World’s Average IQ Distribution Map

Posted on 18th January, 2007


It makes you wonder, despite all their achievements, apparently the Australian has the lowest IQ score in the world besides Botswana.

China, Japan and Korea occupy the top spots with the highest IQ scores.

Without credible sources cited in the Wiki article, the accuracy of this map is questionable. Although, someone from Digg has this to say:

The map referenced by this article was taken from the book “Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis” by Richard Lynn. The book focuses on intelligence per race NOT nationality. Richard and Co “tested” (actually just used others research) approximately 813,778 individuals worldwide so basically 0.01% of the worlds population. The people tested were only those indigenous to each country, so for Australia only 2.4% (approximately 400, 000 people) of the population is indigenous, whereas Asia has an indigenous population of 70%.


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  • Konstantin says:

    For shortnes of the time, I only say you basicly wrong.
    The two main premisses – differences of mind-types
    And different pass – larger populations strong.
    First inventions or spreading of God’s gifts,
    Look at: “WorldFreedomAndTruth.info”, maps
    Of 12 milleniums of the known excavations,
    Pre-Georgia, later Minor and Central Asia.
    As Iberians were spreading their villages,
    They invited local – new ethnoces emerged,
    But as half-Cro-Magnons they over-breeded,
    As huge populations conquered and pillaged,
    The innovation they stole-squeezed enlarges,
    Slaves and locals staffed storage’s counters.
    One find in countries, not unlike Babilonians,
    Chant numbers with puny brains, but logic is weak.
    The first one, lion with human heart and noble biks
    Would rather be free and do Poetry and some noble deads,
    But they know math and sciences and, if needed, they beat
    All the others, being the best. It is thrue, thought, West,
    Invaded by Norman-Varanga as other barbarians plagiarize it,
    The best dying in pain amplifiers of Radish-Greish barbarias,
    Including Russia, USA, Brito-Germanic world. Even pure I dead,
    Since childhood they made a pact, to confiscate from me ideas,
    All that God gave me, like computer-electronic brake-throughs.
    It sold already 100 Trillions on World market. I have nothing.

  • Danielle says:

    I think we may need to consider the sources for this ‘article’…. Would love to know what type of statistical data was used to correlate this data. Im an Aussie, but not only am I educated in Australia, but also The States, and therefore from my personal experience I would say we are on par… But then again according to this article Im an just a dumb Australian with an IQ close to 130, so therefore ‘I no nothing!’ lmao

  • Brett says:

    I find it strange everyone has failed to notice that if this is about indigenous people, then the Americans here wouldn’t be white.. They’d be native Americans.

  • lol just jealous says:

    lol its so funny all of you guys can talk your shit but look who runs and controls the world…. European whites hahahahhahaha

  • […] and hypotheticals. Not being able to do this does not make one stupid. For example if you look at this paper it makes the claim that the IQ of those in Australia is about 60. Read in detail and you find that […]

  • Tahoenow says:

    “and there real dumb”?

  • critic says:

    John, you claimed to have IQ of 168+ but your comments have prove that your IQ is even lower than that of chicken.you are nothing more than isotopic human being that decay over time.

  • critic says:

    John Duggan, what are your achievements?. i’m prety sure you have never even completed high school let alone university. foolish peole never go far in life but resort drugs. go back to school and study science to enlighten your corrupted brain (computer). whether chinese or whites are responsible for all invention,one thing you should put your mind is that all humans have one destiny in the universe, which is extinction. so do not thing you are special than any other human being on earth.

  • critic says:

    Does the IQ test ever include physical capabolities?. Eliminating physical aspect will rather make IQ test baseless.

  • Jack says:

    Criticise is spelt with an S in Australia, and IQ has nothing to do with spelling mistakes. It really bugs me when people assume that because someone has a high IQ, they’re suddenly infallible.

  • simon says:

    get off your horse roland

  • John says:

    Do not ignore the obvious.

  • Pfftwhatev says:

    I think a vast majority of the people commenting here must inhabit a “red” continents somewhere not shown on the map.

    What I find amazing is that this article was published over 5 years ago and it’s still getting comments…

    Here’s an updated chart by Richard Lynn (the creator of the previous chart above):


  • WHITE CROAT SS says:

    149, yeah right. Prove it. Judging by your biggoted post I strongly doubt that.

  • WHITE CROAT SS says:

    Aboriginal people of Australia have the lowest IQ results of all races. Just type it in google. You fucking self hating white guilt sufferer Antiwhite racist. WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE!

  • kala says:

    this is not a true test of intelligence, a man knows all the crap in the world and is paedophile the igbo villager can’t read but know thou shalt not commit adultery who is more intelligent?

  • kala says:

    Hello ,

    i would have given u a harsher answer but i have left ur plane and many blacks and whites have also, u need to be evolve. I guess u are an atheist and don’t believe in God u believe we evolved from apes. Fine I as well. (I don’t care Igbo is my native language).
    Those Apes that refused to become human beings,died and became extinct; the chimpanzees which remain are not even the remnants just the closest surviving species to them. look at the deplorable state of the chimpanzees okay.
    Those apes who refused to become human met their fate.
    How they would have listened and evolved into materially intelligent, environmentally adaptable beings.
    Now there is another call human beings are evolving once again. Those human beings who will not evolve into spirit beings, gods, sons of God. Will die out and become extinct like the apes of the past. For a period of time on evolution it was necessary for materialism and brute rationalism, intellectualism and logic, those that possessed these traits survived. Those that possessed the physical traits earlier survived. Now those who lack spiritual character and decency will die off and cease to exist and become as the apes. Remember evolution proves this just as well.
    We humans have gone as far as we will go don’t be decieved it we can go any further we will destroy ourselves before hand.
    Evolve into a spiritual being that is above rude comments, and racism that was necessary in our past history when humans had to distinguish between homosapien and ape or other hominid, (neanderthal) and kill off.
    Ur attitude will head u for doom. Every idle word u speak will rise up against u. Come to the higher plane of spirituality, get out of the doggish behavior. Which is animalism. And see people beyond material things, sky scrapers, inventions, computers even mathematics doesn’t make u a highly spiritual being. The men who shook this world from it’s foundation were largely illiterate. Jesus the Son of God, Mohammed, Moses. Buddha you may not like them but u can’t argue that take any one of them out especially the one that is God in the flesh and all other things that comprise modernity are floating.
    Grow Up


  • kala says:

    if i can have sex with a creature and that creature can give birth to what is considered a human being than it is a human being. ANd if it is by race why aren’t the black Caribbean states like the rest of Africa. The whole Australia thing, so i guess they didn’t test Arab Libyans, or White Americans, or White South Africans or Black Brazilians just the Indians.
    Its nice to see some sensible people out there.
    my IQ is one thing spirituality is another.

  • Konstantin says:

    DAGAN, unless you have a scull, once found by the DUBUA,
    Are you one of those that working by three? First can write,
    Second can read, third spying on the two for “informatcia”.
    You must be one that write, inspired by “Weak-pedia”,
    If you can also read what I wrote, look at my site:

    You are not that far off – forfathers of Caucasian race, under different names, including Arians, came from Caucasus, with IQ
    in area of 170-250 (legitimate system) and mixed with local Cro-Magnons, with IQ in area of 110-130 (legitimate system), producing wide spectrum of IQ by numbers and by different inclinations among new nations.
    Unfortunately, some locals were sort of Neanderthals, like pre-Chaldeo-Mesopothamians, pre-Scandinavians, Germanica-inferrior,
    Roman-Latins and so on…
    Your missplaced pseudo-Arian bitterness could be one of those…

  • Konstantin says:

    I have to repeate again that “Weakpedia” is lying forgery
    with alterior motive:

    1. The numbers are avarage, like the everage in population
    spectrum if being even) from 70 through 290 – result would be

    2. By the legitimate “IQ” system the numbers are higher (Albert
    Einshtein had 186) – system was changed later by the same
    imperial resurectors to please some low IQ people, starting
    with themselves, and to destroy Caucasian race and Human
    Civilization for being better than them;

    Insofar whites vary from nation to nation with IQ, let say for
    USA, from 125 through 175, on everage 150, with some individuals
    (with most Ibero-Caucasian blood) reaching 185 and beyound.
    (I used legitimate IQ system, not “Weakpedia”)

  • john Duggan says:

    you are so full of crap you must be black

  • john Duggan says:

    U cockhead
    Pythagoras was white
    and way before any of your wankers !
    98% of invention was & still is white

  • john Duggan says:

    Blacks have a diffent brain and 30% pass colledge 70% whites pass
    they are the lowest 15% in lawschool and teachers were caught passing them when they failed exams
    they are a different animal with different brains and are the lowest Humans on the evolutionary scale
    invented nothing are full of themselves and as dumb as dogshit

  • john Duggan says:

    I like chinese people
    But they invented gumpowder whites invented the gun
    and then Dynamite & C4
    chinese found a magnet but used it for building alignment
    we used it as a compass
    you cock head, Chinese use chopsticks not forks
    The whites invented everything in engineering we use today,inc trains and aircraft
    and tv and cd and dvd phones All engines
    etc etc
    not the chinese the Chinese come a good second but Never the first ! look at history.
    get educated and stop the crap

  • john Duggan says:

    that is stupidity
    what about the Fact every thing we use every day was invented by whites
    I mean everything 1
    Your stupid theory is because you think we are all the Same Animal
    Blacks are Robust with different frontal Lobe to whites who are Robust fine boned animals
    You uneducated twit keep your crap to yourself
    Look at a Taxonomy chart
    They are different species History and science is with me
    not u

  • john Duggan says:

    wrong ! 65 is correct
    There are No Blacks with above 80 IQ

    Look at history for the Proof
    we were on the moon and all blacks on the planet were running around without shoes, clothes and a written language !
    unless they pinched them from a white or Asian

  • john Duggan says:

    you are the piece of shit
    you are a moron
    you dont know the Abo school results are pathetic so they are not added to white results as it screws the average
    with the lawest IQ on the planet live with the fact and keep your low IQ to yourself.

  • john Duggan says:

    what a load of crap
    in the last 2000 years which of the races/ species invented 98%
    of all technology Engineering and societies !
    Nope not the blacks they invented nothing !
    Nope not the Asians
    who are a good cultured Society, with very few geniuses !
    But yes it was the whites
    Greeks knew 2000 years ago that the earth was a sphere and was in orbit around the Moon

    as far as you having a 190 -200 IQ joke ! if u are Back you would be lucky to be 90
    if you are Asian 140 would be good
    190 makes u a wanker !

  • john Duggan says:

    Black are 70 iQ whites 100 and asians are 105
    Whites and Asians are Gracile animals Blacks are Robust with different Brains (see Huxley )different animal different species.

    White Australians are 100
    whites are 100 But have the most invention By Far making them No 1 on intelligence, not memory driven intelligence
    Not arguable in the Last 2000 years of history !
    white Aryans are 115

  • Konstantin says:

    Where is my comment?

  • Konstantin says:

    The map is wrong – forged after order of the Quin and Khrutchev
    old books and textbooks were destroyed and new were forged, in order to simplify the evaluation of the World – to devide among Russia,
    Britain and Germano-Austria by secret pact of 1954-56.

    They also created, as a forgery “Weakpedia” – to collect pseudo-history based on creative lies and missrepresentations by their proxies (nazi propaganda to justify expansion) and idiots.

    The Europeans have highest IQ, but differentiated among the educated
    and common parts of nations. Also it follow patern of Ibero-Caucasians building first nations and intermnarring with local
    Look: “www.WorldFreedomAndTruth.info”, map of Ibero-Caucasian Civilization since 12 milleniums ago.

    Also the modern trick of meajuring IQ is so impudent, they
    replaced word “spying” by word “Intelligence” and word “Intelligent” by “smart”!
    For instance, I meajured 30 years ago (I didn’t know English) my IQ (mostly mathematic and logic)in some Computer Admission office, at age 40.
    For half of the time (they took it away) I had already 190.
    Probably it would be far beyond 200.
    However, I am not sure whether my score would be even “smart” by
    different arrangement of tests with “smart” mean scoundrels tricks…

    Down with “Weackpedia”!

  • Frank says:

    The quoted book by Richard Lynn appears to contain some information that is exaggerated. The average IQ of Australian aboriginals is 85. A relatively small group on Bourke Island has an average IQ of 63 wich could be the source of this misrepresentation. The average IQ of American indians is quoted in literature as 91.

  • Im korean BTW says:

    face it, it’s just the education. IQ is not decided with birth, it’s all the education.. Just look at what happened to whites in America and Austrailia, it’s just pathetic. I think just 300 years ago they used to be intelligent. Ive been to America, and Jews and a few non-Jew-whites were smart but the rest were dumbass beefcakes and attention whores

    The reason Africa falls behind is only because many of the countries there are developing and kids don’t receive much education. And then look at East Asia.. education here forces kids to actually become smart. Thats the only difference.

