Sabahan.com’s Partners Page Removed & Some Updates

Posted on 9th February, 2009

It has almost been two months since my last post. If you are wondering if I am still around to update Sabahan.com, yes I am very much here, still alive and kicking 😉

For the past few years I’ve been spreading myself thin working on too many projects at once. I ended up taking more than I could handle and in the end, it became harder to achieve what really matters to me.

One of my business goals for 2009 is of course to continue working on where I left off in 2008. But this year, my plan is not only to work hard but to play harder. Instead of working longer hours, I aim for less than 5 hours a day of quality work. I plan to do a lot more travelling and spend more time on my hobbies as well as exercising more.

Quality work means, concentrated, uninterrupted (no checking emails, no  reading blog or forum posts, no checking Facebook, no instant messaging and so on) where I focus all my attention to start and work on a particular projects.

What makes this idea different from others is that the work will be unscheduled. Instead of scheduling the exact time period when I should start and finish a project, I work whenever I have 30 minutes or longer to spare.  I’ll always focus on starting instead of finishing.

That means I could be working anywhere and anytime such as when waiting to catch a bus or a plane, or when I am about to go out for a movie and then start working for 30 minutes right there and then.

The idea came to me after reading a book by Neil A Fiore titled The Now Habit,
which has helped me to be more productive. I realise that this probably doesn’t make much sense to you right now so I’ll write more about it in my coming post.

Another update that I’d like to let you know is that I’ll be removing Sabahan.com’s Partners Page. The page was running as it should for while until a few spammers decided to use it to promote unrelated links irresponsibly. Without a constant monitoring, the page has become nothing more than a place for spammers to add their spam links as you can see below.


I’d like to thanks those who have properly participated in the link exchange plan but I have no choice but to take the page down due to the abuse by some spammers.


An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

  • Dwen Rasid says:

    Hi gaman,

    i agree this post…

    great job bro… 🙂

    –>>My Forum

  • Rash says:

    It’s a good decision to protect your blog. Hate spammers! 🙂

  • Alvin Nyau says:

    Sincerely hope that you would come back someday

  • Alvin Nyau says:

    Sincerely hope that you can come back as soon as possible!

  • donnyien says:

    haha..they though the same too..well,i can speak little hokkean 🙂

    welcome back to you Gaman!i wish i can come here often.’om mambalut dot sifu Sabahan.com.Gaman,dusun oku iti.nu kabar nu?

  • Gaman says:

    I’ll be back.. sorry to keep you guys waiting

  • Gaman says:

    You speak dusun? I thought you are Chinese? 😉

  • Gaman says:

    Welcome to Sabahan.com donny

  • donnyien says:

    No wonder i didn’t see any post updates within this 2 month,so busy like Y.B ar..anyway,all the best Boss..

    i think this is my comment here and i have been following this blog since last year and im proud to be one of sabahan as Gaman is also from Borneo.i don’t really good in english language and most of the time i speak dusun..

    thank’s again for this nice blog..defenetly will come back again here.

  • Alvin Nyau says:

    It has been a year and a month you’ve yet to post any article. Come back, man! lol…

  • Hi Gaman. We understand. Who would want spammers. What does your Partners page looks like before? Maybe you can put that up again but this time, ask them to email you and formally request that they should be included..

  • a very interesting article, thank you for the information, .. I’ll try ..

  • The problem with doing any link program is that no matter how good your intentions at the start sooner or later your website ends on some list that is distributed to all the spammers.

  • nih8crim says:

    Ive been Feeling the same way

  • Good for you to removed the page. You have done the right thing.
    Thanks for the update.

  • You have done the right thing Gaman. Spammers are really annoying.

  • That is not nice to see that something You’ve been working on for few months (or years) is going crap because of some spammers. That is not right, I tell You. I really didn’t see that site but it’s just sad that people doesn’t respect other people work.

  • IT Buzz says:

    That’s a good move one should only poke his nose into some projects which he could handle in a more better way.

  • Glad to see the updates!

  • smashill says:

    Jacques has a point here. Long time no update, are you still hanging on somewhere or did you abandon this project?

  • Hiya Gaman! Just discovered your blog recently, and whilst I enjoy it, I really feel that some content is needed! Do you need some guest posts?

  • Savings says:

    I think you made the right choice, it becomes a place of dumping links for spammers.

  • Jeketb says:

    sad to hear about the spammer. but if you want to change your mind, i’ll be the one who submit my site..

    anyway, welcome back.

  • Adrian Lee says:

    Most of us need a kick up the behind before we can do any online work. There’s so many distractions, and always one more reason to do some more research ie surfing. I was a amazed I managed to create a squidoo lens in an hour for a friend last night. Normally it doesn’t go so fast.

    As for the partners page, why not make it a real partners page, whether it be JV or work out-sourcing etc. That way only people you know get on it, and the rest of us can who doing what online. And hopefully pick up some tips.

  • nurusha says:

    just do it what you think it the best for you and your site.

  • Jayce says:

    Too bad that it is gone. 😛

  • Thats good. Sometimes we need to check and removed what no needed.

  • smashill says:

    I offered something similar on one of my pages and it was spammed as well, just as comments are very often spammed like mad… I guess it’s just the nature of the internet…

  • bantingboy says:

    looks like i also need to update my site too.

  • moreincome says:

    Wonder if taking down the page was the best solution. Looks like the spammers have deprived the genuine guys from a great partnership with you. But you know best how to manage your blog.

    All the best on your 2009 goals. Hope you write more about them.

    Best regards

  • catzer says:

    2009 is hardworking year for all of us..Some of us it was a harvest year. 🙂 5 hours quality work time is more valuable compare to 10 hours lurking around internet.

  • Mutalib A says:

    Hey,where have you been, tell us…about your journey that you made within more then a month without updating sabahan.com.

    I thought you, you’ve find the another job. ;))

  • whose says:

    i agree..gud luck sabahan.com

  • Hi Sabahan! I think you have made the right decision to avoid your blog from being spammer victim.

  • uncle sha says:

    Welcome back.

    True enough, work hard and play hard too.

    Yes there’s so many ‘distractions around to deviate from your plans.

    2009 going to be a tough year, for myself my online profits have dipped. Hope yours will be good.

  • My Blog says:

    i thought u no more interested make money through blog

  • Kay Kastum says:

    Exercise… I can’t join the gym but I climb up 6 floors everyday when I come back from work. I wonder if that helps.

  • ehm..u come back again. Thats great! welcome too!

  • PS3 says:

    Good way to get rid of spammers! Welcome back Sabahan!

  • pablopabla says:

    I thought submissions to the partners’ page needed your approval in the first place! But yeah, it’s the best thing to do since it is flooded with spammers who add no value to your blog.

    • carol says:

      The script checks if my link is already placed on the submitter page. Then I’d have to determine sometime later if it’s a spam or not.

  • Welcome back sabahan 🙂

  • Etavasi says:

    Bad spammer but nice works by remove that page to avoid spammer. The book sound interesting maybe i should look at it.

  • yup..it should have gone down quite a while ago because the link manager script can’t handles spam

  • devlim.com says:

    feel sad u take down the partner page, but it great decision to avoid spammer

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