Search Champ Google Loses To Rivals In Portal Services

Posted on 26th May, 2006

This doesn’t come as a surprise since most of Google services are very young. What they need is time to build up their user base.

For the week ending May 13, Google dominated online search, accounting for 47 percent of all queries, compared with 16 percent and 12 percent for Yahoo and MSN, respectively, according to Web metrics firm Hitwise. But in comparing the rivals in terms of some of the most popular portal services, Yahoo is the clear winner in terms of total visits.

“Google is a player in search, but it has some catching up to do in the other services,” Bill Tancer, general manager for global research at Hitwise, said Wednesday. “Even though there’s some great functionality on the Google site, it’s going to take awhile for them to pull market share from competitors.”

In Web mail, for example, Yahoo Mail has a 42 percent market share, followed by MSN Hotmail, 23 percent; and MySpace Mail, 20 percent, according to Hitwise. Google Gmail is far behind at less than 3 percent.
In business and finance, Yahoo again leads with 35 percent, followed by MSN Money Central with 13 percent. Google Finance, on the other hand, is 40th in the market with slightly more than a quarter of one percent.

In online mapping services, Mapquest, which is owned by AOL, dominates with 56 percent of the market. Yahoo Maps is second with 21 percent, and Google Maps comes in third with nearly 8 percent.

Mapquest’s dominance of the market is a reflection of why Google, despite its position in online search, will have to fight hard to attract users of other portal services, Tancer said. Despite Mapquest’s lack of features, in comparison to competitors, it remains on top because of the strong brand it has built over the years.

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