  • Troy the Troll says:

    Wow, some of the people posting comments above have yet to realise they’ve been Trolled. Very successfully at that.

    Heck I guess everyone’s letting down their races IQ here on this website.

  • Brian says:

    “What do you expect from the descendants of convicts.”

    Well you may as well include the United States which was originally the place the British dumped their convicts before they decided to ship their prisoners to the wide brown land known as Australia then by your “clever” argument.

    The book specifies that the 60 IQ score is calculated base on the indigenous Aboriginal Australians.

    I despise the singularly targeted persistent effort to malign Australia by bringing up its convict past. Many of these convicts were lower class (majority of Britain’s population) which were innocent or convicted on crimes such as stealing bread for sustenance.

    Many Australians can trace their genealogy from encouraged immigrant by the Australian government or the gold miners who came during the gold rush.

    I’m not a racist.

  • Willy says:

    He read Kon-Tiki when he was in high school. He just never read the genetic studies that debunked it.

  • Willy says:

    Show doze original inhabitants’s’es IQs yeah dats write!! But how is he right-wing?

  • Richard Charlick says:

    Performing well in I.Q tests (designed to my knowledge by white Europeans such as Alfred Binet), only measure a limited range of aptitudes and cannot reflect fully an individual’s intelligence.

    Intelligence measurements must take into account factors such as the level of education, ability to solve real life problems and cover such aspects as planning, organising and executing tasks. I.Q tests, I believe for too long have been based loosely on a person’s academic aptitude.

    As for the disgusting, racist and groundless remarks made in many of the posts – they just confirm to me that human beings of all races and creeds are capable of extreme acts of terrorism and genocide when the opportunity presents itself. No one race is any less intelligent than any other, it is just in many countries vast numbers of the inhabitants are not fortunate enough to have access to or the freedom to gain a good standard of education.

    History shows that ‘civilisation’ has been characterised by periods of domination of one culture or another such as the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Chinese etc and that there have been technological/sociological and other advances in all of these set-ups.

    My IQ, cannot be easily determined because of having Asperger’s Syndrome but I managed to obtain a Master’s Degree. I tend to think that an awful lot of people give the impression of having low intelligence (judging by the fact that modern society appears to be too concerned with pleasing the lowest common denominator), this is borne out by the media in all it’s forms. Television is by far the worst offender as so many programmes are boring, lacking any intellectual base and obsessed with wealth and celebrity status.

    Thanks for your patience


  • Rob says:

    Roland McLean, while it is indeed painfully obvious that Jeremy is a moron and is unable to comprehend what is socially acceptable in an online format, you are not strengthening your case in the slightest by heavily using expletives in your condemnation of his character.

    While I agree with you in that Jeremy is displaying a clear racist tendency in his nature, i do not believe that this automatically means that nothing he has said is correct. The indigenous population of Perth, Western Australia, my current location, are a varied people. A few times i have seen members of that population reading a book on the bus or working hard like many other citizens of Perth, however, many more times have i seen such people as social menaces, yelling and drinking in public.

    I don’t wish to lengthen this comment any further by going into detail as to why this may be, so i will end with this; Yes, Jeremy has made a racist comment, but it is a comment that many members (not all) of that race have reinforced.

  • Despite the fact I agree with your slating of the previous posters approach, you clearly didn’t read the article properly, or care to look into the nations actual national IQ average (which is about 98). You are just as bad as he. As for your moronic remark regarding the ancestry of millions of people from a modern, developed and ever changing nation… Well… It doesn’t make you appear particularly intelligent.

  • Aivaz says:

    The Westerners have a higher IQ.. They plundered all African, native American villages, killed innocent millions of people.. The Westerners have a higher IQ.. They annihiliated native languages of most of the continents.. The Westerners have a higher IQ.. They dropped 2 atomic bombs on hundreds of thousands of innocent, civilian people.. The Westerners have a higher IQ.. They burnt many little kids through napalm bombs..
    What could we conclude through these situations? To me “intelligent” Westerners have a lower EQ (since they have done these psychopathic stuff to Asians, native Americans, Australian Aborigines and Africans), as everyone says: “While the Westerners have only mind, the Easterners have heart.”

  • you says:

    The IQ map above is total shit…

    here is a real map – http://www.targetmap.com/viewer.aspx?reportId=4923

  • Hadrian says:

    I have seen lots of posts like this in the past, and the one thing I find amazing is the massive assumptions made by almost everyone who posts.
    1. Why does everyone assume that IQ tests actually test a persons IQ.
    IQ tests were invented by white intellectual academics at the beginning of the last century. This group commonly believed in eugenics, and were more swayed by ideology than science. Even today nobody has really defined intelligence, and I have yet to find any credible (that is successfully peer reviewed, and corroborated) data, that even suggests that IQ test actually test IQ.
    2. Why does everyone assume that race is real. By race I mean the almost Tolkien belief that there are 3/5 races in the world and at a biological level they have characteristic traits, skills and temperaments that are endemic to their race. Firstly there is no biological justification for this. More importantly for anyone who has travel around the world it is painfully obvious is that different ethnic group interbreed at their borders producing a gradual shift in look culture and language. This is born out by population genetics which shows a single human species with with a very small gene pool (there is more genetic difference between Chimpanzees than the whole human population).
    3. Why do people consistently believe that racism is not happening, and that it does not have an adverse effect on ethnic groups culture and productivity.

    I would suggest that IQ tests were invented by white middle class academics, and thus actually test much you are like an early 20th century academic.
    I am willing to bet that if you compare the cultures that value academic agnosticism the most, there will be a direct correlation with average IQ.

  • Mikey Jay says:

    This map is clearly wrong because USA has a 1 point lower average IQ than Australia so please people question its credibility. I believe it was made by a 5th grader.

  • Vin says:

    What a bunch of idiotic crap the average intellegience would be worked out as a median from sampling or population based stats and probably would not represent everyone they can base funding for hospitals, health care etc on this type of research and still not address a specific problem or need with health. It doesnt’ matter average intellegience or not I know a few millionaires who aren’t genius. Race isn’t even a factor either it depends on geography once particular countries learnt how to store food because they were able to grow them successfully that left them time to advance. Neighbouring countries shared these advances most of the continents that were joined and had the most fertile soil to grow grains were in Europe but it was the Ancient Egyptions who taught them to cultivate and grow these crops. Asians were always smart but their countries did not have the same government systems in the past and were subject to giving their wealth to royalty but now they are catching up with the rest of the world once they got rid of their imperial systems of governing.

  • Timmy says:

    Australians are fucking retards.

  • john Duggan says:

    I can name all the great inventions in the world
    and their inventors
    All of them are white
    I didn’t notice De Vinci was Black
    I suppose the great Greek minds were black and the Roman Engineers who ,2000 years ago, had houses with heating and running water
    this Person is an idiot
    Plain and simple & probably Black
    A classic case of moronic verbal Diohrea , take a .38 and lie down
    that fixes his problem
    unfortunately Blacks cant even steal societies in antiquety
    Because we have DNA
    but they still try

  • john Duggan says:

    so you are aborigine
    one of the second owners
    SEE Mungo Man the first owner with Extinct DNA who outdated your lot by 20,000 years.
    but u dont want to know that do u !and their is evidence he was white or Asian as he was Gracile.all blacks are Robust.

    Looking at Aborigine Society U have nothing to be Proud of
    As Charles Perkins said get off your Black arses
    and stop the drinking and abuse
    Stop costing Australians a billion $ a year and contributing Nothing or go back to northern India where DNA says u come from
    U are entitled to NOTHING

  • john Duggan says:

    Well Well
    You are in good company with the thiefs and Murderers who have won that prize, from the man who invented Dynamite.

    I wonder if u are Black
    I also wonder about your IQ
    A man who has a 110 IQ and an Excellent memory could be U
    with the help of white apologists.
    & affirmative action.
    Frankly the top minds in the world Reject intelligent Design
    out of Hand, and any scientist who thinks the world is 6000 years old IS an idiot.
    all the real intelligence are Athiest.
    You Forgot about Abraham Lincoln Statements about Blacks
    also The Great Biologist Huxley disection of Blacks

    He explained to the True intelligence that Blacks Have many differences from whites, including, foreman Magnum and the shape of the skull, a good percentage of bones are different in length and size and the hip bone is different(Robust animal)
    As is the reason for lower intellect
    The Frontal Lobe, and even the colour of the inside of the skull is different.HISTORY says u are different, as in the last 2000 years u have achieved NOTHING.
    Blacks require different medicines for some disorders ,so all that logically leads us to wonder, are we the same animal?
    and as there is a measure of specisity, called Taxonomy
    We can actually ,scientifically measure if we are the Same

    As it turns out I am closer to a Neanderthal than I am to u
    So unfortunately for u , mentally you are an inferior animal
    I say that for no other reason than TRUTH
    I am an Engineer a Pilot and an Aerodynamicist.
    with only 170 IQ
    I do not consider myself as very smart.
    But more than smart enough to come to a conclusion on you
    If You are a Full blood black
    You are where u are by learning from whites, every thing U know!EVERTHING.
    If You are a hybrid You ARE NOT white and u are not BLACK either
    If you are AF /AM you are the product of Affirmative action
    A racist policy against whites at best !
    Frankly I don’t care if you got a prize from McDonalds
    You sir are an idiot
    U have no capacity for reasoning the best u can claim is a very good memory
    Thats it !
    Evolution is not a theory, it is Proven FACT
    Charles Darwin was a brilliant Man . Much smarter people than u have been unable to disprove his work.
    As blacks are the lowest 15% at law school in the US, and only 30% of u Pass college ,the evidence proves u to be a memory driven imposter.
    U people have been trying for many year to steal other species Heritage. but u do not have the History or the ability to out think us , U are just a memory driven low intellect who dumb whites feel sorry for! and apologise for our brilliance.
    If u are black, that is why u got the prize.I suppose in your small mind u can explain why your species is 10,000 years behind us !and never had a written language
    and never invented anything we use today, while in your own enviroment !YOU HAD TO BE TAUGHT BY WHITES.
    and by the way your quote was not from Darwins First Book !
    Your Religion had a court case in the US against the teaching of Evolution which it lost.
    and 8 of the 10 comandments came from the Chinese.
    Out of Africa is politically correct Rubbish for small minds
    We are not the same and haven’t been for over 3 million years
    by the way you had to add your achievements to prove some credibility for such a dumb post.
    but all u did is prove what you are !

  • john Duggan says:

    I had my IQ tested by a Proffesor
    at the Department of Education, whose work was to test IQ’s
    I am a REAL 168 +
    After reading your post
    I have got to say , U must have found your IQ in a corn flake box & that doesn’t Count
    My 15 year old daughter would leave u for dead
    If U are Black and have an IQ of 140
    You are the smartest Black EVER
    African Blacks have had their IQ tested, in Many studies in Africa and Average Under 70
    also the TOP Black Engineering and Law students were tested in the same study
    The Best Of the Best Blacks averaged 110-115 IQ
    as they were the best the variation would only be a few points

    Your Problem with the study & map , is the fact u have been told lies
    If you check Taxonomy , you will find the reason IQ differ, is NOT enviroment but difference, U are NOT the SAME Animal
    I am more closly related to a Neanderthal than I am to u
    ( an accepted diff. Species ]That is measured by the science of Taxonomy
    U in fact have a different frontal lobe (Huxley)
    That is the truth
    and thats why we invented Everything u use today
    and Blacks Invented Nothing.
    and as a species u are 1000 years behind us
    and never invented a written language
    Face the truth and get on with it
    By the Wat
    Darwin is not a theory it has become fact
    Read Dawkins

  • john Duggan says:

    poverty has nothing to do with IQ
    Try brain,(different frontal lobe)

    Different Species


    You may not and probably will not have the capacity, but try
    Read this Medical Paper and you may know the truth
    If you insist we are ” ALL the same ”
    you are politically correct or Religious
    and if so Very Stupid u wont open this link
    read the Paper & Think

  • john Duggan says:

    Did u go to School or got that crap of a toilet wall
    U uneducate SOB
    Not only did we come up with the Science, the Maths, and the Engineering Ideas We developed all the sciences
    and have the Best language , Simple Expressive and easy to teach to anyone
    My Wife is Chinese I have seen more of China than u in 14 trips there .It cannot be compared to western society , even at this point in time, but a trip to china during WW2 would have been going back 1000 years in my society.and America even saved China then.

