Traffic to Your Blog – A Recipe For Success

Posted on 16th June, 2008

I know it has been a while since my last post, sorry if I kept you waiting ;). However, I feel that if I don’t have anything substantial to write besides writing a quick comment about other blogs’ posts, I’d rather not write anything.

Posting for the sake of posting doesn’t add much value to this blog.

As you may also know, I’ve been busy with some other projects. I don’t know about you but I find that I am not as productive when I multitask between blogging and my other projects. It’s either blogging for today or doing the other projects but not both.

OK enough of that, now it’s time for a follow up to my previous blog post. In that post, I mentioned the success of a blog can be attributed to the following factors

Blog Success = Truckload of Traffic + Good Monetization Technique + Good User Experience

This post will take a look at the first variable in that equation which is getting truckload of traffic to your blog.

It’s important to realise that having truckload of traffic to your blog doesn’t mean a thing if it’s NOT targeted. A friend of mine proudly told me the other day that his blog gets thousands of visitors per day, it’s so popular to the point that its monthly bandwidth allotment often consumed within days.

I took a look at his blog stats and sure enough the number of hits it’s getting daily was rather impressive but then I noticed nobody was leaving a comment. Sabahan.com gets a fraction of that traffic and yet it has more comment.

Then I realised that his traffic probably came from those auto-surf traffic programs traffic exchange programs. Autosurf traffic is a program which sets your browser to surf certain websites automatically. Often, for every 2 pages viewed, your own page will be viewed 1 time by someone else in the exchange.

Sounds good? I don’t think so. Those programs will get you traffic all right but the kind of visitors that usually ended up on you blog are untargeted visitors who don’t care about what you write.

If you display AdSense on your pages, it’s against Google AdSense policy to use autosurf, click-exchange programs, and paid-to-surf programs to drive traffic because these methods artificially generate clicks or impressions on your Google ads.

What you need is targeted traffic where the visitors are genuinely interested in your content. I should mention that I have written extensively about attracting traffic to your blog. The following post is a good one to get off on the right foot.

How to Attract Traffic and Get Some Activity Going In Your Blog

While new methods of attracting traffic to your blog are coming out all the time, there are a few that remains as timeless classics and continue to be relevant today.


1. Write Better Content

Before you do anything else, take a look at your content. A blog post consists of several elements which are the title and the body copy. Most newbies fail to realise that blog headlines are so important they could make or break their blog.

Before your visitors read your content, they’d have to read the headline first. Writing a poor and uninspiring headline could result in you losing the majority of your visitors. Lets me give an example: which of the following headlines you’d likely click?


1. Popular blogs by Technorati
2. 50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia

Now, here’s a post I wrote earlier to help you write good headlines for your blog posts: 10 Tips How to Write Blog Post Headlines That Hit

The second element that you have to pay attention to is of course the body copy. Here’s a tip, you don’t need a big talent to produce good content with a perfect grammar and so on.

You just have to write posts that YOUR VISITORS want to read. You see, when it comes to making money online, blogging is often not about what you want but what your visitors want. While I might not be the best writer in town, that doesn’t stop many people from visiting Sabahan.com daily.

One of the most successful bloggers (or rather netpreneur) IMHO is Shoemoney.com. If you read his blog, it won’t be long before you notice that Shoemoney has a terrible grammar for someone whose first language is English. But that doesn’t prevent him from making almost US40,000 from his blog last May.

Also writing about your personal life won’t make you money, unless you are some kind of celebrity already or somehow manage to attract die-hard fans like KennySia.com. If you are OK with that, than this tip probably doesn’t apply to you.

In addition, learn the art of link baiting and please do not start another how to make money blog if your main goal is to make money from it. You’ll better off selecting other niche such as entertainment or technology. There’s a follow up to that post that you might be interested in reading here.


2. Optimize Your Blog for the Search Engines

As time goes by, it’s becoming increasing difficult to get your blog listed high up in the search engine results. While you can perform some on page search engine optimizations which undoubtedly is important, it won’t guarantee a good ranking because obviously the external factors play a much bigger role these days.

External factors or off page optimization factors include anything from the number of sites linking to your blog, the anchor text used by those sites that link to you, the PageRank of those pages that link to you and so on. They all influence your ultimate ranking on the search engines.

