Pictures of AdSense checks for $132,994.37 & $901,773.84

Last modified on 10th June, 2006

There’s an interesting thread over at the Search Engine Watch Forums with a picture of a guy, Jeremy from ShoeMoney.com holding an AdSense check for $132,994.97.

Apparently, Jeremy didn’t make that amount from blogging and it’s all for a month’s work.

On the second page, you can see a larger check for $901,773.84 from who else if not Markus Frind of PlentyOfFish.com

I believe most people never thought it’s possible to generate that kind of money from AdSense.

Somehow it makes me to rethink my priority, should I concentrate on other niche instead? Would it be possible to make that much money from blogging as an individual?

I suppose anything is possible. However, if there’s a blogger making that kind of money, he/she probably prefers to keep it quiet since nobody knows anybody who makes that much from blogging as far as I know.

Even Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.net, the guru of blogging only makes a very respectable $100K in a year. But of course, we know that Darren is an honest guy and he has been an inspiration to many people. Making $100K per year from blogging is not an easy task and he is the real deal.

Somehow I’m incline to trust him more than those people whose only concern seems to be launching their own PR roadshow.

Whether they are telling the truth, nobody knows except Google.

As one of the forum members put it, whatever way you look at it, it still gives a lot of inspiration to other webmasters and AdSense publishers that it might be possible to achieve large earning.

Forum discussion: Did this ProBlogger Really make $100,000.00 a month from AdSense?

Update: Markus has recommended http://plentyoffish.wordpress.com/. In the picture, his girlfriend is holding up the cheque, its for 2 months as googles EFT bounced.

[via The Blog Herald]
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  • jessi says:

    its really true . people do male a living off adsense. From reading http://www.thebusinessmove.com
    it gives a lists of people who make money from it

  • Amit Patel says:

    I cannot see the direct cheque images.

  • […] To be honest, the forum thread has made me questioned my priority too. […]

  • Markus says:

    might want to link to plentyoffish.wordpress.com for clarification.

  • Gaman says:

    LOL, yea I forgot the K. It has been corrected.

  • mrbadak says:

    yeah.. i think he forgot a K.. it’s 100K a year 😀

    still.. darren rowse and liewcf actually what started me into blogging…

  • Katana says:

    Darren Rowse earns $100 a year only? Are you sure? Some mistake in the figures?

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