    We invented ALL the things U use today
    Steel Metalurgy
    TV computers, i pads , mobiles, refining of Petroleum
    The car, steam engines, Guns. not old barrels made of Wood like the mongels used!we invented cordite ans plastic explosive and Dynamite (Nobel)
    Engines that power them all
    Diesels 2 strokes 4 strokes
    gas turbines, ram jets, scram jets, every complex piece of engineering was invented by whites, EVERYTHING you dumbarse
    the Bloody Lot
    You are a Real Moron
    We were on the moon not a rice Paddy
    By the way Every war including Vietnam we have fought against Asians, we have won
    and I note the chinese were beaten by the VC when the Americans withdrew after Killing 4 million vietnamese and losing 56,000
    and after winning every Battle in the war
    and after NOT being allowed to finish it ! proved by the stopping of carpet bombing of the north By the UN.
    To win a war U must beat the opponent kill more of them than they you
    A political war run by US politics at home.
    But never won by the VC.

    But u wouldnt know about that

    Neanderthals Vanished were bred into Caucasions 30,000 years ago
    They were the Biggest , strongest ,smartest, human by far at that time
    Probably why we are the dominent species Today

  • john Duggan says:

    They are in reality ,advantaged by different Bone structure,
    Length of limbs, Mechanical advantage due to being a different species, and of course Steroids
    In Reality
    they are not as strong
    Proven By the Fact in the Many Yaers of the worlds Strongest Man Competition It has NEVER been won by A Black Man and they have tried.
    Usually the Danes and Poles
    By the way the fastest female hurdeler in the world is white !
    your comments are uneducated crap, but with a black IQ I can more than double & some, what do I expect
    Who in the US has most people in Jail
    who has 30% pass in colledge and thats when the teachers are cheating for u
    when whites have 70%
    who are all in the lowest 15% at law school
    who needs a racist “affirmative Action policy to try to compete with whites !
    Who needs hybrids like Obama who are not white but not Black !
    to bump up your average IQ from Pathetic to Bad
    Hybrids are the Mule, not a horse or a donkey
    read about taxonomy, and it will all be clear
    U are a different species u have a different Brain and at some point the Political correctness will be seen for what it is .A lie

  • john Duggan says:

    Good name for U

    The Romans were in Jeruselum when Crist was supposedly there !
    The Romans Called the Place Palestinia, and the real Palestinians were the JEWS, not the arabs !
    The Idea that the Romans kicked out all the Jews is a very weak tale ! the JEWS, who have been there 2000 years have a right to be there.
    Every one is happy to tell u the Jews killed Crist.
    But Not that the Arabs who have been there only 600 years come second

    The Palestinians are the Occupiers, and as Israel has the 3rd biggest Arsenal of A Bombs in the world ,and are much smarter people, the Arabs should except reality.
    instead of murdering innocent children and pissing the jews off!

    I am an unbiased opinion as I am Athiest.

  • john Duggan says:

    I agree mostly with u but u are missing something
    Huxley the biologist that Darwin took the Abo cadavers to UK for
    Disected the animal and found different Bone structure
    bigger hip bones different Foreman Magnum
    AND Different frontal LOBE thats why the diff in IQ
    All Blacks are further from us than Neanderthals
    By the taxonomy chart, which we except for eVERY animal but humans
    Species identification that proves species
    They are a different Species but saying in Public will cost u a $100,000 from the politically correct liers

  • john Duggan says:

    Yes you are right
    Try 20,000 Mungo Man was 40,000 and he was not one of the species measured on the IQ Map
    he was Gracile NOT Robust , current aborigines are Robust, He also had extinct DNA, DNA is good enough to get u a life sentence , But not good enough to be the First Australian
    Which means he was another Species and not the same line as the GOVT tells u he was
    The current lot were NOT the first OWNERS ! FACT
    That is a politically correct LIE

  • john Duggan says:

    Actually the white IQ is now 110 and the chinese a few points higher.
    Jews are not a race most of them are caucasions, like Einstien
    But History shows by Engineering and scientific achievements that Caucasions are the NO1
    Smartest Humans
    but I have a lot of time for Chinese & their History they Are very close, But the Black Species are much dummer
    species ? Do some reserch on Taxonomy the study of species Difference.
    If we are closer to Neanderthals who were a different species to us , you think blacks are the same as US ! only to politicaly correct Morons

  • john Duggan says:

    Think about the Black Societies in Africa !
    See much Common sense there ?
    How about Aborigine Society that required an intervention
    Alchol, Abuse , sexual abuse. etc etc.
    contributing NOTHING and costing Billions a year

  • john Duggan says:

    Just a few things
    First of All that MAP is for Australian Blacks ONLY
    Actually the Australian Caucasion average IQ is 110
    but I will settle for the European Figure of 100

    you might not know it, but Australia was populated by an Event called the gold rush some 4 million people
    only a very small percent were bread thieves.The OLD convict thing was used by the English as an insult to their Betters.
    The Irish were 40% of our population and came here because of the potato Famine.
    Stop making excuses for being white.
    And if you think Any of our pollies are on your side, you got your medium IQ out of a cornflakes pack

  • john Duggan says:

    By the way
    Peace in the context you used is spelt ” Piece”
    and the MAP is JUST FOR Aboriginies !if it is an average Total Population then you lot would be about 20 IQ
    I find it interesting that we locally have the dummest species of Bi Pedal Primates in the world
    But as you were, and probably still are using spears ,have you ever asked yourself WHY.

  • john Duggan says:

    The IQ results are for Aboriginies ONLY the Avg for white Australians is 110

  • john Duggan says:

    OH Dear
    A sore loser
    Is this idiot a full blood aborigine or a mixed blood ?
    My guess is the second
    As an idiot he would not be aware of taxonomy that clearly shows Australian Aboriginies as a different species. In fact further from Caucasions than Neanderthals ,The difference in IQ is the different frontal lobe (Huxley) , and he cannot match the 110 average IQ of the Australian Caucasions. You have been listening to the politicaly Correct Liars like THORN& Co.
    As a member of the SECOND Australians, thats right Mongo Man Was a Gracile With Extinct DNA and Pre dated the Current aboriginies by some 20,000 years FACT. No Relationship what so ever.to YOU.Have a shot at his English at least we had a written Language not just Grunts !
    So You go back to Northen India where you came from !

  • Kris says:

    Oh, hon, we all know the aboriginals aren’t smart. What percentage of them actually have real, successful jobs?

  • wtf says:

    hahaha, i just gotta laugh at your stubborness, typical of religious freaks

  • nick says:

    Hi everyone.
    I’m quite honestly shocked at the amount of anti-white racism on this website. What is wrong with you all? I can understand people of low intelligence ranting and raving, but some of you sound reasonably intelligent, yet you sound like madmen at the same time.
    It is odd that anyone from Borneo/Malaysia would accuse white people of racism when the entire world is aware of malaysia’s racist laws. You know, The racist laws that caused Singapore to reject staying a part of Malaysia. The world knows that non-ethnic Malayans are descriminated against by law, even though most ethnic groups there are all asian. Why descriminate against your own kind?
    You are really embarassing your country for the whole world to see.
    Luckily for your fellow countrymen, I’m not going to judge them by your apalling actions.
    None of you even know who made the map you are all fighting over.
    It may have even been made by one of your own. But you automatically blame white people – what does that say about you?
    By your own logic(mr genetic scientist) you should offer yourself to the jews for execution(because your iq is below thiers).
    This is what you say should be the fate of white people, why should it not be yours too(seeing as you are inferior to jews).
    I worry about the quality of your universities if a genetic scientist doesn’t understand that creationism has no scientific basis.
    And to think that removing or adding electrons can change matter into different states(solid/liquid/gas)is just ridiculous. I think you are confusing Isotopes with states of matter. And it isn’t electrons that makes an isotope, it’s a different number of neutrons.
    Mr genetic scientist, Mechanical Engineer, julie and Whites And White Jews R Retarded, you are all amazingly stupid, brainwashed idiots of the lowest order.
    I don’t care what degrees you think you have, you would all fail high school history and basic high school science in any country where history hasn’t been re-written for the lowest common denominators like you.
    Despite the unpleasantness of seeing your drivel, I can still happily and proudly proclaim that despite your sickening racism, i will not treat asians, nor blacks etc with the same kind of mindless hatred that you have directed at others. I will just consider the 4 of you to be “special cases” outside the normally accepted standard deviation, and hence, not applicable for further study, inclusion, recognition, nor thought. adios amigos!!!

  • Rorz says:

    Can’t trust this. It merges the two distinct South Asian groups. In the UK, Hindu and Sikh Indians perform much better than whites, with a score similar to E. Asians, while Muslim Pakistani and Bangladeshis perform much worse, with similar scores to Afro-Caribbeans. So how much else is misrepresented, and surely the statistics I quote above shows the importance of cultural factors over ethnicity.

  • k says:

    I’m just happy that I’m East Asian, lol. I feel sad for blacks and aborigines whom have an average IQ of 70, and 60 respectively. Damn, thats pretty stupid… Legal mental retardation starts at 70, so half of africans, and more than half of aborigines are mentally retarded. Wow…

  • IQ tests *cannot* be applied to all and sundry – however scientifically devised they still rely far more on nurture rather than nature.
    Sure they can be used for comparisons within given limits – e.g. to compare Oxbridge and Yale students or to compare native aborigines still living in a traditional manner and say African bushmen doing the same but to attempt to compare results for the second two of these with the first two is not just misleading it’s plain stupid !

    The biggest danger from those who take the right-wing views with respect to these sort of results is the tendency to believe that “good” Eugenics would be to breed the best with the best when in fact as far as the human genome is concerned what’s actually required is the *exact opposite* because we need an increase in variety – the range of the human genome is tiny even compared to that of the chimpanzee leaving us wide open to pandemics especially if overuse of antibiotics is not curbed further still.

  • A says:

    Australian aboriginals didn’t even know how to boil water. Their average IQ is 65. Keep in mind Chimpanzees and Gorillas can have an IQ as high as 50. Go figure…

  • MARUCZ says:

    The referenced comment from the wiki article states that the survey in question was conducted only on the indigenous population of Australia. So 2.4 percent of the entire Australian population.
    Regardless of any uncalled for generalisations about indigenous or non-indigenous Australians, a survey on the entire country’s population would likely yield a much higher average IQ. Ignoring the fact that IQ tests are a flawed measure of intelligence any way.

    The sad fact is that the indigenous population of Australia is in a terrible position, the vast majority of which are; treated very poorly by white society, trapped in a poverty, live in remote or poor areas and have little to no access to education.
    So the fact that this survey suggests that their average IQ is low is no surprise.
    However, it has more to say about the Australian government and non-indigenous public than it does have any bearing at all on the potential intellectual capability of the Aboriginal Australian race.

  • Glutius Maximus says:

    I have lived in Botswana as a white expatriate for many years, and am a keen and unbiased observer of people and human nature in general. Nothing much escapes my eagle-eye. The map is ABLOLUTELY ACCURATE, repeat ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE. ‘Nuff said.

  • Cheese Graters says:

    Lol, what area of Australia was this IQ test done in? Gympie?
    I’m 16 and my IQ was read at 144 last year. I’m not a nerd. This IQ test was obviously amongst pure retards. Or the results were edited by Americans. Americans seem to like being absolute supercilious cunts 😀 Pick one…

  • Anonymous says:

    I would like to apologise for the stupidity that Jeremy has shown, not all Australians are as dirt stupid as he is. I do however find these results amazing, I live in Australia and I really don’t know all that many stupid people. I went to America for a holiday a few years back and I saw retards everywhere, it nearly drove me insane.

  • Knowitall says:

    First there are many maps out there with different results so do not believe in these maps, some even go on the amount of people who work as cashiers REAL scientific.If you really have a PHD check your spelling, because 90 per cent of these postings by PHD users have speling mistakes (I made one mistake just so I would fit in!)

  • BILL CLINTON says:

    PD..PUBLIC DOMAIN…This map has been released to the Public Domain..PD belongs to the world…
    This map seems fake. or just make up from internet data… Where is the evidence…. where are the facts….
    Public Domain map… due to the fact it is in the public domain.. anyone can copy it freely…. we need more data more research…

  • Me says:

    I was very surprised that America is smarter than Australia

    but then I looked at the average amount of people in Australia who take the IQ test I found that most people who take the test only take it because they have a learning problem

    also I bet that the test was different in each country which

    how can you compare tests if they are different

    its like trying to compare a grade 2 math test against a grade 12 physics test it make sense if the average for the grade 2 test is higher

    also you must think about what intelligence is

    your IQ basically tests your general knowledge like for example what is the study of entomology

    so really this test is not a good way to compare the intelligence of different nations

    this test is not right and people should not be blaming the Aborigines for our low score because it is really because of white people that this score is low

    (the average number of aborigines who take the test is even less than that of the average white person, so don’t blame them)


    IQ map of the world is causing lots debate…

    IQ… like all debates. The world needs more public-evidence…

    More research needs to be done on IQ of the Native people of the world.

