Making the Easy Money with Copy & Paste Blogs

Posted on 10th July, 2006

I thought my previous post regarding the Quality of Postings in PPS would be the last one until I came across a post entitled “copy and paste blog” by Nobody (no pun intended 😀 ) as a response to my original post

Nobody believes that many PPS bloggers have an aversion to copy and paste blog (count me in) which he defines as “those are duplicate information that we can search in google or other website.”

He went further by saying that I am slapping myself since I own several copy and paste blog: OffbeatEnough.com and TheTubeVideo.com.

So what’s the big deal here? I decided to ignore Nobody’s post since I didn’t have time to response to such trivial blog post. Then a friend of mind who came to know about this post recommended me to response to it in my own blog since it’s obvious that Nobody has no idea what he is talking about.

While I could choose the more convenience “no response” stance, I would probably do a disservice to my readers if they encounter the post from other source. Obviously, such information or rather, the lack of the right information, could make someone like Nobody jump to the wrong conclusion.

By the way, I am actually waiting for the final World Cup match at 3:00am 2:00am later this morning, so I guess I have some time to kill here 🙂

I find it funny when somebody who called himself Nobody starts his very first post so that he could paint my blogs in a bad light to begin with. Must be personal eh? From his writing style, I think I know who this guy is, but that’s besides my point.

First, his definition of copy and paste is already flawed as he confuses himself with the difference between “duplicate” and “similar”. His argument is that the videos from OffbeatEnough.com and TheTubeVideo.com are copied directly from YouTube.com and Google Video.

Perhaps he does not realize that both video repository sites have this nifty little function that allow any blogger to conveniently place any video from their sites into one own blog. Yes, YouTube and Google Video actually encourage bloggers to copy their videos collection.

As a result, thousands upon thousands of video blogs exist solely to fulfill this need such as

OK I think that’s enough for now, you get the idea.

So if blogs of such nature fall into the copy and paste category than get this, some of these so called copy and paste blogs are actually recommended by the Official Google Video! So you can find the same video in a million place across the Web but why the recommendation from Google still?

This brings me to my next point in which he has purposely ignored. As I’ve written in my original post:

The good blog definition is a subjective matter. Some blogs may appeal to a group of people but not the others and vice versa.

What most blogs have in common is they usually offer a valuable filtering function for their audience, in effect, pre-surfed for them. Blog owners pick out the most stupid, appealing, and mind-blogging content out of the countless web pages drifting throughout the cyberspace.

Next he writes:

Is he realize that he is just wasting his time and will he give up chasing the "easy money"?

One of the reasons why those video blogs were created was because I love to experiment and find new ways to make money from the Internet. What Nobody does not know is, instead of keeping what I’ve learned to myself, I actually tell people how I make money from those blogs, what are the best AdSense techniques that I am using that make me most money and how I promote my blogs.

I share my findings with my readers at Sabahan.com. So am I wasting my time? I guess he just does not like me sharing my knowledge for free 😛

Talking about easy money, just for the fun of it, let me include this screenshot (if you think this is photoshopped, then I can’t help you) from my past AdSense income which I used to earn.


Guess what? No part of this income was derived from blogging. These days I am making more money (but not as much as others for sure) from other Internet marketing methods such as affiliate marketing than AdSense.

Other interesting things he writes:

No, I don’t think he will give up because he is earning a lot of money now. Maybe we can call him as “Kahsoon + liewcf” or “kahsoon2” and “Liewcf2”. His Sabahan is the blog which is similiar to Liewcf blog but better than Liewcf blog because he didn’t copy a lot.

Typical generalization .

The other blogs are similiar to Kahsoon blog.

So I copy Kahsoon now? Interesting…

Some people dislike this kind of blogs but there are still have a lot people like to visit this kind of blog and i am one of them. 😀

Now he is contradicting himself.

Ok, i ever asked some of the bloggers who blog for a year whether they get their first cheque from google already. The answer is NO. These bloggers are not copy and paste bloggers.

Really? I’d like to recommend them to read Sabahan.com then. Hehe just kidding 😛

Oh before I forget, yes I own those video blog domains, but I am just too busy too update them myself, so…there you go…


An engineer by training, Gaman has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online.

  • Katana says:

    I wonder why people label blogs so quickly as kahsoon clones? I in no way find http://www.offbeatenough.com or http://www.thetubevideo.com as similar to kahsoon. Kahsoon’s posts mostly are links to other sites. If its because of the embedded video then millions of blogs are similar to Kahsoon. Sheez.

    Also the thing bout encouraging people to copy and paste blog for easy money is a wrong perception. I’m sure gaman can tell you that his earnings would mostly come from http://www.sabahan.com(I might be wrong :P) and not the latter two sites. As to why, you can just figure it out yourself.

  • ShaolinTiger says:

    How much do those 2 actually earn?

  • wong says:

    I think the thing here is about CnP the video. But honestly, blogging video isn’t CnP. But blogging tech is a little CnP for me, like LiewCF, he CnP but no review, if there were review it will be another different story. Video is just so not CnP by any way.

  • menj says:

    Just ignore sourpussies like him lah. Keep on blogging for cash. I already have three checks from Google and in the process of getting a fourth. I am also already beginning to expand into other online money-making services such as adBrite, Kontera and Text Link Ads. Your blog has been very helpful in SEO, I thank you for the wonderful material.

    – MENJ

  • Veronica says:

    I like your site (sabahan.com) because there is a lot of free information and important links here. Just ignore that guy. He is jelous with your earning and achievement.

  • Gaman says:

    Thanks guys 😉

    ShaolinTiger: It depends on the effectiveness of my current promotion. TheTubeVideo and OffbeatEnough.com combined earns between US2 to US25 per day. It fluctuates from day to day though.

    Most of the visitors come from email referral not search engines.

  • Head Hunter says:

    i spend 6 hours reading blogs everyday! haha and i return to your site several times in a day, because i know you will post good stuff! and i can always think of some “new idea” hehe

    this is a site where we can read and learn all the good stuff (summary). i respect you as a “contributor” keep it up!

    Internet change our life, bring everyone closer, when more people get closer, sure making a lots of noise ar, so forgive “Nobody”, you still have our support! yeah

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