Pay-Per-Download Music Subscription Service Is Here in Malaysia

Posted on 27th March, 2007

An article at The Star Online has reported that, MyMix a local company is offering full song downloads for mobile phones users starting from June this year.

You have a choice of downloading the songs via the Internet or use one of MyMix’s 13 music kiosks in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

There’s no final word as yet on how much this will cost but it’s expected that they are offering a package of 20 songs between RM 10 and RM 20.

The second package will allow the user to download unlimited song which could cost less than RM 30 per month.

The download is in MP3 format which is protected by Digital Rights Management and it is limited to those with music enabled phones.

While I appreciate their effort to offer a legal way for music lovers to download music in Malaysia, I am a little skeptical whether this service will take off.

One problem – between the paid and free option, most Malaysian prefer the later even though it’s illegal. Those who are willing to pay are probably the ones that have been buying original music CDs and we know they are not that many – me included 🙂 But I would have to resolve to downloading music if the song I like is not available locally.

The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is one organization that almost everybody has never heard of here and being slapped by their lawsuit is the furthest thing on everyone’s mind when downloading music illegally – at least not at the moment.

If the government fails to educate people to buy the overpriced original music CDs, what makes the company think that people will pay for music downloads?

Besides, people can easily buy a music CD, original or not and rip the tracks and transfer them to their mobile phones. You are basically renting 20 songs for RM20 from MyMix when you can ‘own’ them by purchasing an original CD which costs between RM36 and RM50.

The best selling point would be the price and the music quality. Make it cheap and make it more flexible by allowing the downloaded songs playable in MP3 players and computers or even burned into CDs.

It could work, after all, why people are willing to pay for bottled water when you can get it for free from the tap?

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An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

  • LiewCF says:

    I read the news too but cannot load the website, can you?

  • Kay Kastum says:

    You may have a point there my friend. Besides, why would anyone purchase a song when there’s so much limitation to the song you have bought with your hard earned money? When I have a music file, I want to make it available in my pocket pc, my car cd player and even in my laptop.
    However, like you mentioned, if they can make us feel that buying songs is way cool than getting it for almost free, that’s a different story all together.

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