The Problem With CPA & Bloggers?

Posted on 15th July, 2006

My previous post about BlogKits receives a response from Jim Kukral himself. In his blog, Jim writes:

I think you underestimate the power of a “well-positioned” and creative cpa ad and how blog readers will “take” to it. There is simply nothing more powerful than a recommendation. Think about it, is your reader more or less likely to click on an ad that they know will help you support your blog?

The key in this whole thing isn’t that we’re going to “throw an ad in the sidebar”. Placement, and creativity are KEY! Thank you for the write up! Oh yeah, and nobody will be asking any bloggers to put “ads” inside their posts, unless they want to.

Well Jim, I am not arguing about the effectiveness of a well-positioned CPA ad. I’ve been involved with CPA marketing since the late 90s. While I don’t claim that I am an expert in this area, I know what works best for me.

I find that blogging is not the best platform to promote CPA creatives but I could be wrong. Perhaps there are many bloggers who are already making tons of money from CPAs but so far I haven’t found anybody writing about it.

Now imagine that the average bloggers are a lot less marketing savvy. I am not even sure if they know what you mean by “well-positioned” and “creativity”.

Unlike AdSense, these bloggers can’t just do a “paste it and leave it” with CPA ads and expect to make money right away.

I totally agree with your point that there’s simply nothing more powerful than a recommendation. However this wouldn’t be possible without placing the CPA “creative” in context inside a post. But I wonder how many times we can repeat a recommendation without inviting any raised eye brows among our regular readers.

Even if this works, the extra effort required in promoting CPA “creative” could prove to be its disadvantage.

The problem with the current affiliate networks is that they do not cater towards bloggers. If BlogKits could differentiate itself by offering CPA creatives and services that are not currently available from the existing affiliate networks like CJ.com and Linkshare that would be great.

As you said, the reason why bloggers use Google AdSense is because “it’s easy”, they can “place it and leave it”. If bloggers could do that with Blogkits, I’ve no doubt that it will take off in no time.

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