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TechCrunch celebrates its first anniversary

Posted on 14th June, 2006

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Michael Arrington of TechCruch announces that the blog turns one year old today.

I started writing TechCrunch one year ago, on June 11, 2005. Looking back, it’s been the best year of my life, although there were also some incredibly difficult times as well. I’m sure years from now I’ll have more perspective on things. All I can say for now is that I’m exhausted.

The traffic and subscribers growth has been nothing short of meteoric.

For people interested in statistics, here they are. This will be the 884th post on TechCrunch, and 23,713 comments have been left on those posts. Hundreds of companies and products have been featured here over the last year. Traffic and RSS subscribers continue to grow – there are around 65,000 RSS and email subscribers based on my Feedburner count, and TechCrunch serves 2-3 million page views per month. TechCrunch is now my full time job, and then some.

I’ve looked back at some of the milestones, always marked with a blog post. Six weeks after the beginning, we had 500 RSS readers and I decided it was time for a redesign. Fred Oliveira, who’d previously criticized my design skills, came in and built a great new look for the site (see it here).

It is an amazing feat for any blogger to go from 0 to over 68,000 subscribers in just a year and surely an inspiring story for everyone.

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