What You Should Know About The Current Google PageRank Update

Posted on 12th January, 2007

Jessica Browman of Search Engine Journal has posted an article explaining some of the misconceptions about PageRank updates. She writes:

1. This is actually old data. It’s reflective of what Google gave your site at a given moment in time a while ago. It’s basically a “snapshot”, as Adam Lasnik from Google once described it to me. We know these updates typically contain data that has already been incorporated into scoring “a while ago”, according to Matt’s post, “What’s an update?”.

2. Your PageRank probably won’t change again until the next update comes out. It will take a few days for the updates to populate across all the Google servers and stabilize, and once that happens, your PageRank won’t change until the next update comes out. Remember, it’s a “snapshot”, not real-time. We’ll probably see another update next quarter. So, instead of checking your PageRank everyday, spend that time getting quality links and writing great content for your website.

3. You won’t see an instant lift/drop in traffic as a result of your new PageRank score. When this update came out I had clients thinking maybe we’ll see a lift in traffic. Nope. Not happening, not as the result of this data. Remember, it’s not really new data. This means you’ve already been reaping the rewards of this new lift, or already suffering from your PR drops. Need proof? Read the first line, second paragraph of Matt’s post

4. This is not reflective of anything that has happened since this “snapshot” was taken. If you had a link building campaign that started in late November/December and has been wildly successful, it’s likely not reflected in this update, no matter how successful the campaign. Most likely the “snapshot” was taken prior to your links being added. So manage expectations of your boss and clients.

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