What does it takes to make USD 3000 monthly from Adsense

Last modified on 25th March, 2006

OK, I know $3000 may be on the low side for Adsense experts. But to be honest I myself have never made that much with Adsense, the most I made was close to USD2000 per month. Let just say I am more of an affiliate program guy.

Making money with Adsense is all about the numbers. Lets break it down and go into the math of how this can be done:

To make $3000 per month,

  • One would have to make $100 per day
  • Or $4.17 per hour

Let’s say your website displays normal price keywords with an average of $0.10 per click, therefore in an hour you’d have to average 42 clicks or 1008 clicks daily.

So how much traffic or rather, page impressions does it take to get 42 clicks in an hour?

Quite a lot I must say. If you get about 3% CTR on Adsense, to generate 1008 clicks daily, you got to have

1008 x 100% / 3% = 33,600 page impressions

That’s a lot! But if you get 3 page views per visit on average, then having 11,200 unique visitors daily would be enough to achieve the $3,000 goal.

I set a goal when I started this blog to get 10,000 visitors daily in one year. Obviously that’s not an impossible goal to achieve.

So if that go according to plan, I should be able to achieve $3,000 monthly in Adsense income within a year, right? But here’s the thing, one way of achieving that goal faster or even surpass it is by targeting high paying keywords. So instead of getting a meager $0.10 per click, you could have got $0.50 per click which translates to 2240 unique visitors daily.

Another way you can reach this goal faster is by creating multiple blogs that will work together creating several revenue streams for you.

It sounds good but achieving such goal requires more than just traffic. Setting a target is one thing, but creating pages that convert well is a totally different thing all together which warrant a discussion of its own.

The trick is to write about subjects that people are actively searching for. Your ads should be just another extension to your content to help people find the solution to their problem or whatever it is that they are looking for.

Once you’ve achieved the goal, you can up the ante and set a higher goal, perhaps $5,000, $10,000 or more. I know this would keep my motivation going.

So play around with your numbers, check your Site Meter/web traffic stats, Adsense CTR and average pay per click amount. Do you think this is a reasonable target for you? Please leave your comment and tell us what you think.


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An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

  • AureliaBaby says:

    I don’t have adsense yet, because I have less visitors to pay for hosting. Now I work for content only. So, first-writing, then promotion.

  • Roy says:

    Gaman, posts on sabahan.com really makes my spirit high. a newbie here.. i have to dig back all your posts to keep me going.
    buli bah kalau kau

  • Felex Tan says:

    10000 visitors daily, i ll say possible because you are writing a good contents,i am sure many Malaysian visit your blogs daily,if u market ur blog at China…i m sure you will get that numbers.

  • Charan says:

    Great income..I want to raech ur mark

  • tingmo says:

    that’s a lot of money and most of us don’t make that much in real.

  • […] What does it takes to make USD 3000 monthly from Adsense […]

  • […] What does it takes to make USD 3000 monthly from Adsense […]

  • It’s an impressive article. I am not making money with adsense (or just a few dollars each month) since I prefer affiliate commissions (CPS).

    Good results.

  • Sajid Iqbal says:

    very impressive stats for me. I dream to break 1000$ barrier this year but my English sucks..

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  • Jamy says:

    Thank you so very much for all you guys great tips.

  • Joey says:

    Honestly, I have only begun to navigate the blog/Ad Sense waters, but your page has been extrememly helpful. Thanks.

  • Stu says:

    Another way to help achieve your goals is to split up your web-work time something like this:

    70% – writing content
    25% – site promotion – (generating links from blog comments, forum posts etc)
    5% – site maintenance

    So in a four hour day you might spend 3 hours writing content, 45 minutes on site promotion, and a few minutes uploading pages to your site.

  • colbert says:

    glad to hear malaysians are earning some good money from google adsense….

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  • Markus says:

    Just want to mention Adsense Gold which is the best tool I ever bought for getting statistics of your adsense ads.

    I doubled my CTR in one week!

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