Undocumented AdWords Trick That Can Increase Your Click Through Rate

Posted on 15th December, 2006


Google AdWords has several undocumented features you can use with your AdWords account and one of the coolest tricks is what we call Dynamic Keyword Insertion feature.

None of their online resources actually tell you much about this.

Ads with the search keyword within the ad itself generally get a higher click through rate (CTR). For example, if some one is searching for “Yamaha music mixer”, they are more likely to click on the ad that has “Yamaha music mixer” in its title.

If your keyword list includes the following terms

music mixer
yamaha music mixer
music mixer board
rack mounted sound mixer

then to use this feature, all you need to do is use the tag {keyword:default phrase} in your ads title or anywhere else you choose. Your’ll write your ad like this




When someone searches for one of the four terms in the keyword list above, it would show up in the title, so when someone searches for “yahama music mixer” it would say




If people typed in keywords phrase that included the above keywords but more than 25 characters total i.e. “rack mounted sound mixer”, then AdWords would use the default keyword in the title.




Here’s another trick:

{KeyWord:default phrase} will capitalize the first letter for each word in the phrase despite how you type it.

{Keyword:default phrase} will capitalize the first letter only for the phrase.

{keyword:default phrase} will use all small letter for your phrase.

My own experience supports the fact that all my ads that use Dynamic Keyword Insertion feature generally have higher CTR than those who do not use this feature. But like all things, you should test this to see if it helps you get higher CTR’s.


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  • Marck says:

    interesting, i just started using adwords and was searching for some tricks

  • zaliza says:

    what great tips! never knew anything abt dynamic keyword. definitely will test it out. thanks!

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    Nice one….I’ll keep note of this..thks


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