    Is this map for Real?

    Is this map true? We need more research../ publication of the facts, results for the world to see.

    Research/ Publication of the facts on the Internet.. how the truth is found…

  • Chris says:

    ITT, retarded people.

  • JohnH says:

    Does anyone in this forum actually believe that the (alleged) data represented here are real?

  • ohwow says:

    Zhang Wei’s not even a Korean name dumbass.

  • simple explanation says:

    Heres an idea to considier before you start bringing race into this… mabe IQ tests are not a acurate way to test the intellegence level of a person.. I mean what do you consider intellegence anyway? Do you go by the amount of knowlege they have or do you go by problem solveing abilitys or do you go by how fast someone can answer a question right? In fact there is no absolute testing method to rate intellegence that will say that this person is smarter than this person because it wont be right in every situation. I think you guys shouldnt be fighting over racist bullshit and be proud that as a species humans, small, weak, slow humans have managed to climb to the top of the food chain with nothing but brain power.. Humans are not the strongest, fastest, biggest or toughest. In fact we are one of the slowest, weakest and most fagile species in the world we got to where we are by using our brains. We can travel across entire oceans and continets in a matter of hours, we have been to the moon and back, we can fly higher, go faster and do more than any species without haveing anything special about us!(besides our thumbs) U guys are being racist.. we are all the same thing.. with minior diffrences like skin tone.. you guys act like a black man and a white man are to totaly difrent things.. they arent they share all the same traits, same organs, same number of appendeges they are practicly the same person! Fuck race, race is bullshit all it is is a word it means nothing! We are all the same and you should be proud of what species of man has done.. And if you think you can base intellegence off race your not fit to be a human. The only things that affects intellegence is enviroment, culture, habits and motivation. Not race.(ps i am a 16 year old white kid (IQ123)from Johnston County, North Carolina, United States of America. got a problem with “colored people” you can come and find me, me and and my friends will be happy to kick your racist ass)

  • Asian Pride says:

    Asians were, are and will always be the SUPERIOR race.

  • m.s says:

    The above map can’t be right.The history shows that the greatest scientists of the world were among the Iranians.Even in Middle Ages
    the Iranian scientists took a trip to the European countries to discuss the latest challenges of the science.The the most prominent
    scientist of the world in 1990 who was awarded the greatest tokens of France(comandor de la legion donor and officier de la legion donor)was professor Mahmood Hesaby.He could speak Arabish,Turkish,Sanskrit,French,German,English,russian,Italian,
    Persian,Greek fluently.He got the Bachelor of Art and Science when he was 17 .Then got civil engineering in 19.In 21 he finished his studies in Math.Next year he got his bachelor of Electrical engineering (from Ecole De Electricite de Paris).then graduated in Mining and Biology.then finished Medical sciences in 4 years.He started his favorite branch , that was physics ,then after 3 years
    he got his P.H.D (Albert Einstein was his guidance professor) !
    when he submitted the theory of “the infinite particles” Erwin Schrödinger who was the protagonist of the quantum mechanics confessed the Hesaby’s theory was so complicated.he could play piano, violon and flute.he also finished the bachelor of astronomy in just two years.you see Iranians are among the most intelligent
    people of the world.please correct your maps

  • deadbird17 says:

    Congratulations USA for being the dumbest predominantly white civilization in the world!

  • Alvin Nyau says:

    We shouldn’t discriminate people with low IQ. IQ doesn’t evaluate a person.

  • By any means, we shouldn’t discriminate people with low IQ. IQ doesn’t evaluate a person at a whole!

  • xz says:

    fuck u guys, whites were wearing boar carcasses when the middle east had street lighting

  • Nah Mate says:

    Fucking abos bringing down Australia.
    Should of killed them, not tried to breed them out.

  • IrQ says:

    how come that small chinese people are smarter then us amaricans with big heads…hmmmmm?

  • IrQ says:

    A friend of mine was in Australia and noticed that Australians are very stupid. He barely escaped from there! It`s good that they are on remote island.Well done Brits.

  • Eloka says:

    It really does just go to show Australians how we treat the first Australians! If you don’t look at this and feel ashamed then there is something wrong with you!

    This disgusts me that we leave so many people behind in a wealthy Country. I knew it was bad, we have to pull our heads out of our butts and get something done. No more blaming, why can’t we just help people?

  • Sup says:

    You know what i find funny? Is how Gaman (the person who wrote the article) instantly said Australians have the lowests IQ without actually reading the article where it says its by race. Kinda fail imo.

  • roger says:

    Using only “IQ” to define that so complex animal which is called “human” is oversimplifying the problem. Each human being is worth millions of time more then such a number. By the way, for the few expressing to much “hate” or racism, its usually a sign of non intelligence. Remember to smile or laugh, it is known to slightly increase that all mighty “IQ” number.

  • bbbb says:

    black men are the best cos they are they jus look better so…

  • tasmanian devil says:

    What a stupid web page. Why base results on indigenous people? How far back into history do you go to call someone indigenous. I was born in Australia (i’m white btw) an I certainly consider myself as indigenous as an australian aboriginal. Pathetic, politically correct bullshit.

  • ZHANG WEI says:

    Hey im from korea and all my family and accompplisses all think americans are the smartest

    • jess says:

      no asian person is going to say that americans are smarter unless they are pretending to be asian themselfs.

  • Ann says:

    I wonder what is the IQ for Nigerians in America, Canada, and UK. We are more educated the rest of the American population and our median income is about the same as whites.

  • RLC says:

    Education is incomplete without BALLANCE. The validity of your “SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE will be skewed to the equal amount of the bias you begin with. Those of you whom believe yourselves to be so intellegent perhaps could benefit from a review of Sociology and Biology 101. The person who created this map; WILL pay. To argue with bias’ of your own only serves to put you in the same catagory.

    • Payup Choo says:

      Balance*, unless you were talking about “Ballance” the 3D puzzle, or the fertiliser from New Zealand…
      …an uneducated person defending other uneducated people 😀

  • Cherokee,Celtic,DarkJew says:

    True intellegence is messured by adaptability. The need for invention rises out of discontent with what currently exsists. Some would say that thet truely gifted are those who can find peace, joy and purpose anywhere, anytime.
    People who go around using blanket, generic lables, perhaps need to expand the scope of their education. The Irish and Scotish have perhaps the least amount of skin coloring pigment, yet they have absoluly no anglo-saxon in their genetics, infact being Celtic (which traces linguisticly directly to Sanscrit) their lineage originates in India. Many of the Spanish, Frinch and Potuguese people are actually of basque decent, who where originally gypsies, Moorsn and Aribic. Many of those Basque were actually the foundation bloodlines along with the natives of what now are “mexicans”
    IQ tests are are disigned around people raised in the western Himisphier and who continued formal eduction through the age which they were testd. They are like some “Father Knows Best” cerial box quiz.
    Many people have no educational opporutnities, but are inovative, creative and total geniouses when it come to survival and thriving under adverse conditions. Many cultures invented the wheel, if people insist on using IQ tests we need one to be designed that tests. A persons ability to : adapt to any given situatio, to use geomitry in a practcal way, even if they never opened a book, to test “brain power” and utilization of it for the generations to come. And we all need to keep in mind that different types of “brain power” are nessessary to complete BALLANCE in this so called human world. Nobody has the right to claim humaness who lacks impathy, it is one of the defining humanistic trates. No I can not spell worth a damn, but I read the complete Bible, all of the Bagava Gita, The Koran, The complete works of Shakespere and much more before I was 12 years old. My IQ has never tested under 147 and I still need a dictionary or spell check, envented by someone who knows what I do not.
    My husband is not white, I too have my biases, we all do. Selfish, materialisic, perverts exsist in all cultures as do people who believe their people have th right to rule the world.
    The truly intelligent; don’t give a hoot about it, they are busy making sure the young ones of their society get educated on the stuff that truly counts in life and doing what is needed to protect them and the world they live in.

  • Payup Choo says:

    Everyone stop being so frieking stupid. Obviously the “facts” aren’t gonna be completely accurate, but this is all pretty much what would be expected of the indigenous races, especially Australia. If they couldn’t invent the wheel or a single proper language in 40,000+ years in Aus, how are they expected to do well in an iq test? Every ethnicity has its strengths and its weaknesses. In the case of indigenous australians, the mathematical/logical/spatial questions that they ask in iq tests may not be their strong points, but athleticism (hunting/kangaroo-riding) most definitely are.
    But of course in every race there are the rare individuals who are skilled in areas that one wouldn’t expect from a person of their culture and background (for example: a white basketball player/ a black genius/ an asian who’s good at sports other than badminton and table tennis/ a chinaman with a large… dong), and quite often they will be the best in their field.
    And also, to the dumbasses above who said that Darwin was a fraud/ racist etc. you are complete and utter retards. Basically everything Darwin said/wrote is proven fact, and if you refuse to believe in evolution it’s probably best that you never evolved from the ape that you remain.
    You don’t even have to put aside the belief of creationism to agree with evolution. It is perfectly logical that if god exists he could have created the first organisms, which have since, over millions and millions of years, evolved into humans and tony deng.

    Fun Fact 1: Vivek kumar is a derogatory phrase invented by the indigenous australians to describe a white man who treats aborigines as though they are lesser beings (i.e. the person who made this “iq distribution map”, and even me to some extent)
    Fun fact 2: The word “aboriginal” is a racist term invented by the white Europeans who settled in Australia in the late 1700’s.
    Normal -> Abnormal (“not normal”)
    Original -> Aboriginal (wtf!?)

  • ManingGi says:

    we are all special and unique

    geniuses pop up every where around the world its not specific to race
    yellow white black or red

    its just ignorant to think otherwise

    we all as humans have contributed (some more than others) but it was a group effort that is still evolving now bringing imagination to fruition

  • Roy86 says:

    This book is describing my life, my feelings and my mindset. ,

  • Mechanical Engineer says:

    Deluded people like “Mick” are the brainwashed burger-flippers who are so easily deceived and programmed with lies.

    Whites didn’t even go to the Moon. You cannot have footprints on the Moon’s sand surface, i.e. colloidal particulates without an atmosphere, moisture and a magnetic field. All of which lack on the Moon.

    No living organism from Earth has ever crossed the Van Allen Radiation Belts, which are right outside of the Earth’s orbit. After reaching the 24,800 MPH escape speed to escape Earth’s gravitational pull, no space vehicle’s interior living occupants can withstand the unseen Gamma & X-Ray Waves of the Van Allen Radiation Belt. There are trillions of times the doses of unseen lethal electromagnetic radioactivity than a hospital X-Ray while passing through the Van Allen Radiation Belt.

    Nothing living will survive the passage through the Van Allen Radiation Belt.

    More fraud and nonsense by illiterate White people launching rockets and using T.V. studios to fool people that they “went to the Moon”.

    Where were the stars? On the “Moon Landing”, not one star could be seen in the outer space background. Yet stupid Whites think it is real. lol

    Unless you are Licensed Engineer, Engineering Technician, Scientist, Pilot, Doctor, Operations Researcher you are not even qualified to make absurd claims that lying White people invented what they DID NOT!

    You people believe all the lies because you’re not even educated. You’re low-life White people who work in a shoe store and think you’re “qualified” to verify that the fake “Moon Landing” is real, or that illiterate White Americans “invented everything”. Completely pathetic! lol

    Since Mick flips burgers and doesn’t understand Science & Engineering, he thinks all the BS presented to him by lying White people is even real.

    Well carry on with your delusions, you’re one among the millions of fools the U.S. Government couldn’t care less about, since gullible people like you don’t even know jet fuel is just kerosene, used in high heat-of-air-compression engines such as turbine jet engines, which has less Btu/Lbs than Gasoline.

    Weak, hard-to-burn oily fuels with low Btu are what’s used in engines with extremely high compression ratios, such as jet engines. Kerosene Jet Fuel cannot melt steel, if you think so, then you’ve proven that you’re an idiot.

    Steel doesn’t even start to soften up towards melting until it reaches 5,600 degrees F. Kerosene in its hottest temperature under the highest compression burns at the hottest 1,700 F, with a base temperature of 890 degrees F.

    White Americans invented and built NOTHING. They got rich off of Black Slave Labor which built the USA, they mass-murdered the American Indians and stole their land, then used the inventions of Easterners and Asians and declared it “American”. Even though Americans are so illiterate and incompetent when it comes to Engineering and Technology due to their poor Mathematics and Science skills that they need to import Asians, Easterners and foreigners to fill engineering and technology jobs that Whites cannot fill.

