New trojan encrypts files and demand $300 in ransom for password

Posted on 15th March, 2006

There’s an interesting article about a new trojan, identified as Cryzip that encrypts files on an infected computer and then demands $300 in ransom for a decryption password.

From the article:

According to a LURHQ advisory, Cryzip searches an infected hard drive for a wide range of widely used file types, including Word, Excel, PDF and JPG images.

Once commandeered, the files are zipped and overwritten the text: “Erased by Zippo! GO OUT!!!”

eWEEK.com Special Report: Cyber-Crime

The Trojan then deletes all the files, leaving only the encrypted file with the original file name, followed by the “_CRYPT.ZIP” extension.

A new directory named “AUTO_ZIP_REPORT.TXT” is created with specific instructions on how to use the E-Gold online currency and payment system to send ransom payments.

Spyware, adware and now computer users have ransomware to worry about.

Read full article here

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