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The Internet tops 80 million websites

Posted on 8th April, 2006

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A survey conducted by Netcraft in April 2006 reported that there are now more than 80 million web sites on the Internet.

The survey received responses from 80,655,992 sites, an increase of 3.1 million hostnames from March 2005.The number has doubled in the past three years.


On the first glance, once would expect a higher number. I would expect it to be at least in the hundreds of millions. But what’s their definition of a website?

A loose definition of a website can be any of the following:

A viewable page online
A collection of pages inside a web directory
A domain name hosted on a shared server
A web server with one IP address
A blogger account from Blogger.com
A member page at MySpace.com
A site from Geocities
And so on…

Surely the number would be higher if we take all the above into consideration. But then, the survey defines a website as a hostname. The Wikipedia defines hostname as:

On the Internet, a hostname is a domain name assigned to the host. This is usually a combination of the host’s local name with its parent domain’s name. For example, “en.wikipedia.org” consists of a host label (“en”) and the domain name label “wikipedia.org”… It is possible for a single host to have several hostnames; but generally the OS of the host prefers to have one hostname that the host uses for itself.

So my guess is that they are counting domains and subdomains.

The Whois Source’s daily domain statistics page indicates that today there are 67,494,403 active domains on the Internet, excluding subdomains. So the Netcraft figure isn’t so far fetched.

Another stats that I find interesting is that, there are only 2,682,573 IP numbers located in Malaysia as of April 1st 2006.

According to Whois Source, we are ranked 42nd by the IP counts by Country statistics, just below Singapore (2,785,586) and Thailand (3,247,724), and even Indonesia (3,316,239).

I guess one of the reasons for this is because more Malaysians prefer .com as compare to .com.my (and its .net, .org counterparts). Some who have purchased the .com domains choose to have their domain hosted overseas instead of locally in Malaysia.

.com is already a well known extension and used extensively by businesses online. Most people who register .com domains want to indicate that their websites cater people from all over the world and not just for Malaysian.

The good news is, this still leave many good .my domains, even single word (in English or Malay) up for grabs.

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