    When White Americans wake up from their delusions they might all kill themselves with the truth sinking in with their false pride.

  • Mechanical Engineer says:

    Just about everyone but the White Anglo-Saxons have a high IQ.

    Just because White Anglo-Saxons use terrorism to exploit others to get what they want, it doesn’t make them smart. It actually makes them diseased pigs and genetically-grafted synthetic soul-less beasts they really are.

    The term “colored” people originally was referring to people with yellow hair, green eyes, pink skin, etc. etc. no one else.

    But the sociopathic nature of the White Anglo-Saxons has inverted that truth into the lie that everyone else outside of the White Anglo-Saxons are “colored people”.

    So as a general rule, to decipher past the lies of the White Anglo-Saxon Race, just take everything they “officially” label and reverse it to the opposite, then you’ll have the actual truth.

    This “World’s Average IQ Distribution Map” is completely INACCURATE.

    Only a bunch of stupid and gullible people would think that is real.

    There is NO WAY to figure out the actual IQ for the ENTIRE nation of ANY given nation, because:

    You cannot give every person in that given nation an IQ test.

    You cannot count illiterate, destitute, starving and malnourished people as even qualified people to take an IQ test, they’ll not even complete or answer many questions.

    You cannot count anyone without a basic and well-rounded education, in a stable and secure environment.

    If you were to ONLY give IQ Tests to people who are well-fed, nourished, given a basic well-rounded education in a stable environment, the IQ scores in Asia, The Middle East and India would be between 118 to 130 on average. In Europe, between 105 and 115 on average, and in East Africa it would be equal to the Asian/Eastern IQ, since most immigrant Africans from East African into the US and UK hold PhDs’, but other parts of Africa, may have overall lower IQs’.

    Europeans are not that smart. Not when it comes to Technolgy and Engineering. Because the way to determine how smart someone is in Engineering and Technology is to test their Mathematics, Physics and Chemsitry skills.

    Middle Easterners, East Indians, Asians, Jews, Russians and East Africans consistenely score the highest in all those subjects. Whites and Black Americans score the same in those subjects. Whites and Black Americans have more in common in terms of Science and Engineering IQ.

    As for “Jews” of White Anglo-Saxon ancestry, they are not Jews, they’re White. Sorry, I’m speaking purely facts here, not the popular consensus reality that many people go by, which is nothing but nonsense and fraud.

    The Whites feel a little left out so they come up with all this corporate fiction and fraud like this “World’s Average IQ Distribution Map” nonsense.

    European Whites have no culture.

    Everything they claim as “European” was brought to them by the Moors, Mongols and Easterners.

    Europe, technically being West Asia was originally developed by non-White people.

    It was during the Renaissance that the White people rose up and overthrew their non-White civilizers. Approximately by 1360 A.D.

    Within 100 years, Whites took the credit for the non-White origin of European Civilization and misused it going all over the world causing havoc.

    All the inventions, mathematics and sciences we have today are of the Mystery Schools of non-European origin.

    The White Freemasons simply copied and hijacked everything from those non-European Mystery Schools and claim it as “theirs”.

    Immigration into the West of non-White people is high because you can’t get a whole lot of White people who are good at Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Technology and the Applied Sciences.

    Whites are only good at marketing and business scams, authoring false history, making up corporate fiction and false statistics.

    The people who created “Western” Civilization this being non-Whites have always outnumbered the Whites in crucial technological positions. Whether they be Jews, Easterners, Indians/Gypsies, Persians. After the Germans stole their technologies for 400 years, they claimed a lot of inventions as being “German” when they were absolutely not.

    Many of you here consider everyone not Oriental or Black as White. But the Germans sure didn’t think light-skinned Jews and Gypsies originally from Babylon and India were White. Not only didn’t they think they were not White, they stole all their inventions, then shot or gassed them, then claimed their inventions as being “German”, when they were not.

    Unless you’re Anglo-Saxon, you’re not really White. But don’t worry, Whites are stupid, so they start calling everyone else as “White” so they can elevate their numbers some how and have everyone else feel good about being White.

    Fact is, Anglo-Saxons are dead in the water when it comes to Technology and Engineering without Indians, Jews, Persians, Chinese, Japanese living in their nation, inventing all of the technologies for them. The Germans had these groups inventing their technologies for them, until it became the in-thing to them come over to America and do the same.

    Hopefully another Holocaust won’t happen in America, when the jealous White Elite decides to go on another killing and stealing rampage like they did with the Third Reich back in the 1930’s.

    Just to cut past the nonsense, starving Germans in 1924 did not win the lottery and suddenly acquire 20 billion U.S. dollars in pure gold. As a matter of fact, IBM, Ford, J.P. Morgan, Firestone, Prescott Bush, CSX Trains, Monsanto and the Vatican/Pope all gave Hitler his 20 billion dollars to get Nazism started. The USA is just a corporate colony of the Vatican, British Monarchs & Olagarchies. Sorry to harm the pride of some people here, but you’re not in control of anything. If you were, you wouldn’t need a loan for your house and car, you’d just have all the money up front.
    You get your loans from the overseas bankers who own the USA as their private slave and labor colony. Just because you have some property and some crumbs off their table doesn’t mean you’re “well-off” and “free”, if you truly knew what those terms really meant, in their actual experiences. The best slaves are the ones who don’t even know they are.

    Whites don’t want to hear about Thermodynamics Equations, Molar Volume of Tetra-Oxide Chemical Bonds and calculating the Heat of Vaporization of a Gasoline Reciprocating Piston Engine’s Thermal Efficiency.

    Whites just like to sell and buy merchandise, and make money, nothing more. If they have to hire a bunch of Inventors and Engineers from Asia, so White people can take the credit for their inventions and mass produce them, then Whites will do this.

    Whites are a very guilt-deficient sociopathic people. That is why they can steal at will, and not even think it is wrong. But when their little lives become bad then they complain like little children.

    Whites are selfish, covetous, lazy and childish people who will even complain and whine on the day the Red Armies of the East are going to execute them.

    Even though there are a lot of competent Whites who do their jobs well and have people on their way, the actual developers of the systems we have, are not White people. But they are marketed as if it is incepted by White people when nothing could be further from the truth.

    Asians, Easterners and Moors are going to reclaim Europe and either put the Whites back into their original role of servitude/slavery or just execute them all off.

    Whites had a free-ride for 520 years, taking the credit for the inventions of others, subsequently exploiting the world with them. But now the party is about over. Get ready to pay piper.

  • Mick says:

    The ancient Greeks discovered Geometry, Rene Descartes refined it, Liebniz discovered Calculus, and Thomas Edison was responsible for many siginificant inventions without much knowledge of advanced mathematics or science. The radio, television, personal computer, automobile and internet were all invented by white Americans. Whites were the first to go to space and to develop atomic theory. I could go on and on. So much for Asian superiority in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering. This notion, albeit an incorrect one, is only very recent. It is attributable to the fact that there are more Asians than whites, and that the former overwhelmingly specialize in Math, Sciene, and Engineering whereas whites specialize in many different fields.

    • Julie says:

      Like genetic scientist says the Easterners, North Africans and Asians are the real inventors all white people like descartes, Edison did was steal the Eastern principles, use them and improve on them like the cheats, liars and thieves they are.

  • Anthony Platt says:

    That is indeed the sickest thing I have ever read in my life. I do generally consider myself a racialist, but genocide? I’m not even down with that. I’m not down with killing at all in fact… you need serious help man. Nearly everything written in that article is sheer fantasy. Almost none of it is factual. Seek help. You really need help. Seriously. Peace be with you.

  • Whites And White Jews R Retarded says:

    I doubt that Ashkenazi Fake Jew “Zac Efron” at the beginning of this thread even scored anything higher than the usual 110 IQ for their group. Since since they’re the masters of lies and fraud, they will go so far as to put one of their pictures right out in front of you, and bolster a fake “132 IQ Score”. He’s just another White degenerate who is lousy at Mathematics and isn’t conditioned to become an Engineer or Scientist.

    I scored a 127 IQ and I’m an Aerospace Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering. I am also an Inventor with 14 patents in Jet Propulsion Technology under my name and have published numerous technical manuals, University Textbooks in Physics and Jet Propulsion Applied Mechanics, receiving industry awards in Aerospace Technologies.

    These fake Jews like “Zac Efron” are low IQ idiots, who think they are some how the real dark-skinned Semitic Jews of Iraqi origin, i.e. Sephardic Jews.

    Zac Efron DID NOT score a “132” IQ, he’s just another fraud represented by his lying, degerenate White Trash robbing idiot people, the “Ashkenazi” who are nothing more than Whites of the lower breeds of the Germans.

    The really high IQ-ed people are East Indians and Asians. They’re too busy inventing Aerospace Technologies to be pasting their pictures on the net and claiming a fake IQ Score like Zac Efron’s, or having their people do so for them.

    Whites lack the Hormone Melanin, and because of that, their Pineal Glands in their brains are calcified. Calfication of the Pineal Gland causes a form of brain retardation and also socipathy. The un-natural white skin is a genetic disorder from being deficient in the Hormone Melanin.

    That is why everything that Whites have, is either borrowed or stolen technologies originally invented by East Indians, Middle Easterners, East Africans and Asians.

    All that Whites have done is lay corporate ownership on everyone elses inventions and technologies, then claim it as “theirs”. Then Whites reverse engineer the technologies they steal from everyone else, and mass-produce it, making it look like these sociopathic White retards “invented everything”.

    Whites never invented anything. Just ask any White person in a so-called “Technology Department”, any simple Calculus, Chemistry or Physics problems, and they’re lost. They only wear fancy titles, but cannot verbally explain anything having to do with their job title. Whites are all frauds, liars, degenerates, sociopaths, terrorists, sexual deviants and savages. Who seem to accuse everyone else of that.

    Whites have NOTHING to do with any of the invention of any Technologies whatsoever! All that Whites are about is selling, buying and laying corporate ownership on everything.

    Whites seem to think that because they are genetically-inferior defects that they are some “chosen people” who can lay claim on the entire planet. Even the phrase “Jesus of Nazereth” has nothing to do with the dark brown skinned Middle Eastern Jesus Christ the Bible even describes as being if you bother reading it.

    The phrase “Jesus of Nazereth” was invented in the 1300’s A.D. by the Anglo-Saxon Crusaders after they stole the Middle Eastern territory of Jerusalem. Then they built a town called “Nazereth”. Nazereth was built over 1,250 years AFTER Jesus lived and died!, by White people pretending to be “Christians” of Semitic (Middle Eastern) origin.

    Look up the term Naza, Nazer, Nazereth, Nazi and Ashkenazi. They all have their origin back to Teutonic White Supremacy, also known as “Teutonic Zionism”. The term Nazereth is a code word for Nazi Reich.

    The so-called “Jesus of Nazereth” is phrase denoting the Hitler-like leaders (misleaders) of the world. The fake White Trash “Jesus Figures”, who brings forth their rule or “Reich”.

    Nazi Reich is Nazreth and AshkaeNazi are the Nazis. According to the Teutonic Zionism which the world has now fell accursed to, the White Anglo-Saxons are some how the “Jews of the Bible”. When the Jews of the Bible in the book of Isaiah are clearly described as “Black as the Earth”.

    So we know Anglo-Saxons were nothing more than cave people before the non-White world civilized them. Non-Whites should have just let the Whites live in their caves and slowly die out.

    The Mongols and Huns exterminated 2 out of 3 Europeans and invented the first Great Biological Weapons system from the 1200’s A.D. to the early 1300’s A.D. It is too bad they didn’t finish the job and exterminate all Whites.

    The world is paying the price for the fact that all Whites were not wiped out back then. All the many lands of the world have been infested with these artifically-created non-human Whites.

    The cold climate has NOTHING to do with one’s skin color. Only the Hormone Melanin does. As a matter of fact, dark skin is perfect for cold climates, since it is great absorber of the sun rays allowing a body to keep warm. Also, dark skin is a great absorber AND dissipator of excess heat through thermally-conducting the heat and channeling it through body fluids. In either evaporation in sweat and/or by excretion. Dark skin is naturally favored in both hot and cold climates. Dark skin and light skin have NOTHING to do with the climate or environment.

    Whites are genetically-altered people with defective genetics from an ancient Gene-Splicing experiment. This is what the Egyptian records have revealed. Napoleon’s Army found these records and hid them in France. It wasn’t till 20 years ago, someone on the inside, leaked these records out.

