Updating Malaysia’s 50 Most Influential Blogs Post

Posted on 9th March, 2007

I’ve been meaning to do an update to the 50 most influential blogs for a while but finally decided not to do so – at least for now.

Obviously, most of the blogs’ Technorati rankings have been changing daily; new blogs rose to the top, old blogs rose even higher up the rank and some blogs were overtaken by others.

The popularity of memes such as the Z-list only has only added more volatility to the rankings.

Sabahan.com was in the 52nd position when the list was posted. If all the blogs’ Technorati rankings were unchanged – obviously this is not possible, Sabahan.com would have occupied position number 18 today.

I am sure I’ve made it to the top 20 but checking the Technorati rankings of other blogs in the list is necessary to confirm my relative position.

It’s ironic to see that you can get popular by talking about whose popular.

If you think your blog has made it into the top 50, please leave you comment below so that I can consider it for inclusion in my next update. I’ve decided to update the list once a year only. So the ranking is true at the time the list is published.

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An engineer by training, Gaman has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online.

  • joneh says:

    I really would like to be in this list. Influential in my RC world from Sabah! In RC world, the technorati ranking is not that relevant, for most of our rc partner do not use blog. Even our best top rc provider is just 3/10 in google ranking and my 3 months old blog is on top in the technorati ranking. so its quite not fair for them. i mean rc world.
    anyway… i believe still google ranking is the best to gauge any web or blog. this is totally out of topic. sorry.
    but back to relevant to this post… im still not in the list. thats the sad part. i want both influential and popular!
    i need another blog! 🙁

  • I currently rank 18K on Technorati…http://www.rasamalaysia.com.

    I think Technorati ranking is not a good benchmark. A popularity of a blog has to be based on the number of unique visitors in my opinion. Thanks. I wish I have 18K unique visitors per month, not there yet. 😉

  • wpthemes says:

    Well, my blog is still new but it’s climbing fast, i guess blogging about WordPress has that kind of a effect.

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