While you can’t directly adjust the external factors to your advantage, you can at least do certain things such as improving your blog content (my first point), attracting links from other blogs/sites and making your blog more social by participating in the networking activities.


3. Attract Links from Other Sites

Again, this comes back to your content. You’ll more likely attract links from other bloggers if you offer something that people want to read.

Also bear in mind that not all links are created equal. Those that would benefit you most are links from trusted, authoritative, high PageRank sites, links that use relevant keywords in their anchor text, links from relevant sites, and links from variety of sources instead of just from one or two of your own sites for instance.

Again, learn the art of linkbaiting. An introduction to linkbaiting would be in order if you are totally new to this. Here’s another practical advice from Matt Cutts, the Google engineer about link baiting.


4. Take Full Advantage of the Social Media Sites

Social media sites are basically sites for communities of people who share interests. They offer an excellent opportunity for you to attract attention and targeted traffic to your blog instantly; otherwise a quite impossible thing to do nowadays with every blog competing for attention.

These sites allow you to submit news stories, blog posts, articles and other media and share them with other users or the general public.

If your post gets into the front page of Digg.com or Slashdot.com, expect a traffic tsunami. One of my posts in my other blog was dugg once and over the course of three days, over 42,000 unique visitors read that post. Besides the traffic, your blog will receive instant visibility and this will naturally attract links from various other sites.

Some of the social media sites that worth exploring are

  1. Digg
  2. Slashdot
  3. Reddit
  4. Fark
  5. StumbleUpon
  6. Mixx


So there you have it. In my next post, I’ll write about the second variable which is “Good Monetizing Technique”.

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An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

  • data says:

    yeah that why traffic is really important to all blog or website. who can know about you if you don’t have any traffic visiting your site.

  • zunaidi says:

    I like your post. It’s can help me to built more standard blog for the next generattion. I wan some more from you about writing blogs.

  • Rabe says:

    Ok bah. I have some experience with some of… if i can say…people have succed in adsense (around $200-500 perday). Dorang using some trick that not ordinary people know such as code to control the advertising, expensive click , 1 click = $ 5-12 etc. But they not share this thinglah..so endakusah hairan sangat. Anyway try hard..the key of succes

  • DA says:

    Very good content buss, write more often ~ i’ve been following bah.

  • […] of you may recall that a couple of month back I wrote the first article of the series titled “Traffic to your Blog – A Recipe For Success.” A follow up to the first article is long overdue and I think it’s about time for the next one […]

  • Loker says:

    thanks for the recipe, i will try to implement it, especially on don’t create another “making money blog”.. 😀

  • Paul U says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  • titan says:

    i think i already did some of them. Need to focus and its really works. 🙂

  • goblogging says:

    Hhmmm… I should do all of them 🙂 btw, really useful article, thanks!

  • nyst.wysrt says:

    Good post! I think getting traffic to your site is the most important. 🙂

  • aiyooo… truckloading of traffic. no meaning anything if a site that have ton of traffic but cannot generate anything. only lonely website… poor site like that.

    builiding target traffic is important and better than a truckload traffic with nothing.

  • howshouse says:

    Great post. I just started a blog about 1.5 mths back on home decoration and interior design and I’m definitely finding your article helpful. Hopefully i’ll be able to attract more readers. Looking forward to more quality posts such as this from you


  • Greenleaf says:

    Very nice post and great information. 🙂
    Social media sites are really good to get some targeted traffic. 🙂

  • Anil Gupta says:

    Great tips mentioned here for building targeted traffic to a blog. Really satisfied with your thoughts, I never go for traffic exchange kind of programs to increase the traffic on my blog

  • Nick Cheng says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful info especially on point 4. Take Full Advantage of the Social Media Sites. Good content bring good readers!

    Nick Cheng

  • this is most certainly a good post. most people strive to get that much wanted high level of traffic, but they just aren’t doing what they need to be doing…

  • I will try something new that you write in this post..which is update my blog post in DIGG and other site..thanks sabahan for your info !! I like your blog ^^

  • penantang says:

    Nice article, very inspiring especially for me.
    Don’t forget to make a huge traffic you need a hardwork.

  • this is indeed a recipe for success! nice one 🙂

  • ben says:

    Welcome back Gaman.

