Make More Money With Adsense By Trapping That Cursor

Posted on 12th May, 2006

While this technique looks interesting, I am not in the mood for some risk taking so I am going to pass for now. I include it here for informational purpose only.

If you are interested in giving it a try, I suggest you write to Google just to make sure you are not going to do something against their policy. But my feeling is that this falls into the altering Adsense code category.

Anyway, SEO Black Hat writes:

Have you ever noticed that when you go to MSN, Yahoo, or Google the cursor goes to the search box when the page loads? I know I notice it when I start to type something in the address bar and half way through the cursor goes to the search box. I call this phenomenon the “mouse trap.”
The reason the search engines force the cursor to the search box on their sites is the same reason you should do the same on your site: to make more money. I have made this change on SEO Black Hat and will show you how to do the same on your sites.

Continue reading: Tutorial: Make More Money on Your Sites with a Mouse Trap

[via V7N]

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  • Gaman says:

    Well I agree. But this trick is not for normal sites like blogs. Think of something where your visitors are actively looking for information. In such case, having many ads on your site probably won’t make you more money either so one might consider this.

    Remember, most people view Google search box on your site as a service instead of an ad. So it’s another way of cramming another ad or two on your site without your site looking any spammier or ad cluttred, according to Aaron Wall.

    He further points out that the Adsense search box is the most profitable ad unit per pixel you can have on your website. Most people are not aware of that apparently.

    That said, as I mentioned eariler, the strategy requires some modification to the code so it’s against Google TOS.

  • LcF says:

    It against Adsense TOS that we are not allowed to modify the AdSense code. Also, I don’t think the trick will work. Visitors come for content, not for search.

  • TheAngel says:

    i guess it’s not so good to do that. And actually that’s mean cheating!!!

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