    Whites are artifically-created fake humans, by ancient genetic engineers in Egypt, all of whom were melanin-rich super-brilliant higher beings, with dark skin.

    Since Whites are fake, everything they market themselves to be is fake as well.

    You cannot invent ANYTHING unless you’re outstanding at Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, just like the Genetic Scientist commented in another article written in this thread above has stated.

    Tehe map of “IQ Distribution By Geography” is all FAKE also! No one is able to take every single person in all of the world and test their IQ. That is IMPOSSIBLE, and impractical.

    Even if you could, you cannot accept any people to take any IQ tests who are: starving, have no shoes to wear, have been impoverished, never been allowed to go to school, have been kept illiterate, are politically-opressed, live in religious dictatorships and war-torn regions.

    How stupid can anyone be, looking at that “IQ Map” above and thinking that is real? These fake “Jews” are nothing but White Trash IDIOTS and DEGENERATES publishing FAKE INFORMATION.

    Even an idiot would be laughing at that “IQ Map” above, there is no way, at least 60% of the people in the 3rd World would be able to be tested fairly and accurately, simply from them being impoverished.

    As for the 40% of the 3rd world who are well-educated, not impoverished and are literate, their IQs’ are very high in the Superior, Gifted and Genius IQ ranges.

    The cream of the crop of them end up in America. Look at the average IQ for most Eastern Races and African immigrants in the USA, whether they are immigrants or U.S.-Born descendents of them, it’s somewhere in the range of 125 to 150!

    Europeans do not have a higher IQ than Easterners and Asians, not by a long-shot! East Asians are overall higher in IQ, but they’re stable in their patterns. The people who have the most fluctuations in IQ, from off the scale 160 IQs’ to not so high IQs’, are in the region of the Middle East and India.

    That is why East Indians and Arabs have the highest median education and income in the entire USA. Not White Trash idiots who think they are “Jews”, who rob people and make fake money, and are super “rich” because of that. They don’t count.

    The super-rich White Jews didn’t make their money by their brains, but by pure fraud. So count them out as being smart. They pretend to be smart, and put fake IQ Scores and their pictures on Blogs like this one, but it’s all lies. Just like “Zac Efron”.

    The smartest people on Earth behind most if not all inventions and technologies are the Chinese, East Indians, Iranians, Japanese, Ethiopians and Taiwanese. The Koreans have off-the-IQ-scale super-intelligent people, but it’s only a few. The Koreans are over-rated in intelligence.

    East Indians, Ethiopians, Iranians, Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese are the MOST INTELLIGENT groups on Earth. Just because they don’t parade around as being smart, like certain pseudo-smart people are doing, doesn’t mean they are not the smartest.

    These people none of whom are White, all work at Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, NASA, General Dynamics and Raytheon, designing, building, inventing more advanced space and flight vehicles, to even have any time to make up fake crap on an Internet Blog like this one.

    I only stopped in here to state my comment, because most of the crap on the Internet about who’s “smart” is all bullcrap!

    Zac Efron is not even half as smart as an East Indian working at NASA. Zac Efron is another fake “Jew” White Idiot, with his people putting fake IQ scores under his name, just so they can make themselves feel better and think their Idiotic White Race is some how “Jews”.

    Real Jews look like Iraqis and Arabs, they’re not low IQ frauds like Zac Efron, pasting fake IQ scores for themselves.

    Here is some advice, go finish your engineering degree and stay away from these stupid blogs. They’re all loaded with disinformation.

    My comments here seem strange, because stating the truth in a world governed by lies and liars (White Idiots pretending to be “Jews”) can seem strange.

    If you Whites are that stupid, it looks like you all need to be transported into a giant gas chamber and exterminated. That includes you fake “Jew” White Idiots, who have NO RIGHT to call yourselves Semites when you’re not even Arabic or Iraqi.

    Did you know the Nazis are the Ashlenazi “Jews”? That’s right, the AshkeNAZI Jew Rabbinical Order is what the Third Reich was all about. They gassed and exterminated the REAL dark-skinned Sephardic Jews who originate in Iraq.

    Then these White pieces of shit went around claiming they are the victims of “racism” when they themselves are the same White Nazi degenerates who killed off the REAL DARK-SKINNED Jews in Germany of Sephardic Iraqi origin!

    The only degenerate idiots who believe those White Trash idiots who claim to be “Jews” are Jews, are other White Trash idiots such as those who live in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Israel is just a pedophilia, drug trafficking and prostitution center of commerce. It’s the “holy land” to those who have made money their god.

    Asians, Easterners, Africans are the ones who invented everything the Whites have laid claim on and stolen as theirs.

    These three immigrant groups make up 75% of all Engineers, Scientists, Mathematicians, Doctors, Inventors and Researchers in the U.S. Even though, combined they make up no more than 5% of the U.S. population!

    Whites = stupid

    Whites = make fraudulent claims to get ahead

    Whites = not to be trusted or believed in anything they say

    Whites = inferior

    Whites = sociopaths

    Whites = shall be exterminated, this includes the White “Jews”

    • Julie says:

      The map of “IQ Distribution By Geography” is all FAKE also! No one is able to take every single person in all of the world and test their IQ. That is IMPOSSIBLE, and impractical.

      Even if you could, you cannot accept any people to take any IQ tests who are: starving, have no shoes to wear, have been impoverished, never been allowed to go to school, have been kept illiterate, are politically-oppressed, live in religious dictatorships and war-torn regions.

      You said it, anybody with a thinking brain would laugh at the stupidity of that map. How can a scientist take iq scores of poor people, starving, barely literate and politically oppressed people in Africa like Sub Saharan who have rarely opened a book? Only a stupid, pretend scientist would do that and worse publish those scores like they’re real. They are fake scores like you said. They did the same in Ethiopia when Ethiopians are known to be great inventors in the past and put them at 62 IQ? LOL. Lies.

      How stupid can anyone be, looking at that “IQ Map” above and thinking that is real? These fake “Jews” are nothing but White Trash IDIOTS and DEGENERATES publishing FAKE INFORMATION.

      Only white people are so retarded to believe that stupid shit map like it’s real. That’s because white people are stupid, low iq idiots with fake scores pretending they’re smart when they’re just dumb frauds. white people are worse than idiots to think other people think this idiotic pretend map could even be real. By doing this they just prove how stupid they are. dumb white thieves and liars. The sub Saharan Africans are smarter than them and we will see this someday soon. When these Sub Saharans have a chance to study they wil beat the stupid whites in iq. I think these whites suspect this and are are afraid of that coming. They know all they’re good for is to be copy cats. They are the true monkeys that racist darwin was talking about. white frauds. They are stupid white people.

      Even an idiot would be laughing at that “IQ Map” above, there is no way, at least 60% of the people in the 3rd World would be able to be tested fairly and accurately, simply from them being impoverished.

      That is accurate. This shows you how utterly stupid and dumb white people really are to think they could pull the wool over everybody’s eyes. Only other white people but Asians and Easterners will not fall for this lie.

      As for the 40% of the 3rd world who are well-educated, not impoverished and are literate, their IQs’ are very high in the Superior, Gifted and Genius IQ ranges.

      The cream of the crop of them end up in America. Look at the average IQ for most Eastern Races and African immigrants in the USA, whether they are immigrants or U.S.-Born descendants of them, it’s somewhere in the range of 125 to 150!

      They don’t want to be reminded of this truth. They don’t like to be confronted with how stupid they are as an inferior group of nothings kissing their own asse4s with fabricated made-up lies to feed their own egos. They invented nothing but pretend they’re the smartest and buy their own lies. They tried to pass off their fake tests of Aborigines and pretend whites have higher IQ scores than aborigines. How can that be when these people have never gone to Western school. white scientists actually think these results can count. How stupid are white people? Don’t answer that, you will lose brain cells just thinking about how stupid a person has to be to think they can accurately test Aborigines or Sub Saharan Africans. LOL. Stupid, dumb Piece Of Shit whites.
      The only think whites are good at is stealing other people’s inventions and taking credit for what other people make. cheats, thieves and liars but they accuse everybody else of being what they are. Cheats.
      How can anybody be so stupid to think Aborigines Sub Saharan Africans can be fairly tested in IQ –when they’re so poor, illiterate and so much more disadvantaged. idiot white people.

  • wtf says:

    I agree with Carl, intelligence is the ability to SOLVE problems, including real ones like surviving in the desert in the case of Australian aborigins, not only theoretical, logical or mathematical problems that are proposed in IQ tests.

  • Carl says:

    IQ test are a western invention to test people brought up in a western environment. So Aborigines don’t do well – that is what you would expect. Put an white Aussie out of their car and air conditioning and see how long they survive.
    I do very well on IQ tests but I don’t consider that to be an accurate measure of intelligence; emotional, social, physical abilities, imagination and the ability to foresee the consequences or your actions are more accurate measuress of a person’s intelligence (or how well they adjust to the world around them).

    MDS – yes aboriginals did have the wheel but it was limited to children’s toys. Using the wheel would probably be pretty stupid for a nomadic peoples.

    Jeremy – crawl back under your rock – you have no positive contributions to make apart from perhaps demonstrating why the australian figure is so low.

    It’s amusing seeing the white supremecy coming out of this. Amusing when you consider that if it wasn’t for outside influences Europe would be as full of as many dumb f**ks as any other part of the world that hasn’t benefited from the exchange of ideas between different cultures.

  • wtf says:

    Well… I’m still confused, i guess my IQ (120 according to MENSA or whatever…) is not good enough. If this map only takes into account indigenous people, then, what about all the race mixes that exist throughout the whole world, especially in the Americas? Are they too heterogenous for trying to obtain a valid mean?

  • lilian says:

    Oh btw, I’m Chinese as well, and my IQ is 140 based on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale.

  • Sen says:

    I m Chinese,my IQ is 126. It looks higher than the average all over the world.

    But, i think IQ is nothing! American’s iq is not too high, but why the United States is the most powerful country all over the world.

    I believe that if you study(work) hard, you can do it! IQ is bullshit!

    • Zara Mikazuki says:

      The USA is powerful, because the greedy, stupid corporations take advantage of the scientists and researchers in this country. We tend to be the ones who pull the IQ average up. But too bad we are badly outnumbered in our own country.

  • wtf says:

    I agree to much of what you say, until I read you say Darwin is a liar. I guess that means you believe in the creation myth absolutely. Sorry, but that’s false, Earth is not 6000 years old period. We have tons of evidence about evolution, the creation myth is pure faith.

    • Genetic Scientist says:

      Charles Darwin was a Nazi Racist. Anyone who believes in Darwin is un-educated. Because they have never studied Human DNA Genetic Sequences. People who have, know there is an Intelligent Designer behind all DNA on Earth. “Evolution” is nothing more than another False Religion brought forth by Fascist Businessmen.

      Charles Darwin wasn’t even a Scientist. He was a deranged lunatic, who was the laughing stock of all the Scientists of his day. The only reason deviants like Charles Darwin have infected our time is due to all the Fascist Bankers and Socialists who are destroying the freedoms of all Republics.

      Charles Darwin’s original book title was called: “Origin of the Species of the Favored Races of Mankind”

      “The Negro and the woman, are tied in their general inferiority to each other due to their less than human condition, in comparison to all other variants on two legs.” – Charles Darwin –

      The married man is worst off than the monkey on two legs this being the Negro, that in worth nothing in distinction to a woman.” – Charles Darwin –

      Charles Darwin = Idiot, Racist, non-Scientist, Chauvenist & Fascist Nazi Imbecile.

      People who like Charles Darwin = Ignorant, Dumb-Downed, Deceived or Stupid.

      Do people even understand that all atoms are 99.99% empty space, and that matter is really a projection of atomic energy concentration? Do people realize that matter is a solid holographic reality simply reflecting the unseen electromagnetic internal energies of an atom? By changing the frequencies by adding or taking away electrons we get different types of matter projection, in either liquid, solid or gaseous form?

      Do most people (who are mostly lazy, un-educated and opinionated jerks) realize that unseen electromagnetic energy is the formation behind physical DNA, Tolomerase and Nucleotides which are within mathematically distinct patterns? Not something for which came from any “random chance”.

      Before you believe insane retards and liars like Darwin who are responsible for all the racism today, try to study genetics and graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Genetics. Then go on and acquire your Master’s and PhD in Genetics. Move to the research level as a Doctor in Genetic Science.

      Maybe then you’ll understand that all the matter and energy in the Universe is constant. It cannot be created or destroyed, it simply changes form. No human put all the matter and energy in the Universe.

      An Intelligent Designer far superior to any of us Humans was at work. Who created us all, by first emitting unique electromagnetic energies which slow down and take material form once they reach the atominc crystalline solid state manifesting into matter.

