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Last modified on 8th March, 2007

What Happens When Your Google Adsense Earnings or EPC Drops Overnight

Sooner or later, if luck is not by your side you may experience this. Sometimes your AdSense account is pouring cash, but sometimes it slows down, making much less than you usually did. What happened to all the earnings you were making for months?

Martinibuster has an excellent synopsis on possible reasons why an earnings collapse could occur.


Estimating Webmaster Skew in Alexa Metrics

I’ve written about the skew Alexa metrics before and I think we should be aware about this when using Alexa to compare one site to another.

Peter Norvig, director of research of Google has published some stats showing Alexa is skewed by the fact that more online marketers download the Alexa toolbar.


Evil Blog Promotion Ideas

John Chow has listed several ‘evil’ methods to promote a blog.

Although I don’t think some of them can be categorized as evil – like the Tech Link Train method, they are not what I call the normal route one would take when promoting a blog. If you are looking for promotion ideas, check this post out.

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