    May I know, how much traffic are you getting average per day on your best blog?

  • SiA says:

    So so so. A Sabahan-in-Action ! Good point. But easy kah? Faster kah?

    What is your opinion of Blogging in Malays in terms of getting more traffics (could be more or less money-make) or English (of course the world can visit the blog)?

    There is a site got 2000 or more UNIQUE VISITORS daily, (for the purpose of discussion, http://mrmanager.blogspot.com and http://www.chedet.com). But seems like they did not apply any Internet marketing strategies at their site. They just SHARE the info or their ideas. What is your opinion IF they apply the Make Money Online Techniques on their site? Of course for Dr. M, money is not the important lah. My point is the total visitors to his blog (more than 10k visitors daily).

    Why must I mention other people site at your blog? Well, as you know, if I use my blog as an example, I’ve got less than 20 UNIQUE VISITORS (today less than 5-haha), so no point.

    I read about a blog must have… errr… CLICHE(ini pun SiA nda paham sangat) so that more traffics and $$$$.cc.

    • Gaman says:

      I think it would be easier to make money if your blog in English. You have more options as to whihc advertising platform you want to use and as you mentioned, you could attract international audience.

      Chedet is Dr Mahathir and Mr Manager is a rather popular personality on TV and an artis manager at that.

      Similarly if George Bush starts a blog tomorrow, it’ll attract thousands of visitors instantly because everyone, TV stations, news channels, newspapers, radios, bloggers will talk about it automatically. No suprise there.

      It’s better to use blogs by “ordinary people” like LiewCF.com in this case.

  • good info gaman! 🙂

  • AhTim says:

    And + Niche Authority in the recipe. 🙂

    –blog for dream–

  • very true…traffic is money..without traffic there is nothing to monitize.

    I am trying out the forth method with digg, stumbleupon, mybloglog and twitter. Hopefully it will get some good traffic

  • Hi Gaman. Nice to read yr blog. I was stalking on Gobala when I found his interview with you. However, I have first stumbled on this blog 1 year ago.

    I have been programming in Php & Mysql since 1999.

    However, I was so blind I did not see how I could make money by going online. All these years I kept earning income from traditional programming projects.

    Then in 2005 I heard about Irfan Khairi. I thought SCAM, scam and scam.

    However my little curiosity grew uncontrolled after seeing too many Adsense ads everywhere I went.

    So, I started adsense in 2007 and can see that it is real, not scam.

    In May 2007 I started a major U turn, declined all new contracts and engineered all my skills toward Online Business.

    So here I am… about to commercialise officephp.com all out in July or Aug. Now it is still under active development.

    I think reading this blog and softwarebusinessblog.com can help me refresh a lot what I learned the past.

    • Gaman says:

      You must be a very good programmer doing this since 1999! And it’s good that you do not easily fall into any marketing projects. I am not saying Ifran is scam but he’s probably make more money from his how to make money seminars. In any case, good for him.

      If you are willing and have the time, you can promote your service at rentacoder.com (the main site where I find programmers), or elance.com and doing freelancing part time.

      It could be exciting to do an online business because you are in control. It’s a brave decision you have made to reject contracts and concentrate on this.

      BTW some of the articles from softwarebusinessblog.com weren’t written by me but someone I hired. But glad to know that you find them helpful.

      Keep up the good work. Do update us how you are doing 😉

  • Kay Kastum says:

    Ya bah. that shoemoney guy.. (I love that Adsense check snapshot he took) I was like huh? English like this also can make money ah? But then again he’s giving what people want ya…

    Like LiewCF, he’s having a blast man!

  • Etavasi says:

    Hehehe 😀 Gaman nice post saya try lah apply dalam blog saya ni.. biar pun you say blog personal life not make money.. I think sosial media site is nice to use..
    thanks.. 🙂

  • mrBadak says:

    first! 😛

    ya bah, so long for your next post tapi with a quality post like this – its worth the wait.

    i cannot agree you more on targeted traffic – tapi kan, if you rely on pay-per-click $, then those untargeted ppl who lands on yr blog will want to get away cuz its not their taste, so either they will 1) close the win/tab OR 2)click on a link that will take them away (hopefully they see yr adsense ads on top & click it)..

    wat say you? make sense ka me? 😛

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