      The Intelligent Designer even gave us the tool call Science to understand all these phenomena that exist in nature.

      No human put magnetism or gravity or the wave-particle duality of light in nature. The Intelligent Designer gave us all the tool called science, which first begins by observing.

      You haven’t even observed anything or done anything scientific with your life. This is why you believe in Racist Imbeciles like Darwin, who even re-canted his absurd theories later on in his other books.

      So this just leaves un-educated irresponsible lowly people like you still believing in Racist un-Scientific garbage such as Darwin’s Filth.

      The Bible isn’t historically accurate, it is just a copycat of what the ancient Persians, Hindus and Egyptians did. With their Sun Worship, put into metaphors.

      The Illuminati wrote the Western version of the Bible not as any real truth, but to tell the world in riddles what they as in mere humans would do the people of the Earth. Such as all the wars and deceptions coming forth now.

      Churches, buildings, Bibles don’t represent God. God is the universal energy behind everything. God put you together and gave you a unique energy and spirit from all other people on Earth as God did for each and every individual on Earth. This is why no two fingerprints have ever matched and no two fingerprints ever will.

      If you understood High Energy Physics, and knew that all matter is nothing more than a projection of unseen energy, then you’d not be such an ignoramus.

      Remember 99.99% of all atoms is EMPTY SPACE. What makes matter so visible and solid? The concentration of extremly high amounts of internal atomic energy concentrating at the valence shell orbitals of each atom, make the atoms extremely hard to crush or split.

      Now what happens when an atom is split? Yep you get an atomic blast or a change from a matter state to pure energy.

      Reversal of energy to matter is what the Government has perfected now, using the Holographic Cloning. As in mapping the energy within a given solid matter, doesn’t matter if it is organic or inorganic. Then replicating that energy, then amplifying hundreds of millions of time until it become a solid piece of cloned holographic matter.

      Even when you consume food and drink, did you know that everything you eat and drink comes out of you as waste in the exact mass you took in? So where does the weight on people come from? Well, there is an actual nuclear reaction which goes within the body. The food and drink’s internal electromagnetic atomic energy is transferred into the cells of the body. Then that energy is converted or synthesized into matter. After the food is spent of all it’s electromagnetic energy, it becomes feces. Same with liquids, when they lose their atomic internal energy, it is mixed with other compounds and converted to urine. Your body mass is actually from energy being projected back into matter.

      So if you can’t seem to understand that everything in physical reality including the Earth and the Universe itself is derived from unseen energy. Then you are among the easily tricked fools, also known as gullible.

      Darwin is used to to dumb-down already stupid and arrogant imbeciles who believe in his viscious and racist lies.

      Darwin was used to justify the American Indian Genocides.

      “The Red Indian of the American Colonies is merely just an advanced animal, with no direct correlation to humanity. Advancement of the favored races of man would invite their complete extermination for the betterment of man.” – Charles Darwin –

      “I dedicate this book (Mein Kampf) to my ideological friend from abroad, Mr. Charles Darwin.” – Adolf Hitler –

      Honest Scientists are poor and fired from Universities for speaking the truth, since Fascism has controlled Universities for 200 years. Scientist who lie for the Socialists are paid handsomely, a liar, being one who knows the truth, but states the opposite.

      I say if we fought Nazis in WW II, we should be fighting and arresting Darwinists. Because they will contaminate the youth as Hitler once did bringing forth the justification of another Holocaust. The seed have already been planted in our youth today.

      “Give me the youth of this country and I shall bring the world to their knees.” – Adolf Hitler –

      “My observations of Human DNA point to a finite set of distinct variables engineeed by a Grand Designer not of the human condition.” – Dr. Thomas Crick- Winner of the Nobel Prize in Genetics.

      • wtf says:

        Dude, I think you just smoked too much weed… I am not saying I love Darwin, of course he was a racist, what else could you expect from a victorian British guy?? But his afterward theory, Evolution has so much value, by the way races are not evolution, they are just variations of the same model, in his case, the human race. I can’t honestly believe that a Doctor in genetics actually believes in New Age garbage like what you are saying, it is really pitiful…

      • skeptical college student says:

        Wow… lol… I think you did a google search for “big science words”, and then combined the most confusing sounding ones into a semi-comprehensible paragraph in the hopes that anyone who read it would naively assume that you knew what you were talking about… lol… simply astounding…

      • Really? says:

        I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a less intelligent person with google and a thesaurus.

        You even manage to contradict yourself within your insane ramblings.

        Incidentally, let us try a little logical exercise…

        Your claim: the universe is too complex to exist without a creator.

        Logical problem: how did a creator complex enough to create a universe come into existence?

        If he’s more complex than the universe then how is it more likely that he came about from the aether rather than the universe?

        If he’s less complicated than the universe then isn’t that a strike against systems being able to become more complex, and why is a creator required to explain this?

        Funnily enough, I don’t think I’ll ever be checking back here, but I could not resist commenting on such a display of mental disjointedness. Have an interesting life.

      • Zara Mikazuki says:

        Seriously? People who accept and study evolution are stupid? Then I suppose about 99.9% of scientists and engineers (in the USA, at least) are stupid. And me, an evolutionary biology student with an IQ of 148, is also stupid, huh?

        Do you even understand the basic mechanisms that underly evolution (and no, it’s not just natural selection. It also includes sexual selection and genetic drift).

        Bah…I’m wasting my time. Ironically, I have a test in my evolutionary biology test in 2 hours, so I’d be better off studying than talking to an idiot like you.

    • Genetic Scientist (Reply Two) says:

      Creation is scientifically proven in the atomic structures and in the genetics. You would know this if you weren’t a degenerate hamburger flipping imbecile piece of white trash.

      If you had at least a degree in Biochemistry or Genetics you would understand the Creation is 100% Scientific, with much evidence proving so.

      Maybe the Elite should get rid of all people who are not Engineers, Scientists and Technicians. It’s imbecile White trash like you which make up the parasites of the planet. Since all you do is buy the technologies and inventions Easterners developed.

      If you really believe in “Evolution” then that means your race needs to be exterminated and the Asian & Eastern Races are the highest form of man. They invented all mathematics and science.

      You cannot invent ANYTHING without being highly proficient in Advanced Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Something your inferior race is horrible at.

      All your parasite sub-human Race does is buy, sell and market the technologies invented by Easterners. Aside from that you are just another genetically inferior white piece of shit who lacks the hormone melanin in your bloodstream. This is why you cannot connect one brain cell to another.

      That is why all you can do is live of theft, robbery, fraud, buying, selling and spreading lies.

      If you were worth a shit you would be an Engineer, Mathematician, Scientist, Chemist or Physicist. But your Race is defective. So you come to forums like these trying to say something you aren’t capable of understanding.

      When the economy collapes, the new owners of the U.S.A. in monetary gain have already built 900 death camps to get rid of useless eaters like you.

      You are an imbecile with a low IQ who actually thinks you know anything. Go back and flip your hamburgers you fatso.

  • Riskboy says:

    When i saw this i went like WTF!! my country in Africa has the lowest IQ score like Australia, yet i took a couple of IQ tests and my IQ average was around 140 in all tests, then i read its based on race, which reminds me that it must have been based on Khoesan people AKA bushmen who still stay in the desert areas. I think its also not fair that we estimate these people’s IQ’s becos i don’t think they were given proper IQ tests or given any test at all! i knw that we tend to name them as stupid but when times i hard and we seek wisdom we turn to them for answers, becos they lead such a simple life they hardly ever get “confused” by anything. we say they have low IQ’s becos they are not ambisious like most of us, they don’t wan’t to learn more than 3 languages, or build the largest building or try to create life itself, but when you really come to everyday simple tasks, they do solve them easily and better than us! Ambition does not mean you are smarter, its the reason why eroupeans sailed around the world, causing havork with slavery and stealing land, Thats why old chinese almost overtook half of asia during the dynasties.. thats why Hitler brought the world to war… And all that does not mean they were smarter, it means they are more ambitious, and ambition makes you earger to learn something new, becos you have a lot of questions in your head, u try until you perfect something.. but then after that we turn around and look at those laid back people and call them stupid becos we learned a lot while they were sitting and we went to school and heard and learned more things.

    Honestly i think anyone can be intelligent, its just the people and the environment they are in, intelligence is not genetically inherited its increased by how exposed you are. Thats why they are training sessions that help people increase their IQ.

    Oh yeah! and Charles Darwin told the world a big obvious lie.. i can believe they are teaching kids this things in school, no wonder the world average IQ has reduced over the centuries. we are teaching the kids to be stupid!

  • joe wilson says:

    IQ map of world.

    IQ map is of Native, indigenouse population.

    Australis, the Native aborigiens, Not the Brits who who moved there.

    Tested IQ, nothing more.

    Witness Japan, Korea, China. now all future 1st-world Nations.

    Witness, Philippines, poor, $1 a day, nation. poverty.

    What’s the cause.

    IQ in japan, korea, china at 105-108

    IQ in philippines at 85.

    IQ in Africa at 70, low at 60.

    Truth, not wishes. Truth for the world.

  • charles darwin says:


    the whole truth

    nothing but the truth. this map is truth for the world.

    • Genetic Scientist (Reply Two) says:

      Charles Darwin = non-Scientist, Racist Businessman, Chauvanist and Imbecile. Just like you. If you really do believe in Racial Evolution, then Easterners and Asians get to round your people up and exterminate you.

      They invented all of the Technologies you have. Because they invented all Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry first.

      You cannot invent anything without being proficient in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Your Race is horrible at Science and Math, which proves your Race is nothing but a bunch of liars, frauds, robbers, sub-humans and terrorists.

      All your Race does is steal, copy, market, buy and sell the Technologies Easterners and Asians pioneered. You’re living on borrowed time.

      One day your fraud leaders and misleaders will run out of steam. Then you’ll be destroyed in the worst possible manner.

      Fatso idiotic burger flipping retards like you are a joke. You are the same trash your parents are. One day your primitive redneck people will be gone. 🙂

  • wtf says:

    Stu seems really pissed off, or at least that’s what i got after trying to read all that long post (boring!!)

  • art marquez says:

    many people believe that mexicans are stupid…
    but mexicans are related to asian race more than any other ethnic group.

    • Oscar says:

      And how did you figure that?

    • lilian says:

      No, dumbass. Mexicans are a mix between Native Americans and European Spaniards. And Native Americans are VERY distantly related to Asians. Middle Easterners and even the Russian are more closely related to Asians than Mexicans are. Mexicans are about as related to Asians as Africans are.

      • Peter says:

        The concept of Zero was invented by the Maya and Toltec of Mexico. They were builders of pyramids as tall as 40-60 metres; invented many things, the capital of the Aztecs, Mexico City, rivaled with any other european city of their time, were much better organized, clean and diciplined. That proves they had very high IQ. But they were wrong: Their gods were false and they had canibalistic bloody religions. mexican aborigins are the poorest, low ntrition and least educated nowdays. No wonder, lower IQ.

  • Stu says:

    Political correctness is responsible for more distortions of the truth the n any other political or religious beliefs in history. We accept that IQ is inherited eg…….smart guy and smart woman have smart kids…..usually anyway. We also accept that smart people invent, discover, create etc. Ok then….what was the reason that aboriginis hadn’t even invented the wheel, some tribes hadn’t worked out how to make fire, some thought the butterflys made women pregnant…….and no white people around for 10s of thousands of years to suppress them and make them unproductive or stiffle them in any way. It’s obvious, they lacked the mental capacity to progress past a certain point on their own, and this is evident in nearly all black races. Even with early intervention programs, affimative action education, etc etc…..average IQ of pure aboriginals is about 65……africans is about 70……..african americans is about 80…….showing that being in the white environment, education system, etc etc…and with some white blood thrown into the genes in most cases over the years……their IQ is actually lifted by 10 points….still under the white average of around 100.

    East Asians have higher IQ then whites……about 5 points higher on average……Jews have the highest IQ in the world….at average 115. No wonder in spite of their small numbers…….about 15 million jews in the whole world…….that they invent so much in medicine, science…….etc etc……and win nobel prizes by the dozens.

    Anyway….point is this…….white men cant jump……true in a way…….black men can usuall slam dunk better……..why……..genes……..the right sort of muscle fibres in their legs for jumping……why is their skin black…..genes……why are their eyes dark…….genes……..why do they have afro hair…….genes……..everything in humans and every form of life is governed by genes…….you political correct fanatics just wont’ accept reality……the reason whites invented so much……progressed so much…..developed sophisticated societies……sciences…….maths…….discovered atoms, space travel…..etc……is because we have the brains to……so…….white men can’t jump……black men can’t build civilisations…..and it’s all in the genes.

