Malaysia Securities Commission Investor Alert List

Last modified on 28th September, 2007

The Malaysia securities commission (SC) or Suruhanjaya Sekuriti is a body set up to regulate and develop the Malaysian capital market.

If you are an investor in an Internet investment scheme, you can refer to an alert list from their website to check whether the scheme your are involved with is authorized nor approved under the Malaysian securities laws.

The following list of websites is conducting Internet investment schemes by illegally taking deposit, an offence under Malaysian law. I’ve reproduced the current list for reference, latest list available here.

The SC has the authority to freeze bank accounts belong to any of the schemes if they are located in Malaysia . SC is working closely with the National ICT Security and Emergency Response Center (NISER) to enforce the regulations.

The the list is by no means complete. I believe there are many other websites that are still being investigated.

This list will be updated from time to time to conform with the orginal list from SC website. Feel free to let me know if you think the list is outdated.

Swiss Mutual Fund or Swiss Cash, and others are basically a well-disguised ponzi scheme to those who do not know better. Learn more about ponzi scheme here.


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  • Zaki says:

    Hi there..good day. I would like ask abput these websites; are they illegal/haram? Its theone thay paid to read advertisement:

    1) http://www.numenmail.com
    2) http://www.properptr.com

    Plz reply soon.. TQ.

  • DV8 says:

    Hi all,

    I read the SC list with great interest. Listed is EMPAY & IPC SHOPPING. Recently I cam across some people who insist that IPC is still on in SABAH. Some even wanting to go and invest more into the programme. I even heard something about an IPC dinner on the 10 SEPT??? On the other hand other people I meet informed me that their offices in KK Sabah are closed!!?? When I got in touch with some friends in KL, they tell me that the main IPC office is closed and the boss has ran away!!! confusion confusion!!?? I think the SC should not only make their list known in their website but the newspapers and / or TV so people will be wary of these scams and start investigating on their own rather than listening to word of mouth.

  • Dam Rong+6598643052 says:

    http://www.sabahan.com will the first person must take action by SC because due to website info.the purpose it promote Internet Investment.

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  • i think is because of your previous post

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  • Inspired says:

    This shows how much Financial Education is needed in our school curriculum.

    These scams promised a crazy return; sometimes as much as 30% a day.

    If you’re financially literate, you’d know that such return is one crazy figure picked from the air.

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