. I have no idea why the Malaysian SC would want to block Swiss Cash because for the people who fall into “Middle Class” this system is a great way of making passive income. There are some families out there who who are really struggling so what’s wrong with them making a bit of money.

    Half the problems in society occur because the wealth is not distributed equally. Swiss cash found an answer to many peoples financial problems, they aren’t a scam because they delievered on their promise every single month, so what’s the problem? I’ll tell you what it is, it’s greed and selfishness, some rich or well off people just can’t stand to see people who are less fortunate then them to come up in life so they have to put a stop to it.

    I’ve red many websites regarding swiss cash, and some of they have said, Malaysia blocked swiss cash because their religion forbids investing money in such schemes, well that’s a bunch of crap! because most of the investors are from Malaysia anyway, so you mean to tell me that the investors in Malaysia are unware of their religious responsibilites and it takes the GOVT to take such action, come on get real here. This has nothing to do with religion, it’s GREED and SELFISHNESS. The Rich want to stay rich and they will pull everyone else down who tries to climb up the ladder.

    Sad really. I hope Swiss cash arises from all this and proves that they are here to stay and that they aren’t a scam, which I believe they aren’t because they have yet to do anything to prove so far that they are.


  • the truth says:

    why Malaysia government block swiss cash??
    the truth is swiss cash does not give any benefit to the government.. no taxes to swisscash…. (”,)

    if you all think that swiss cash are scam..
    my opinion.. you batter try it first..

    use small amount of your money so you don’t feel the loss..

    I’m sure you will know the answer.. for me.. swiss cash is a good investment… (”,)

    • hadjazi says:

      I ‘m agree with you but what you say for my case i invest my money and brother money and daughter money 30000 dollars since 26/07/07 until know i didn’t get any information since SW blocked what i have to do know especially for my brother and my daughter how i can explain them that our money burn?
      Please advice for any chance they return back our money one day or never??
      Thans a lot in advance

  • Felex Tan says:

    It is a good lesson for all Malaysian,”Fast cash scheme”always a scam,there many ways to earn money such Forex-currency trading.

  • […] The signs first came when the MCMC blocked content from HYIP scam sites. At that time politicians from both sides of the fence hail it as a good move to stop more Malaysians from losing money to these scams. I know that once we tread on this path, this is merely the beginning of the end for uncensored Internet access in Malaysia. […]

  • i agree with you.your post is really good.thanks for this nice post.

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