    • B Real says:

      Whites also run much slower, have far less coordination and inferior strength. In short, Whites are physiologically inferior to black Africans in every respect.

      • 145 says:

        hey buddy thanks for showing that African Americans are racist against white people

      • Truth Speaker says:

        White men may be slower than blacks at the peak levels of sport, but not by much. As for strength, I don’t know where you got your facts from as whites prove equally strong in various competitions e.g. Olympic weightlifting, Strongest Man in the World competitions etc. So whites are not physiologically inferior in every respect. Get your facts right. I am not the least bit racist but I will speak up when someone denigrates me, my race, or anyone else for that matter with th usual PC cliches.

    • Whites Never Invented Anything. says:

      Easterners and Asians (Sumerians and Orientals) pioneered all Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. You cannot invent anything without being proficient at advanced Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Something you Race is horrible at. Which proves nothing the White Race has is their own invention. But is all stolen or developed by Asians & Easteners, then purchased by Whites. The Renaissance is when Easterners and Asians taught primitive Whites (Neandethals) civilization.

      Even today, Whites can’t even maintain and develop Technology unless their import Indians, Middle Easterners and Asians. Since they’re mostly Engineers and Scientists. Whereas most Whites are frauds, liars, sales people, buyers and robbers, who write so much false history is it hilarious.

      Even almost none of you can even solve a simple Calculus, Physics or Chemistry Equation or apply Mathematics to complex systems.

      Looks like your lies are falling apart. One day your Race will be hauled off to Death Camps and exterminated. Nuclear-powered crematoriums will eradicate your sub-human White Race into ashes as if you never existed.

      Easterners and Asians gave Europeans everything they have during the Renaissance. The Mongols invented guns and only killed off 50% of Europeans. It’s a travesty all Whites were not killed off. Blacks and Whites are the primitive races. The Asians and Easterners are among the Master Races on Earth.

      You will be put to death soon, with what is really coming over the U.S. and the world over.

      All the White Race does is copy, steal, hijack, lie, market, purchase and sell the Technology the Easterners and Asians invent.

      • B Real says:

        You are saying whites and blacks are the primitive races. You also said that whites should be exterminated which is a horrible conclusion to draw from your analysis. What should happen to the black race. Extermination as well? Listen to what you are saying. This is Hitler run a muck. Your position cannot be supported without eradication of over 30% of the human race. Who then would buy your crap?

      • Zara Mikazuki says:

        I’m Asian, but I’ll have to disagree on the whites being “frauds”. Having lived in many different states in the USA, there are many intelligent Caucasians. It’s just that there are way more stupid people (of all races, really) than smart people.

        Though, Americans are pretty much viewed as stupid, in general, by almost everyone. Even by me, a Texan with an IQ of 148 (yeah, definitely different from my fundamentalist redneck surroundings).

        • Catherine says:

          Wow, you’re really shitting in your pants as you’re viewing this email I hope… Now, on a serious note, what the hell are you talking about??? In your opinion- almost all of the Caucasians are dumb??? Honey, come to SF!, lol! Wow – just a HoneyLand for the most dumbest Asians ever! They can pass their driving test only after 100 tries, no kidding!!! and then, even if they do they drive like turtles – 10 mph, no peripheral vision whatsoever, they don’t see the red signal so even if you are crossing the street with the green light ahead you still must watch out!!! Come on, Asians are the most stupidest, selfish, un-human like people anyone can ever imagine. The last time I checked the Chinese are no longer considered to be Homo-Sapiens, considering all of the different genes, too many flaws… Your IQ is 80? LOL…….. Sounds about right for all these Chinese Aborigens in San Francisco!!! Let’s send them back to China!!!! You also must be included in the package, you dumb f$$$g c!!t!

      • Bob2 says:

        Who did invent first steam engine? Who did invent first gas engine? Who did invent first diesel engine? Who did invent first car? Who did invent first aircraft? Asians? Africans? Europeans?

        • think a little bit first says:

          how do you invent those without physics or math?

          you can take two routes – give credit by each individual invention


          give credit by an invention and ALL inventions that were dependent on it

          if by the former, you would have to count all the ancient discoveries and inventions, and add them with what is coming out nowadays (look up # of patents per country / per capita and you’ll get a rough idea)

          if by the latter, you’ll see the dependent technologies that arose from simple math and early inventions. without paper? can’t write down shit. without the fork (the oldest forks found in the world are from Chinese tombs… lol), you’d be eating with your hands. without the compass? your ass wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.

          oh and if you haven’t heard yet, the Chinese invented the movable type press hundreds of years before it appeared in Europe. draw your own conclusion?

      • A says:

        You have just proved the following two quotes true:

        “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”

        “The inferior races hate the white race precisely because of its superiority. It is galling to the lower races to be reminded of their inferiority, and white superiority instills in them a burning desire to tear down whites and their creations in order to make themselves whites’ ‘equal’. This is not all, however, for tearing down whites removes a burr from their consciousness — that of being reminded of their inferiority — and indeed is an act of revenge for such reminding. Accordingly, when whites are so stupid as to treat the lower races as equals, this but whets the appetite of those races to see whites destroyed, for they see vulnerability in this stupidity, and thus an opportunity for inserting their grappling hooks into the edifice of white civilization.”

  • mds says:

    No, not “racist” at all; just factual. It doesn’t surprise me at all. Highly intelligent people would not be living a stone age lifestyle which is what the Australian natives were doing until the European arrivals. Still hadn’t even invented the wheel after 40,000 years (or whatever amount of time they claim to have existed).
    Politically correct people have trouble accepting that people are different, whether by race or other things, and like it or not, some races are more intelligent than others.

  • wtf says:

    ha so if it only takes into account indigenous people, this is so fuckin RACIST! it seems niggers and australian aborigines are fucking retarded hahahaha!while white and asians are the smartest, poor americans (the WHOLE continent!) race mix doesn’t seem so good.

    • B Real says:

      No! Jews are the smartest, Asians are a close second and Whites are a distant third. Learn the facts dummy.

      • wtf says:

        I’m just saying what the map shows. I don’t where you found that Jew superority stuff, unless again the map shows “original” inhabitants’s IQ, that is Palestinians and not JEWS in Israel! Ha!

  • wtf says:

    shit! my country is sofull of stupid people! Damn chineses and japaneses! I knew it ! they have to disappear or else they will conquer the world!(or have they already done it?)

  • Palma says:

    I have due nationality australian and brazilian.I just decided to check the IQ for australian people, because I did think that it was very low, I did not know that it was that bad, but anyaway this is not because the aborigines, the poor people do not have a say in this society, so probably they do not count for the IQ results either, the whites are not very smart at all, they do not like challenges and are not open to learn, how stupid is that?

    • Ausraeli says:

      This map ONLY includes the nationally recognised INDIGENOUS popualtion of the corresponding nations. It is ONLY the Aborigines that are included in the count for the average IQ score for the INDIGENOUS population of Australia. Look it up. This map is only for the average IQ score for the INDIGENOUS populations.

    • Me says:

      I am sorry but I find your comment very offensive

      Australia is one of the most innovative countries in the world and we are smart enough to know that it is wrong for people to be allowed to carry a gun and we have survived many depressions that were caused by other countries if they aren’t challenges then I don’t know what is. also I am not the most athletic person its not that I’m fat I am just very unfit every year at the school I used to go to we were sent on a camp that was designed to challenge us know in grade 10 we had the choice of 3 different camps to go on the first was the easy camp it involved canoeing down rapids climbing Mt May and absailing down a 30m wall as well as the hiking between places. then there was the second camp it was called the average camp basically the students were dumped in the middle of no where with a map a compass a tent and a book on bush tucker and a flare gun. the map said that you had to get from point A to point B but in between point A and B there was 100km of solid bush land that the would have to make it through while searching for their own food and water once you reached point B you would join the easy group now here we go the final camp was called the hard camp in this camp you did the same thing as the medium camp except once you were at point B you had to climb Mt Kosiosko for anyone who doesn’t know but this is the biggest mountain in Australia I went on camp B it was the most challenging thing I have ever done but you know what I loved it

      but don’t think that because of this we only like athletic challenges in my grade 10 year I studied life sciences, marine biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics and the year 10 core science class all in the same year I chose to do this because I wanted the challenge

      so don’t ever say we don’t like challenges

      and what you said about Australians not open to learning sure some people are but that is the same all over the world you should think twice before you write hurtful comments like that

      and just so you know a lot of things have changed for the aborigines since the 17 hundreds

      they are allowed to vote, go to school, keep their own traditions if they want, we even have aborigines in parliament

      if you want to pick on a country that is racist look no further that America

      did you see how much fuss was made over obama becoming president

  • jeremy says:

    im a bit pissed that this map shows the country which i live in (australia) with the worst scores, but i understand that its race and not country. i know some indigenous aboriginal australians and there real dumb but they are fearless and athletic so i guess that makes up for it.

    • Roland McLean says:

      You racist peace of shit. What the fuck is wrong with you. There are a lot more stupid convict settlers or migrants than indigenous Australians. You’re stereotyping the entire indigenous Australian race to what you’ve seen of some. Read your sentences again, you can’t even formulate correct criteria for a coherent and flowing paragraph, retard. Get the fuck out of Australia. In this case, cancer would be the cure, and not the disease.

      • Richard says:

        Charming and eloquent response.

      • Ollieversed says:

        1. “stereotyping the entire Australian race” — Australian is not a race, it it a country. Use the term “Australian population”

        2. One doesn’t “formulate correct criteria for a coherent and flowing paragraph”… poor grammar and word choices. Perhaps you mean something like “your paragraph lacks logic and does not flow well” (like Roland’s comment)

        3. Profanity and the use of the word “retard” makes the entire comment by Roland seem immature. It also makes the argument seem much less credulous as it is clearly biased.

        Roland… grow up! If you want to make comments and have people believe that YOU are intelligent, consider taking a language class, developing awareness of social etiquette, and recognizing that the persuasive ability of an argument is closely linked to the logic behind it.

      • Reloader says:

        Lol brilliant comeback, Roland! You criticize someone for gramatical mistakes and you can’t even spell PIECE! Stupid fuck!

        I think I’m going to go out tonight and find me a Roland, and beat the living snot out of it. Piss on you and everyfilth that thinks like you!

      • Peter says:

        Well from your offensive language & tone it’s clear your at least as unpleasant as the person you’re attempting to criticized.
        I say ‘attempting’ because you’ve misssed the simlpe fact that this map focusses ONLY on indigenous peoples – so those settlers / migrants you mention are irrelevant here. Guess your use of the word ‘retard’ was ironic? 😉

    • TheRaven says:

      Alright, my IQ is 149 and I live in Australia too, but I don’t feel the need to critisize and make unqualified “observations” about the Indigenous population of Australia. Take a look at who the majority non-Indigenous idiotic population have elected to lead our country; John Howard, Wayne Swann, Barnaby Joyce, Stephen Fielding … need I go on? Honestly, who was really that surprised that Australia had the lowest average IQ scores? Like Roland McLean said, what do you expect from the descendants of convicts?

      • tasmanian devil says:

        You sound like a really self-righteous wanker! Why don’t you run for parliament and save the country from ourselves.

      • Bob says:

        you would think someone with an iq of 149 could spell criticize, i smelll bull manure

      • Joe Crocker says:

        You say that you have an IQ of 149 but what you write is full of bad grammar, spelling mistakes and improper capitalization. Before you make grand comments about your “high IQ”, at least edit what you write before you release it.

      • steve says:

        imagine an aboriginal running this country. Anyway australia is the second most doveloped country according to the UN, must just be dumb luck.

    • Eloka says:

      Sorry, can’t blame the aboriginals for everything. The average Australians are stupid, just as stupid as Americans.

      • Hmmm says:

        Interesting, then why is the average American IQ so much higher than yours?

      • Tap says:

        I’ll direct you to the box inserted immediately beneath the main article. Within such it is stated that the IQ score depicted on the map is that of the Native Australian Population and entirely exclusive of Australia’s Caucasian and non-Aboriginal citizens. Given that the score depicted in the map is entirely the product of the Aboriginal population’s test results I don’t feel myself unjustified in asking how can we not blame the Aboriginals for this?

      • Penny says:

        @Eloka – I am an American and I resemble that remark! (Or do I mean “resent”?)

        I have not seen much evidence that IQ and common sense are correlated.

    • Tomb says:

      You all might be upset about what jeremy said but it’s true, he’s not racist, he’s just being honest. Check out this map which shows the IQ of indigenous peoples.


      Why do people flip out about racism so quickly? Like if I said african men have bigger penises than european men. Not many would call that racism. But if I said they had a lower IQ on average THAT would be racism even though both statements are true?

  • >