What Internet Marketing Has Got to Do With Selecting Your Niche

Posted on 23rd February, 2007

I like nothing more then a contradicting opinion that encourages a healthy discussion.

My previous post here has received a response from MSScholars.com and he disagrees with it.

Over at his blog he writes

“If you are new to internet marketing, you shouldn’t have read all the negative reviews too much. Don’t reallly believe in this.”

I think the response is partly as a result of me assuming that my readers understand the difference between selecting a niche you can be successful at and doing marketing itself.

Reading his post, perhaps to him Internet Marketing is about joining commission junction, Linkshare etc or Text Link Ads to monetize a blog.

Let me quote another paragraph

The best niche is the internet marketing areas. The reason is simple. Marketing is about ideas and as human we never run out of ideas, do we? The notion, that internet marketing niche is saturated is like saying – no one will buy a new car tomorrow – because car manufacturers have ran out of ideas on how to produce car! If you agree that the internet marketing niche has been saturated, and there is no more opportunities in it, then you agree than no one will produce car tomorrow – and we all will have to drive our aging car!

Can you see the problem here? I am sorry to say but he is confusing himself with the word “marketing” and the niche which in this case the ‘auto’ niche. Basically what the paragraph says if you don’t market you don’t sell.

I totally agree with that of course but it has nothing do with selecting a niche which is what my previous post is all about.

If he understands my post correctly, it has nothing to do with me discouraging people from doing the above. In fact that’s the exact thing I recommend people doing.

Using Internet marketing to sell your products or services has nothing to do with CHOOSING the niche that you want to be successful at.

Darren Rowse makes most of his money not from Internet marketing niche i.e ProBlogger.net, majority of his income comes from his Photography sites. Similarly, John Chow makes most money from his technology based community sites, not from his blog.

Although, I tend not to categorize those two as the gurus of Internet marketing. This term is reserved for people like Allan Gardyne, Joel Comm, Yanik Silver, Perry Marshal, Jim Daniels, Derek Gehl etc.

One marketing technique can make these people thousands per day easily.

Can one come up with his/her own products, new concept of marketing on the Internet that could take the Internet marketing community by storm and dominate the marketing niche and at the same time put his/her name alongside these people.

On a smaller scale, nothing is impossible but it won’t be easy as you go higher up the ladder.

Of course this has nothing to do with making money from affiliate programs and monetizing your blogs with Text Link Ads.

A few days ago I purchased an ebook about marketing with AdWords. I’ve been marketing with AdWords for a while and I didn’t expect to see many new techniques in this ebook.

I was wrong.

After running a few simple tests, I managed to generate about USD 80 yesterday after spending a few dollars on AdWords.

That’s only with two products. Multiply the amount by 10 and I am on my way to making USD800 per day if I were that lucky. 🙂 And I wish I’ll BE that lucky.

I am not saying this to boast, I just want to show that this is what Internet marketing is all about or at least part of it. And the niche that I was targeting at has nothing to do with Internet marketing meaning the products I sell do not teach people how to promote their products using the Internet. It could be something like bottled water, LCD screen or whatever.

See what I mean?

PS: I’ll do a review about the ebook soon. It’s selling like hot cakes at the moment. Here’s the irony, if I use the techniques described in the ebook to sell the ebook itself, I would probably made $0 yesterday. Why? Because there’s just too many competition in that Internet marketing niche.


An engineer by training, Victor has been working full-time online as an Internet marketer, a programmer and an app developer since 2001. He has been blogging at Sabahan.com since 2006 sharing his experience and teaching people how to make money online. Click here to join his private Facebook Group for bloggers.

  • Ethan says:

    What’s the name of that ebook?

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