Under 30, Online and World Beating

Posted on 14th March, 2007

The Observer, a UK Sunday newspaper has an article up about under 30 UK entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of the web.

You might have never heard most of them except one guy named Alex Tew who hit the jackpot in 2005 with his website Million Dollar Homepage idea.

With the diminishing cost of hardware, the cost of entry is getting cheaper.
All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and an idea. The profit margin is typically higher compare to what a brick and mortar shop is getting.

I am spending around RM800 on a web hosting per month and I am working from home. Renting or buying a physical shop lot will cost me around RM1000 to RM2000 or more per month. On top of that, setting up offline business is riskier and costlier.

In the offline world, your location can make or break your business. The Internet, on the other hand, allows me to attract visitors instantly using pay per click search engines, regardless of where I am located physically in the world.

I wish more Malaysian entrepreneurs will take up Internet entrepreneurship and make it as their career choice. What we need is an early exposure to the young people so that they are aware of all the opportunities available online.

When I read the newspaper recently about SPM top achievers, everybody wants to become a doctor, a pharmacist, a chemical engineer, an accountant. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud them for choosing the fine career paths but where’s our Internet entrepreneurs of tomorrow?

Young people should be made to realize that Internet is not just for chatting, MySpace and viewing porn, it’s a place where one can make a living and perhaps change the world in his/her own way.

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An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

  • Zul says:

    Internet marketing in Malaysia is still a baby. Looking from positive point of view, it means there are a lot of opportunities here. However, it will not come easy. These days, when we mention internet marketing in Malaysia, people will start referring to illegal online investment schemes and such without knowing what exactly it is. Sooner or later, they’ll realize it is one of the new-generation niches. Just look at MLM and franchise. Many decades ago, when they first came out, people thought they were scams and illegal. Now it’s where people make tonnes of money.

  • Wahlau.NET says:

    wow..you had a dedicated server for this?

  • I must say that it is highly potential for someone with little investment to earn big in Internet and Alex Tew is one of them. Internet have given a chance for younger generation (late 20s and early 30s) able to top the top richese people in the world. Michael Dell, 2 Google Guys etc. etc.

  • ABN says:

    How inspiring topic here. Its so exciting to see and hear people from US, Canada or UK or other foreign countries success in internet biz.

    But to see/hear success internet biz person in Malaysia, especially from Sabah is really a burning oil in the blood for me.

    I think one of good reason, why internet biz good for Malaysian is the exchange currency opportunity (USD1= +/-RM3.80) beside worldwide market customers. Of course plenty of good reasons if we dig deeper.

    Now, again, a newbie (like me :O :p), the more I read about Internet biz, I become more confusing.

    I really enjoy to read your topic about What does it takes to make USD 3000 monthly from Adsense. I wonder when will I reach that level. Or will I reach it?

  • Gontua says:

    Very inspiring and encouraging Gaman. Now coming to my ‘middleage’, hope not too late to learn and start an online bussiness 😉 – obviously not gonna be Internet entrepreneur of tomorrow, he he..

  • Tony says:

    The article was published 4 days after Kevin Rose (Digg) has turned 30. Bummer 😛

  • Azmeen says:

    How true, but how can they not have such perceptions of the Internet when even our politicians label bloggers in general as “unemployed women rumour mongerers”.

    To me, let them stay off the market at their own peril. I’ve experienced the risks and turbulences of improperly running a brick and mortar business.

    Regardless of how you look at it, online business is much more scalable compared to physical businesses. The important thing is that the scalability goes both ways. It’s just as simple to scale back and scale up with an online business. See you try to do that with physical establishment 😉

    Anyway, most people chosing to become doctors, scientists and (God forbid) lawyers are not really approaching the money aspect of the job. It’s all about the “prestige”.

    Almost nobody in the family bothers if you’re an “internet marketer”. Even if you make twice the amount of money per month compared to your Doctor cousin 🙂

    • papajoneh says:

      Me too. They asked me what’s internet business? They don’t realize that doing business online is better, way more audience or visitors to your products.Comparing both world, it is much easier to make money online than off line. i know im one of them. thousand spent but no return in offline biz. Here, i just blog about my hobby and i already got my check! Now compares the hard work involved, the return is much better in online business. Whether it big or small, thats a matter of your skill of knowing the internet way of making business.

      heck, as long as sabahan.com up, i think im gonna make more money online. Why? just ‘lepak’ here freely, i’ve got tonnes of knowledge and fresh idea to make money and its FOC. will belanja u coffee or roti canailah sikit, eh gaman. 😉 im just rambling. im just a little knowledge guy. Ha!

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