Microsoft launches a new website to promote IE Add-ons

Posted on 28th April, 2006

In an attempt to compete with Mozilla Corps long running site that specializes in extensions for the Firefox browser, Microsoft has on Tuesday launched a site to promote Internet Explorer add-ons.

The Add-Ons for Internet Explorer page offers both free and for-a-fee add-ons to IE 6 and IE 7 Beta 2, and is organized in security, time saving, browsing, and entertainment categories.

IE 7 Beta 2 users can access the site from the browser’s Tools menu (Tools > Manage Add-Ons > Find More Add-ons).

Will they be able to counter the popularity of the Mozilla Firefox which already has an extensive list of extensions?

Unlike Firefox extensite site, there are quite a number of expensive for-a-fee add-ons listed on the Microsoft site. Unless such add ons are unique, and a necessity, people are likely more willing to use the free alternative.


I came across this post over at threadwatch.org which points out that a few of the hosted IE Addons are spam related.

The whois shows this as an official MS site, but strangely it is hosted on a 1&1 server not on the usual MS network.

From the IE Addons site: “The add-ons available here have been carefully screened by Microsoft”.

Approved addons include:

Alexa Booster has been designed to simulate real online visitors and also simulating referrals to your site. It will improve your Alexa and search engine rankings. The Alexa Booster software will boost your Alexa rankings but it will also help increase your Google listings as well. To sum it up, the Alexa Booster is aimed at increasing your online business. Version 3.2 features a built-in referral system with a wizard and a built-in scanner.

Price: $24.95

Or even better:

Doorway Page Wizard guides you through a step by step process to create highly optimized doorway pages for your website. Doorway pages contain keywords and Meta-Tags that describe your website and are optimized to the search parameters of leading engines. They help improving ranking in search engines. Each Doorway page is specially tuned to a particular keyword search. This is a proven and effective way to increase traffic to your Web site. Doorway Page Wizard can create hundreds of doorway pages in a matter of minutes, a task if manually done will take many hours if not days to complete and a lot of hard work.

Price: $49.95

So Microsoft are now actively promoting and selling doorway-page creation tools, Alexa-boosters, etc.

Well done Microsoft! That’s a good start in the “right direction” …LOL

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