SiteMeter and Google Analytics Rolling Out New Versions of Their Stats Tools

Posted on 10th May, 2007

Sitemeter has rolled out a new version of its traffic stats tool today. Besides the obvious interface redesign, those using the free basic version probably won’t notice many changes under the hood.

However, several upcoming features were announced recently though there’s no mentioned which ones will make it into the basic version.

  1. Demo Reports
    Find out exactly what the demographics of your site visitors.

  2. User Interest Reports
    Learn what categories of content people are reading when they are not on your site and find out what your visitors’ real interests are.

  3. Better Account Management
    Soon you’ll be able to consolidate your entire Sitemeter login into a single login for easier access and management. As one who own close to twenty Sitemeter logins, I am looking forward to have this feature introduced.

  4. Heat Mapping

    They’ll show where your users’ mouse is on the screen so you can better set up your website structure.
  5. Variable Format Reports and Exports
    Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs Excel, CSV, Tab Delimited

  6. Live View

    Up-to-the minute stats reporting for the stats enthusiast who just has to know what is going on at all times.

  7. RSS Tracking, Podcast Tracking, Spider Reports, Historical Data


In addition to the above, Sitemeter will offer relevant, syndicated news and topical video content that you can put right onto your site. You’ll also be able to create your own video blog on the topics of your choice and upload them for playback on your website. There’s no specific details yet how this will work.

The good news is this service will be available for free.


Google Analytics Releases New Version

In another development, Google has released the new version of their web Analytics tool. This new version boasts an enhanced user interface which will be rolled out over the next few weeks to all their 300K+ customers.

As of today, the new version has yet made it into my account but I am in no hurry to get my hands on this new tool because I know it’ll happen anytime soon.

Old analytics reports will be available to users for at least thirty-days, from the time of upgrade.

One reason why Google Analytics has not been my favorite web statistic tool was because its complicated interface. It seems that this shouldn’t be my concern anymore as you can see from the following new additions and enhancements.



  1. Custom Dashboard
    The new version includes customizable dashboard allowing you to put all the information you need on a custom dashboard so there’s no more digging through reports.

  2. Trend and Over-time Graph
    You can compare time periods and select date ranges while still keeping an eye to the long term trends.

  3. Email Reports
    Email reports and improved clarity of graphs allow you to explore and discover new trends and insights. You can ask these reports to be sent to you or export them as PDF report.
  4. Contextual help tips
    Context sensitive Help and tips are available from every report. This uses plain language description that allow you to take action to improve your websites.
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  • google analytics seems a bit complicated for me. I prefer statcounter but it is very limited

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  • Richard says:

    It’s about time! Seems that they both need to catch up to GoStats. (GoStats has the most detailed referer tracking… and deepest too)

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