Jeremy Shoemaker Interviewed By Yahoo’s Michael Mattis

Posted on 23rd June, 2006

Jeremy of Shoemoney was featured on the Yahoo! Publisher Spotlight over at the YPN Blog.

I wonder I much Jeremy is making from Yahoo! Search Marketing. No doubt, it must be substantial to the point that it attracts YPN Blog staff’s attention.

The interview ends with this question and answer

MICHAEL MATTIS: If there were three things that you would tell other publishers to help them be successful, what would they be?

JEREMY SHOEMAKER: Number One: Just do it! If you have an idea, go with it. Get a site up and running. Procrastination is a five-syllable word for fear. Don’t be afraid to fail or that your site isn’t a work of art. Get it going and tweak it later. Believe me; you will learn so much stuff just by doing it.

Number Two: Don’t overplan. You can get yourself into a state of paralysis by analysis. No kidding, I get guys sending me 12-page business plans almost every day. And that’s fine, but it won’t get your site up and running. I truly believe in this business, but structure has to come after the money starts coming in.

Number Three: Prioritize Potentially Profitable Projects. Take an honest look at your ideas. Then work on the idea that has the most potential for profit. The goal here is to make money, not to be entertained. I love what I do, but the thing I love most about it is the money it makes me. I love keeping score with dollars.

Good advice.

Personally, one of the reasons I am able to make some decent money from the Internet is because I “just do it”!. Now I’ll have to take a look at item number three more seriously.

Problem with me is that because I like a lot of things and I try to do everything at once, you name it.. AdSense, affiliate programs, programming, selling my own products, managing forums, blogging… etc etc.. some of them make me more money than the other.

Another reason why I do a lot of things at once is because I guess I enjoy the learning part too. However, if I am really serious about making serious money, like USD10,000 or more per month, I guess I have to drop a few things (which is not easy to do), re-align my prioritises and focus on the most profitable areas.

Should I quit blogging if it does not make me money? I don’t think so. I might reduce the posting frequency after a year but I won’t abandon it completely. I enjoy learning and sharing what I’ve learned so blogging is here to stay..

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