What to do when someone steals your content

Posted on 20th April, 2006

If your content is any good, it’s inevitable to expect someone would steal it sooner or later.

Lorelle has posted a helpful article should this happens to you.

The first step in learning about what you can do when someone steals your content is to know that it will happen, so the more prepared and informed you are, the better your chances of prevention and having a plan in place when they steal.

As the number of websites and blogs grow, especially splogs, the demand for content puts more pressure on website administrators, who may resort to stealing content in order to fill space on their sites and attract traffic. Website hijacking, as such an example, is on the rise. This is the blatant use of part or all of your site’s content on another site without permission. This is also a copyright violation and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

This happened to me before, not once but several times already. This article would have been helpful during such occasion.

Read the full story: What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content

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  • boring says:

    Search for copies of your page on the Web


  • narrowband says:

    I took photograph A on one fine day. Blogged about it, using that photo. And many moons later, I saw the same photo on one of the presentations I watched, during a lecture. No mistake, it was taken using my camera, but I was not told that it would be used as a presentation material.

    I barely knew the presenters. Was I disturbed/bothered/angered? I don’t even know what I felt, just surprised and probably proud cuz the picture was used.

  • Gaman says:

    Stealing content is “the blatant use of part or all of your site’s content on another site without permission” and make it looks as if it’s their own. Quoting and crediting the source is a totally different thing.

  • I believe a lot of people steal contents…but should people ask you permission to blog about your contents? or can people use your content to blog and quote you as a source?

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