Search Engine Referral Analysis – Who Makes Me Money?

Last modified on 28th June, 2007

In case you’ve missed my previous article about Digg traffic vs Google traffic where I showed which one had produced the best click through rates for me, check it out here. In the post, I’ve explained how I tracked my AdSense clicks.

I thought I’ll do something a little different this time as a follow up. I am going to show you the organic search engine referrals that have landed on Sabahan.com which made me the most money from AdSense.

The data was collected over a 56 day period from May 1st 2007 until Jun 25th 2007 using Google Analytics.

I’ve summarised the result graphically below


Who Is Sending Me Traffic?

It’s no surprise that Google have sent the most traffic to Sabahan.com



Who Makes Me the Most Money From AdSense

The amount of money I make from each search engine referral seems to equate with the amount of traffic I get from it. The money in this case is generated from the clicks of my AdSense ads.

As shown below, 95.4% of my AdSense clicks come from Google, followed by Yahoo at 3.67% and MSN 0.92%.



Which Search Engines Produce the Best Click Through Rate (CTR)?

When it comes to identifying which search engine referrals offer the best return on investment (ROI), we’ll have to look beyond the amount of money generated.

My conversion rate which in this case is my CTR is the best number we can use to gauge the ROI of a search engine.

Google offers the best CTR followed by MSN and then Yahoo. This is in contrast to what some people might expect in that MSN users should be the most likely to click on AdSense ads.



Digging a bit deeper, I found out that most of the MSN traffic had landed on the posts written in Malay such as this one where non-paying public service ads appeared. So that explains the lower CTR for MSN.



While MSN traffic may not generate the largest income for you, it’s the best traffic source as far as getting the best CTR for your AdSense ads is concern.

More traffic from MSN could mean an increase in yourAdSense income. Why? MSN users are more likely to buy a product compare to any other search engine users and most PPC marketers would agree on that.

On the other hand, Google users tend to browse a lot or research on specific topics. They are familiar with the look of an AdSense ad and are less likely to click on it.

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